jason and nikki wynn having lunch with the gods in huahine french polynesia

Hitchhiking & Lunch With The Gods

There are over 118 islands and atolls in French Polynesia and so far, each one has its own vibe, sometimes its own language and always a unique history.

More than ever before, we’re embracing each new island like a field trip. So, lace up your comfy shoes, grab your raincoat and lets go on walkabout around the island of Huahine.

We really only have one simple goal today:  To have lunch with the gods.

You would think by now a rain coat would be a staple in our backpacks…but when it’s this hot out, any sort of coat is the last thing on our brain.  Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a local with a rain coat on once.  Hmmm…

Speaking of locals, we haven’t been offered a ride since we were in the Marquesas!  It’s a solid sign we’re no longer in a heavy tourist area.  We had been told Huahine is less visited (although no specific reasons why) and because of that, it had more of a laid back vibe.  We concur!

Hitchhiking on these small islands is a common way to get around and a fantastic way to meet locals.  Even before the rain started, we had at least a few people stop to offer us rides.  We were happy to stretch our legs and take in the place at a walking pace.  Plus, how are we going to ask to be dropped off at the blue eyed eels when we don’t speak Tahitian or French?!?  But once the weather turned, we were stoked they were keen to pick up a couple of soggy Americans.

hitchhiking in nikki wynn hitchhiking in huahine french polynesia

Quick Fact Check

  • The Island is Huahine – pronounced Who-a-hee-nay by the Tahitians and Wa-ee-nee by the French
  • The main village of Huahine is Fare (Fah-ray)
  • The Maeva village is where we visited the museum inside the Fare Potee.
  • The hike we took is the trail to Matairea Hill.  We never made it to the highest Mare because the rain was flooding the trail and we were soaked to the core.



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stunning sunset from sailboat in huahine french polynesia



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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Malcolm G4IHZ

    Hi NiKki and Jason – Would be good if you two had Ham Radio shortwave available 14.330Mhz. Not seen any info on your SSB shortwave setup maybe include it one of your videos assuming you have it on board. Do you check in on scheds at all ?

    Love the Video’s

    Malcolm G4IHZ

  • Doug

    Great video, but where’s the end of the sunset! I had to go back three times to make sure I didn’t just miss it. Maybe it’s continued next week? Thanks for letting us tag along!

  • Jeffrey Stenberg

    I’m an animal lover of all types, so I was going to give you a hard time about not maybe having a kitty backpack until you ran into the rain. Also though we see you’all trying new foods and maybe those kitties would like something New ( as long as it’s safe for them.) Not a pet everything freek. Very do much love your explorations. You two are so cute in a very good way.

  • Yvan Dion

    Lovely (as usual). Thanks for sharing.
    Looking at the sunset, I was thinking “What is it like to sleep under the stars – I mean REALLY under the stars – with very very few surrounding lights around?” The sky, the stars, our own Milky Way – it must be more than beautiful…
    Please keep the videos coming and take care of yourselves.

  • Deborah Kerr

    Just another day in paradise ☀️🌴🌸🦋🏝🏝🏝 Love the adventures 😊 Keep smiling

  • Pam McClure

    Fun and beautiful. Good time. Lovely island.

  • Norman Frenk

    I love, love LOVE your constant smiling – even when you’re in a downpour! Thanks for that!

  • Roger B

    Where is Jason’s mother when you need her to shimmy up that papaya tree for your fruit?

  • alain houis

    Thank you et merci i have been there in 65.
    Lot of change ( mostly cars)

  • Patrick Burneson


  • Alan Solomon Solomon

    Thank you. I like all of them. Nikki needs a hat too.
    You two, Cleo and Singa and your travels always put a smile on my face.

    Happy & Joyous,

  • Steve

    Great video, but why is Nikki touching every plant / fruit she sees? Didn’t she learn her lesson with wild fruit already?

  • Art Mulder

    Fun and entertaining story and video. I’m very impressed at your persistent good humour throughout this video’s adventure! Huge mango!

  • William

    You guys are lucky to have each other to live your life’s the way you like, so exciting with all your travel.
    You have the life that most dream about.
    Enjoy you and look forward to Sunday to see what your doing.

  • Barry Echols

    Beautifully done Nikki and Jason. Thanks for continuing to blog as well on this site for more information. I always look forward to spending Sunday morning with the Wynns!

  • James and Sheila / Central Ga

    I smiled (and even grinned) almost the entire time. Hitchhiking… just seems unsafe. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  • Laura

    Lovely. Wish I were there…..

  • Bernard Schaer

    Looking forward to Sundays… 🙂

  • Michael Magill

    Another amazing video showing us all the hot spots on the next island that hey are visiting. Unfortunately the weather did not co operate and it had to b cut short . You two always seem to have it all together , and little thing that come us , a dead battery in the camera and the rain coming down in buckets, nothing fazes you both. The two cats are just as l comfy on the water or in a home I always have time to read and look at the pictures that you include in each video you send out. Thanks again for letting us tag long with you and have a safe travel week and enjoy yourselves !!

  • Dennis Cowley

    Always enjoy your videos on Sunday. You’re an inspiration.

  • Kamran

    Reminds me of road the to Hana in Maui. I luv the island trips and the people you meet. I am happy you guys doing well!!

  • Christine T

    Sunday …youtuber creator highlights of my week …Gonewiththe Wynns & BucketList Family …latest editions ….thanks for the vicarious world-tour! You guys are awesome! …”sing’n in the rain” LOL!

  • Jeff

    enjoy your videos so much. The Tahitians are such nice people. I bet when you look back on these years it will bring a smile to your face. I bet you guys wish it would never end. Enjoy!!!! Been there twice and taking the grown up kids again in 2020.

  • Richard Savage

    I know we are on tape delay, but are the cats street legal in French Polynesia yet?

    • Curious Minion

      I believe they are but on the remote islands there are so many loose dogs that they won’t take them ashore. And in the cities there’s no good place to take them, so…
      Curious Minion

      • Richard Savage

        Ahhh, makes sense. Thank you for the reply.

  • Jim S.

    Have you two not learned, on the island, with the mountains, you should never leave home without your raincoats…I bet it felt good to get back to the boat and dry off. As we RV and stop off for a hike we are always on the look-out for trail side berries. All those Papaya’s / Mango’s around your island trips are the icing on the cake.

    • Tom Nelson

      Love watching your adventure! Nikki, you can make Atchara (Filipino relish) with the green papaya. It fantastic and stores well, hopefully you’ll have room. My Mother-in-law makes the best, but don’t tell my wife. I don’t have her recipe so here’s the best I can do, Also, Filipinos eat green mangos with salt, acquired taste, but you may like.

      Safe Journey.

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Excellent video, as always!! Thank you for taking us with you on your incredible adventures. I look forward to starting each Sunday with you! You guys are amazing!


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