Down The Rabbit Hole – Exploring Rarotonga

Down The Rabbit Hole – Exploring Rarotonga

We spotted Rarotonga on the horizon long before we reached her harbor.  The island juts up out of the Pacific Ocean like a breaching whale, determined to be seen.

We made plans to scale those mountains long before we made landfall.  But, so goes the life of a sailor…the trick isn’t making our way to the top, it’s finding our way to the base.

Luckily for us, the Cook Islanders are putting up a fierce competition to win our “hospitality of the year” award.  We’ve never actually given out awards before but we’re starting to think we should.

If our last video didn’t have you adding Cook Islands to your ports of call, perhaps today’s adventure will do the trick.

A free car and new friends…if that isn’t hitting the jackpot, I don’t know what is!  Marcelle and Dion adopted us as family and hands down made our time in Rarotonga unforgettable.  If you find yourself in Rarotonga and see them on the street, make sure to run up waving your hands like maniacs and tell them The Wynn’s say hello.

family and friends at the harbor in rarotonga
These are our Pirate faces…you ready to give up the booty?

If you aren’t bringing your house with you and need a place to stay, check out their villa, Casa Del Sol.  We didn’t stay with them but the rooms are beautiful and we’ll totally vouch for the hosts. 😉 (they didn’t ask us to plug them, we just think they are “salt of the earth” kind of people)

Hiking In Rarotonga

I know a lot of people that don’t enjoy hiking because they think it’s just walking, and sometimes it is.  But the hikes in Rarotonga are…wait for it…legit!  (I didn’t know if we had said that word enough in the video, so I thought I would repeat it one more time.)  Ropes, rock climbing and views worth the trek!  Oh, and don’t forget the added bonus of QR codes.

While we’re at it, also don’t forget:

  • Bug spray (lemongrass, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils in a blend of jojoba and coconut oil is my personal fave).
  • Water friendly hiking shoes
  • A really good 360 camera if you want to recreate our Rabbit Hole photo. Here is ours:


🎶AWESOME tunes:


  • Anchorage: Avarua Harbour, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
  • Date:  June 2019


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