Sailing Life, When It’s Good, It’s Good!

Sailing Life, When It’s Good, It’s Good!

After a few epic weeks in Moorea of swimming with whales and sharks, it was time to give s/v Curiosity a little love and set sail again. So, we scrub her bottom, fix a few broken bits and dust off the spinnaker for a beautiful overnight sail to Huahine. Our first stop in the leeward islands!

Perhaps we’re still riding the euphoric high of humpback whales…or maybe the salt has finally corroded the receptors in our brain that control serotonin. I’m not sure what the cause is, but our state of contentment on this voyage was high. The phrase happy as clams comes to mind.

We’re always so happy to be on the move again, its almost concerning. I used to think this reaction was because we’re addicted to change, but now I think it’s something all together different. It has far more to do with what we are NOT doing when we’re underway. We’re not scrolling our social feeds, typing emails, editing, planning or making any decisions beyond the present moment.

We have always used our travel/adventure days as a reason to disconnect from everything and it’s the sense of freedom that comes with that disconnect that is so satisfying. We focus on the journey and nothing else. It’s a state of mind and clearly we’re entering it like it has an on/off switch.

All this probably sounds a little silly and may not make a lot of sense considering the twenty curated moments of our life we share each week (especially because we are drawn to sharing the happiest moments). But, like anyone, we have our demons, our stresses and a tendency to bite off more than we can chew. We get wrapped up in our own heads and feel a need to disconnect from one realm and plug into another.

Pulling up the anchor and setting sail, diving into the underwater world, lacing up hiking shoes and stepping on unpaved ground…these are a few of the ways we get our fix. And if you are reading this, chances are, you can relate.

So what is your happy place? How do you plug into that other realm? Or, do you have a different method or way of thinking all together? We’ll be hanging around in the comment section below if you want to chat.

sunset at sea while sailing with the wynns

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When our traveler originally broke:

When we jury rigged our traveler so we could sail from the Marquesas to Tahiti:



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  • Artists: Giants and Pilgrims, Swirling Ship, Ziv Moran


French Polynesia, Moorea to Huahine

  • Nautical miles sailed: 101
  • Hours At Sea: 14
  • Average Wind Speed: 10 – 15 knots
  • Average Boat Speed: 7.2 knots
  • Engine Hours: 1.5 (into and out of anchorage)
  • Date: November 6 – 8, 2018