The Teen We Never Told You About (not just a road trip 2)

The Teen We Never Told You About (not just a road trip 2)

Our road trip down memory lane and around New Zealand continues. We cover a lot of ground in this story from both lanes as our weather takes a dramatic turn and so does our marriage.

Ok, perhaps that last sentence was a tad dramatic, but we are talking about raising a teenager…so drama comes with the territory.  Rewarding yes, but far more daunting than any stormy sea.

And speaking of stormy seas, we get a peek at just how gnarly the meeting of two seas can be!

If you somehow missed our last story, you should go back and catch up. Because this is part 2 of a 3-part series and we all know how it goes with series. The first is usually the best and it just gets confusing if you start in the middle.

Meet Sadi Brooke, My sister and the teen we raised.


We’re long-time fans and friends with the humans behind Roadtrippers.  That’s why we collaborated with them for this road trip.

Roadtrippers is a FREE app (and website) that came out right about the same time we hit the road full time in our RV circa 2011 (couldn’t have been more perfect timing).  We hit it off straight away and have been friends ever since.  It’s been our go-to road trip app for discovering weird roadside attractions (hello Cano’s Castle) and wild places to camp (Trona Pinnacles).

The free version is awesome and packed with all the important features. But, if you are a serious road tripper, or going on an extended trip, there is a paid “Plus” subscription. Plus gets rid of ads and unlocks features like live traffic and offline maps (very useful during the trip).

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