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There are a lot of important pieces of equipment on a boat…a beefy anchor is one of the tops. Curiosity (our 05' Leopard 43 Catamaran) came with an old CQR anchor that didn’t fit properly, had a bent shaft, a seized anchor roller and a small swivel.  It wasn’t ideal to say the least.

On top of all of that, it often seemed impossible to set and even when it did set, the anchor was lying on its side (which is not good).  As soon as we would back down on it with anything above 1500rpm it would often break loose and start to drag.  There are plenty of times it would take 4-6 attempts to finally get a good bite and holding (and there was one night we simply gave up and decided to sleep in shifts).  I know that’s a lot of words just to say, our anchor pretty much sucked!

We turned to the internet, read a bunch of articles, watched a slew of YouTube videos and chatted with our fellow cruisers.  The conclusion:  Sailors are a heavily opinionated bunch. Mantus, Manson, Rocna and Spade all have their own cult following.  Any of these choices would be better than what we have but the Mantus homegrown testing videos and rave reviews from other cruisers won us over.  Plus, Mantus is a small company that is owned and operated by a couple of fellow cruisers.

We have the following from Mantus:

  • 65# stainless steel anchor
  • swivel
  • anchor mate
  • chain hook

All of this combined has been a huge, dramatic improvement.  So far, the anchor has set every single time with no additional attempts needed.  It's a beast.

Our old anchor wasn’t a perfect fit for our boat and neither is this one…I have no idea what anchor Leopard was thinking would fit.  So…we had a “fun” time retrofitting our set up.  Mantus customer service (aka Phillip and Greg) have been super awesome at helping us work through it all by overnighting products at fair prices.

We covered the fitting issues we were having and how we solved them here:

For those who need to know we have 200ft of chain with 200ft of heavy duty anchor line (it's what Kent recommended). We also have a spare Fortress anchor with 50ft of chain and 200ft of anchor line for Bahamian mooring or storm prep. Both are attached at the bitter end with a thin line on a U-Bolt, so it can be easily cut in an emergency situation.

If you decide to purchase a Mantus product, we very much appreciate you clicking through our link here. It doesn't cost you a penny extra but it makes a big difference to us.  Thank You!

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  1. What a coincidence! We have a 2005 Leopard 43 and installed a Mantus 65lb anchor last spring. I did the same cardboard template as you but I think I guessed a bit better and the roll bar doesn’t hit the bottom of the beam. I think we moved the roller forward 5″ and lowered it 6″.

    We’ve noticed the fiberglass where the anchor roller attaches looks like it’s become a bit delaminated. I assume it’s from the added stress of moving the anchor roller forward from it’s original point. The roller acts like a lever against the hull where it’s attached. By moving the roller further from the hull it can create more stress. So my next project is to reinforce the mounting area. I’m curious how you mounted the anchor mate. I didn’t see it in the video.

    I really appreciate the videos, we’re doing pretty much the same work as you, replacing holding tanks, water heaters, sails, etc.

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