Boat Life: How We Get Supplies On A Remote Island

Boat Life: How We Get Supplies On A Remote Island

We used to stock up like we were preparing for the zombie apocalypse. We would fill every locker, bilge, cabinet, drawer, and shelf of our sailboat. It was equal parts of us preparing for unknown scarcity and economy.

Would everything we want, and need be available elsewhere and if it was, would it be affordable?

But, after a few years of living aboard and sailing to some of the world’s most remote island nations, we’ve learned what should have been obvious right from the start.

No matter where in the world we end up, if there are people, there will be food and supplies. It just may not be what we are used to or, worst case, the exact part our foreign vessel needs.

The more time we spend sailing and living in remote places, the more our ideas of what we really need and find pleasure in, evolves. Because experience and hindsight are semantically related.

Our need to fill the bilge with beer, beans, and rice has diminished. But there are some things we still stock up on when we find them or pay the big bucks to ship across an ocean and wait patiently on.

Because how we stock and provision our boat has a lot to do with what food and supplies we will have access to along our journey.

This is why we’re taking you shopping today. It’s potential foresight for our fellow sailors on a similar route and because it’s fascinating to see what is and isn’t available on such a faraway land.

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