Hitchhiking & Lunch With The Gods

Hitchhiking & Lunch With The Gods

There are over 118 islands and atolls in French Polynesia and so far, each one has its own vibe, sometimes its own language and always a unique history.

More than ever before, we’re embracing each new island like a field trip. So, lace up your comfy shoes, grab your raincoat and lets go on walkabout around the island of Huahine.

We really only have one simple goal today:  To have lunch with the gods.

You would think by now a rain coat would be a staple in our backpacks…but when it’s this hot out, any sort of coat is the last thing on our brain.  Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a local with a rain coat on once.  Hmmm…

Speaking of locals, we haven’t been offered a ride since we were in the Marquesas!  It’s a solid sign we’re no longer in a heavy tourist area.  We had been told Huahine is less visited (although no specific reasons why) and because of that, it had more of a laid back vibe.  We concur!

Hitchhiking on these small islands is a common way to get around and a fantastic way to meet locals.  Even before the rain started, we had at least a few people stop to offer us rides.  We were happy to stretch our legs and take in the place at a walking pace.  Plus, how are we going to ask to be dropped off at the blue eyed eels when we don’t speak Tahitian or French?!?  But once the weather turned, we were stoked they were keen to pick up a couple of soggy Americans.

hitchhiking in nikki wynn hitchhiking in huahine french polynesia

Quick Fact Check

  • The Island is Huahine – pronounced Who-a-hee-nay by the Tahitians and Wa-ee-nee by the French
  • The main village of Huahine is Fare (Fah-ray)
  • The Maeva village is where we visited the museum inside the Fare Potee.
  • The hike we took is the trail to Matairea Hill.  We never made it to the highest Mare because the rain was flooding the trail and we were soaked to the core.


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stunning sunset from sailboat in huahine french polynesia



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