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We’re Stranded In Fiji

It seems almost embarrassingly unimportant to share our saga considering the problems the world is facing right now.  But, that could be said about every story we have ever published.

So, for the sake of those who want to be updated, need a distraction or are simply curious, here it goes…

This is the open-ended story of that time a pandemic broke out and left us stranded in Fiji.

Sanitize your hands, remote, computer keys, phone or tablet and then hit the play button.

We’re stranded and locked down here in Fiji for a while and it’s not ideal, but it could be worse.

I would love nothing more than to be back on-board Curiosity for all of this.  Saving money, working on the literal boatload of repairs we need to make, sleeping in our own bed and cooking in my little galley.

But, safety first. So, we’ll stay “home” and work on our long-distance relationships.

A brief timeline…

We left Florida on February 17 to fly over to South Africa. There weren’t many cases of coronavirus in the USA, there were no travel advisories and ZERO cases of coronavirus in place for any of the areas we were headed (South Africa or the South Pacific).

We left South Africa to fly into Tonga on March 15th.  Just four days after the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic.  On the 15th there were no cases of COVID-19 in Tonga and only a handful in South Africa.  For our layover stops Fiji had zero reported cases, United Arab Emirates had less than 100 and Australia had around 300 confirmed cases.

It’s now March 25th and those numbers are vastly different.  We’re completely locked down in Fiji and the confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world have exploded.  It’s all evolved so quickly and seems to have no clear end in sight…but it won’t last forever.  This too shall pass.

Confirmed Cases Worldwide

wold coronavirus

Fiji reported it’s 5th case today and more will likely follow. Hopefully, the government will enforce strict lockdowns.  Many of the citizens here don’t understand the severity of the situation and continue to hug, shake hands, gather and go about their normal day.

Fiji is a developing country but not a developed country.  Their few hospitals can be quickly overwhelmed and understaffed.  If it reaches the more remote out islands, it could decimate the population.  All the more reason for us to stay in and stay healthy.

We are taking our self-quarantine period seriously…for our health and the health of everyone around us.

Information On How To Protect Yourself from Covid-19:



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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Noel Hall

    Bula Bula – Y’all stay safe.

  • Pat Brogan

    We just found and joined your channel and contributed on Patreon. We are from San Francisco area and were the first area in US to have mandatory stay at home orders. We are three weeks into our lockdown but healthy!
    Prior to Covid we had bought a new old sailboat to sometimes live aboard to shorted 4 hour a day commute on Bart to SF. We brought the floating condo Hunter up from LA to Alameda to be able to stay on during the week but then the virus had us working from home and we can’t even visit our boat!!
    We are near retirement and planning to cruise., we have a great racer-cruised in San Diego in addition to our new condo not in Alameda. We needed the larger berth as a small V berth isn’t optimal
    For 60/70 years olds!
    So we are hunkered down at our beach house watching every episode and already ordered a few recommended items!
    Stay safe and avoid too much kava!

  • Linda Davis

    Have been following you guys for a while. You are such an inspiration !!! We bought a 2019 Wonder By Leisure Travel Vans last year and took a couple of fantastic trips. Had plans to take a three week trip in April to New Orleans but that came to a halt obviously due to the pandemic. Anyway, we have not had an update from you that I know of with regards to you being stranded in Fiji. Would love to know your status. Hope your are both well!

    PS I appreciate how difficult your decision was to rehome your kitties but I absolutely know that you made the right decision. Also I send my condolences for your loss.

    • Curious Minion

      Hi Linda. Nikki and Jason are still stuck in Fiji because the Tongan border is 100% closed. They have an AirBnB and supplies (even coffee!) so are okay for now. You can follow them on FaceBook or InstaGram for real-time updates – they post frequently.
      Curious Minion

  • Les Shortall

    Hope you guys are staying safe and sane in Fiji. My wife and I are also stuck in Queenstown , NZ due to Covid-19 lockdown. But hey, NZ is a pretty special place to be at any time and the Kiwis are looking after us and handling the challenges in their usual chilled, friendly and kind way. Love your blogs and stories. Kia kaha !

  • Mary Myers Devlugt

    After all this is over, Let me know if you come to the Dallas area and need an RV to hang out in when you visit your mom – got a couple Class C’s I rent on Outdoorsy that you can use, no charge for you guys. So sorry about your cat – my oldest dog passed away last week, so sad….Praying for you guys – stay safe and stay healthy!!

  • David Burnett

    Hi Nikki and Jason,
    Hope you are hanging in there OK for now. We guess at some stage we will get a real-time update from you again, but remember if you get stuck long term, and can get to Adelaide, then that offer (posted a few days ago under the video comments) is there, for your own place on the water down at Hindmarsh Island. In the meantime, we hope the Air BnB arrangement is not eating into the budget too severely, and you are able to at least get out and about for exercise, and sniffing the breeze.

    Terrible situation, and a lot of questions being asked, which will no doubt bring changes to the world as we knew it, but for now we all need to just be as safe as we can – for us, and for others.

  • ShariM

    On the final day of a March like none other, I hope this finds you both physically and mentally healthy-well, mentally, hmmm. I don’t expect many people are in tip top shape in that regard! I am so very sorry for the loss of your fur baby. That’s tough under any circumstance, but so much more difficult in yours. I have thoroughly enjoyed vicariously participating in your adventures, and know you will soon be home. Stay safe. Be well. Take good care. Laugh every day.

  • Kelvin D. Meeks

    Trying to reach out to my professional network to see if I can help locate any folks in Fiji that might be able to offer assistance/hosting (if needed).

  • Layne

    Hi Nikki, Im a cat (down to 5 – all rescues) owner hunkered down in Florida.. Im also a sailor who decided to stay on land rather than put my sweet crew at risk so I’m now boatless and greatly enjoying your travels. But I’m missing any updates on Singa. Please add them to your videos. Stay safe!

  • Jason Buckley

    Hi guys – you’ve a wonderful approach to life – an inspiration! We’re a British couple and were in our motorhome in southern Spain when the virus started to ramp up. Our first thought was to self-isolate in the van in Spain but (weirdly fortunately) for us, someone attacked the van in the night, the first time in many years of travel, which scared us into action. Like thousands upon thousands of motorhome travellers we drove for 3 days flat to get back to the UK with borders closing as we went (it later turned out they’ve mostly remained open for folks wanting to get home, although several thousand vans are currently unable to leave Morocco). We’re at home now, in a studio apartment we have in the UK, close to our families, quarantining ourselves for 14 days, going a tiny bit stir! 🙂 It was a relief to us to get here, although not as much a relief as we’d imagined, since the pandemic’s run much faster than we ever could, and is now washing all around us and our loved ones. Take care, keep the updates coming and I hope you’re able to return to the comfort of being on your your boat, your bed, your kitchen, your stuff. Cheers, Jay (

  • Kelvin D. Meeks

    A good source for monitoring developments in Fiji

  • Lawrence Jenkins

    Jason, Nikki, my prayers will be with you both in this season. I’ve lived the “adventure vicariously” through you guys since the RV days and have so enjoyed your successful and lovely travels.
    So glad you are staying safely ensconced where you are. Sorry about the mold. Know that while watching you here in the locked down Washington DC area, my and so many of your viewer’s thoughts and prayers will be with you. Looking forward to following you and all of us through this.

  • Charlie Worton

    Been following you folks for years, have always enjoyed your vids. Canada is as thoroughly shut down as the rest of the world, with mandatory ‘stay home’ orders in place. Being forced to do nothing is especially frustrating… but of course, I understand the necessity. Stay well, stay safe, and know that all of this will end. Best, Charlie

  • Ted Lennox

    As a former world traveler, stuck many places from many events, from 911 to earthquake’s to SARS and on and on…here is a fun game… take anyone you see and make a game of figuring out who they might be, where they might be comming from and going to…. to expand the game, take a photo of them with your cell phone and share it with others so they can join the game, zoom in to their boots, hats, haircut and anything you see and use these items you see in the photo to justify your guesses about the person… share them and their reasons with others,…

    Be safe…

  • Richard Winn

    Hello from the Winns on Sailing Vessel LEILANI in Shelter Bay, Panama! We too are stuck due to the virus. We know your pain of wanting to move. We were headed to San Blas but diverted here. No Pacific Crossing for most folks this year it appears. We are taking advantage of the jungle walks…monkeys, sloths, Crocs, toucans, and more. Stay safe. Thanks for your postings.

  • Cassie Meredith

    I just said to my husband this morning that I am having Wynns withdrawals (we are self quarantined in FL-live in Michigan). So I got on-line to check and see what you’ve been up to lately and whala-you posted a video yesterday! Also, watched the video of your hometown Nikki. Reminds me of my small hometown with 1 blinking light! Lol. Never forget your roots. Glad to hear you are safe and well. At least you got as far as you did. I said the same thing about all this “this too shall pass.” We have beautiful weather and palm trees to look at. A private beach to take our dogs to makes passing the time much easier. (PS. I am so sorry for the loss of your kitty. I cried over that video). Take care of yourselves. Looking forward to more videos after reaching the boat. Till then!

  • Jill Hart

    Holding you guys in my heart right now! We are all connected and have been impacted by this most unfortunate event…. I truly hope it leaves the world a better place. May you be safe & healthy! That is All that matters! I will continue to enjoy your videos during social distancing, they bring me great joy, thank you!!!! I would LOVE to board your vessel one day, a dream to live your life, you are very fortunate.

  • Tabetha & Ron Berry

    Ron & I from Extreme RVing (who are quarantined at our home base in Las Vegas) loved the update, we love your stories and pray you two stay safe and sound. I’m (Tabetha) from Las Vegas originally and have NEVER seen the entire Las Vegas Strip closed as it is now. It’s surreal – BUT – I know we’ll all get through this! Just stay away from ALL spores (mold or not) and we look forward to seeing more gorgeous adventures from your sailing! <3

  • Marshall

    We have been following your videos for a while now. We so enjoy them. We have built an off grid home on the Big Island and would like to do exactly what you are doing. Stay safe in this uncertain times.

    Marshall and Carol

  • cynthia williams

    Jason Just watched. I have World Mark timeshare in Fiji! I’m not traveling… Let me know if you want me to check…

  • The Jordans

    Y’all are amazing. There is so much to be angry and upset about, but you’re still not making this just about yourselves. Kudos to your emotional maturity. This is why we’re fans.

    Just imagine if this had happened while you were ocean crossing and ended up stuck anchored out, unable to enter a port. At least you’re stuck with food and plumbing and no cats to worry over. This experience will only make your next sailing adventure that much sweeter.

  • Sandy

    Hi N&J!

    Best wishes to you both. Thank you for sharing your story. I too am a bit of a refugee, but further south in New Zealand. Nicki, with you were here…far less mold! I pondered the same notion of returning to LA, but it just not the best choice in all this. New Zealand is on complete shut down for a month, so I’m hunkered down too…only on an empty beach I can explore…yeah! Best wishes to you both in your hibernation, getting caught up with computer stuff and well… learning a new skill?? …or something??? Interesting hearing everyone’s story, eh? I’m happy to be a patron. Look forward to seeing videos from the boat hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • Ted Sweeney

    Hi Jason & Nikki
    I have been following your journey from when you first purchased Curiosity, and commend you for your adventuresome spirits and for pushing through the tough times.
    I and our family of two teenagers are Kiwi’s and have just gone into lockdown here in New Zealand.
    I wish you both wellness and safety.
    It’s going to be a very different world when we finally get through this
    I look forward to catching you in NZ one day (We are yachties
    See you on the other side

  • Paul

    Thank you for the update!!! Also thank you for your continuing positive “rain=free water park” attitude!! Something sorely needed as people watch numbers go higher. If you continue to show nice palm tree pics, it brightens the day of all of us shut in snowy climates (just got 8″ of fresh white stuff on my deck yesterday night here in Maine.)

    Best of all wishes for you as you hunker down in video edit mode!! It appears like you are in a place with good WiFi, so you can do your thing with no worries. Just think of all those wonderful memories you now have days and days to wander thru electronically!! (And we get to share some of them!! Yeah!!)

    See you next update!! 😷👏👣👣👣😃

  • Grant & Kelly Chermack

    Oh goodness gracious…my heart goes out to you both! I am sure it is a challenge at times to keep your chin up and have a positive attitude. However, watching you both with your infectious smiles and happiness, I can’t imagine I am the only one that sees that as inspiration to stay smart, strong, and happy. Thanks for the updates! Keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can help with from stateside!

  • Tracey

    Thank you for update. May I ask, what are you all doing for meals? I can’t imagine y’all had planned for meals much less 14+ days?

  • Dawn

    We’re longtime fans but I was so disappointed by your choice to make a run for Tonga based on the news that was available the day you departed. It’s hard not to think of the small remote islands with just dozens of inhabitants that are put at risk by wanderlust travelers who can’t stay away. I get it, your boat is home; but as U.S. citizens, you should have come back and stayed with friends or family rather than pressing on abroad. Just my opinion. Wish you and those you come into contact with well. Hopefully a lesson learned.

    • Karen

      My mom used to say, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

  • Rob Waldrop

    Wishing the best for you guys in this crazy time. I wasn’t too worried for y’all until you said you had to change AirBnB’s because of mold?! I’ve become a serious YouTube junkie because of your channel, and hopefully one day I will be hailing Curiosity on VHF to invite you guys over for sundowners. In the meantime, I only ask that y’all stay safe, play it smart (I know you will) and keep to the deep channels. Keep the updates coming!

  • Paul Nelson

    Patreon can be quirky for me. It posts 1/2 a message. Anyway here is the rest.

    under some form of stay at home order. If Mom need a mooch dock place we can help. I can increase my pledge to you for the duration. Maybe that will help some. Stay safe

  • Edward Strine

    Were you able to find availability at the Fiji WorldMark Timeshare? If you have a friend or relative with a WorldMark Timeshare. They can possibly book you a stay on Bonus Time without having to use credits.

    • Shelly

      Good idea!

  • Reed

    Nikki and Jason Thanks for the update. I guess editing videos is pretty unexciting but hey – when this is done you will be all caught up to real time! Happy quaran-cocooning. Reed

  • Chris S.

    Thank you for the update!! Question: what about food while your hanging out in Fiji?

      • Shelle

        Smart! You guys are always on top of things. I know you’ll make the most of the situation & make new friends along the way💜

  • Kelley

    I guess some adventures are better than others? Stay safe.

  • Catherine

    Glad to hear you are safe and well. I hope you can either get back to Curiosity or home soon! Looking forward to watching your South Africa adventures, they will be a great distraction as here in New Zealand we are now officially in lockdown for four weeks starting today. Take care, stay strong and keep up that positive attitude. ❤️

  • Tom Pylant

    I’m sure you two never suffer from a lack of things to do, however, if you’d like to mix things up a bit, here’s the link to the Fender musical instruments site where they are offering 3 months of free lessons on guitar, bass, and ukulele. Don’t forget to have fun. 🙂

  • Ausbin G Pippin

    Appreciate the update and all I can say is stay safe. Hope that you will be able to make it back to your home soon.

  • Diane

    Watching you today 3/25. Glad at least you’re in a stable place. 🦋🦋for the moment. Take care, keep calm and won’t be long till you’re on your beautiful boat ⛵️ home. Many Blessings. 🙏🙏

  • Todd Tsukushi

    My brain flip-flops going from Sunday vids to real-time, but I really appreciated your updates and wish you both well for the duration of this chaotic international episode. There are so many land-based wanderers in RV’s that are facing RV/Camp closures and borders closures with few options apparently. Good luck to everyone.

    I just got my electric bike yesterday -ordered with a wynn100 discount (thank you!) – but with rains and travel restrictions, haven’t been out. Of course, bike shops are not “essential” so there’s no brick & mortar from which to purchase locks to protect it from wandering on it’s own. Better days ahead!

  • Cindy

    I had a burning question regarding your situation. I also put a comment to your video on 3/25 (we’re stranded). When you fulfill the quarantine in Fiji, can you leave via water? I’m thinking of it in CA terms ie: when the port at Long Beach closes, the ships from China don’t come in. Does the “port” close, just like the airport? How do rules come into play here with “Fiji” water vs. international water?
    Any ferries lol from Fiji to Tonga?
    Best of luck from Northern AZ, where I hardly recognize anything.

    • Curious Minion

      The Tongan border is completely closed, even to Tongan Nationals. Nobody gets in or out by any means.
      Curious Minion

  • Iggy Konrad

    Stay well. We met you guys in Albuquerque. We’re sitting tight in our motorhome in Titusville, FL. We’re enjoying your videos as they give us something to watch and not think about the virus and its impact on the world.

  • Pam McClure

    Wow. Thank you for update. Scary times but my goodness how fast that spread during your travel. Sobering! Stay strong.

  • Jana

    Continue to be safe. Lake Havasu, AZ (Mohave County) just today reported its first confirmed case. It was so sad, as I was wishing we would get to at least March 31st (our 15 day quarantine). In reality, it was a case of not if, but when the virus hit us. This is our home base, so we are hunkered down with all we need. You guys are a staple to my life. Just watched the video and look at minute 11.43 for a new trending word that is posted. LOL

  • Lisa Day

    Be safe and prayers for your continued good health – and avoidance of Covid-19.

  • Michael & Cindy Manbeck

    We wish you all the luck in the world to the both of you…May God be with you ….and we have you both in our prayers ..stay safe and healthy.We have been with you from the RV days….

  • Nick Hayes

    Glad you guys are safe! and healthy! Looking forward to more adventures when the world starts spinning correctly again.

  • Kimberly

    Thank you for sharing your adventures and stay sane & well!! I hope you can get back to Curiosity soon. 🙏🏻❤️

  • Shelle

    God Bless! Thanks for the update, been wondering where in the world y’all are. Stay safe, Please keep posting videos, great distraction for those of us at home. 💜


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