nikki wynn sailing with spinnaker in South Pacific

Sailing Life, When It’s Good, It’s GOOD!

After a few epic weeks in Moorea of swimming with whales and sharks, it was time to give s/v Curiosity a little love and set sail again. So, we scrub her bottom, fix a few broken bits and dust off the spinnaker for a beautiful overnight sail to Huahine. Our first stop in the leeward islands!



Perhaps we’re still riding the euphoric high of humpback whales…or maybe the salt has finally corroded the receptors in our brain that control serotonin.  I’m not sure what the cause is, but our state of contentment on this voyage was high.  The phrase happy as clams comes to mind.

We’re always so happy to be on the move again, its almost concerning.  I used to think this reaction was because we’re addicted to change, but now I think it’s something all together different. It has far more to do with what we are NOT doing when we’re underway.  We’re not scrolling our social feeds, typing emails, editing, planning or making any decisions beyond the present moment.

We have always used our travel/adventure days as a reason to disconnect from everything and it’s the sense of freedom that comes with that disconnect that is so satisfying.  We focus on the journey and nothing else.  It’s a state of mind and clearly we’re entering it like it has an on/off switch.

All this probably sounds a little silly and may not make a lot of sense considering the twenty curated moments of our life we share each week (especially because we are drawn to sharing the happiest moments).  But, like anyone, we have our demons, our stresses and a tendency to bite off more than we can chew.  We get wrapped up in our own heads and feel a need to disconnect from one realm and plug into another.

Pulling up the anchor and setting sail, diving into the underwater world, lacing up hiking shoes and stepping on unpaved ground…these are a few of the ways we get our fix.  And if you are reading this, chances are, you can relate.

So what is your happy place?  How do you plug into that other realm?  Or, do you have a different method or way of thinking all together?  We’ll be hanging around in the comment section below if you want to chat.


sunset at sea while sailing with the wynns

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  • Artists:  Giants and Pilgrims, Swirling Ship, Ziv Moran


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To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

wynns sailing map

French Polynesia, Moorea to Huahine

  • Nautical miles sailed: 101
  • Hours At Sea: 14
  • Average Wind Speed: 10 – 15 knots
  • Average Boat Speed:  7.2 knots
  • Engine Hours: 1.5 (into and out of anchorage)
  • Date:  November 6 – 8, 2018

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

Comments (44)

  • CM

    Dear Wynns,
    I was looking through your website and came across the FAQ section. I don’t normally read these on shopping sites because they aren’t usually very helpful. I decided to look at yours and as much as I enjoy your videos every Sunday and wish I could come along, this is one time I wish I “stuck to my guns” (so to speak) and avoided this one. Nikki and Jason all I can say is I was appalled at the rudeness and meaness of some of the comments you have received. You see stories online about all of the “shaming” going on but to see that type of criticism going on about 2 travelers doing nothing more than sharing their adventures and bringing such joy to people unable to live this kind of life is beyond anything I can understand. That kind of rudeness is, to be honest, I can’t even think of words to describe it. While social media has its benefits it is also the fast lane for people who want to stoop down as far as possible with nothing more in mind than to hurt feelings and make themselves look better than everyone else. I join hands with many of your other fans and say “great job” and I hope you can get back to Curiosity soon. It must be so hard to be away from your floating tiny home! Praying for your safety! God bless!!

  • Daniel

    Hi Nikki,

    can you please tell me the name of the artist and song that you used at 3:18 in this video?



    • Curious Minion

      Hey Daniel. The artists are listed at the end of the blog post in the order they appear in the video. (sorry, song titles aren’t given). That should help with the search.
      Curious Minion

  • Mike

    wow… I watched your camping videos, and thought ive got to know you two well.

    Now I watched your sailing vids.. Your not happy. ( I can tell) I think you all made a mistake. Hope it dont lead to divorce.

    Sell that boat, get back on land, have children and get another camper. ( before its too late)

    You can pretend all you want but your videos look forced…

    I feel bad for you Nikki..

    Just my honest opinion. ( I may be wrong but I dont think so)

    Follow your heart..but be true to yourself.

  • Steve Nicholls

    Jason, I’ve seen what Nikki cooks for you, buddy. You’re a lucky man! You eat well!

  • Yvan Dion

    Lovely images (as usual) – so grateful for seeing them. We still have a few feet of snow where I live so to see green trees, warm waters, coral, sand, etc. feels soooo good (LOL). I particularly appreciated the sunrise images (and Jason’s intro to the said sunrise) and the ‘slowed down’ images of the water and the wake behind your catamaran. Ditto for the night sail images.
    Thank you very much for sharing so generously.
    Take care!

  • cynthia williams

    Hey Loves!

    Enjoyed the video!!! You really work for that breakfast sandwich, wine and a movie!!! Jason… you were always a sucker for food!!!
    Aunt Cindy

  • Suzie

    Nikki…a few days ago I asked an inappropriate personal question. I am sorry. Truly. You responded the consummate profesional that you are.

  • Ann

    Might have missed these being mentioned before, but what’s a “bommy”? (Bombie?)

    • Curious Minion

      Haha – I’m not sure of the spelling either (maybe bomie?) but it’s a coral head that comes close to the surface. They can punch holes in hulls or your anchor chain can get fouled in them as the boat swings with wind and tide.
      Curious Minion

  • Alan Solomon

    Thanks for a great day, super water, the unmistakable feeling of stress-free, security. Not rushing for anything or anyone.

    Safety first and Happy Sea-trails.

  • Deborah Kerr

    I love your videos!! At the beginning when you are hanging laundry and there’s that turquoise blue water in the background!! Then the blue skies sailing on the endless deep blue ocean. And those glorious sun rises with the peachy rose dawn of the day!! The sound of the sea knocking on your door has a relaxing calming, peaceful feel to it. It’s a sensory overload!! 🙂 Those tiny blue fish and even Crush the Turtle is there!! Jason mentioned getting video of the shooting stars or the night-time sky, and I do believe if anyone could do it, it would be Jason! You do a great job! Thank you for the escape…. now I need to go get ready for work in the morning…… but only 81 more working days until I retire – then Gary & I will be exploring and off on our own part-time adventures. You 2 are very inspiring – keep smiling 🙂

  • Bryan Stevenson

    Kay, you really need a holiday.

  • mary vancompernolle

    I’d like to know about the spinning clothes line. Who makes those? 🙂

    What a fuzzy mess you all had to clean up. I am so glad that is not part of my cleaning routine.

    • Kathy Harrington Sullivan

      I saw these at IKEA last weekend 🙂

  • Penelope

    This is so true: “We have always used our travel/adventure days as a reason to disconnect from everything and it’s the sense of freedom that comes with that disconnect that is so satisfying. We focus on the journey and nothing else. It’s a state of mind and clearly we’re entering it like it has an on/off switch.”

    So far, we’ve only done motorcycling touring and car road trips, but the travel day disconnect is real and sometimes lasts for a few days. And it’s awesome!

      • Kathyoly

        I also think an element of that feeling is wondering what possibilities and adventures lie ahead. Thank you for sharing your world!

  • Laura

    Loved this episode <3 Thanks for all your hard work in sharing your incredible journey, it's always a highlight for me. I absolutely love cooking clips by the way. Especially the "fried eggs on the flat top scene", in this episode. Too funny 🙂

  • Roger B

    I missed your video adventures last week, however, I did enjoy your question and answers with Ruby Rose and it was a tremendous understanding of the efforts you accomplish to bring us the videos and bringing us along on your travels. Thank you for all you give us. I’ll just add that along with RVing, we love to jump on the motorcycle and also take trips that allow us to travel light with the wind blowing in our face.

  • Paul Casacci

    Nice to have you back, did the island have nice wifi or did you connect with that big yacht you passed on the way in? It looked big enough to have it’s own sat connection. Was also nice to see Cleo make an appearance… How’s she doing since you changed her diet? Well, I hope.

  • Shirley

    I love watching your life….it’s as if I live vicariously through your adventures because it is something I would have loved to do when I was your age, but my husband didn’t buy into my dream. Two kids and twenty-five years later, we created our own story instead (less adventurous and spontaneous than I initially desired but I have no regrets). Nikki, you looked utterly exhausted at the end of the trip…I wanted to take a nap for you! Thank you for sharing your exciting life with all of us! My guess to why you sail at night is because it is so hot during the day???

  • dyanne allegrini

    Another great video! My husband is an ex sailor and I have been sharing your adventures with him for years and now he’s started watching them (a lot) on YouTube..Jason is his “role model” for keeping cool under pressure! We are still rving but not full time any more..Thank You both for sharing and thanks to Jason for reminding my husband to keep an even keel.

  • Richard Fenters

    Thanks for another episode of your lives. I really enjoy living virtually and vicariously through your adventures. Keep the videos coming! Au revoir mes amis!!

  • Laurence

    Well, as viewer, I’ve never been so stressed-out as I was watching the bouncing ball bearings

  • Hank

    Love watching your adventures….Jason my friend, you married well…. Nikki makes a great captain and sailing partner and what looks like amazing breakfast sandwiches

  • Jeffrey Stenberg

    Love to watch your videos of even everyday life on your sailboat. Makes it seem more real life. Enjoy every moment, life goes by so fast. Your truly living the dream! My happy places are home (Kent, WA), my garden, making crafts including log furniture. Family and our log cabin just outside Leavenworth WA, amazing wildlife. Our friends sailed much of the world and sent photos etc, but your videos are much more fun.

  • Louis Miller

    As always thank you for your sharing your experiences with us , your sound was a bit distorted until the end of the video but we still enjoyed it . Just keep on having fun 😂

  • Scott

    Glad to see at least some PFD use for this crossing, thanks!

    A solo MOB drill when conditions and location are favorable would make an interesting and probably entertaining installment.

    The data that shows an upward pitch of 20-30 degrees is an inaccurate result of camera angle, right?

    Thanks as always for the good mix of informing and entertaining.

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Scott. Correct – the camera tripod sits on the galley roof, which is curved and gives an inaccurate reading. But it’s the only spot that works, so…
      Curious Minion

  • Bill Edgar

    Good morning, I’ve been following your adventure from the beginning and envy the way you both live. We live in Nova Scotia, home of the famous
    Bluenose schooner. Born here but lived and sailed on the Great Lakes for more than 30 years. Wishing you both happy, healthy sailing. If you ever visit the Halifax area in Nova Scotia I would love to meet you. (No palm trees here though). Just continue living & loving, I am with you always. Bill

  • Bret A Pemberton

    I love to see your videos and wish that I wasnt too old to do the things that you do. What software do you use for your editing. I just bought a Mavic 2 pro Drone and love to do photography. I am currently helping my daughter and her family re do a 90 y/o boat that is 118 ft long. I think that they got the bug from seeing you guys. Lots of work but it will be beautiful to live on. 11 staterooms and 11 heads. I am retired Navy so I know the right terminology. I started watching you guys when you had you RV. We also have an RV that we take short trips in. Anyway thake care and enjoy the fantastic life that you have.


    such a beautiful video – it can feel like going on the journey with you – your peace and enjoyment of sailing during the sail is palpable.
    Why sail at night ? There must be some good reason. Intuitively, I would think you’d want to sail during the day mostly so you can see what’s going on. You must put a lot of trust in the equipment, warnings and so on. But is there is a specific reason you sail at night?

    Thank you as always for these fabulous adventures.

  • Richard Bushell

    Hi Nikki & Jason,

    Thank you for once again, allowing us to share the great adventure you are on, it helps to brighten up the day here in a cold and and dull Cornwall in the UK.

    Keep on posting the videos, looking forward to the next update.



  • Kay

    That should be “AND videos you share” in my previous post. 🙄

  • John Rode

    We so love how you are living and sharing your lives of with us.
    We are moving toward doing the same. Liveaboard in retirement for us. Searching for a boat now. Probably about 2 years off.
    I am so grateful for how you are sharing about the equipment etc. So much I have learned from you.
    Thank you…
    John and Cindy

  • Kay

    I greatly enjoy the stories a videos you share, and usually the quality is quite good. But this time, your headline repeats a glaring error twice! When you mean to say “It is,” the contraction requires an apostrophe: It’s good.

      • Eric

        U done a gud job Nikki, Its hard to plees every one all the time keep up the gud werk!

        * LPT: Never correct someone’s grammar unless you’re asked or paid to do so. ✌️

      • Judy Lester Goodson

        I can’t believe someone is actually correcting your spelling, when the whole experience your are videoing is all about the adventure! I’ve loved watching you two ever since I saw you on our local news when you were RVing through Knoxville, TN.

        Your boating adventures have been the best!

  • Richard K. Payne

    I get the same feeling when riding my Harley on the many back roads in deep East Texas. Or taking the boat to a secluded cove and anchoring for a couple days.


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