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It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Just Until Next Time – Sailing With Friends

I hate that looming sense of knowing that something good is coming to an end. Sort of like the last few pages of a really good book or looking down at the last bite of ice cream. Sailing into Salinas I had that feeling…but times ten.

Tiny knots were forming in my stomach and throat.  Our time together as a crew was coming to an end, so new adventures could begin. I knew it wasn’t goodbye forever, but even saying, “until next time” can be just as emotional. Sailing with friends has been one of the biggest joys of our life aboard Curiosity, and quite possibly the best part of our adventures.

Why is everyone leaving?  First, our friend John needs to get back to The Skeleton Crew (the boat part they needed finally came in) so they can continue their sailing journey south, towards the infamous Cape Horn.  Then, Kate needs to make her way back to Panama to meet up with her husband Rufus. He was finishing up a captaining gig, which is why she was able to travel with us. Full story here:

So, we spend the last of our time together doing what we do best…exploring. We’re anchored in a new port, and it just so happens that Salinas is Ecuador’s most popular beach destination.

I still get all teary eyed watching us say our farewells. Jumping head first into the world of sailing has been a grand journey.  But sharing the experience with others has proven to be the biggest adventure of all.

sailing with friends

Writer Paul Theroux said, “Most travel, and certainly the rewarding kind, involves depending on the kindness of strangers, putting yourself into the hands of people you don’t know and trusting them with your life.”

I trust you. This is exactly what someone is saying when they jump aboard Curiosity to sail with us.  Hopping on a sailboat (with almost strangers), living in a small confined space and heading hundreds of miles from civilization together is no small commitment.

If traveling together is a true test of a relationship, sailing together is the final exam.

traveling with friends

From the planning and prep, night watches, sleep deprivation, sea sickness, surprise storms and pirate scares, we get to know our fellow sailors in new and unexpected ways.

Long conversations are inevitable, as are the compromises. We learn how you deal with money and stress. We see you before you’ve brushed your teeth.  We know how you like your coffee.  And we’re the first to know when you’ve run out of toilet paper.

When sailing, closeness is soo much more than simply sharing a physical space. It’s a kind of closeness that can either feel like a warm and fuzzy bear hug, or a suffocating choke hold.  And, it doesn’t take long to figure out which one you’ve gotten yourself into.

Benjamin Franklin spent enough time aboard ships to know that feeling all too well. He famously said, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Clearly, he never had a Kate for a shipmate.

We’ve lucked out with some stellar crew experiences that have left us with lifelong friendships and memories that will never fade.  Our time in Ecuador has been especially memorable thanks to Kate and our friends The Skeleton Crew.

They say friends are the family you choose, and while Kate was only on board with us for three months, she is forever a part of our family.  She is our Katie, sailing sister, Instaboss, the pride of South Africa and the winner of zip-lines.  She’s smart as a whip, wild and unpredictable like a rhino, slick as a leopard, and more lovable than a baby elephant.  Her laughter fills the room and she always makes me feel like the funniest person alive.  I know this won’t be our last adventure together, but we will miss her terribly…“until next time.”

sailing and traveling with friends

traveling and sailing with friends

Sailing Road Trip Report

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

sailing around the world

  • Dates – March 8 – 12, 2018
  • Nautical Miles Sailed – Isla De Plata to Salinas, Ecuador  56.8

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  • Nadia Lister

    I couldn’t stop my tears watching you and Kate say goodbye … but like you said “It’s not goodbye, it’s just until next time”. Watching the episode of the two of you travelling 10,000 miles to South Africa for your reunion with Kate and Rufus was just fantastic It was clear to see that the magical spark hadn’t waned after not seeing each other for a long period. It’s great to see the 4 of you making lots of new memories together ❤️ Xx

  • Audrey Duesler

    I’m catching up with vids, in random order, so I just saw this one… I totally teared up too! Looking forward to all your adventures! I love your genuine candor and authenticity. It is very refreshing. I have always wanted to sail, but it scars the stuff out of me. So, I’m living vicariously through your vids, blog, site, etc! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!! And good luck through all your adventures!

  • Christin Hegreness

    Nikki- it was so fun seeing the connection you and Katie had! Definitely a sister connection 🙂 My husband and I have been following you since the start of your sails and your Ecuador road trip videos were some of my very favorites. Those volcanoes were legit. I’m glad you and Jason got to do your longboard passage just the two of you. There’s something to be said for that, too 🙂
    I second the request regarding your awesome wardrobe and the comment that for someone who says she struggles with spelling and grammar you write very well 🙂 Enjoy French Polynesia!!

  • Patrick Burneson

    I just love these updates, the water, people and the friends. Sail safe.

  • Joy Gross

    Great Video and photos.. yikes it was emotional, loved it. Do you get lonely for friends when no one else is on board? I can tell you guys have a great relationship.. but friends are always nice to have around 🙂

  • Michael

    Sad to see good people go. But like the song says, “Friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the lord of them”. We can have forever if we want.

  • Bill

    Kate will be missed Best of luck on all of her future endeavors and travels.

  • Venice Scherer

    I teared up too~

  • James Dillon

    very wonderful soul , Kate. She will be missed. Great job you guys, your footage only continues to be more enjoyable and refined! I too would love to purchase that shirt!! Hope it comes in 4XL for the plus size handsome Canadians!! Your biggest fan (literally)! Greetings from the sandy shores of Lake Huron. Travel safe! Jamie

  • Patrice

    Hi guys, you are living the dream and making it work for you. I loved your adventures RVing because That I could actually imagine doing. Boating…well thats another story, but I participated in living the dream a little when boating on the Barnegat Bay this week. I was there with you in spirit! Thanks for sharing your life with us ❤️

  • Diana

    Great, heartbreaking, sweet video. Totally off topic and shamelessly shallow request: Nikki, will you make a post/video about your wardrobe? You always look so fashionable, but I know you can’t have room for tons of clothes–what’s your secret?! 🙂

  • Rob

    You guys are great. You should sell your Curiosity gear. I would happily buy a t shirt on your website.

  • Tracy Mahoney

    I love following your journey.

  • Alan Solomon

    Kate was right. Another name or alternate name should be Generosity. You 3 or 2 until next time, are full of fun.
    Kate is Special as we all are. I would be interested in a shirt. Xtra Large.
    I will keep an eye peeled for shirt info.
    Kind and safe Travels,

    Alan S.

  • Pat

    Very sad video saying goodbye to Kate. Really enjoyed the interaction the three of you had and was glad I was able to be apart of that. You two are absolutely wonderful people and really enjoy every Sunday watching and travelling with you both.

  • Linda jones

    Take care and thanks for offering us a look into your lives. I’ve enjoyed your amazing journeys for years.

  • mary

    What a nice treat to have someone on the boat who was a help and a great friend. I know it is nice to have another female around. We love our girlfriends!

    We all love her for keeping us all up with your travels across the ocean. We will miss her happy smile and lovely accent. Good luck Kate! xxoo

  • Roger B

    You two, Nikki and Jason, are very giving people and you will always develop these lasting relationships with those you get to know, and thank you for the good humor in your videos. That’s why we love them.

  • Scott

    I started following you to experience the learning curve of sailing and cruising with you. I continued watching for some reason I had not quite realized until this post. I watch because you share so much more than travels across the map or the dance with technologies ancient and new. I watch because you share sincerely and graciously what is in your heart. That is our truest voyage of discovery.

  • Pam McClure

    Will miss Kate. You all made me cry. Hope you meet up with her again.

  • Beth

    Kate was (still is) an awesome woman and you all seemed to get along so smoothly! I knew she was already gone from S/VCuriosity, but it still put a lump in my throat, and tears to my eyes! You must change your “goodbyes” to “until we meet again” or “see ya later!” Kate seems like a fun-loving, easygoing, yet helpful crew mate, y’all got along with spectacularly! She will be missed by me too! I’m following her on Instagram now, as well as the many others you’ve introduced us to.
    Once again, awesome work and video! Keep up the good work and stay safe!


    Besides knots, sheets, lines and reefs, you are now learning the ‘adult’ part of sailing. The the living with people you know, the people you don’t really know, the making of new-found friends & the beginning of long friendships. Isn’t it fun?

  • Andrea

    Even though I knew you and Kate had already parted ways, your goodbye here brought tears to my eyes. I’m glad I found your channel years ago. You and Jason have helped me realize that I can do this too. My goal is 4 years and I’ll be on the road. I know you are probably saying why wait. I have to get my youngest through school first. In the meantime I will continue to watch and learn about the travel life from you and a few others. Safe travels and love you. Andrea

  • David Stewart

    Wow, for someone who just said at the end of this spiel that you misspell every other word, you sure can put together a nice little essay. Love your work ?

  • Steve Lamb

    Sorry tisee Kate go but as she saud it is not goodbye it’s so ling until next time. Thanks for the video. Was wondering if you sell those tshirts with you emblem on them? Thanks ~ Steve Lamb

      • Ken Washington

        When I saw the T-shirt I got excited! Did I see the boat on the back? Hopefully you will have 2X and 3X sizes! A lot of 2X sizes are actually 1X. I will look forward to seeing what they look like and how to order. I know you guys will keep us informed on the progress!

  • Steve Blanck

    I am glad to find someone who can’t spell. I can do most Grammar. I truly believe that removing the “U” was the only good thing that Noah did. I had wanted to sail around the world even bought a 30′ Baba Cutter in which to do it. Sold it and bought a 28′ RV .
    Happy journeys!!

  • Marjo Dipalo

    Thanks, I’ve been following you two intermittently for several years now. I even met up with you at the Abbotsford,BC trade show if I recall correctly. At that time you were starting your travels with a motor home. Good luck with new adventures. I’ve just returned to theCalgary area with my husband and our eldest son and his family of a20year old, 2 16 year olds,an 8year old and a 6 year old we went together and bought a 30 acre property in the Sundre area. That’s going to be our adventure for the coming few years. Not quite as exotic as yours but nonetheless less it is for us. Although I haven’t followed you consistently i’ve enjoyed your blogs non-the-less. Good luck and I hope I’ll hear more from you both in the future.

  • Joe the Computerguy

    Husband? Haah, I shudda known 🙂
    Safe travels to all!


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