Road Trip To My Hometown

Road Trip To My Hometown

We’ve been traveling full time for almost ten years and through this time my concept of home has been broken down, shattered into what feels like a thousand pieces, and scattered around the world.

I don’t think of one location as home but undeniably, I do come from somewhere.  Where we come from and where we call home, these places all tell a story about us.  Where I come from and where I call home is a story I haven’t shared with you before.

It’s been a long time since we’ve taken a road trip, much less visited my hometown.  And for the first time, I’m taking you with me.

I read a quote once that said, “home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”.  I couldn’t agree more.  And while this will sound cliché, the world is my home.  Being with family and the ones I love, no matter where in the world we are…that is home.

Normally, we don’t film our family/home time for a host of reasons.

  • Not everyone enjoys being on camera.
  • Our time with them is limited.
  • We want to be fully present and in the moment.
  • It’s a lot of sitting around & chatting.
  • We focus on travel/adventure content, not daily vlogs.

So, a big thanks to my Aunt, Uncle, Dad & Sister for enduring a little camera time with us.

nikki wynn with aunt using silicone tape to secure and organize rv

RV Silicone Tape

My aunt is a jack of all trades and master of most.  She knows how to work a drill and a saw better than most.  Much like her mother (my grandmother) she will take on just about any challenge and loves a good DIY project.

When I told her I needed to secure some items in Mary’s van…she, of course, said,  “I have something you are going to love”.  Enter nano tape!  She was right, fantastic stuff!  It holds everything in place like glue, but it can be easily peeled up and leaves no residue behind.  Great for van, RV, boat or just about anywhere.

Buy Silicone Nano Tape Here:

I’m happy to report: After a couple of months of road-trippin’ everything is still stickin’ 🙂

nikki wynn and aunt in new mexico drinking milk stout beer

Almost as good as that silicone tape…was taking my Aunt out for her very first dark beer.  She isn’t a big drinker and has never really liked beer.  But, she loves coffee and vanilla.  So, I had a sneaking suspicion she would love a good vanilla milk stout, and she did!  If you find yourself in the small town of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, treat yourself to pizza and milk stout at the Cloudcroft Brewery.

And, if you see my Aunt Rebecca, buy her a small milk stout for me.

nikki wynn holding up west texas cotton
Cotton, the fabric of my childhood.
Hart, Texas hometown of Nikki Wynn
nikki wynn in childhood home going through old photos
young nikki wynn over the years with sister

Hairstyles of the early 90’s …perms and feather bangs.  May they never come back in fashion.

nikki wynn with dad on electric bike

Electric Bicycle!

My dad has always been into motorcycles.  Tinkering in a garage or cruising down an open highway is his happy place.  I’m not a huge fan of the chopper-style bike he has now, but I have endless fond childhood memories of “going to town” on his old Harley.

While I don’t think I have quite converted him…my Dad was impressed with the performance of our electric bikes.  20 MPH on a bicycle is pretty exciting and the acceleration off the line is smile-inducing. Or as my dad says “that’ll rock n’ roll won’t it!”

We can pedal around just like any bike using people power, or we can engage the pedal-assist to kick up the pace or go into full lazy mode and let the motor do all the work.  We get about a 40-45 mile range out of one charge.  The bikes have worked as a great car alternative on our road trip across the USA, especially because they fold up neatly.

Buy or See More on Our Electric Bikes:

We did a little review on our electric bikes here if you want to see more:

My Sister

sadi brooke photography

My Sis.  She’s the kind of crazy person that loves her job so much…she traveled to Alaska for a photo shoot even when she was 7 months preggo.  Clearly, we’re related.

You can learn more about my sister here:

Hopefully, once her baby boy is a little older, we’ll get her out on the boat for an adventure together.

For now, she’s a hard-working mom and photographer with zero time for a vacation halfway around the world.

It’s a tough pill for us to swallow, knowing it could be years before we see her again, but that’s why it was so important for us to come home.

nikki wynn with baby nephew
nikki wynn with niece reading a bedtime story

Spending time with these littles are some of my favorite moments of all.  Kids grow up and change so rapidly…which makes them the hardest to say goodbye to.  It’s difficult not seeing more of them but I look forward to the day they come to visit us.  Snorkeling, playing on the beach, cracking open coconuts…those will be memories worth holding on to.


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