They Wynns and trimaran troubles

Why This New Trimaran Has So Many Problems

Welcome back to Trimaran Life.  Last time we embarked on a voyage down the coast of South Carolina, aboard our friend’s 47ft NEEL Trimaran. But, as with all seafaring voyages, we encountered our fair share of challenges and discovered more than a few issues with the boat.

Some of you were left wondering why this sleek and shiny new vessel seemed to be plagued with so many problems.  But, as seasoned sailors know all too well, no boat is immune to the harsh realities of life at sea.

But fear not, we don’t shy away from a challenge! Today, we are joining forces with the owners of the Trimaran, Katy and Craig, as we set out to tackle some of these issues. But, as with any boat project, things are bound to go awry, and not everything goes according to plan.

Plus, we’ll also dive into the reasons behind their move from their Nautitech 40 Catamaran to the NEEL 47 and whether they miss anything about their old boat.

So, gather your tools, roll up your sleeves and join us for some problem-solving. It’s time to get this Trimaran shipshape again!


⛽Cool Fuel Transfer Pump

🥝Athletic Greens!

S/V Supernova

Supernova is a NEEL 47 Trimaran.  You can see a full tour of her here: and if you want to continue to follow her journey with Katy and Craig, you can find them here:




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  • Aubrey

    I have to ask, Nikki, what brand is your cropped sweater/where did you get it? SO CUTE!

  • Dan Guyor

    “It’s cold in Florida and you’re still wearing shorts” at 9:50. That’s why I moved from Rochester, NY to Pensacola. I’ve moved from where “damn cold” is 5 degrees F to where “damn cold” is 5 degrees C. Loving the Forida life. Nice part of a boat is that you can follow the warm weather up and down the coast.
    Fair winds and following seas.

  • Don

    Spelling and grammar looks good to me.

  • StevieDV

    Just a suggestion. When using the allen wrenches on the bolts, the short end gives you the torque you need to break the bolt loose. Then swap ends on the wrench so you can spin the bolt out without removing the wrench each half turn.

  • Alan Solomon

    I was surprised there were only 3 comments. Whaaaaaaaaaattt is that all about?? This was a great video.
    I am very fond of most dogs. I found myself smiling when you interacted with Yosh the pup.
    I liked it when you made your list and completed each item, one at a time. Jason kept at it with the leaky hatch and solved it, it seemed. That is an organized group!
    It is sort of a shocker that you are here in the U.S. We are all used to you being out in the open ocean or on some far away tropical island surrounded by blue, clear water. Even though you are on the opposite coast of me, it is still great to have you here in the U.S. You might be jet setters but definitely boat setters. 👍🐶
    Best Regards, Happy and Joyous.

  • Ed

    Always looking forward to Sunday with the Wynns. Love your new four legged friend. I have to ask, what breed of dog is Oshimi or is she a mix?

  • Bill Berry

    Nice. Interesting and amusing Jason is so happy with the electric fuel transfer from the Jugs to the tanks. Amusing part of that was as he moves the pump to the other jug he says “Boom”. At the beginning I wonder if the dog was excited to get to the boat or off of the dinghy?

  • Ed Grant

    What a fantastic plan you all have made! The charming owners get to go home to Scotland and you kids to to Boat/Dog sit, perfect! What a beautiful boat she is too. About how long will they be away? Are you kids planning on going back to the Bahamas again?

  • John Marquis

    Love this video today… surprise to see that you didn’t know how to rethread a bolt by using a tap and threading tool they sell on Amazon for re-threading bolts and tabs. You just need to make sure if it’s metric or American standard bolt type.


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