Big Changes Ahead (how we plan a passage)

Big Changes Ahead (how we plan a passage)

We’re in for some cool changes and not just because we’re about to drop 20 degrees in latitude and Fahrenheit!

A while back we applied for entry into New Zealand and they’ve approved our application! It’s exciting and intimidating. Not only will we be sailing into the roaring ’40s, but it’s also the start of winter in New Zealand. Which isn’t ideal but we’ve got good reasons as to why we’re gonna go for it.

What’s next, why, when, and how are all divulged in today’s video along with another exciting announcement!

Passage Planning & The Roaring 40’s

Some of you are probably thinking the salt has corroded our brains, but we are excited about entering the Roaring 40’s. And not because the old maritime sayings inspire confidence; “Below 40 degrees there is no law, beyond 50 there is no god”, because they don’t!?! But, extreme weather usually comes with extremely beautiful landscapes and sporting conditions. We’re cautiously optimistic and looking forward to the challenges!

Luckily with today’s advanced weather technology, it’s easy enough to (mostly) avoid those wicked 30ft waves and gale-force winds. Even in the wilds of winter.


Here’s a quick recap of the books/websites/apps we mentioned that we use for passage planning.

15th Wedding Anniversary Road Trip

It all started with a road trip 15 years ago. We drove our ’85 VW van from Texas to Florida to get hitched and spent our honeymoon taking a different route back. Seems only fitting we should celebrate with yet another epic road trip. This time, around the north island of New Zealand!

But, we need your help! This is our first time in New Zealand and it’s winter. We’re looking for your tips on where to go, stay and what to do? Help us plan the trip and we’ll take you along for the romantic (hopefully) adventure!

We’ll sail into The Bay of Islands, check-in, and quarantine in Opua. So, our trip will start and end on the boat there.

Here is a link to our trip map on Roadtrippers so you can see our tentative route and what’s around. As your tips roll in, we’ll update the map!

What’s Roadtrippers?

Important disclosure, we are long-time fans and friends with the humans behind Roadtrippers and they are sponsoring a video for our road trip in New Zealand (So stoked, thanks guys!).

Roadtrippers is a FREE app that came out right about the same time we hit the road full time in our RV circa 2011 (couldn’t have been more perfect timing). We hit it off straight away and have been friends ever since. It’s been our go-to app for discovering weird roadside attractions (hello Cano’s Castle) and unearthly places to explore (Trona Pinnacles).

It works great on a desktop and is available as an app on android and IOS. The free version is awesome. But there is a paid “Plus” subscription that gets rid of the ads and unlocks additional features like live traffic and offline maps (very useful during the road trip).



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