No Video Today, We Have A Problem

No Video Today, We Have A Problem

Crap happens!  To be honest it seems to be ten-fold on a sailboat.  The saltwater eats away at things, the moist air causes them to mold, the sun cooks it, and so on.  Our current tropical location is harsh on almost every aspect of our life.

That said, I’m not sure Mother Nature has anything to do with today’s problem.  I think it boils down to a technological fail.

A Real-Time Update!

I hope the real-time update wasn’t too confusing. Our weekly episodic videos are always behind ‘real life’, by about a month or so on average.  It’s the nature of filming, editing, writing and living while always on the move.  Of course, when stuff like this happens (good or bad) we like to share a bit in real-time if we can.  Especially when we have a problem we’re struggling to solve…maybe you’ve had the same issue and know just the solution.

As Nikki mentioned, we’re in Linton Bay, Panama.  We’re getting Curiosity in shape for the Panama Canal transit and the adventures that lie ahead.  We’re excited to experience and share it all!  You can always see our real-time location at the bottom of any page on our website, it’s that little map in the footer that says “The Wynns Are Currently At.”

I’m No Computer Guru

I’m serious, if you’re a wiz on the computer and you’ve got some ideas of ways to salvage the drives, or the computer itself let me know.  But keep in mind resources are extremely limited on the Caribbean side of Panama.

If you’re a super researcher and have a favorite laptop for video editing, I’m all ears.  I’m currently in the worst situation for someone trying to buy a new computer:  Limited internet for research, no stores nearby and nobody computer savvy around to chat with (well, that speaks the same language anyway). Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

In the video I mentioned our computer, but forgot the full model number for my multi-drive setup: MSI GS70 2QE-096US.  It’s been a great workhorse for us the past few years.  At this point I’m not sure where to look for a video editing machine besides the few I know: Razer Blade, ASUS or another MSI.  Maybe there’s a killer machine I’m not aware of that comes in a compact and slim case?  The saddest part is, early next year Intel is launching a new chip called Coffee something-or-other, so no matter what machine I buy it will immediately be outdated.

The Hail Mary Worked

I did remove the 1TB internal hard drive and THANKFULLY my Premiere Pro editing files are on there.  So other than downloading Premiere, music, and a few other big programs we should be back in the editing game in a day or two…assuming our spotty internet doesn’t crash while downloading.

We’re tech bummed but we’re not down.  Computers crash and things break, it’s just a bummer when the whole lot goes to crap in the final moments of a project.  Either way we’ll sort it out.  Nikki’s computer is capable of processing and editing video so luckily, we have another machine to get us by until we can get our hands on a new one.

Still Living The Dream

At the end of the day we’re still living the dream.  We’ll enjoy a solid beer while watching the sunset and tomorrow will be a new day, full of new and exciting challenges.  Keep your eyes peeled, if all goes we’ll have the video complete and uploaded mid-week…at least that’s our optimistic goal!  Thanks for joining us!

Camera Used For This Video

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