tender reveal and more at the cannes boat show

AN ELECTRIFYING TENDER REVEAL! (and gear shopping at the boat show)

One of the problems with a new boat is that it comes completely empty. We need so much freaking stuff! And we’re not just talking about housewares like forks, plates and sheets. We need a lot of serious stuff like a dinghy, a life raft, life vests, fenders… But of course, we need toys too. Because what fun is a sailboat without at least a couple of paddle boards, a foil board and dive gear?

We figured the best place to shop for all things boats is a boat show. Right?!  As it turns out, we had more than one incentive to make our way to the Cannes Boat Show…or excuse me, this is France, so it’s the Cannes Yachting Festival.

The more boat shows we attend, the more we realize just how different each one is. From everyone we’ve talked to, it sounds like the boot Düsseldorf show may be the best for gear and toy shopping. If have another suggestion, we’re all ears.

And just for fun, here are all the different boat shows we’ve attended over the years.

🚣🏼Searching For The Perfect Dinghy





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  • John Kindon

    I can’t wait to see you two lovely people pick up your HH boat as it looks amazing and fit out it out again as you have no bits from your old boat it is going to be fun and maybe a bit expensive but iam sure you have prepared yourself for the restocking of your new wonderful home can’t wait I have been with you guys some years now but I never checked out your past escapades on the leopard 45 you had I watched the last two years in Newzealand but never went to the beginning now I have done it and am still working my way through as they are riveting exciting and informative to anyone who wants to live your type of living so anyone who like me didn’t come on at the beginning, So go back and check out their videos they are amazing and addictive you keep clicking to the next one then four hours have gone in minutes as they are just so good so all the best Jason and Nicki Ps I loved your holiday in my Country on the canal boat when i was a kid i used to open and close the lock gates for the holiday makers in my six weeks summer holiday and got paid and got tips from the boat people saving them all the hassel it bought back some wonderful memorys of past days when i was a child when they used to have lock keepers who lived next to the canal but sadley i think most have gone if not all this was in the seventies 75 to 77 i did for two wonderful summers on my six week school holidays.

  • Alan Solomon

    Wow. Great show and video. France! How cool is that?
    Jason said it in the end “it was a good show for contact info for products on your new boat.” Now, you have all these contacts, phone numbers and emails.
    The people in the booths and retailers aside what a cool event to be at! I wish I had the freedom to come out and check these events out even though I do not own a boat and am not knowledgeable like you both are. I am sure I would have a terrific time.
    Congratulations on your prospecting and networking skills as well as your ongoing success.

    • Curious Minion

      Boat shows are a hoot even if you’re not shopping for one! Lots of spectacle and excellent people watching. Check one out if you ever happen to be near one and are looking for a way to kill some time.
      Curious Minion

  • Chris

    Big boys candy store… Have Fun. Spend Wisely

  • Michael

    It was good to see the vendors of the products you had chosen before. It was doubtless gratifying that some took your advice on improvements.

    Your previous testing and reviews are starting to pay off for you. Well done!

    You pretty much know the best of the other items you need. A double-check of the current model specs should finalize all your familiar products. Keep it up, and you’ll be done in no time.

    Now, about that dishwasher…….. 😉


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