High Flyin’ Over Havasu

If you don’t already know…we are somewhat of adventure junkiesLake Havasu City is giant playground in the desert of Arizona, so naturally we have to try everything!

This is my first time in an ultralight plane and as you can tell, I am loving it!  I especially like to have my head in the clouds.  Jason on the other hand, gets terribly motion sick.  Interestingly, he was ok on the ultralight!  Something about the open air and being centered must have tricked his brain.  It was one of the first times he has ever said, I think I could handle that kind of sport flying.  My grin was from ear to ear!  I then bombarded Rebel with all sorts of questions about the certification process, costs of learning and the biggest being, how much for an ultralight of my very own!  It’s surprisingly affordable but, we are already living out one dream so I will have to save up for this one.  It’s always good to have something to work towards!

If you are interested in learning more about ultralight flights, check out Rebels website:

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • James Sorbet

    If you’re in Denver, you’ll have to come flying with me. I’m a huge fan of y’all’s videos.

  • paul van

    That is something I would like to try. I have flown in a glider without engine before.

  • beautiful thanks for the pics


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