Biggest Waves Ever!!! 4 Days Living At Sea

Biggest Waves Ever!!! 4 Days Living At Sea

It has been said a thousand times and it shall be said a thousand more, a life at sea is full of extremes.  This four-day passage was no exception.

We thought we knew a thing or two about sacrificing civilization for freedom, but Palmerston takes a life at sea to a whole new level.  Living on a remote island far away from civilization, no matter how good the internet is, requires determination and a unique frame of mind.

It’s one thing to live on a boat and sail about the world.  We spend a lot of our time isolated and far away too, but our floating island can make its way to civilization.

And speaking of making our way to civilization, our time in the Cook Islands is up.  Time to get this ol’ boat moving again.  Next stop is the world’s smallest independent nation of Niue.  Approximately 400 nautical miles away.

True to the nature of sailing, it’s a passage that goes from heavenly to heavy.

Oh how heavenly it all started.  Beautiful downwind sunset sailing, fresh yellowfin tuna…what more could any seafaring traveler want!?!

nikki wynn enjoying a beautiful downwind sunset sail aboard sailing catamaran curiosity
a golden sunset at sea in the south pacific
jason wynn capturing photos and video of a sunset at sea while sailing aboard catamaran curiosity
nikki wynn holding up a fresh caught tuna aboard sailing catamaran curiosity
singa the sailing cat enjoying fresh tuna aboard sailing catamaran curiosity

And how quickly it all changes.

One day we’re going to learn how to capture the magnitude of the swell and waves.  Because while these might not have been the behemoth waves that make one fear for their life, they were enough to send our 60 pound freezer flying from out of its holster from port to starboard.  It’s an absolute shame we didn’t capture THAT on camera.  And a miracle it didn’t put a huge hole in our cockpit!

Jason Wynn battling waves in the south pacific aboard sailing catamaran curiosity

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  • Nautical Miles Sailed: 415
  • Date: July 2019

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