mods & maintenance

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nikki wynn harvesting and shredding coconuts on a sailboat

Lost Our Mainsail, But Landed in Coco Paradise

October 14, 2018 26

I woke up at five am sharp with a smile on my face and a new destination in mind…but serendipity had…

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bow and stern anchoring


September 28, 2018 57

There’s nothing like doing it for the first time, especially with an audience. The sweat stains on our brows and under…

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sailing across the pacific ocean

Squalls All Night, Trouble All Day – Sailing Across The Pacific

September 2, 2018 40

We have reached the breaking point.  And by that, I mean the point of this ocean crossing where stuff starts to…

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prep for pacific ocean crossing

Prepping For The Pacific Passage – Biggest Sailing Adventure Of Our Lives!

August 5, 2018 34

It’s nuts I tell you, nuts!  We’re on the home stretch, the final days before we take off on the biggest…

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solo on a sailboat

All Alone & They Hit My Sailboat! This Is What Happens When We Separate

July 29, 2018 32

When Jason left me behind on the boat I envisioned daily trips to the ice cream stand, solo dance parties on…

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Our Windows are Falling Out & Jason’s Leaving

Our Windows are Falling Out & Jason’s Leaving

July 22, 2018 66

Exotic location and broken bits!?!  We’re living the dream.  Fixing things in exotic locations is the definition of sailing and it…

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battery powered ac on a sailboat

Air Conditioning on A Sailboat? Yes, and It’s Battery Powered too!

March 15, 2018 68

Air Conditioning on a sailboat is a luxury. Especially when we’re at anchor and running everything off solar and battery power. …

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I Put These Pants on for Nothing – The Other Side of Sailing Life

I Put These Pants on for Nothing – The Other Side of Sailing Life

March 4, 2018 24

There are two sides to cruising life.  One side, the dreamy side, is all rainbows, fair winds and seahorses. The other…

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installing a new anchor chain

Old Rusty & Jumping The Gypsy – Replacing Our Anchor Chain

February 11, 2018 35
We moved aboard a sailboat because we wanted to travel and live around the world. We thrive on the freedom to...
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stuff breaks, we fix it, hooray boats

Stuff Breaks, We Fix It, Hooray Boats

January 14, 2018 33

It’s been said death and taxes are the only two certainties in life.  Obviously, the person who said that wasn’t a…