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I Became A Superyacht Chef For 36 Hours

Superyachts don’t typically fascinate us much.  But getting paid to sail to some of the world’s most exotic places, now that piques my curiosity!

Over the years and various anchorages, we’ve made friends with a few people who are professional Yacht Crew.  We know they have almost no expenses (room & board are covered by the ship), get paid well and have at least a few months off each year.  Pretty much sounds like a dream job for any nomadic heart.  But what the job really entails…well, that’s hard to grasp without some firsthand experience.

So, when our friend Captain Mike invited us to be part of the crew aboard S/Y Destination for the passage from Monaco to Mallorca, there was no hesitation.  Just a resounding YES!  We wanted to go sailing so bad we would have done any job, scrubbing toilets and bilges included.  But, we lucked out with primo gigs.  As the photo suggests, Jason is the Sous Chef. 😲

You know by now (all too well) Jason doesn’t do the cooking, he does the dishes. So, this is a man outside of his element.  Will he be able to cut it in the kitchen? How much dough do these maritime maestros rake in? Will Jason’s culinary skills sink or swim?  You’ll just have to click the play button to find out.

A huge thank you to S/Y Destination, Captain Mike, Chef Murray and the entire crew for having us aboard.  I know not all passages are that calm or fun, but we had a blast.  Thanks for showing us what true maritime professionals look like.


Our Biggest Takeaway from Chef Murray

Becoming a private chef isn’t hard, especially if you like cooking and good food.  We were shocked at how high the demand is for private chefs (both on land and on the water).  Honestly, Murray had us thinking hard about starting a new career.  Jason and I already know we work well together on a boat and in stressful situations.  So, who knows!?  For now, we’ll take Murray’s Master Home Cooking class and see how we do.


Murray really is quite a renowned chef.  He has cookbooks (some free), videos and full blow courses on everything from home cooking to becoming a private chef (land and/or sea).  You can check it all out on his website.



As you might remember from our first sail aboard Destination, she is for sale.

She is a 2003 Alloy Yachts – Dubois Sloop – Length 134’6 (41m)

You can find the full specs & price and on the listing:



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  • Alan Solomon

    Thank you, Nikki and Jason, for another terrific video.
    Murray seems to be a great and patient instructor. I was not expecting Jason to accept this role and work through all of the teachings. Great job Jason. 👍
    At the end Jason, you seemed to have that comfortable confidence that Murray has in the kitchen. If you don’t practice what you have learned, you may forget it.
    “NOTE,” Sunday mornings I volunteer at a local farmers market providing information on renovating buildings, removing natural gas appliances and hook-ups to become fossil fuel free buildings. I was talking with a young couple this morning who live in an RV or 5th-wheel that travel the U.S. I mentioned that I know a young couple who had an RV and travelled the U.S. and then sold the RV for a 42-foot catamaran and are now sailing the world. The lady I was speaking with said are you talking about the “Wynn’s,” and I said Yes. Do you know the Wynn’s and she said yes that they watch you most Sundays. This all happened in my local community. Your name and videos have become well-known, and you are quite popular. 👍 Thanks again,

  • Mary Van

    Beautiful kitchen! You did pretty good there, Jason! I look forward to trying to make falafel‘s myself.

    Don’t give up your bread maker, Nikki makes some amazing bread!

  • John and Chris

    Great episode. The pecan tart looked great! Post the recipe if you have it.

    • Curious Minion

      It’s Murray’s recipe and he said he had a cookbook on his website. Check it out at and Bon Appetit!
      Curious Minion

  • Jan

    That was great. A good insight into another world. And Jason being nervous. Would have been dramatic if full sail rough seas but then I don’t think Jason would have lasted long lol!! Now I am hungry..

  • Peter Drury

    I absolutely loved this episode. Choice of music at the end was perfect. Just racialized I was smiling throughout.


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