The Most Incredible Place You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Most Incredible Place You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When we first set off to sail about the world, the idea was to travel like the great explorers of the past, weather storms and discover places we didn’t know existed.   But I never expected it all to work out so verbatim.

Yet, here we are on a seemingly unknown island paradise with good food, clear water and immersive hikes. Niue is the most amazing destination we never knew existed.

I know we should be grateful for the brief but glorious days we had. But what can I say…we’re greedy!  Waking up to that westerly forecast was more disappointing than blowing out my favorite hiking shoes on a sharp coral trail.

So goes the life of a sailor.  We’re on mother natures schedule, whether we like it or not (pun intended).

Putting aside the sad news that we have to rush out, Niue really is the most incredible place.  It’s not teeming with tourists and that is shocking.  Because aside from National Parks like Arches, Zion and Carlsbad Caverns I have never seen anything quite like this.  Especially from a single island!  I would have stayed for months if the weather and customs would have allowed it.  We had never heard of this place before sailing the South Pacific.  Now I’m wondering…just how many more gems like this are out there hiding?

nikki wynn swimming in a cave in niue
nikki wynn swimming in a cave in niue in the south pacific
most extensive cave system in the south pacific, niue
amazing formations in a cave in niue
jason wynn photographing a cave in Niue
Talava Arches the most incredible rock formation in niue
incredible caves and caverns of niue
nikki wynn hiking and exploring the incredible rock formations of niue
jason and nikki wynn exploring the most incredible island of niue
wandering through caves in the south pacific
nikki wynn exploring caves in Niue in the south pacific

Determined to make lemons out of lemonade, we’re gonna squeeze life out of every hour we have left.  So stay tuned because next time we’re cave diving with sea snakes and taking on the islands most challenging (not on the tourist map) adventure!


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