jason and nikki wynn nervous about survey and sea trial of Curiosity

This Will Make Or Break The Sale Of Our Boat

It’s judgment day.  We have accepted an offer on Curiosity but it’s the survey and sea trial that will make or break the sale of our boat.  Because the hired judge (surveyor) is here to expose all of Curiosity’s imperfections, determine if she is seaworthy and if we’ve been good or bad boat owners.

The prospective buyers have flown into New Zealand all the way from Washington State to take part in the process and set foot aboard their potential new home for the first time.  We like to think we do an acceptable job of keeping our girl in ship shape, but we’re about to learn the truth.  So no pressure, right?!

So what’s next?  Once all the surveyor’s reports come back, Jamie and Anne will submit their “conditional acceptance” and the condition is the points of negotiation (the items found that need repair).  Assuming all goes well, we could be boatless in just a couple of weeks. 😳

current and future owners of Curiosity

A huge thanks to Jamie and Anne for being open and incredibly kind.  While it’s not a done deal (anything could happen between now and closing… hopefully not) we feel like no matter what, we gained new friends that we are excited to share an anchorage with one day.


Want to see the extended interview with Jamie and Anne?




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  • John Marquis

    On the new HH43 boat, are you getting cotton mattresses like you have on Curiosity??


    Congrats, condolences, and kudos!

    As excited as I am for you two and your new adventure, I feel a bit like I’m the one selling Curiosity!

    Hugs and best wishes,

    Kat (of Cliff and Kat)

  • Judy Goodson

    I know you’re relieved that the inspection is over. Congratulations! I will miss seeing her, but it’s so cool that we’re all going to be experiencing this new modern catamaran with you! I know you have to come back to the US for the purchase. Will you be coming back to East Tennessee again ( near Knoxville)? Would love to meet you. Best wishes – I’ll be watching.

  • Grace

    Congrats! Excellent job with your maintenance. Onward!

  • Craig

    Thank you for all your hard work making these videos, looking foreword to your next cat and all your adventures.

  • Alan Solomon

    Congratulations on completing those surveys with a thumbs up result but, I think we all knew Curiosity would pass with flying colors all around.
    How could that not happen? As long as I have known you both, for the last 11 years or so, you both have worked tirelessly at keeping Curiosity at peak fitness for the 6 years in the water. I have the evidence to prove it!
    Your work-ethic has always reminded me of me. I gave up a lot in my past life and dove headfirst into work and life and sort of became a perfectionist for now, the present moment.
    You both are another part of my life that keeps me young and keeps me wondering and wandering on this awesome, magnificent God-given planet.
    Happy and Joyous to you,

  • Jeanette Brennan

    All very nerve-wracking, but you all survived. Phew! Well done to you both – Curiosity has done you proud. Here’s to the next chapter of exciting and wondrous travels!! Good luck to all concerned. Can’t wait to get started – when you get ready, that is. Hoooray! You made it!!! 💖⛵️💖🙏

  • Sandra Ann Collier

    Can you put a link to Jaime and Anne’s IG page?

    • Curious Minion

      Pausing the video, looks like they’re @diversion.divers
      Curious Minion

  • Mary Van

    I’m so glad it went well!

    Congratulations to ALL of you!

  • Ember

    Yay! Congrats to all!

  • MarkByron

    Congratulations! Thanks for showing the process and introducing the new owners!

  • David González

    Looking forward for new aventures in Curiosity 2!

  • Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

    Wow! Can’t wait for the new adventures with new boat. Picked a name yet? Your new friends will have many wonderful sails with Curiosity.

  • John S.

    Not may buyers have hundreds of hours of video to review when working on the boat. That in itself ought to ease any concerns that the survey may note.

    Congrats to all.

    Also – I think it’s great that another Washington couple is going sailing. Remember that the crew of SV Delos also had no intention of doing videos when they left Seattle years ago. Look how that turned out.

  • Rob Franks

    Congrats…… So glad things have gone so well with your sale.

  • Norma

    Best wishes to you all. May Curiosity take you to many new adventures!

  • stephen

    Jamie and Anne get ready for hundreds or thousands of new followers to your IG page. In the video, your followers are at 56. When I just followed you this morning it over doubled to 114. Take care of our girl Curiosity. XOXO!

  • Michael

    Woo hoo! Exciting times for all!

  • Mike Priaro

    If you are going to sail beyond New Zealand in a circumnavigation, this couple would be ideal fellow travellers.

  • Angelica

    We have sold 3 boats. That survey/judgy part is the worst! Best of luck. I live across the Columbia river from Washington! In St Helens. Maybe one day I might se Curiosity as we visit the area. You should visit the Great Pacific Northwest! You are welcome in our home. Blessings from the Karchers.

  • Can’t wait till the next adventure!

    Congrats on the new boat
    can’t wait till the next adventure ❤️


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