Underqualified and Overly Optimistic.  That might be our new motto because it’s quickly becoming the running theme.

This week we gave ourselves 2 seemingly simple tasks.  Replace a couple of leaky hatches and remove the old fridge and freezer.

Spoiler alert, neither went according to plan.  At this point, it should come as no surprise.  Because this is boat life.  Everything takes twice as long and if The Wynn’s are in charge, double it again.

Never underestimate boat work.


What’s With The Butyl Tape?

Butyl tape is a rubber adhesive that is extremely durable, has good flex properties, and is often used where an airtight bond is needed.  Like a hatch on a sailboat!  I haven’t fully convinced Jason to give up his caulk gun…but he is curious.  Once we have the job done and survive a few of these rainstorms with no leaks I’ll give you an update.





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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • April

    Any update on what type of fridge/freezer unit the Wynns will be replacing the old unit with? (Super curious what is going to fit into that specific space & if the housing/cabinetry surrounding it will have to be changed or replaced.)

  • Stephan

    Hi there,
    regarding the hatches I would suggest to prepare the deck like shown in this video; starting at 10:55.
    I know it’s in german – but the pictures show it very nice. And there ist also always subtitles with translation.
    (The method is also shown (in english) in this video, starting at 5:58

    She has also a nice video about butyl.
    I used the stuff for windows in my RV and on boats.
    Have fun

  • Sparks

    Nikki. You pulled out a vacuum. Would you share the brand with me as I need one for the RV with a hose! Thanks

  • Clarence Birdashaw

    I really Enjoy your escapades. You don’t let fear and common sense get in the way lol

  • Margaret Daniels

    You guys are a great team and very hard workers…But the reason I am dropping you a note is to say THANK YOU for clean videos . My small grandkids watch with us and I never worry that too much skin or vulgar words are spoken. They know I miss sailing so I show them what all happens on a sail boat. I now live thru your adventures. AGAIN thanks for the clean videos.

  • Alan Solomon

    Hey Guys. Thanks for this great and entertaining video. Sorry you both had to work so hard though. However, that kind of thing can keep you in shape if you do enough of it which you both qualify for. I have never been a sailor or have never lived on a boat. However, I sure learn a lot from your boating travels and experiences. I have had projects like that, where they just don’t end but eventually you do accomplish what you set out to do!
    I did notice one time when you both were talking about who did the majority of the work slicing the caulk and working it loose. I believe Nikki agreed that Jason did the majority of the work. I liked that you both laughed about it and communicated well and didn’t get all tripped about it.
    Now that the old fridge and freezer are out you can get what works best for you and fits that space best. Great work. Great achievement.
    Just wanted to chime in, say something and say Hi. 🖐👍😎 Enjoy the gentle to moderate Rain. One of the few, pure, non toxic things we all still have!


    Madre mia, what a pain in the buttski takin that booger out.


  • StevieDV

    Guys, Thank you for bringing me back to reality. I was seriously considering a retirement which included a sailboat. But your Refrig/Freezer undertaking made me realize I would prefer to walk my dog verses refitting a boat. You may want to consider applying for NZ citizenship, your tasks may take longer than you think.

  • mary van

    What a beating that was!!! How many days did it take you to edit the video? I sure hope it gets easier!

  • Michael

    For those having a problem with the video; just click on the YouTube link before it disappears and you can watch the whole thing there.

    You’re doing very well. Keep up the great work! And thanks for the video.

  • Michael

    Well done indeed! That’s a lot of work. Was expecting to see a hidden screw holding the darn thing in. I totally sympathize.

    By the way, invest in a couple flat bars, which are handy for demolition. Also, get a right-angle drill adapter so that you can remove screws without having to take off the railing.

    Nikki, always press down on the screw when trying to back it out, and go sloooow speed. And you guys can save a lot of time by using a machine screw with a locking nut. Then you don’t need epoxy.

    I was wondering why you were using a screwdriver so much when you have a good drill/driver. Assuming it has multiple speeds and an impact setting.

    As to the fridge/freezer, you can maximize your space by building your own box with VIPs. Vacuum-Insulated Panels have the most insulating value per inch than anything else, and they are becoming the bee’s knees for keeping things cold.

    And finally, outline the area for the caulk with some painters tape so that there is less cleanup and a nice straight edge when done.

  • Jean McBride

    Yes Niki…no VIDEO today….have you been censored. Maybe lockdown means LOCKUP?

  • Mark Krajcar

    Boat work is so much fun. Been there, done that. I had a similar system on my boat which died. I tried a snomaster as a replacement. Nope. And I’d cut into the original fiberglass box to get it to kinda fit. Ok. Ripped out the interior fiberglass and 25 year old foam and reinsulated the box with multiple layers of overlapping foam. 6″ on the bottom (no drain), 5″ on the sides and 4″ on top. Installed 2 separate Nova Kool systems. These don’t use the old style plates like you have and I had. Each unit will act as a freezer or fridge. Easy installation. I bought the 3 plate per box version. Very low amp draw and the freezer holds rock hard ice cream. The fridge will be frozen on the bottom with any setting above the very lowest. $900 USD each.

    Butyl tape. Not all is created equal. Bed-it Butyl Tape is the very best. No one else even comes close. I’ve worked professionally on boats for over 25 years. it’s all I use.

  • Lisa Bee

    Video vanishes when clicked!

  • Diane

    Didn’t see it this morning-clicked the link three different times but no video-hmm? I’m sure it was a good one.

  • Dean Allen

    Great entertaining video as usual. Nikki did say stay tuned, she was going to ask for our help, then she never asked. Were they wanting some information, which they got without asking all viewers?

    Love watching Nikki work. A beautiful lady who knows how to use tools. God, may I please have one of those?

    One thing I have learned from watching the Wynn’s, and other You Tube programs of sailors; you have to be very handy with tools, plumbing, carpentry, electricity, navigation, and about 1,000 other things. Jason and Nikki have really grown into experts in so many fields during this six year odyssey from becoming a boat buyer, to now being a boat owner who has mastered so many skills on this around the world voyage.

    Again, you make Sunday’s special for me. Keep it up and safe travels.

  • Pat

    You did a great job removing without smashing it all. Looks absolutely wonderful. Enjoyed watching your endeavour with this fridge/freezer.

  • Pamela Waltz

    🌟 Good job, you two! Your diligence, teamwork & creative solutions payoff in the long run…again!! 👍🏼

    Jaime, from Follow the Boat, absolutely swears by butyl tape! And if the prefab fridge/freezers don’t fit the space, I believe Dan, from Uma, did a how to video on building a custom sized fridge to maximize all the space available with proper insulation. That area doesn’t look very deep, which could pose a problem with prefab options. I was wondering if it might make more sense to make that area a huge cupboard/pantry space and install a standard size mini fridge in another location in the kitchen where it may be a little deeper and more conducive to prefab refrigeration options… (I’m sure your creative minds have already run through the list of possibilities!)

    Either way, you deserve double sundowners for your effort! 🌅 🍹🍸🍻 🌄

  • John J Gibbons III

    Nikki there was no link for Skill Share

    • Angela Krause

      I was looking for that too.

  • Bernard Schaer

    Great job guys! I would have been soooo frustrated, I’d probably have taken a sledge hammer to it… 😉

  • Tom Conces

    I still think of how far y’all are from Gros Ventre, Wyoming. I love your adventures and feel your pain in making repairs. A couple of thoughts on how you can make them a little easier. Cheers I’ll drink a glass of Port for you both. Removing Sika can be easier if you are able to use a heat gun (hair dryer?). Epoxy for small repairs; Instead of the syringe (which ends up going off in the tip), West System has one use packets of resin and hardener. The advantage is #1 you can put additives in for desired result. #2 Curing time is around 2 hours (temperature dependent). #3 If needed you can mix to a paste for filling screw holes. One other option is CA glue and baking powder for small repairs. A youtube link for Niki, Finally, have a tube of “anti seize” for use on all screws that mating to a different type metal. Without it, electrolysis is not your friend.

  • Deborah Kerr

    So I was having a rough morning until I saw Jason the Cookie Monster…. hahahahah! I busted out laughing so hard!!!
    Congrats on defeating the stuck-on fridge/freezer…. wowwwwww

  • About Creativity

    Very good, Confidence, Clarity and a sense of purpose are all things that need to be established, and Re-Established, daily.

  • Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

    You guys are just amazing! I’d have been so frustrated that I’d probably taken a saw and started chopping off pieces. I love your boat, and Nikki is right-it’s a floating tiny house. Love your videos!

  • Steve Richardson

    Great video. When manufacturers put boats or RVs together you just never know what they did. When we owned our Class A RV we had to do a similar task. We were told they don’t think you’ll ever need to take anything out. Even the night shift does things differently then the day shift.
    Great content.

  • Jerry Cummins

    I have followed your adventures for years. I have not been able to download your video either last week or this morning. Hum?????

  • Ember

    Y’all needed a chainsaw! Woot, woot! Ya got it done though!. You deserve 2 cookies after that project.

  • Jaap

    That fridge was designed to die with the yacht if you look at the video and more respect for Leopard.
    You will also stay in shape both of you without going to a gym😂

  • antoinette

    You guys are SO patient with these projects!! Did you edit out all the curse words? Do two make a great team. Love watching your episodes.

  • Louis Miller

    Just a little hint , if you would more time working and less time playing you would be amazed at how much work yoh could get done . 😍

  • james ege

    I saw a you tube video about a Leopard burning to the waterline. Maybe frustrated Leopard re-habbers that had less patience than you two??

  • Rich

    Put a nut on the end of the stud so you hit it with the hammer instead of the threads of the stud.

    • Dan S Brown

      Good point Rich! Hey Jason, make sure you put the nut most of the way on before you hit it with your hammer. If the fridge/freezer unit was being written off, you and Nikki could have opened the doors fully and pushed down at the outside edge. (Fulcrum advantage) 🙂 Really enjoy your videos.

    • Michael

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Well done guys, great to follow you and watch you and your travels, we hope to do the same one day, maybe not for so long, maybe with a flotilla and definitely when the kids are old enough for us to leave them at home contending with uni etc….
    Good luck on you future travels
    Martin and yiota

  • Rich

    Used butyl tape recently. Not a fan so far, but will give it a chance again. I’ve rebedded hatch frames with 4000UV with no problem. Nothing wrong with shooting sealant out of a caulk gun. It is annoying that, once opened, and a few ounces are used, the rest of the expensive tube cures quickly rendering it useless. This fact might give butyl tape an edge for certain jobs.


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