You know that old saying, it takes a village?  Well, living on a remote island in the South Pacific that saying couldn’t be more true.

We sailed to the island of Nomuka thinking we would stay for a day or two…which we’ve overshot by a couple of weeks now.  Because this is one of those places and The Sheens are one of those families that make you feel at home.  Ya know, the kind of people who treat you like family, put you to work, and demonstrate a kind of love that makes you never want to leave.

Last time they gave us a tour of their quirky upcycled home and farm complete with swimming horses.  If you weren’t already in love with this family after that, then buckle up.  Because what happens next is the stuff voyager dreams are made of.

There’s just enough of a danger element to get the heart racing, a good old-fashioned hunt and gather, and plenty of surprise guests.  The Sheens take us to meet their Dolphriends, the rally-ready red rooster, and their village.



Omaze is giving away a vintage, electric converted Land Rover Defender 110 that has been restored by Himalaya.  Plus 20,000! For a chance to win go to

It’s all-in support of the African Community and Conservation Foundation.  Their mission is to contribute to a world in which people and wildlife live together sustainably forever.  They do incredible work to preserve important African wilderness areas and empower local communities in those spaces.



You can learn more about Dave, Tris & Dior on their website and get social with them on Instagram:

AND, Dior is a future award-winning chef!!!  She has an Instagram page dedicated to her delectable, island-grown yummy bytes you will want to check out.  That way you can say I discovered her in her early days before she became famous.

Inspiration & Help Needed

As if the Sheen family wasn’t nice enough already, they have helped create the NICE Society (Nomuka Island Conservation Environment Society).

A community-run society created for the people and environment of Nomuka. They are undertaking huge projects to help tackle local issues like rubbish, animal welfare, and protecting the marine environment.  You can learn more about the society and inquire about donating or volunteering on their Facebook page: 



They may ask for a retraction but I am gonna share Tom and Cyril’s Instagram too.  Because if you find yourself in Tonga anytime soon, you should bring them a bottle of rum in exchange for a few stories.





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  • Fred

    Hi Ya’ll. Love the channel
    So Nikki, regarding the ukulele and music with royalties. May I suggest, writing your own music? Songwriting is perfect for you and the boat life. 3 chords and a story and you got a song! I advise don’t worry about being the next big songwriter, just have fun and put words to the music!

  • Deborah Kerr

    Great fun! Those kids will grow up and have memories of the nice American couple that had cameras!! 🙂

  • S1oop

    Always love the videos. Just wanted to comment that you should absolutely do something for tomorrow’s full moon eclipse. It’s about 13 hours away at the time of this comment.

  • John Kirkland

    Great episode what a life I wish I could live mine over
    I watch your shows every evening when I relax

  • Alan Solomon

    Thanks so much.
    I loved the beginning with the Horses. Loved the Dolphins. Loved the clear, blue water. Loved the Tiger Shark. Loved all the smiling faces. Loved the Coconut assembly line. Loved the Red Rooster. Loved the Island life you shared. Loved the Village people. Loved seeing the Dogs. Loved seeing the Sheens and all they do. Loved seeing barefoot Island life. Loved the low hanging trees on the road. Loved seeing the kids having a good time. There is not much I didn’t love! I loved the whole video. A great reminder of a great Natural way to live.
    Thanks so much,

  • Stephen J Hoevelman

    Faka Ahu is the most adorable little ham. I’m afraid I could never pick my favorite video. It’s always the one I just watched. I don’t envy the hard work you do, but oh, the rewards!

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Loved the video! Loved seeing the playful dolphins! Great insight into Island life! 🏝💖🌟

  • Lee

    What do they do in a medical emergency?

  • postiecat

    Great video and yes love the Sheen’s even more.

  • Pam McClure

    Beautiful people all.

  • Michael

    Oh, so beautiful!!! Life can be fun. Everything in that environment is at peace and one with nature. Happiness abounds.

    Sun, sand, breeze, water, lush vegetation. What more could a person want?

    (Wow, do I hate cloudflare! They are making me a trained dog jumping thru hoops to get to this site. What a pain.)

  • Richard Fenters

    Thanks for sharing another amazing adventure…. Loved the dolphins and tiger shark!!

  • Bernard

    Great video! Thanks! Bernard

  • About Creativity

    Very good, I have only just read about this video and I already know It will be a great story. Thank you both for sharing!


    Nice work as ever. Good to see you moving!

  • Craig

    Another first class video

  • mary van

    Those children are BEAUTIFUL! So are the Sheens!

    Loved the music, the swim with the dolphins, your new swim suit/rash guard, the coconut line… Loved it all! I miss you terribly!!!


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