960 Watts All Electric Solar Kit


This is our exact 960 watt system with six 160 watt panels. We have them wired together in series putting out over 100 volts DC. This allows us to use smaller cable for the long run from the solar panels to the solar controller because the amperage is still very low.
We have a potential for and have seen 54 amps of power per hour when in good sun. It’s a lot of power!
We have ours tiltable for Alaska and Winter Wild Camping providing up to 40% more power from each panel.
Several manufactures are also doing solar pre-wire kits, but make sure to verify how much power the pre-wire kit can handle. Our GoPower! pre-wire kit that Fleetwood used has 10 gauge cable that can handle our beefy system.

Here is a video where we give you a quick tour of our set up but check out the post for the full details: Resurrecting Dinosaurs – Our RV Modifications and Technology




    Ótimo !!!

  2. James Smith

    It’s a great video of how you explained everything but one thing I want to know is what system would I need to run my trailer that dad has a hundred amp fuse box because I want to run everything in my trailer

  3. Joan Boren

    Hello, great article!

  4. Claire Schuler

    I have tried to find someone to install and can’t. Couldn’t even get a hold of a go pro rep. Is there a list of qualified installers out there ? I almost want to go take a class and do it myself

  5. JM


  6. JM

    Amazing. You guys are pros at this obviously. I really appreciate you explaining it all the way you do. If possible, I would like to see how you installed the panels on the roof and what you used to make them “tillable”. Your newest fan, JM.

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