Self-Reliance as a Sailor (remote island living)

Self-Reliance as a Sailor (remote island living)

There is a certain amount of self-reliance needed to be a liveaboard sailor, a little more needed to sail around the world, and a bounty of it to survive long term in the more remote parts of the world. It can be very Darwinian.

But for those able and willing, there is an immeasurable amount of satisfaction to be gained. Living off the grid, carefully managing our resources, and learning to take advantage of what Mother Nature provides…it’s intoxicating. We’re not completely on our own but we know our options, supplies, and services out here are extremely limited. Whether it’s finding food, fixing the boat, or stitching up a wound. And, while it may sound strange, there is a huge sense of freedom in taking on that responsibility.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not completely self-sufficient and we still very much need and enjoy civilization. But the gap between our primitive and civilized selves always needs a bridge. For both us humans and the planet.

And that is what today’s story is about. Being out on the water, in the islands, and taking advantage of what mother nature provides. From collecting rainwater to foraging with a friend and using stored power from the sun to have a date night on the deck.

All the blood, sweat, and tears from the months of being stuck and landlocked with boat work are quickly dissipating into distant memories with days like these. This is the good stuff that makes it all worth it!

Vava’u, Tonga January 2021


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