living aboard and sailing a trimaran


Our quest for more multihull experience continues and this time we’re the skippers of more hulls than we’ve ever had before!  We are being trusted to transport a 47ft Neel Trimaran from Charleston, South Carolina to Miami, Florida.

Have we ever sailed a trimaran?  No.  Have we ever been skippers of any other vessel aside from our catamaran Curiosity?  Nope!

It’s a wildly different boat from our old catamaran with completely different gear, tech, and maneuverability.  It’s our first delivery gig and it will be a learning experience no doubt.

Today we’re preparing for the big trip and we’re giving you a full tour of this unique vessel that will be our home for the next several weeks.

S/V Supernova

Supernova is a NEEL 47 Trimaran owned by our friends Katy and Craig. If you want to continue to follow their journey aboard, you can find them here:




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  • Joey

    What brand is the washer dryer in the boat. I have been looking for one that small forever and it would be perfect for our RV we use as a weekend home.

  • Gerry Sacks

    how exciting to sail the trimaran. wondering if you are knowledgable with power boats? we have 50 ‘ sunseeker and would like to have it driven from vero fla to westbrook ct. sometime in march or april. please let me know if you have any interest, or can recommend anyone.

    thx and a good trip wherever the wind may take you!
    Gerry Sacks

  • George Clarke Wolfe

    What are your thoughts on Dynema steering cables when Dynema is known to be very vulnerable to abrasion?

  • Steve Gibbons

    H N Year folks, What and exciting start to 23. Sailing a NEEL. I’ll follow with interest.
    Will be interesting to watch how you keep pots on the glass convection cooker underway. Looks sleek but what holds the pots back from sliding off an edge?

  • Tammi Hollis

    What dates will you be in st. Augustine? My husband David and I have been watching you since you started sailing. We too are sailors but sail competitively on Wednesday nights out of our sailing club in northern MI. We spend our winters in st. Augustine, FL.

    We love watching your adventures and had the privilege to meet the two of you at Just Catamarans several years ago. Please let us know if you need transportation anywhere or if you need any type of assistance.

    Safe sailing!

    Tammi Hollis

  • Mary Van

    What a beautiful boat! Sounds like you guys are going to have a nice quick trip!

    Enjoy Charleston! It is such a cute town! Say hi to Jacob! 🥰

  • Barry Russo

    WOW! Yet another adventuure for you two. You both exude happiness and excitement even more so than usual.

  • Tev

    Really enjoying your videos while you are waiting for “your” boat. Learning more about the various vessels than I ever thought I would. While we won’t ever get a boat we are rvers and learn lots of things from your experiences. We’ve just gone from a 42 ft. DP to a 24ft B van! So storage ideas and such are very appreciated. Looking forward to next week’s video, as always. Keep up the great work.

  • Michael

    Thank you for that informative look at a trimaran. My first impression is that the living space looks smaller somehow, but the storage in the outer hulls is huge. Very interesting indeed.

  • Kelley

    Can’t wait for videos of your “crew member”!


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