jason and nikki wynn sitting aboard Curiosity watching the sun go down in the south pacific

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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

Comments (113)

  • Vance Charles

    My guess on your next boat.
    40-50 ft Sunreef e-catamaran
    Or a
    40-50ft Sailing of a Silent Yacht

  • Margie Jaffe

    Where are the both of you now. Am concerned due to the Volcanic eruption. I pray that you two are safe.

  • Herman Van Ree

    Hello Nikki & Jason,
    I’m confused, your video blogs show you are in New Zealand.
    Your AIS on MarineTraffic.Com shows,

    Position Received: 2021-10-05 21:40 UTC
    1 hour, 7 minutes ago
    Vessel’s Local Time:
    2021-10-05 17:40 LT (UTC -4)
    Area: USEC – US East Coast
    Current Port: FORT LAUDERDALE
    Latitude / Longitude: 26.0185° / -80.20401°
    Status: Stopped
    Speed/Course: 0 kn / 3 °
    AIS Source: 17093 H_NS

    We have followed your blogs since you started looking at sailing.

    • Curious Minion

      No, they are not in Fort Lauderdale. The best guess is that during their 2016 refit, some of their old equipment was re-used in another boat without being wiped. So every time the person in FLL turns it on, it checks in with AIS. They will “check back in” in NZ as soon as they’re back in the water and turn their instruments on.
      Curious Minion

  • Teresa Buckley

    Hi Jason and Nikki!!!
    I am a 55 year old retired bartender from Fort lauderdale, Florida. I now live on 3 acres in Utah. My name is Teresa Buckley. Me and my Hubby have lots of critters.
    A couple of years ago I started having some spine problems. 3 surgerys and they well I’ve been watching alot of TV healing!!
    I stumbled on to your Utube video’s and
    I just fell in love with you two!!! I forgot how much I miss the ocean, watching you all sailing. I have read all about your very kick ass life and I just wanted to say Thank You!!! U all are so down to earth and What Hard Workers!!!!!
    You have made me laugh when I was laying around healing. You all have also made me Worry!!! Thats the Mom and Grandma in me.
    Anyway , I’m sure you all have lots of emails to get to so I want to say again,
    THANK YOU!!!
    LOVE ALWAYS AND STAY SAFE OUT THERE! I know alot of these!!!!! In this letter.
    Ok I’ll try again.
    Love always,
    Teresa Buckley

  • Greg Mann

    Hi Nikki and Jason, welcome to NZ, my wife and I have lived in the South Island most of our lives and would be happy to make some suggestions as to places to you might like to see. Just a few here; the Marlborough Sounds (The Queen Charlotte track is a four day hike and is worth doing), the Able Tasman National Park ( maybe a kayak tour), Kaikoura ( resident Humpback and Sperm Whales, huge schools of dolphins, seals and Albatroses) Franz Josef and Fox Glacier townships, a glacier helicopter flight is a must do, whilst in Fox hike into Welcome Flat, one day in and one day out, soak in natural alpine hot pools at the hut, please do not leave without visiting Milford Sound (hike the Milford Track, this is world class, go on a boat day trip out of Milford, don’t worry about the weather the worse the better, it rains 5m a year), go see Stewart Island there are lots of hikes, locals are cool, interesting and welcoming, . You will find literally hundreds of different craft beers in NZ hardly a bad one amongst them, The Tannery in Christchurch (our home town) is a great place to start with its best in the world milk stout. For wine the better areas are Hawkes Bay, Marlborough and Otago. Oh we make some really different gins flavoured with native plants (Little Biddy and Source are two of our favourites) I could go on and on but won’t, hope you have a truly excellent time here. Ps I have a Leopard and a Bengal, so seems we have a few things in common. Good luck, fair winds

  • John Garrett

    If Mark is still with us, ask him to study up on borax for cancer. I think he’ll be very impressed.

  • king cowwdin

    i waited 30 years to buy boat having to raise a family working now i cant because of my back went out but i can live my dream threw your shows God Bless


  • Tracey

    Nikki, I love the hair and I seem to remember those glasses from a previous boat? I want you to know how much I enjoy every aspect of your videos, keeping it real, and giving me hope for my own adventures.

    I do have a question, you noted you wake up at about 6 am, what time is a normal time for you to go to bed?

    Elbow rubs and air kisses!

  • Tim

    Hey Friends,
    You are doing great work—

    Consider at least a SS Hose clamp for the cracked stauntion.

  • David Voinier

    Jason and Nikki, I’ve been watching your videos since your Alaska trip, but once you bought the boat, it really got me going! I searched my attic looking for my Chapmans, couldn’t find it, so bought a new one! I grew up on Narragansett Bay, RI and did a hitch in the Navy so I’m a old sailor at heart. I now live 30 miles from a Great Lake, but 300+ miles from salt water. Since I’m 75 years old and am not very able anymore, chances of getting back to sea is a dream. You can’t stop me from dreaming! Just remember the sea is a demanding mistress and always unpredictable. Even the best sailor can get into trouble quickly, a fact that I’m sure you are well aware of. “Fair winds and following seas.”

  • Gilles-Gabriel

    You have been a greate inspiration.

  • Mary

    So excited for you. I started to cry when I saw you finally reach Curiosity. xo

  • richard Ruffin

    Nikki, Jason:

    Keep it up!!!!

  • Dave Facey

    Been watching all of your videos right from the RV ones. Nikki you are so bubbly and uplifting all the time its such a treat to watch your videos. You both have such a great outlook on life. Love the work you are both doing. Keep up the great work.

  • Terri

    Hello there…I have been watching your video’s since right before you purchased the boat. You have really good video’s and have built up a pretty substantial reputation! Everyone I have told to watch your video’s love them! People really like you two, as you are as professional as can be, considering your internet issues and I think you have a following that would help you if you started a GoFundMeFund for your friend! Just saying…look what you two did gor a kitten!!!

  • Robert Broussard

    Awesome to see you two back on water again even if it’s not your boat yet!!

  • Kris Q Kim

    Hello Nikki,

    I’ve been following your journey for awhile. You have been a grate inspiration.

    Thanks to you, I am now looking to start a journey of my own from a very sailing-barren country, Korea.

    I would really like to experience how it is like to sail around the world before I jump in.
    Please let me know if you’d like a crew member even for a week or a day. I will be a good hand.



  • KC

    I’ve got a mantra I would like to share with you guys and hope you will consider using in you videos. It is a simple but powerful message and you both seem to practice it too.

    Leave it better than you find it.

    The more people that adopt this simple, fundamental thought, the better our world will be, don’t you agree?

    Love your videos.

  • Michel Bedos

    Love how you are helping the stray animals and the people in Fiji. Love to follow your adventures. I am living my missed chance of having done this 48 years ago. Married the wrong woman. Should have gone with the one from Australia that had a brother in the sailboat charter business in Vanuatu. (Divorced the other one real fast but not after having two daughters with her. Put an end to my dreams of sailing around the world. Mind you my second wife helped me raise the two first daughters. Lucked out on that one.) I would like to know if you stoped emailing then you put out your weekly videos. If not I have not been getting them. Sorry I have not been able to financially contribute; times are hard. I especially love the Fiji water video. At my wife’s employer last week they hired some new guy. He refused to drink the water there as he said he only drink Fiji water. I guess the advertising really works. Wait till he hear and sees your video! Plus, he is somewhat of a snob! Keep up the great work.

  • Lana Jarjis

    Lana, Ammar,Matthew, and Mario are your #1fans. We were so excited that went live. We feel like we’re with you❤️🤗

  • Laura

    Hi from TX.
    I saw your video today about cost of boat life. During the video, I thought I heard you say that your dinghy is registered in Delaware. Did I hear that correctly? If so, can you explain why the dingy is registered in Delaware? Did you form a company (a Delaware LLC, perhaps) to purchase Curiosity and the dinghy?
    Thank you.

  • Annette

    Hope this isn’t a repeat of previous post – how do you both find time and space to look so neat and clean and not worn in your videos? Especially Nikki with her ever changing/ ever mixed and matched wardrobe. I know what sun, wind, sea water, sand and engine crap can quickly do to one’s skin, hair, clothing and general appearance, and I know you do not have infinite space for new wardrobes and makeup for every vid, so how do you manage it? Do you make your video appearance a a priority? Do you trade, donate, toss, bargain and reclothe at every stop and rendezvous with other sailors? You are creative with scarves, hats, glasses, and you simplify, but really how many clean no-iron shirts and dresses do you keep, Nikki? Every few days you make a new video, and you always look ready for company – your audience – us!

    • Curious Minion

      Nikki has a magic bottomless closet haha! She has answered this a couple of times though, so I can pass on the secrets. She uses vacuum bags to squish and seal up clothes that are “out of rotation” so that they don’t take up much space and don’t get mildewy. And her closet is indeed pretty packed (you can catch a glimpse somewhere in the boat tour video: ) but she uses 2 tricks that savvy travelers know. The first is to roll your clothes up instead of folding & stacking them flat. They take up less space when rolled up. As for wrinkles, you decide what you want to wear the day before, take it out of the closet & hang up somewhere. Then take a spray bottle with water (some people add fabric softener for a “fresh” scent but it can spot some types of fabrics so use it with caution) and mist the item. Use your hand to smooth out the wrinkles and let the item dry before wearing. I know you’re skeptical but trust me, it works!

      As for their skin, they stay in the shade of the cockpit as much as possible and use sunscreen by the bucketful and wear rash guard/sunproof shirts quite a bit. I’m sure there are value-sized containers of skin moisturizer aboard as well. Nikki is a professional makeup artist, so that explains their tidy hair (she cuts both their hair) and her beautiful glow.

      So there you are. I hope that “pulling back the curtain” hasn’t ruined the magic for you. ;o)
      Curious Minion

  • Stoney Shukat

    I miss seeing Singa prowling your vessel. I was owned for 18 years by Bruno the killer kitty from hell. He died of old age. I am searching for a Siamese seal point to fill the gaping hole in my life. So Pip told me to donate to the Fiji pet rescue and I did. It made both Pip and I happy.
    In 2010 I ordered a 35H Bounder and have logged 90k miles. If the virus goes into hiding I hope to leave on trip #11 in July. I have been in 49 states and when the bridge is built to Hawaii I’ll make it 50. No more boats for me. Last boat was a 45ft Silverton convertable. Your cost estimates a right on.

    Be nice to Jason he is a gem.

  • S/V Zoetic - Stacey and Tony

    Hey guys, love watching your RV and boat videos. Just wondering if you mind sharing your recipe for ginger beer, the last one we found was a miserable failure.

  • Dan (Danno) Feldman

    I have been watching your videos and your adventures. Sorry to hear that you are stuck in Fiji. in 1979 my wife and I set off tp Mexico and the South Pacific, finally ending up in Vava’u Tonga. We went on a Pearson Triton, which is a 28 foot sloop. To my knowledge, the boat is still in Neiafu. Anyway, we have a 40 foot Endeavor (1980) and we have fixed up. Hope to stay in touch with you guys and hope you can get back to your boat!

    PS I just turned 77, but still love to sail! We went to Cat Harbor in Catalina for 3 weeks, but got chased around there too. Oh well, the world has turned crazy! Adios

    • Dan Feldman

      Hi again… Just saw your Fiji show about water. My wife has bought a similar setup for water purification except this one has Stainless Steel containers and different filters. it is really good and we got it from a Texas outfit. Seems like a great idea! We were in Fiji too for a week and really liked it. See ya, Danno

  • Julie Nash

    Hello from quarantine Ohio! Your videos have helped us cope during a cold spring lockdown! We think you should keep the new Pip – sorry to hear about Cleo but glad Singa is happy! Never used to be a cat person but now we have 3 (all strays) down from a total of 5. I planted catnip in pots on the porch – a good parent always keeps her kids stoned!

    Thanks for cleaning up the beach in Fiji. We do the same in Siesta Key.

    Julie and Dale

    Stay safe!

    • Oh man, this little Pip is an amazing kitten…we pray that someone here will provide her a good home. We’d love to bring her with us but visiting these remote islands isn’t the best life for a cat, which is why we took Singa and Cleo home. Singa is possibly happier than he’s ever been, and now he has a younger girlfriend to keep him spry and entertained 🙂
      Thank you for this kind note, it helps raise the spirits in this crazy time.

  • Jim Bernard

    Hi Jason and Nikki,

    My name is Jim (“James” really, but that is for the IRS, not friends) – I have seen and joined you vicariously online in some of your adventures. Thank you for sharing. At 68 I am an “old” man now, and I think that I correctly recognize the sincerity of your sense of humor and grace which you are bringing to your very frustrating situation. Bless you. I join many others in hoping that you find your way back to your home on board Curiosity soon.

    I personally believe that we have every reason to believe that we may arrive one day to a home far, far better than our current, temporary homes – to a forever home so wildly beautiful that even those of us with the best and most brilliant imaginations cannot conceive of it.

    During this time, I have enjoyed “facetiming” with my grandchildren, baking and watercolors. Though I am “alone” now, I am not alone. Truly. The Lord is with me in a very real way – through His word, His spirit. Please do not misunderstand that I would promote any organized religion or church. Far from it. I refer to something very personal, and I have found that it has been during challenging times in my life that I have been directed to focus my attention on something beyond the temporary.

    Please bear with me for just a bit – The Bible teaches us of God’s utter goodness, His utter power, His complete holiness, His majestic ruling sovereignty – they never change. Consequently, what we are experiencing now with all of the challenges and difficulties – they are utterly underneath the rule and purposes of God. “that people may know…I am the LORD and there is no other. I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the LORD…” as Isaiah 45:6-7 declares.

    I believe that we are sometimes allowed pain because when all is well, we tend to forget God. But it is times like these that remind us that we need to look to Him alone for true satisfaction in life, every good gift, and indeed our Salvation.

    In the meantime, Jesus calls us to faith in Him. “Let not your hearts be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in me..” (John 14)

    Jason and Nikki – hang in there! Plunging through challenging waves can bring satisfying waves rolling your way.
    I appreciate you pointing out the “Don’t be a fool, be grateful” sign Nikki. Your gratefulness and grace under pressure no doubt encourages many. Thank you for that,

    Jim Bernard
    E-mail: (removed) – you are welcome to write or not. God bless you both.

    P.S. I have cobbled together a site – which has some of my writing – if you are interested. (At the site, I have set aside a couple sections for two of my friends Randy and Ed as well – because well, I just wanted to do that for them.)

    • Hello Jim,
      Thank you for taking the time to send such a kind message of hope. We know the world will overcome this issue. When we all get on the other side of this pandemic, life will be better again…maybe even better than before.

  • Rajeh Mustang

    I saw two beautiful souls fall in love with open sea. I love your videos so much. Loads of love from Rajesh Mustang India. I request you guys visit india.

  • Caroline Hart

    Dear Wynns,

    As prospective fellow live aboarders, with a 2020 Cat on order, do you have ANY thoughts about what to expect out there in the cruising world next Fall? We always thought of the world as our oyster. Now we’re not so sure but we are planning to be as self sufficient as possible. Thank you and stay safe!
    Happy Easter,
    Al and Caroline Hart

  • John C Bozzelli

    i love you videos, keep going and I will keep watching

  • Mike Hammock

    After hearing that you will be at the Miami Boat Show, I thought that I would point out something (that you may already know). Another pair of youtubers, Roberta and Duca of “Odd Life”, will also be at the boat show. I suspect you know of them, but if not, they are two Brazilian young people (not much different in age from you two) who are virtually rebuilding a sailboat in Brazil before taking it on the water themselves. I think it would be great for the four of you to get together and compare notes and plans for the future. I look forward to their weekly videos almost as much as I look forward to yours.

  • Gregg Gonzales

    Wow that last episode sharks .sharks . Lots of sharks
    Amazing footage big fan keep up the good work
    Super Gregg

  • Jesse Jones

    Hello, I saw your episode talking about energy generation and how your boats sugar scoops are not thick enough to attach a hydro generator. I ran across this video on YouTube about a Watt & Sea generator. At the beginning of the video he looks at a catamaran that has two generators mounted on the inside between the hulls underneath the bridge deck. Check it out might be an option.

  • Irene

    I have enjoyed your videos. I do want to mention that your phrase “sundowner time” is a medical reference for patients who have dementia become more confused and disoriented as the sun sets and darkness sets in. You can google sundowner syndrome.

    • Curious Minion

      Yes, but it’s also been a cruising term for a happy hour cocktail for as long or longer than the medical definition. Sorry for any sad associations.
      Curious Minion

  • Lynn Van Houten

    Hi, Nikki: I have been following you and Jason on YouTube for sometime. Love your adventures! I really like the striped sunglasses you wear. Would you please tell me the brand name? I have spent several hours on the Internet trying to find them with no success. Also, I see that several other followers have also posted asking about the same pair of sunglasses. Thank you sharing your travels with us!

    • Curious Minion

      A quick screen cap and a zoom reveals the brand as Prive Revaux.
      Curious Minion

      • Shantell

        I love your style!.. I think it’s the video that was made with two other YouTube channels and y’all were racing your dinghy, you had a necklace that looked like a collar to a nice blouse. Everything you ware is to cute! ❤👗👙👒🕶

  • Paul chilson

    Here’s the saying that you might want to use sometime when you’re signing off you can say toodeloo buckaroo and I also have a joke for you that you might want to I know your might not be into jokes but I thought I would send this one because it’s pretty cute what did the potato chip say to the corn chip are you free to lay

  • Murray Sargant

    Love your videos. Can you explain how easy is it travelling with your cat and going to all the different countries you visit. Any issues taking the cat to different countries or ports. We live in Hong Kong and have Lagoon 52 we plan to set sail next year.

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Murray. They’re in the process of working on the paperwork to take the cats to NZ and Australia and Nikki said there would be a “cat paperwork” video after that’s all finished. The short answer is, it’s different in different places. Most places they have visited so far require pretty basic paperwork on vaccines and such, and then they just require you to keep the cats on the boat. Your boat is essentially a quarantine facility. But NZ & Australia have *really* strict import requirements that they’ve been working on for a couple of months now. So stay tuned for more info.

    • Jason Read

      Hello, I love your video’s! Thank you. I live in New Zealand. Timaru actually. I’d love to take you guys on a 4×4 trip when you visit if you are keen. You’ll see some stunning high country scenery. Stay in some back country huts if you like. Also have a spare room in house too! Cheers, Jason

  • Anthony Hudson

    In your latest video, 12/1/18, at 13:45 mark it looks like your second mainsail batten is broken 2 feet back from the mast.

  • Mike Moran


    I have a question. In one of your sailing video’s you were making a cake. Your put the mixed ingredients into a a small contianer approximately 10 inches square and about 2-3 inches deep. My question, I thought you put it on the Cuisinart grill but I am not sure. If you remember this will you please let me know how you cooked the cake. It looked really simple.

    I attempted to go through your videos but I could not find the one I needed.


    • Curious Minion

      Hey Mike. That’s a Cuisinart Countertop oven, which looks very similar to the grill. They’re both in the Kitchen section of the Gear Store It has sadly been discontinued, but sometimes you can find refurbished ones. Another commented reported finding them at Home Depot just a few weeks ago, so maybe Cuisinart is making them again?
      Curious Minion

  • Bill Timothy

    Been watching since your RV days and apsolutle amazed at your youthful energy, incredible optimism, uplifting attitude and your desire for learning and the fortitude to climb every mountain.
    OH!, to be young again!
    Niki, love your late night red light philisophical dialogues. While under precarious conditions you take the time to reflect and smell the roses!
    Jason, with your honest, fortright adventurist spirit, no challenge takes you down a notch.
    I am hitched onto your winds and my landlocked Spinnaker is flying, filled with your love of life.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Willie T

  • Andy Stephenson

    Hi Jason and Nikki
    My name is Andy Stephenson I live In a place called Strood Kent in England. I would just like to say I have watched you since you started you are brilliant cats and all. As soon as I finish work each week the first thing I do is switch on U TUBE to see if you have posted any videos on youtube I love watching what you do, So please keep it up and stay safe. It would be fantastic if you could just mention me on u tube and then I will know you have read my the email to you. My warmest regards to the 4 of you. Andy.

  • Ginger Hicks

    New to your blog and love watching your journey. Not only are you two super inspiring, but also incredibly helpful with sharing all of your lessons learned. The raw emotion and honesty on the confessions at sea really captured the depth of the work involveda, the reward of the sacrifice, and the toll it can take on a marriage. I’m looking forward to the next update!

  • Michael

    Nikki, to smooth out the black caulk, use a wet ice cube that is wrapped in a paper towel. The paper towel to hold the cube only. The wet ice glides and smooths with no issues at all. Used this method alot with RTV and other calls.
    Good luck love all the videos and would love to love the life you lead.

  • Emris Graham

    Good luck. Nikki, just saw an Audry Hepburn movie and you are a dead rigger for her!
    Safe travels

  • Dave and Sherry Prudhomme

    Hey there
    Dave and Sherry here
    We also are starting and adventure as well. Starting with 30 footer and will run up and down the coast for a year then move up to a 40. We own a dockominium in Clear lake shores , Tx.
    We are a bit older then you but very young at heart. Born and raised Dallas North area. Richardson Berkner grad and living in Garland.
    Much fun to follow you.

  • Ron Birlew

    As a 67 y/o retiree, I am a faithful viewer of your videos. Having been married 47 years to my best friend and a wonderful woman, I must admit that I have a crush on Nikki. Don’t worry, my wife knows it and approves. You and Jason are wonderful examples of what is good about humanity. Your pure joy is evident in every video even when things are not going right. May God bless you both and keep you safe. Thank you for giving this old ugly man such pleasure as I follow your adventures. You are making a difference. I hope you know that.

  • Keith Bowra

    Just seen your video about the paperwork needed for your visa for French Polynesia which means you are heading (have headed) out into the Pacific. I see from the video that you plan to stay there for a while before presumably heading further west. I just thought you might be interested that there is a great place called Norfolk Island – located at (-29.0324368,167.9481650) – central town called Burnt Pine” – to the west. I know it having visited it a couple of times from the UK. It’s under Australian control and is a beautiful place to visit with amazing scenery and a long history as a penal colony and with connections to HMS Bounty. There are a number of youtube videos that might whet your appetite – I have no pecuniary interest just good memories of great holidays there! Safe travels around the world and keep posting your videos. Many thanks, Keith (from the sunny UK).

  • Chris

    This is going to sound weird… But you guys should keep moving! It seems like you’ve been in the same place in the last several videos. I was a little disappointed to see that this week’s video was just about batteries. I think if you start working your way across the Pacific and towards the Med you’ll find a lot more love from patrons and viewers. Thanks for the video!

  • AdamH

    Love your vids. Been watching since your RV days.
    Question for you… Which do you prefer more, RV’ing or Cruising? And Why?
    Thanks and Safe Travels!

  • Jose G

    Hello guys from bristol virginia
    My question is what edditing software and computer you guys use.

  • Paula Jacobs

    Love your adventures. I am looking to find what is your camera and how you hold it? Is it on a stick that balances the screen? A floating one?
    Thanks for your inspirations
    Best regards,

  • Snakes

    Hope you guys are safe out there.

    • Curious Minion

      Panama is well south of Irma (and the rest of the hurricanes) and the tsunami warnings were for the Pacific coast of Panama (and Curiosity and crew are still on the Atlantic side, safe and sound.

  • Scott Brantley

    Are you guys in a safe place to ride out Hurrican Irma?

    • Curious Minion

      You can always check Curiosity’s location on the blog. At the bottom of every page there’s a map showing her location and right now that’s Panama. So yes, they’re south of Irma, outside the “hurricane box” and safe.

  • Tom klein

    Back to your rv days
    In most of your videos you had a bounder. Just curious to know if it worked out for you
    As to the purchase price. We’re you able to negotiate a resonable deal?

  • Corby

    Hi guys I just wanted to say what an inspiration the two of you are.
    My wife and I are in the midst of trying to find a good catamaran for our new adventure. We regularly watch your videos for tips and how to’s. We just recently came back from Panama Bocas del Toro to be exact. And we have finally decided to take the plunge and find the catamaran that suits Us best. Again thank you for your videos your insights and what seems to be a great love of life. We hope to see you on the Seas.

    • Curious Minion

      Good for you! Best of luck with the catamaran shopping.

  • Mike Pitts

    I am living my sailing life through you 2, so have lots of fun, so I will have lots of fun also…..

  • Saylor

    Hi guys, have you picked someone to come aboard your boad yet? I would love to Simon, from Finding Simon. He seems like a sweet guy and in your age group. He is looking into boat life. And don’t take this the wrong way because I am short, will a tall pearson fit in that boat? My beau wants us to live on a boat which he has before, but I hate storms and living in Florida for over 50 years now I see what they can do.
    Really enjoy your videos stay safe.
    Love Saylor, (I know I see the irony in my name, but both parents were in the Navy)

  • Rodrigo Correia Lopes

    Saw my comment yesterdfay, didn’t see today… Sorry if I said something wrong…

  • Chrs

    You talk all about the nice things how about the bad like rough seas and storms and high wind?

    • We share in order, when the seas get bad it’ll be in the video.

  • Dave

    I have something I want to see if you all could use. It is a adventure marine medical kit 3000. I got it from work for free as a prize thing but I will probably never use it. It appears to be meant for a boat and the guys at work said it is. Just e-mail me if you would like it sent out and of course where to send it.

    • That would be awesome! We have a small kit now but it’s pretty old. We’ll be back in FLL sometime soon, sending it to the Bahamas there is a 40% tax on EVERYTHING that comes in.

  • Rhoda

    This is the first time I’ve written. I LOVE watching your adventures. The reason I decided to write other than to say Thank You is to offer a solution to the wifi entaglement. Your not the only ones with issues a few months back another crew we ( my husband and I) follow came up with a realistic solution they downloaded their finished video onto a thumbdrive and mailed it to a friend here in the states…it took longer to download it where they were( 4 days) than it did to mail it and have the friend do it. It’s an option but one that may be a plan B. I know that contact is important to you and the folks following, hope this helps. Stay safe and upright.
    Rhoda & Randall B.

    • Thanks Rhoda, we have considered mailing a thumb drive but that will not be an option until we have a large backstock of videos that are complete…which may never happen as we can barely keep up with or normal stuff.

  • Ref wifi in Bahamas. Google has come out with a cell phone plan that is pretty cheap in Bahamas I think. You could get a new google phone, get on their cell phone plan, use the hot spot features almost anywhere in the world?

  • Lisa Fultz

    Hi, I am a recent subscriber. I love your videos and your new lifestyle. My partner of 23 years was born and raised in Pompano Beach. I on the other hand was born and raised up north. Eventually, I moved to Ft. Lauderdale in the Victoria Park and Las Olas area. That was approx. 15 years ago when we left Ft. Lauderdale area. We now live on the west coast of Florida, the cost of living is much cheaper and atmosphere a lot more laid back. As you probably know, Ft. Lauderdale is crazy busy and expensive. The reason that I am telling you all of this? Is number 1, to give you a little of our background, 2 is to let you know that I have experience with your home port and the expense that you are most likely paying to place your boat in a slip in one of Ft. Lauderdale’s Marinas, Pier #66, New River at Shirt Tail Charlies, etc;. This was 15 years ago and I know the expense having worked part time refinishing boats for the Ft. LAUDERDALE BOAT SHOW. The last boat that I worked on was the “Lady Pita”. She is still alive and well. I think that her name has changed but feel free to Google her. Beautiful boat she was and is to this day.
    I work on Gasparilla Island right now. I am sure that you heard of the Gasparilla Inn and Club in Boca Grande? I work at the sister hotel which is the Innlet on the Waterfront. I am the night time Front Desk person. This place is unique because you can slip your boat outside your hotel room door but very small hotel. The Inn itself is a hideaway for people the Bush family. The Inn is very expensive but, the Innlet is more reasonable as far as price goes. We house boat captains, pilots, Secret Service and the relatives of the rich and famous. My question to you is, did you or are you thinking of doing any chartering? This is a big area, but the area caters to the pro fishing. “The Largest Tarpon Fishing Purse” is held here every year, but no charting to people who may want to go out snorkling or take a few days to go to the keys. It is all fishing and golf. You may be able to start a good business here or some extra money to help set off your cost of boating. This area has practically zero crime rate. It is a very safe area and beautiful. The wildlife is exceptional. I myself volunteer with the sea turtle population every year on Gasparilla Island. Please let me know your thoughts. Happy Safe Sailing to you. Oh a give your two fur babies a hug from us. They are adorable.

  • Nancy

    I have always loved the water and dreamed of Sailing. At my age, unfortunately it is only a dream.
    I love your posts and feel I am almost with you. Thank you for Sharing and please ignore the haters.

  • Scott Lockwood

    Hey you guys, I really enjoy your posts. Started watching because I am an RV’er but am enthralled with your sailing adventures. I love your cats, your great photography and the way you make it seem like we are buddies. Keep up the good work.

    G Scott

  • Travis Prince-Olsen

    We just moved onto a 2007 Beneteau and I have been following you since our purchase in September. We are in the middle of learning from ground zero like you- but in the dark and the rain. Your last episode was the most helpful for those of us who have taken the plunge but don’t have anyone around to show us the ropes. Please keep the work vids and boat replacement / repair products coming! Our first sailing lesson starts next week. Thanks again!

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    Hope your safe and out of harms way of Hurricane Mathew!

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    We’re brand new to the idea RVING and just found you. You are a blessing indeed as your info is just the sort of input we need to begin our new life on the road. Thank you so much. We will be following you. P.S. as you enjoy high tea. Several times a year at the Molly Brown house ( yes as in unsinkable Molly Brown ) they hold high teas. We hope to see you there someday.

  • L.A.Boltryk

    Hi Nikki. Just found you guys and I’m enjoying both of your positive attitude.
    I don’t think you can climb that mast 😉

    • I see what you’re doing…but you know Nikki, she’s already been up there half a dozen times 🙂

  • Tom & Linda

    Started watching your RV series, which we enjoyed, now hooked on your boating adventures. We would feel better if you were wearing PFD’s while out at sea. 🙂

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    You guys looked great on episode three, especially you Nikki! ,I really like your format, recently did my first cat sail down to grenada from St martin, I am excited for you guys and your adventure ahead,look forward to the lessons I am going to learn from your adventures. Hope you don’t get mal de mar when you graduate to the big water. Ginger is the non drug way of avoiding illness, enjoy and get some Vaseline or silicone grease those hatches will seal right up! my fingers were a mess after my first passage, you just need to move slower! Can’t wait for next episode!

  • Trident, mike and janice

    Hi guys. Like your videos. My wife and I are one year ahead of you. Left just catamarans a year ago after air conditioning install. We sailed around the tip of Florida through the Keyes to Venice where we are docked. We spent 100+ days last winter cruising up and down the gulf coast from key west to Sarasota. Great spots and always just an hour or so to a spot to duck in to the intracoastal if the gulf gets wild. Watch out for submerged rocks not marked or on the GPS about 1/2 mile from the exit out of that harbor i(just catamarans) in the canal towards the intracoastal. They are 25′ off the right side. Stay in the middle. We had one of those monster yachts coming at us and I moved over and ran aground in my first mile at the helm! We are on Trident, a 38’Admiral cat. This winter we are coming back to the Atlantic and crossing to the Bahamas, hopefully following someone who’s done it before. Happy sailing!

  • Sig

    Check out Drake Paragon on Youtube. His solar panels are mounted on the railing, can tilt and are less exposed to some extent to shades from boom and rigging

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    My wife can manage to set up and take down, not her favorite thing but she can do it.
    Love your site! ?

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    Glad to hear you are thinking about a boat. My wife and I are sailors planning on getting a motor home. I would suggest that you sail on as many different types of boats as you can before you buy one.

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    And the cats!

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    I remember watching one of y’alls videos( yes I am from the south ) talking about the wifi booster you installed in your RV. What brand was it?


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