exploring moraine cay bahamas

Moraine Cay – Abandoned Resort and Saying Goodbye

The second our video finished uploading we slammed the computers shut, pulled up the anchor and left Grand Cay.  The winds were light and left us no option but to motor at full throttle. We were in a race against the sun as we made our way to the little island of Strangers Cay for the night, where our friends of S/V Latitude Adjustment were waiting for us. They head back to Florida soon, but there’s one last deserted island and snorkeling adventure they wanted to share before they said goodbye.

With the calm winds we slept like babies that night.  It’s amazing how hard we crash when we know the hook is set well.  We departed Strangers Cay as the sun was rising and we still had light winds to our back, which left us with two options: Take the easy route and motor the whole way or put up our new spinnaker head sail without really knowing how to properly use it.

Flying the Spinnaker

We’ve only seen a spinnaker in action once and unfortunately new sails don’t come with instructions.  Thankfully Kent drew us a little “map” of how to fly a spinnaker before we left Ft. Lauderdale and our friends were in constant contact over the radio giving us words of encouragement.  I don’t know why we were so nervous about flying the spinnaker. It just seemed a lot riskier and like there is more room for error than with our other sails.  I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it in no time, but for now we’re still nervous newbies when it comes time to pull up that sock and and let it fly.

flying the spinnaker on our catamaran

flying spinnaker on a catamaran

Moraine Cay the Island

****12/2016 UPDATE****
After making this video we heard from the owner of the Moraine Cay property and website. He informed us the resort is open and accepting reservations. The reason the resort looked in disrepair is due to the fact it is off-season for them. So, if you’re looking for a quiet island to spend some time on, you can check out their website for more information:

****Original Info****
I was surprised to find the website listed on the dock was still live and looked as if things were up and running.  After exploring the island by foot, it seems this place has been deserted for a while now.  From the looks of the website, this was supposed to be a rental property for people looking to kick back, relax and get away from it all.  There wasn’t any info on the status of the property, what happened or if there are plans to continue building the resort.  It’s all left standing as if one day everyone simply walked away and never looked back.

Sailing to abandoned island bahamas

striped caterpillars moraine cay bahamas

exploring abandoned island bahamas

snorkeling Moriane cay bahamasIt does make for an interesting place to stretch the legs and do a little exploring.  Out of respect we didn’t enter the houses, but the one that was open looked like it was in pretty decent (but half complete) shape.  The trails between houses are easy to follow, but watch out for those stickers.  Its the first place we noticed coconut trees and our inner Castaway kicked in and we were determined to get sustenance.  The coconut put up a good fight but in the end, we prevailed.  It only took a drill, hand saw and an hour to retrieve the milk and the fruit.  Our American resourcefulness will do until we can get that machete.

jason cutting down coconuts

Moraine Cay Reef

Equally as unbelievable as our experience at Double Breasted but in a totally different way.  Navigating the dinghy through the reef is a challenge all on its own.  We look below for the sandy bottom and hope the narrow paths connect between the jagged pieces of reef that cut through the surface of the water.  Once the bottom opens into a large area of sand we drop the hook and jump in.

snorkeling Moriane cay bahamas

Snorkeling in this area is like swimming through hallways of coral that lead into giant rooms.  We saw plenty of fish but the current and waves made it difficult to capture any great photos or video.  Then, there was the challenge of wearing a buoyant wet suit without a weight belt.  It proved to be nearly impossible to get fully submerged.  It’s one more thing to add to the “shopping list”.  We’ve had our dive suits for over 8 years but have always rented the other equipment for our once or twice a year excursion.  I think it’s time to bite the bullet and invest in some quality dive gear.

snorkeling moraine cay

Goodbye Friends

Our friends S/V Latitude Adjustment had to go back to ‘real life’ as they say and we were sad to see them go.  They took us under their wing, showed us these two amazing anchorages and encouraged us to dive right into the adventures.  If other sailors out there are anything like these two, I think we’re in for some incredible friendships.  Thanks David and Christi, we’ll never forget our first big trip or our first Chambonging experience with your guys.

cruising with s/v latitude adjustment

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Want Nikki’s blueberry coffee cake recipe?  It is really, really, really good and she shares how she makes it here:

Gear Used In This Video

Cameras Used to Capture This Adventure:

Sailing Report

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

moraine cay sailing mapAnchorage: Moraine Cay is a fair-weather anchorage only.  Meaning if the wind is blowing you probably don’t want to spend the night here and we didn’t (we moved onto Allan’s which you’ll see in the next post).  The waves roll in from the Atlantic Ocean making even a semi-calm day a little bit rocky.  The bottom was sand and our Mantus anchor dug in hard the second it touched the sea floor.  We did hear on calm days you can surf the incoming waves near the channel to the northeast of the island.  Now that would be fun!

Nautical Miles Sailed: Grand Cay to Strangers Cay to Moraine Cay – 36 Nautical Miles
Date: November 9-10, 2016

anchored moraine cay bahamas

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    Great site – really enjoy it!

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    My husband and I have followed you for years and so love watching your videos! We are in our 50’s and throwing around retirement ideas. He would never sail but he is inspired to RV for a bit. I for one would love to sail so I get immense satisfaction from living vicariously through you two! Thank you for creating wanderlust and opening the door to our imaginations <3 <3 <3

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    Fun surrounded by beautiful scenery!! That blueberry coffee cake looks really delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe and all of the little hints & pictures too!! 🙂

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    At just turned 90 my days of adventure are sadly over. My RV sold and passport expired but watching your wonderful blogs are giving me a new life ! Is reincarnation a reasonable possibility I wonder. Here in sleepy Suffolk, England ,we can only dream !

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    Can you show us sometime how you remove the lure from the fish when you want to throw it back in. That would be very educational.
    It is just so great that you are out there doing what you have wanted to do for so many years now. Good for you!

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  • Thanks for the relax footage.. My wife and I always look forward to your episodes, every since you started sailing. We both love diving and snorkeling so basically your living our dream for now.. Which we well pursue once the daughter goes to college.

    A quick story that might help you, especially since y’all seem to have success catching barracuda.. My wife and I had some on our honeymoon after a diving trip.. Apparently one of the other resort guest went on a deep sea fishing trip, and had the chef prep everything they caught, and they shared it with the other guest. We were leary of the fried barracuda, but I have to say, we were both impressed with how close it tasted to chicken, not only in taste, but also texture. We would love too try it again if we ever get a chance. Perhaps you should give it a shot. It’s quite yummy.

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    You guys are amazing! Video is great, especially the drone views. My Hats off to you.

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    Intetested to know more about the abandoned development island you discovered. If you have more info please send! Love your explorations and adventures.
    You guys rock.

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    looking forward do the recipe for the coffee cake and the little machine your cooked it in – might already be listed, have not searched around yet.
    still RVing – Sears

    • Curious Minion

      There’s a link to the coffee cake recipe in the blog post. The oven is a Cuisinart Tabletop Oven (more info in the Gadgets & Gear section of the blog) but it doesn’t seem to be available right now. They may not be making it anymore or maybe they’re getting ready to release a new model.

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    However, I have continue to watch your adventures in your catamaran, and I must say that I continue to be entertained and somewhat envious of your new life on the water!
    Please continue to be your pleasant and entertaining selves. You are such an inspiration to those of us who continue to live in a house. On the Terra firma. Working for the man!

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      We just happened to buy the same Boat has you friends of ours suggested we watch your videos and we love them! quick question can you tell us the size type of your Spinnaker?

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    Hey fellow diving Dallas-ites, I noticed you were experiencing some challenges in your underwater 🙂 video (I’ll be specific, since I know nothing about above-water photography). I think you could make great strides with an extending mono-pod like SeaLife’s AquaPod. It isn’t el cheapo and it lengthens to 50+ inches for trying to video while snorkeling and lets you get your shadow out of the frame. It is also very useful for letting you get your camera close to the easily scared, but oh-so-beautiful, juvenile fishees you see when you’re in water that shallow. UnderwaterKinetics makes one, but it is too short for what you’re doing and the GoPro branded ones are also short, not adjustable underwater and marketed for selfies instead of actually using the video camera for something useful. I have no idea where you might buy one over there, but you probably aren’t even ‘there’ anymore. 🙂 I see that LeisurePro has the Sealife Aquapod Underwater Monopod SL913 on sale at^88200967873-device^c-plaid^183054522793-sku^SLFAM@ADL4LP-adType^PLA.

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    That was a great little video as you are likely the first of your many fans to set sandals on Moraine Cay (key!),

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    Thanks for the recipe, we’ll give it a try.
    Please be careful when you’re exploring. You fall or cut yourself and you’re a long way from medical attention. Wear boots. Don’t go poking around in piles of stuff. Scorpions love palms.
    On to the next adventure.

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    Another great video showing the beauty of cruising the Bahamas! I bought myself a dive skin from Dive Suppynfor only $20 USA and it is a great thin suit to keep your warm, protect from sun and jelly fish stings etc! Lycra type suit!
    Barracuda a great to use as strip bait for catching the really good fish to eat, their skin is really tough and stays on the hook quite nicely!

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    The spinnaker is beautiful, but I’m curious what it’s used for. How is it different than the regular sails?

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    I tried to find out what happened with “Moraine Cay”. This is all I could find. Not sure how current it is! But just in case you really liked it and think you might want to purchase it you can follow up…..maybe Kent can help!!

    Just 130 nautical miles from Florida’s Palm Beach, 30-acre Moraine Cay ($2,750,000) is one of the most incredible spots in the Abacos.
    Only nine miles northeast of Foxtown, Little Abaco, the secluded, tropical isle is one of the closest Abaco destinations to the U.S. Rising to an elevation of 24-feet above sea level and offering back-to-back crescent beaches, Moraine’s three villas (currently at varying levels of completion) enjoy pleasant breezes at all times. The island also offers a dock, boulder breakwater, and utility shed. Extensive reefs nestle just offshore and ocean sportfishing (monster grouper, yellow fin tuna, dolphin, and wahoo) is magnificent. Closer to shore, fishing enthusiasts can find an abundance of lobster, conch, snapper, stone crabs, and hogfish in the crystal clear waters.


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