It’s Thanksgiving today for us and our fellow Americans (happy Thanksgiving). This is the first holiday season we’ve spent outside of the USA but certainly not the first time we’ve been away from family for a holiday or special event.

I especially enjoy Thanksgiving because its focused on sitting down to a meal with the ones you love and sharing all the many things we’re thankful for. It’s not about gifts but giving thanks.  We may be far from our family and friends but our hearts are filled with nothing but gratitude.

family of sailors

We tried to take a family photo, but this is as close as its going to get.

Oddly enough, after this wonderful day of feasts and giving thanks comes the next day. Black Friday. The day of mass chaos, consumerism, and all around madness. We suggest staying far, far away from any store, unless you’re morbidly curious and you want to get in some good people watching.

We always struggle with big shopping days like Black Friday and even Cyber Monday. On one hand, you can get some great deals and save a chunk of change on something you had every intention of buying before it went on sale. But, on the other hand, it’s all too easy to fall into the consumerism black hole. You know the one where you start buying things simply because the deal seems to good to pass up. Like a complete set of Star Wars DVDs even though you don’t own a DVD player anymore!?! You know what I am talking about.

In order to avoid the black hole and take advantage of the potential savings, we make a list. We have a short list of items we intend to purchase whether its for ourselves or our loved ones. We check the websites for those items the night before to see what the deals are and when they begin. Then, we stay focused and only buy what’s on the list. It’s worked well for us the past several years.

With all that said you might be wondering what’s on our list. Well, considering we’ve busted the bank and bought one helluva boat, not much!

However, each year we put together a short list of Nomad Friendly Gift ideas. It’s a combination of things on our personal wish list and those we found, loved and think any of our fellow travelers would enjoy.  You can always check out our Gear Store for more ideas and info on our fave gear but everything listed below is under $150 and most are under $50.


2016 Nomad Friendly Gifts


Let there be light

best sailing lightsMuch like burning man it’s not good to be a darkie when you are out in the wild (anchored out on a sailboat or wild camping on land). We have a few power friendly lights we have come to love.  All the lights below are waterproof, rechargeable and super durable.

  • Lucie Light:  These little inflatable lights are great mood setters.  We clip them onto our boards for nighttime paddles, bury them in the sand and we can place them almost anywhere on the boat.
  • Mantus Snap-On Lights & Headlamp:  We discovered these babies while researching our new anchor.  We figured they would be nice but we had no idea just how fantastic they would be.  The snap-on lights are super rugged, great for while underway at night (red light setting) and even better when we are anchored out in a dark area but want to make ourselves more visible. The headlamp is super bright and makes working in the dark narrow spaces on the boat much easier.  The headlamp is also a great night time paddling addition and it’s submersible for shallow dives.
  • Navisafe Tricolor:  I am amazed how many dinghy’s don’t have proper night time lights.  We like this one because it can be attached with a magnet or suction cup.  We keep it tucked away out of the elements and snap it on when we need it.


The traveling chef

best tiny kitchen giftsWe cook most of our meals in and rarely eat out. Not only is it budget friendly, we eat much healthier when we control what goes onto our meals. Here are two of my favorite cooking devices that prepare 95% of all of our meals.  If you’ve watched our videos, chances are you have seen me cooking with these.

  • Dash Griddle:  This is the newest addition to my kitchen and replaced our almost 10 year old griddler (he had a good run).  I like this new griddler because it is a wide surface area, has a lip to help keep food from spilling over and can be used open faced or closed.  Perfect for roasting potatoes, brussel sprouts, stir frying, pancakes, paninis, and anything else you would cook in a saute pan.
  • Central Oven:  I found this device a few years back and it continues to be my favorite kitchen gadget.  I use this as I would any oven.  It’s fast, efficient, a snap to clean up and doesn’t create the heat a traditional oven does.  Cookies, cakes, fish, rice, muffins, reheating leftovers…pretty much anything.


Foodies Delight

traveler friendly giftsYou can’t go wrong with good consumables…and we’re not talking space cakes (unless you’re in Colorado).  Craft anything is always a treat. Locally roasted coffee, chocolate, specialty brews, limited release wines, gourmet spices and the list goes on.  If you don’t have a locally made lovely something available near you, here are a few of our go to favorites:

(To our friends and family heading our way, if you’re reading this please bring craft brews in a can, small batch coffee, and chocolate! These things are like gold here in the islands.)

Clean Freaks Rejoice

best vacuum for sailboatIt’s no secret I like to keep things tidy. I wouldn’t call myself a clean freak but with two cats in a small space, I find the need to quickly vacuum high traffic areas daily (or more like 3 times daily!).  I don’t know what I would do without this small, crazy useful sucker.  The big deal here is the lithium battery…its what supplies the continuous sucking power.  With out that, it would just be another cheap vacuum.  I can easily tidy up the whole boat on one charge and the flexible hose makes getting into small spaces a breeze.


The Connected Adventurer

handbag for sailorsCell phones aren’t just phones anymore. They’re our camera, wallet, id, navigation device and messaging machines. Why not have a waterproof, floating protective bag for such a valuable device?  I have fallen in love with this little bag and now it is the only handbag I carry and own.


Future Spielberg

best action cameraOk, so you might not be making the next big blockbuster but it’s the creativity that counts. The super affordable SJCam is perfect for an underwater sequence, on ground action and above ground stunts.

  • Want the camera only, buy it from B&H: 
  • Want the camera and some goodies, buy it from  Use the discount code WYNNS and get these extras:  10% Off Entire Order, SJ4000 Action Camera, MicroSD Card, Adventure Monopod Selfie Stick, 4-Axis Suction Mount, Torque Tool and more.

Photographers side note, if you’re looking for cameras and electronics (such as our beloved Sony A6, A7 & Action Cams), make sure to check out B&H special deals, there are some big discounts on cameras, lenses and accessories happening for Black Friday and the holidays.


Hey Bartender!

best bar tender toolThe only thing we love more than a cold beer is a well crafted cocktail!  Of course fresh squeezed ingredients are always best but sometimes fresh can be hard to come by.  I always stock up on these mixers when I can (we are currently out, feel free to restock us if you come for a visit).  If you have a cocktail loving friend, they should appreciate these gems.


Provisioning Protection

best tote for provisionsWhether we’re on a mission for provisions or packing a picnic we have found these insulated bags to be a major food saver! They’re great for keeping things cold or hot and surprisingly they don’t leak when the ice melts.


For the furballs

traveling sailing catsWe don’t have dogs so you’ll have to fly solo there, but our traveling cats love these few things more than land:


We never recommend anything we don’t have personal experience with and love.  If you shop on Amazon, buy electronics from B&H or any other product listed in our Gear Store, please consider clicking through here on our website (there is an Amazon link at the bottom of every page). If you do, we get a small commission on any purchase you make in the following 24 hours. There’s no added cost to you, but it does make a big difference for us. Thank you for the consideration!

Most importantly, we are so very thankful to have each and every one of you here.  We feel as though we have a large group of extended family that’s a part of our journey.  Where ever you are in the world, we hope your holidays are filled with love, laughter and lots of adventure.