jason and nikki wynn exploring the most incredible island in the south pacific, niue

The Most Incredible Place You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When we first set off to sail about the world, the idea was to travel like the great explorers of the past, weather storms and discover places we didn’t know existed.   But I never expected it all to work out so verbatim.

Yet, here we are on a seemingly unknown island paradise with good food, clear water and immersive hikes. Niue is the most amazing destination we never knew existed.

I know we should be grateful for the brief but glorious days we had. But what can I say…we’re greedy!  Waking up to that westerly forecast was more disappointing than blowing out my favorite hiking shoes on a sharp coral trail.

So goes the life of a sailor.  We’re on mother natures schedule, whether we like it or not (pun intended).

Putting aside the sad news that we have to rush out, Niue really is the most incredible place.  It’s not teeming with tourists and that is shocking.  Because aside from National Parks like Arches, Zion and Carlsbad Caverns I have never seen anything quite like this.  Especially from a single island!  I would have stayed for months if the weather and customs would have allowed it.  We had never heard of this place before sailing the South Pacific.  Now I’m wondering…just how many more gems like this are out there hiding?

nikki wynn swimming in a cave in niue

nikki wynn swimming in a cave in niue in the south pacific

most extensive cave system in the south pacific, niue

amazing formations in a cave in niue

jason wynn photographing a cave in Niue Talava Arches the most incredible rock formation in niue

incredible caves and caverns of niue

nikki wynn hiking and exploring the incredible rock formations of niue

jason and nikki wynn exploring the most incredible island of niue

wandering through caves in the south pacific

nikki wynn exploring caves in Niue in the south pacific

Determined to make lemons out of lemonade, we’re gonna squeeze life out of every hour we have left.  So stay tuned because next time we’re cave diving with sea snakes and taking on the islands most challenging (not on the tourist map) adventure!



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  • Date: July 2019

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Amy Swann

    Wow! What an incredible adventure! Nikki what kind of day backpack are you using? I looked in the gear store and didn’t see it. It’s just what I’m looking for! I’m looking forward to watching part two of your time in Niue. Thanks for sharing!

    • Curious Minion

      Hmmm, sometimes when a product doesn’t end up in the gear store it’s because it didn’t make the cut for a recommendation. But I’ll flag this for Nikki and maybe we can find out!
      Curious Minion

  • Jeffrey Stenberg

    Ultra cool caves etc… Our friends sailed all of that hemisphere came back to their well paying jobs, got a condo in a major city. Now they want to move for two years to a South American area for two years. I live a very good life but you not going to want to come back to the craziness of USA living unless you choose wisely after see the greatness of exploring. Live the dream as long as you can.

  • Michael

    Never knew such a gorgeous cave system was in the South Pacific island area. What a wonder. Thanks for sharing.

    Two words; rubber cement. It is good for shoe sole re-attachment in a pinch.

    Also, a canon ball is grabbing two knees, a cherry bomb is one. Just saying.

    Hey, Curious Minion, when will we see you in the vids again?

    • Curious Minion

      Hmmm, I don’t think you’ve seen me in a video Michael. Or have you?

      • Michael

        You are either a relative or Kate, and we’ve seen just about all of them. Right?

        • Curious Minion

          Good guess! But no, and no.

  • Shannon

    I actually just tried to make it to Niue when I was in the Cook Islands. But I just couldn’t make the flights work, only had 2 weeks. So i spent most of my time on Raro and visited Aitutaki. Niue looks amazing, Im hoping to go there for my 40th! Love what you are doing, keep up the great work and inspiration to others!

  • Bernard Schaer

    Fantastic video, amazing island! Can’t wait to see part 2. Happy holidays to the two of you!!

  • Alan Solomon

    Adding to all the other comments. Awesome Video. Ahhhhhhhhh.
    Thank you for this video. I would probably fly from New Zealand sometime next year.

    Merry Christmas and Safe Travels to you both, Cleo and Singa and Curiosity.

  • Carol McCarty

    Stunning island. I wouldn’t have wanted to leave either. Nikki I’m sorry about your poor shoe. That was the saddest thing to see. Praying you have a safe trip out of there and to your next destination. What a site for honeymooners. The water was unbelievable. To think that water has been beating against those rocks, carving out the unusual formations for thousands of years is mind boggling. And that it remains untouched. It’s crazy. But beautiful. Thank you for sharing such breathtaking beauty with everyone. It’s almost too awesome to be real. I hope you have plenty of Super Glue for your shoe. God’s blessings for future destinations and Merry Christmas. Hope to see Curiosity decorated!! How fun that would be!! Sincerely, Carol McCarty

  • Roger B

    I’m anxiously waiting for the next video of this amazing island.

  • Michael Magill

    Another amazimg video we just got from you two, and it does look like a place you could stay for a good length of time, and such fantastic things to look at and photograph, another wonders of the world right here. Each video looks so much nicer than the one before still they are very beautiful and this time yo got to drive a car around the island. Thank you for letting us tag along. and one last thing, from my family to every family here as wellas you Jason and you Nikki and your families We wish every one here a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New and Prosperous Year……

  • Dinah Rogers

    Every video renews my admiration and love for the two of you! You’re so funny, talented/skilled, tenacious, and fearless but not arrogant. I spit-laughed on my screen at Nikki walking in her flopping shoe sole on her “saddest day ever”. I caught my breath at the video of her silhouette against that surf and the horizon. What an incredibly awesome (in the true definition of the word) place to BE. How will you ever live in a “normal” home on land again? You certainly must have a long list of places you could nest some day. Preferably some place with coconut crabs.

  • Keith

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing, the great desktop pics and for making me smile. LOL, kingly cannonball ceremony huh? Does that mean Jason had his kingly coronation?

  • Don Lyons

    Wow!!! Now this is the type Island, er.. Atoll? that I imagine Re: the south Pacific Islands. Magnificent! Bummer about the shoes, though.

  • Linda Kemper

    We love living the adventures through you and Jason. What you share is amazing to two 72 year olds. Thanks for taking us on your journey.

  • Michael N Mangold

    If you have’not thrown away your Nike shoes yet see if you can find a store that sell Marine Goop contact sealant adhesive .. This stuff will do the job to restore you shoes.

    • JD

      Was going to say same. Fixed my sweetie’s Soloman’s (sp?) the same way.

  • Geoff Green

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing your journey. I’ve not had the chance or made it a priority to travel much in my life, but you both are making me change my perspective for sure. Will continue to stay tuned in. Safe travels!

  • Marge Nehlsen

    Thank you SO much. This place was so different. What a great life.

    • yongshin Pang

      Aftr watching your video, I m so interest in sailing, need to know How much is the maintenance cost every 1000km sailing, like changing black oil, gear oil or something wear n tear.

  • Hunter

    Added Niue to my list! Incredible! And yes Jason, I caught your muffled joke Hahahaha

    • yongshin Pang

      Hi Jason, sorry i m out of topic. May i know if u guys sailing to other country or any island, is there legal or illegal without passport or country entry permission.

      • Curious Minion

        After leaving the U.S.A. they have visited the Bahamas, Panama, Ecuador, and now the South Pacific (French Polynesia, Cooks Islands, Niue). U.S. citizens need a passport to visit all of them. Hope that helps.

  • Lisa Cantrell

    Nikki, I have a Kiwi friend who is a physiotherapist who worked on a project in Nuie some years ago. She sent me this article few years back which makes me hope that more people will discover the island though without it becoming a popular tourist mecca ruined by commercialism.
    We’ve just spent the last 9 days in Cusco Peru and though most of the population is middle class, the rampant (and incomplete) building, seemingly unlimited number of hawkers of everything from massages to yours to trinkets, reminds me once again why I grew up with very mixed feelings about tourism on my own home island of St Croix.
    So love your adventures!!


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