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I would love to say we’re in shakedown mode, but I think troubleshooting mode would be more appropriate.  It seems every other day we notice a new leak, chaffing, missing screw or something that is a little off kilter.  And, as it seems to go with boat life, while trying to fix or diagnose the initial problem, we find another.

So, I think it’s safe to say our honeymoon period is over and real boat life is back in full effect.  We’re ready to set sail to the next set of islands but the boat is not.  At least not yet.

Grab a tube of elbow grease (or just some butter for your popcorn) and join us for a week of problem solving, jury rigging, chandlery hopping and casting off the lines.

🚲Carbo eBikes

Most eBikes are so heavy it’s a challenge to move them from the locker, to the tender, and onto land without damaging something along the way. The Carbo weighs 29 lbs (13kg) with the battery, and they achieve this with a belt drive and carbon construction. It’s easily maneuverable around the boat as is, but pop out the battery and it’s feather light.  If you use the discount code WYNNS100 at checkout, you’ll get $100 off per bike and you’ll still get any bonus incentives/discounts they’re running on the website:

Best Fenders Ever! – We found Fendertex through PYI and saw them for the first time at the Cannes Boat Show.  These fenders are the best we have ever seen. They pack down tiny, blow up fast and can withstand the weight of a tractor.  PYI is the same company that sells the MaxProp we had on our previous boat, and they sell the Jefa systems installed on our HH44 and the coolest multipurpose boat hook/brush/camera mount called Revolve.  In other words, they make a lot of great boat stuff.  If you’re in need of new gear, they’ve offered a10% discount off most anything in their catalogue, just use the code WYNNS.

Wireless Headsets, AKA, Relationship Savers – Need to easily communicate while up at the top of the mast?  Or on a super windy day while anchoring?  We always thought we were good at communicating. We keep our tempers calm and the yelling to a minimum. Headsets always seemed silly or pompous like we were trying to be a superyacht or something. Well, I can tell you with 100% certainty: Headsets are amazing and worth every penny. In stressful situations like docking, anchoring, mooring, packing the mainsail, etc. Being able to communicate in a calm, conversational voice is why cruisers often call them “marriage savers”.  Here’s the link to ours:

⛵All Our Boat Gear (or at least most of it)

We get so many questions about all of the gear we use and we are trying to remember to show it as we use it or at least list it out on our boat page.  But, if you see something you want to know more about, just let us know in the comments below.



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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Kelly Crothers

    Hey J & N, I came across a really funny statement on the sailing website “Life of Sailing”, and it states the following (tell me if you agree with this):
    “On many new vessels, almost all of the rigging can be controlled electrically from the cockpit. Everything from raising the sails to lowering the anchor can be automated, which eliminates the laborious and hazardous aspects of sailing.

    Additionally, these vessels come with clean and modern cabins and all the necessities, such as spacious bathrooms, electrical outlets, sound systems, lighting, and cooking facilities. ***And since it’s new, you’re not likely to have any problems with it for a long time.” ***
    I can only imagine that cuss-words that are coming from the two of you right now! Well, I thought that the two of you would get a kick out of how “rosie” this site was painting about having a stressless new boat!
    All the best with the stress! Kelly

  • Floyd Bright

    I just watched the weekly post from Barefoot Doctors. At the end they spoke with people from Watt&Sea, a company producing hydro-electric regen and hybrid (my observation ). The vendor brought out several major problems apparently not made known to the general public. I don’t know if HH discussed any of them to you but I highly recommend you look at the last 4 or 5 minutes of the Barefoot Doctors latest video from the Gran Motte MultiHull boat show. The title is “S4#5. Hybrid Electric Engines – What THEY don’t went you to know.” I thought of you immediately when I saw the title.
    I am retired Navy and always look for technical things that might be significant for people I care about.

  • Rich

    I’d change out all those Home Depot hose clamps and get proper ABA’s. I bet all those screws are not good material. Got a magnet?

  • Frits from SV TWO B, a Helia 44.

    Guys, thanks for the video’s.
    Tip: NEVER put teflon on your zinc. It needs to be electrically connected to your heat exchanger. The brass but is tapered and it will self seal.

  • Jim

    Having Rv’s most of my life I know about problems as you well know. My profession was a truck driver for 50 years and not a professional mechanic on Rvs but you do learn as you go or pay $150/hr. But as the problems arise I made my list and prioritize them putting the most important first. Also it’s easy watching you two living the dream and knowing well its not as glamorous as it seams but I’m sure you wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  • Bill

    Guessing someone mentioned this, but just in case. You were pitting Teflon tape on the zinc. The fitting needs an “electrically conductive” connection fot it to give protection. The tape will insulate it. Zinc will last a long time but not protect anything.

  • Hank Heyns

    Troubles and all, you two are living your best life, well done!

  • Ron G

    I’m curious if the bow lockers are watertight, or if the bikes will get wet in heavy seas. Having a designated place for them is sweet and the straps/plates look great. Ingenuity might be the mother of invention, but sometimes it’s just a mother :-). You guys are simply awesome!

  • Brian C.

    Will watch the rest of the episode in a bit, so maybe you talk more about it, but is the cordless pressure washer worth it?

  • Alan Solomon

    Thanks Nikki and Jason. Yes. Definitely al lot of mechanical fixes. Also, Jason, I am impressed as well with all the fix-it knowledge you have gained since the RV days. Stay in the moment. Don’t anticipate the future when it comes to all the fixing and anything else that causes issues or problems. Do the best you can with what you have and leave it to God in the end. I don’t say it much but thank you for all your editing. BTW, Curiosity II looks great in the water close up and from afar. Safe sailing

  • Pat Parker

    Lots of work but you seem to be able to handle it all. Good job you two

  • StevieDV

    Jason, I am so impressed with your mechanical skills. I know you are a photographer, so my expectations of your trouble shooting ability was about a 2 on a scale to 10. I learned 100% of my mechanical skills on a US Navy sub for 12 years, where like you, if you want to get home you will fix the issue. I watch you working on mechanical issues and you seem very comfortable. Good job, congratulations especially since it has been on-the-job training.

  • MarkByron

    Thanks! Interesting watching you continue the shakedown!! Your solutions give me hope for some of the same issues I have in the motorhome.

  • John

    At this point in the boats short life, how would you rate the quality of craftsmanship on the boats basic construction, parts and components?

    • Curious Minion

      They have said several times that they’re very pleased overall with the boat. The issues that are cropping up are pretty small potatoes compared to other YouTubers who’ve recently bought new boats from other manufacturers, and so far Nikki and Jason feel that they chose wisely and are happy overall.
      Curious Minion

  • OjaiLynda

    Thanks for taking us on your shakedown cruise! It’s always something, but as you said, Jason, you have the best job in the world. Your sunny attitudes will take you a long way!

  • Kim

    Hi Nikki,

    We love watching your adventures! Would you mind sharing the name of your new cordless power washer?

    Thanks so much,

  • Jess

    It doesn’t seem to matter if a boat/RV is new or old. As soon as you get it and take it out on its first journey you’re going to discover the leaks, chaffing, broken bits, disconnects, and “OK, how do we fix this’s”. We’ve found more things wrong with new over old because, with the older boats/RVs, someone has already addressed the “From The Factory Faults”. (The triple F words, if you will.). When you get something that’s a first of its kind there are seemingly endless fixes and patches needed. – I learned that the hard way.

    Once things iron out you’ll be back in the groove and all of us nautical minions (nauti minions?) will be back living vicariously through you. Still, even with the issues, a bad day on the water is better than a good day in the office.

  • bobbie

    that reminded me of the time I was at the top of the mast of our sailboat, and a motorboat came by and started circling around and around our boat, which made us rock so mich. I was swaying back and forth, afraid I was going to fall into the sea. Talk about scary!


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