Tesla of The Ocean?

Tesla of The Ocean?

What do gangways, tents & flags all have in common?   I have no idea but wow, you’ll see a lot of all of them if you go to a boat show.

Which, we recently did for the first time in over four years.

We made our way to the 2020 Miami Boat Show and it was fun.  Way more fun than I thought it would be and far more exhausting than I expected too.

It’s not that it was drastically different from the last boat show we attended.  It’s that this time, we actually knew what we were looking at!

We’ve only been to two other boat shows (Miami & Palm Beach), both in 2016 right before we purchased Curiosity and long before we had taken any sailing classes.

We didn’t know the words sheet or halyard, much less what they did.  It was like being in a foreign country and not speaking a lick of the local language.  So, at least this time we had the lingo down!

Our big goal at the boat show was to seek out all things forward-thinking and sustainable.  Plus, we had a long list of gear to investigate as possible replacements on Curiosity…like a refrigerator.  While we didn’t find the perfect fridge, we did find the Tesla of the ocean!  And, a whole bunch of other neat stuff. 😉

Highlights From The Miami Boat Show

Zin Boat: bit.ly/zinboat

All Solar Powered Catamaran: bit.ly/serenityyachts

Insane Fast Pontoon Boat: bit.ly/fastpontoon

UGO Waterproof Bag for phone/tablet (20% Off Code Too!): gonewiththewynns.com/product/productugo-waterproof-pack

Pony Dive Set Up: bit.ly/MantusWynns

4G At Sea: bit.ly/4gsea

Just Catamarans VIP Boat Show Event Videos

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