nikki wynn with rescue cat in fiji

Saving A Life – The Best Thing From Isolation

The pandemic has turned the world in a weird, unsettling direction leaving us all with a touch of vertigo.  We’re stranded in Fiji (not a bad place to be stranded, we know).  The news has become a constant stream of coronavirus themes and just when we thought things couldn’t get any grimmer…we found the saddest thing yet.  A tiny pip-squeak, suffering in silence.

But that’s where the sadness ends because we saved that little pip’s life.

You know what they say, “you go to the market for bananas and come home with a cat”.  Ok, perhaps only when in Fiji.  But what a fateful find!  I would like to say that we saved Pip but the truth is, she has saved us.

Nothing like a downtrodden kitten with an unbroken spirit to remind us of what’s really important.  Health, a belly full of food, a safe place to curl up, and little love is all we need.

pip squeak the fiji rescue cat


Pip had a tough start in life but we have been spoiling her rotten ever since the day we picked her up at the market.  She is sweet as can be and chock-full of personality.  If you are interested in having Pip be a part of your family, please contact Animals Fiji:

Let’s Save 10 Animals in Fiji Together!

Animals Fiji is a non-profit welfare agency for animals.  Their goal is to reduce the epidemic of stray and diseased roaming dog and cat populations that plague villages, towns, and rural areas, through spay/neuter programs.

All while ensuring that basic veterinary services and animal care education are available to as many Fijians as possible.

Our goal is to raise $1,500 for Animals Fiji which will sponsor 10 animals.  If you would like to help, there are three ways you can contribute.

  1. Donate directly to Animals Fiji and reference Pip or The Wynns in the description so they can track how much we’ve raised: 
  2. Share this video!  We earn money from the advertisements placed by YouTube on this video.  We will donate ALL of the money to Animals Fiji.  The more views, the more we earn, the more we donate.
  3. You may see a FUNDRAISER link (it’s only available in select countries) if you watch the video on YouTube, all funds accepted with this link go directly to Animals Fiji and YouTube pays the transaction fees…and that’s pretty cool.

Covid-19 Update In Fiji

Fiji has had a total of 18 coronavirus cases and ZERO deaths.  There haven’t been any new cases of COVID-19 since April 21st.  This means Fiji hasn’t had any new (confirmed) cases of coronavirus in over 30 days!  Fingers crossed they announce us COVID Free soon!



Ups, downs and all around, we share it all.  We’re able to do so because people like you show up each week, read, watch, comment, share, shop our gear store and toss a tip in our production jar.  If you like what you see, there are lots of FREE ways you can show your support.  Thank you for being a part of the journey!





Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Jennifer M Jolly

    Hello Nikki!
    Great video!! Not sure if you remember me but I was your Catamaran Company contact when you were looking at Gemini, we were in the same marina as your Leopard during her transformation. Anyway I was researching Cloudcroft New Mexico and there you were … from 2014! Fabulous to see you enjoying life in Fiji and meeting sweet Pip, I am also adopting a calico here in Florida, her name is Hazel. Keep in touch!!

  • Nick & Swi

    5/28/20 Yea like stumbled across you guys a few months ago I /we have been to several of the places you’ve been… So like
    wow de ja vu My brain has re opened , because of the two of you….. As I am a 8-4 pm work a holic And I ve had 3 power boats in the past…
    l could also write a book on what goes good or bad with boats I still want to get another boat if a product we are coming out with goes good+……$$$$. I am older now and less crazy and more carefull , Yes and done alot of things in reverse order
    You Jason & Nikki are blessed I have been without a boat for a few years but here in Costa Mesa, which is between Huntington and
    Newport Beach we manage. We have a cat we rescued about 7-8 years ago Her name is Jeffrey. One heck of a hunter
    She is a Russion Blue breed. Without a boat however we still travel to see the inlaws in Java,Indonesia I coerced the family to
    take a trip from Jakarta to West Java , cause i was not going on less we do so, I always wanted to see the west side Very rough daily
    surf . And very few if any guys like me on that coast , very barren still. Went fishing with some locals on their boat , probably 100 yrs old with two ancient diesels Trolled all day , And could you believe got zero That WAS the only boat out there, it had no electronics
    and the diesel motor I cannot believe it even ran all day I t was scarry in that respect of how shot that vessel was And being there , there is no rescue despatch or coast guard (if you needed that service)
    Nikki & Jason I feel it was a miracle to to be able to be lucky for me , for what i like do and have done to discover you guys
    Others don t care Guess its just me But its the way I see it too
    You are living my life ….. HA ha , Prayers for you

  • andrea and julie longoni

    We donated $50 usd but didn’t put Pip anywhere so you may not be able to track it but know that you and Pip inspired us to give.

  • Anita

    I donated last week but now I have to donate again. God works in mysterious ways and you and Pip were meant to come together to help the animals of Fiji. Bless you all.

  • Steve Yi

    Hi Nikki & Jason,

    Your videos have provided a much-needed escape during the lock down and have inspired me to learn how to sail when the world opens back up. I matched my donation to Animals Fiji with a contribution to Best Friends Animal Society who run a shelter here in LA.

    I hope you’re able to get back to your boat soon!

  • Michael Galesky

    Well, if this doesn’t rejuvenate your feeling of love from around the world, hell I don’t have a clue what could. I’m betting that over 100 animals will be taken care of in Fiji because of you two.

  • Deborah Kerr

    Hi Pip – could this be just the start of all of your adventures??🐱 Maybe you will get to someday soon be “Gone with the Wynns”……⛵️ and you’d be one lucky little kitty!! If not, you sure have helped a lot of your fellow Pips and pups by being just too darn cute!! 💙

  • Michael Magill

    Thank you both for taking on the extra job of fostering “Pip”. She is a bundle of energy and had you not stopped and helped her ,then most likely she would not have made it another day. What a beautiful place to be stranded and with Pip it makes the days go faster. I just hoe your boat is well looked after and no one is taking stuff from it while it is in Tonga. You just don’t know and I love each video you both have made and love all the places you have been so far. and look forward to see you off again on new adventures . I would think that if you adopted Pip yourselves might just be what is needed, and Pip would bring more views to the channel, and add something more to your very popular channel.

  • Alan Solomon

    I am not a frequent Online spender, ever, but, your new crew member, the little persuader convinced me!
    I did it off of Jason’s thank you comment from above the link on there. I forgot to include Pip – Wynns but, its from the U.S. I am sure they will know. Thanks for the persuading Pip. I feel better now. Glad to help animals and Pip..
    By the way. In the market they do not require you to wear a mask? It was weird to see you both and other people in a public place and no one had masks.

    Best and Stay Safe..

    • Curious Minion

      Fiji is looking to be Covid-free. Nikki put this in the description box & blog post:
      Fiji has had a total of 18 coronavirus cases and ZERO deaths. There haven’t been any new cases of COVID-19 since April 21st. This means Fiji hasn’t had any new (confirmed) cases of coronavirus in over 30 days!
      Curious Minion

  • Steve Nicholls

    Thanks team! Touched my heart. After donating I emailed them mentioning Pip-Squeak and The Wynns, hope that it gets in the tally. Fond of animals, me. All the best, team! I’m a happy man.

  • L. Haskell

    We love Pip’s video and Animals Fiji. We donated before you even hit the $1500 mark. Now it’s over $11,000! Amazing! We live vicariously through your videos. They are especially meaningful to us this year as we are not launching our sailboat. “…May the wind be always at your back…”

  • Robert S Heywood

    I have been following you all for years, and my wife and I just finished watching your “pip” adventure… we have been sheltering in place for far too long, and your video was a real “uplift” for us! Thank you Thank you Thank You !!! Like many others we donated anonomously (SP?) Now we need a kitten!!!

  • Nanci

    Pip is soooooo gosh darn cute! We just recently adopted a kitten from a shelter and she constantly makes us laugh with her antics. You guys are amazing in all that you do and I know that money will be raised quickly. Thanks for showing us around the market and all that delicious fruit. Vinaka vaka levu for making us laugh and smile :).

  • Eric L

    I just love this video so much. You are always entertaining and such talented filmmakers, but you have outdone yourself! Thank you for your kindness.

  • Jana

    I’m so glad little Pip found you guys!! Kismet, yes? So, I donated $50 via PayPal and unless I just overlooked it, it didn’t ask me to reference anyone. :/ But just know I kicked in!

    Your videos bring me so much joy! Always beautifully done with great music and content. Keep up the great work!

    • Steve Novak

      I also donated through PayPal and I typed in PIP in the comment space

  • 😱THANK YOU😍 We stayed up till 1am working on this video and now we’re waking up to such wonderful comments and OVERWHELMING SUPPORT for Pip and Animals Fiji!
    The best part is: Casey, co-founder & managing trustee of Animals Fiji, is in an NZ hospital and she just had a baby! Now 2 days old it’s a healthy girl. Needless to say, she’s been busy and doesn’t know we’re doing this fundraiser on YouTube! It’s going to be such a fantastic surprise!

    The Goal: Raise $1,500 USD to save 10 animals in Fiji.
    🤯 WE CRUSHED IT!!!! Thanks to all of you for opening your hearts to these animals in need. We will update everyone on the final amount raised and hopefully get to introduce you to the Animals and the Animals Fiji Team in the coming weeks.
    Currently we’ve all raised over $6,000 on the YouTube fundraiser and over $5,000 through the PayPal donation link:
    This is HUGE and is going to make a MASSIVE IMPACT! 🙏🏼

    For those asking about where to reference “Pip” or “Wynns”: You only need to type this if you use the PayPal donation link on the Animals Fiji website. If you are donating using the “Fundraiser” on YouTube it automatically applies to this fundraiser and is automatically tracked. The YT Fundraiser isn’t available in all countries so that’s why we had to include the PayPal link as well.

    Thank you to everyone watching, sharing and supporting us and these animals here in Fiji.
    – Jason & Nikki Wynn 😁🙀

  • Laurence

    Well, Jason . . . you’re experiencing the saws next door in a passive way. Alternatively, I’m wondering if when you were really young you didn’t have a summer job working construction, maybe a bit of freelance, under the table . . . nudge

  • Roger B

    Our cat is a rescue kitty and a great therapy kitty. Thank you for the video.

  • Rob Nasti

    Happy to help out 🙂 Donated and shared.

  • Bonita

    What a lucky Pip to be fostered by the Wynns! I’ve been following you since your sojourn began in an RV and living vicariously ever since. You brought a smile to my face today with your video and since I lost my credit card this morning I can’t make a donation today but I will. In the meantime, Nikki, how about writing a children’s book about the adventures of your former two cats? Something to do while in Fiji perhaps. A follow up book could be one on Pip; ending hopefully as an adopted kitten – I’m sure lucky Pip will be scooped up soon!

  • Don & Betsy R

    Stranded and isolated you still find ways to connect with the local people and help to improve the world. You are an inspiration.

  • Philip R Morehouse

    I never miss a single show. I just pushed your cause out on to Facebook to my friends. See me on Amazon: Philip R Morehouse (p.r.morehouse)

  • OjaiLynda

    Donation sent. Thank you for all you do and for sharing your story of Pip!

  • Lynn

    You guys are awesome!

  • Laura

    Love this video, what a CUTE cat! She will get snatched up, if you don’t decide to KEEP HER!

  • Art

    Hah, read all the Pippi books as a boy, and thought they were great.
    Also read all the “Swallows and Amazons” books back then also, which made me interested in sailing.
    (They’re British, 1930s-40s, so I don’t think they were that known in the US.)

  • Tom Fitch

    Just sent $50 through You Tube link. There is no option for a note or reference, but it looks like the donation is made from “Gone with the Wynns” so hopefully Animals Fiji will know. I do believe you guys should keep Pip! Thank you for this fundraiser!

  • Brad

    You’ve gotten over the goal. i just sent $500 (US) and copied Animal Fiji on the receipt.

  • Danna

    Marcus the rescue Dobe and I made a donation for PIP, what a cutie!! She has probably really raised the quality of your life. Love how you continue to make a difference whatever life throws your way….😻

  • Karen

    Guys, Mike and I have donated at the site given did not see a description line via CC donation site, but we contribute 50.00 USD. Hopefully as we each give a little your goal for a worthy worthy cause will be met. Thanks for loving this sweet baby to health.

  • Val

    Donation done! but I forgot to put your names in it, oh well good cause! you guys are amazing!!

  • Lee Hudson

    You guys warm this old heart. Your kindness for animals and each other gives me hope that the world is a wonderful place. I have a challenge for both of you. I will donate $1000, Yes I said $1000 to the animal rescue if you KEEP Pip with you on your Journey. No one will take care of PIP like two of you. I hope one day to meet you both in person or who knows maybe even join you one day. Let me know. You both are so good It makes me smile watching your videos.

  • Pam Jones

    I loved seeing Pip. I adopted a kitten from my local shelter about a month ago that looks almost exactly like Pip. I got her to be a playmate for my little dog and they have so much fun together.

  • Pat H

    My husband and I have been watching your videos for several years now. We love to watch Sunday mornings as we eat our breakfast. We made a donation and put “Wynns and Pip” in the First name block. Hope that works. Such a cute kitty!

  • Brian Huff

    Since there isn’t a “Description” area in the donation page on their site, I simply put PIP-WYNNS in the last name. You can also donate directly through YoutTube just under the right hand side of the Video where it tracks how much of the fundraiser has been met.

    Great thing you’re doing Jason and Nicci!

  • David

    PIP needs to be crew!!!

  • Raymond Story

    Hey guys,
    Raymond Story here from Cincinnati. I made $150.00 donation in of you two and PIP
    I forgot to reference that when I made the donation. I did email the clinic.
    PS I’ve been following you guys since 2014. Stay safe. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Andy Windsor

    I am not a ‘Cat Person’, that is what I have always said, all of my life. I tolerate cats, they tolerate me, I’ve never seen the benefit of them as a pet. A Dog belongs to you, a Bird the same, a cat is only as faithful as the next meal? My opinion is changing rapidly about as long as I’ve been watching your videos maybe, but also through work. We supply and service machines that get used by Veterinary clinics and rescue centres as well as many other businesses, and I have seen some astoundingly bad abuse victims, as well as a cloth bag with kittens in washed up on local rocks, and a semi-feral cat that used to call into our office (amongst others on the industrial area) to be fed and petted until the poor thing came in one day soaked in Diesel. (Our MD took it to our local rescue centre which is also a customer and we paid for its treatment, processing etc.) I would never condone poor treatment nor neglect of any animal, but a tiny kitten is effectively helpless, and Pip’s story has touched my Heart. I am literally on the other side of the world here in the UK, so a donation is the least that I can do. Thank you for being the Champions of this centre, with no current tourism, their income must be low at the moment. One question, Do they microchip all their animals? The centres here in the UK do, if only so they don’t vaccinate the same animals twice!

  • Ruby Rayborn

    Just shared the video and donated! This made my day. I love your life and the meaning you put into it. Pip, Pip, Hooray!!

  • Lisa Bee

    Hi Guys! Didn’t see a place to reference you or Pip before I push the donate button. Is there a way to send funds directly to you for this?

    • Ruby Rayborn

      If you use PayPal there is a button to add a note.

    • Curious Minion

      People are saying there is a memo field if you donate via PayPal. Otherwise, some people are just using PIP-WYNNS as the first name of the donation. If you donate on YouTube’s page that will automatically be tagged. One of those would be the best way to go. Thanks for helping out!!!! Pip & all the other strays thank you.
      Curious Minion

  • Robert

    HI Guys, what a great opportunity to help. On their website, they don’t have a description field (I haven’t clicked the “Donate” button yet). do you know how to make sure this gets attributed correctly?

    • Curious Minion

      People are saying there is a memo field if you donate via PayPal. Otherwise, some people are just using PIP-WYNNS as the first name of the donation. If you donate on YouTube’s page that will automatically be tagged. One of those would be the best way to go. Thanks for helping out!!!! Pip & all the other strays thank you.
      Curious Minion

      • Robert

        Thanks, I’ll do it that way.

  • Mark and Laura Edgington

    OK, one of Pip’s friends is taken care of.

    I don’t like Patreon, but I am happy to help you and your causes. Best of luck.

  • Julie

    Pip is so adorable! It doesn’t surprise me you’ve figured out a way to make the best of this time by helping others. Hope you can get back home soon, but in the meantime we’re still enjoying your journey, Take care and stay well.

  • Doug C.

    You both are exceptional people!


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