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How We Make Money and Travel – Gone With The Wynn’s

We are living the dream…life on our own terms. Making a living with no fixed office and the freedom to live and work from wherever we like.  You can do it too!

This Make Money and Travel series exists as a source of inspiration.  By sharing examples of real people around the world, making money from anywhere and living the lifestyle they want.  To us it proves, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We figured if we were going to start this open, honest and hopefully helpful series, we better start with ourselves.  So, here we go.

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We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn and we are the keepers of this website.  In 2010 we sold everything, packed up our two cats and bought a home on wheels. The concept was simple: no matter where our adventures took us, we were never far from home.  Now, we’re always on the move and travel from place to place in an effort to wear out our adventurous soles.

The first question we always get when we tell people this is “how can you afford to do that?” The answer is simple, we live and work just like everyone else.  Ok, maybe not just like everyone else.  We’re photographers, videographers, and writers.  If you’re interested in all the details that come along with our jobs and what it all takes…read on!

I feel like the first thing I should say is that neither of us come from rich families or are independently wealthy (which is always the first assumption).  Nothing has been handed to us on a silver spoon.  We’re simply hard working entrepreneurs who are not afraid of a little risk.

People looking for excuses not to live their dreams (obviously not you, or you wouldn’t be here) don’t like to hear this but here it goes:  You don’t have to be rich to live like you are.  

I, Nikki, am the one writing. Considering I am sort of interviewing myself, I may write in 3rd person or 1st person.  If it gets a little confusing, I’ll blame it on my small town education. 😉

*This article was updated in 2016


The Jobs

Before hitting the road, Jason was a professional photographer and I was a makeup artist in Dallas, Texas.  We both worked in commercial/advertising so naturally we looked to those same skills to fund our new mobile lifestyle.  We quickly realized there was a need for affordable, yet quality video/photography services in the travel/tourism industry and we’ve been filling that need ever since.

Over time we found other ways making money as well.  We have the photo/video services, our GWTW (Gone With The Wynns) website and freelance writing.

Photo/Video Services: From tourism boards, to adventure companies, to campgrounds, we create experiential and promotional videos and photographs for their needs.  This has been our main source of income while traveling full-time on the road.  Sometimes we would share the project on our website as well but most of the time we simply give them the final videos just like any production company.

GWTW Website: When we started Gone With The Wynns it was our way to share the journey with friends and family. So, it really blew our minds when other people started tuning in and joining in on the conversations. Turns out, there are a lot of people who wanted to live a similar lifestyle.

That realization prompted us to put more effort into our videos, photos and articles.  We tried to be helpful, give insight and go the extra mile to help all those wanting to know more about our lifestyle and how we made it work.  As everything has grown and progressed…so has the time, effort and expenses to keep it all going.  What started out as just our personal creative space has turned into a full time job.

We never dreamed our website would be a way for us to earn an income.  So, it wasn’t until year 2 or 3 that we really started trying.  The first time we ever turned on that monetize button was on our Camping at Wal-Mart Video.  Even still, making money writing/blogging/vlogging on our own site can be incredibly hit or miss.

Freelance Writing:  We also make a little income from writing the occasional article for various publications/websites.  This seems to be the natural thing for anyone with a blog to do.  Why?  For us, and I think maybe others, we found ourselves writing all the time because of our blog and we had an unintended writing portfolio through the blog.  We started reaching out to online publications and print magazines within our niche and slowly over time…we started picking up writing jobs.  Then eventually, the publications started reaching out to us.

The Hours

Photo/Video Services: We can easily put in between 16-20 hours a week scouting/filming/photographing.  Being out and about capturing the moments is the fun part of our job and receiving positive comments from clients is the rewarding part.  Depending on what we are capturing we meet new and interesting people and see places we otherwise would have never known about, or bothered to see.

The endless hours in front of the computer make up the remainder of our work time, and this part is indeed a “job”.  We can easily spend 25-30 hours editing one video.  The editing and business side of things its still enjoyable but its certainly not near as fun as the capturing. We know people in our industry that really love the editing portion much more than the capturing…so its all personal preference.  If we could afford it, we would hire an editor. But that would cause our pricing to go up a lot as well and then we wouldn’t be the affordable choice anymore.  Some days we go right for the computer as soon as we wake up (around 7am), we may never make it out of our pj’s and once we are officially cross eyed, we will finally shut everything down (around 11pm) and go to bed promising ourselves tomorrow we’re going to get out and exercise!

GWTW Website: We love documenting our lifestyle…it’s our passion project.  Because we love it…we find we dwindle away into the wee hours working on our website, articles, photos, videos, social media, email requests and the list goes on.

Capturing, writing and editing, especially if you publish a good solid post a week and interact with your readers, is extremely time consuming. These days we can easily put in 30 – 40 hours a week into our blog/social media/answering reader emails and comments. In the first couple of years it was half that, maybe a quarter of that.  Writing quality content takes time. We’re not natural writers but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a story or information worth sharing so we keep at it and remind ourselves to proofread as many times as possible before hitting that publish button.

It can take us anywhere from 3-6 hours to write a post. If its a helpful or technical post it can often take 6-8 hours.  Editing photos to go with each post can add another 1-3 hours per post, it just depends on how many photos we took and what the lighting looked like at the time of capture. If there is a video to go with it, it becomes a much bigger investment.  Most of our videos take anywhere from 10-24 hours of computer time from start to finish.  Now, we don’t have a clue as to how much time we actually spend filming.  It’s a lot but it’s what we consider the fun part. On filming days we’re pumped full of energy and that’s why we’re often full of smiles even if we’re talking about composting toilets.

Then there is the time spent on answering emails/comments/social media.  In the first year or two it took around 3-5 hours a week.  These days our viewership and engagement is a lot higher across the board so its more like 2-3 hours per day.  It’s hard to gauge as it’s something we do throughout the day.  It’s also very enjoyable interacting with people so the time can fly by in a blink of an eye. Sometimes, I have to set a timer to keep myself in check.  We want to answer every question but sometimes we have to shut-er-down before we can get to them all…then it can turn into a snowball effect which is daunting to say the least.  The hardest thing about a passion project is the fact that there is no off button.  It’s your baby.

Another time consuming portion of our website can be the back end website maintenance.  We’re not website pros by any stretch of the imagination.  We’re creatives and we have fun with tech…but that is as far as it goes. Our website is a self-hosted wordpress site.  Fixing glitches, updating pages, adding new features, updating existing features, curating our travel store, etc.  It all adds up quick and often times just gets pushed back.  We try to keep it all fresh and keep up with the ever evolving world of technology but it can be a challenge not to be outdated before you are even finished these days.  I honestly don’t know how many hours total we spend on this kind of stuff.

This past year it became so intensive we had to hire a website manager (chris at to simply monitor, fix glitches, keep themes and plugins up to date and make sure our site wasn’t crashing or being hacked every other day. It’s made a big difference and it saves us time and piece of mind. It’s well worth the monthly fee.  Now, I probably spend about 3-6 hours a month on back end website stuff.  Which I don’t think is too bad at all.

Freelance Writing: We take on jobs very sporadically as they come.  Sometimes I will have 3-4 articles in one month due and other times it will be 3 months before I take on another.  Articles vary anywhere from 400 – 1200 words and take anywhere from 3 – 10 hours to complete.  The big thing here is professionalism.  Again, I am not a natural writer and my grammar and spelling can be atrocious.  So, I probably take much longer than what I consider to be a real writer.  I just so happen to have a unique set of experiences and knowledge because of those experiences and that is what I typically write about.

The Overall Business: Lastly there’s the business end that involves scanning receipts, communicating with our bookkeeper, dealing with the devilish QuickBooks and quarterly check ins with the CPA.  This is only a small portion of our monthly work, but trust me Jason hates every minute of it…and I love to watch him sit and cuss at the scanner and the bookkeeping software. 🙂

sailboat life

The Pay

Photo/Video: The average yearly salary for a photographer or videographer can vary widely.  When we had our studio in Dallas we would easily earn 6 figures and lived very comfortably. We worked hard to build our businesses and worked some crazy odd hours at times and almost every weekend. Once we had a solid business foundation and reputation for quality work built up, we relaxed a little.

Building a reputation for quality work in one area was relatively easy compared to traveling the country expecting the same reputation to follow you around.  We have yet to make the same earnings we did while stationary.  For us it really boils down to two options:

  • If we are willing to move quickly, the pay can be lucrative because we can stick to a firm schedule and book lots of jobs in advance.  We’d be working full-time and on the move when we’re not filming or editing.  But working at a pace this fast and hectic…we may as well have stayed in Dallas and just took long weekend trips to explore.
  • If we want to take time to enjoy each location and book jobs on the fly with a flexible and spontaneous schedule we usually just make enough money to pay the bills.  Thankfully when we’re living off the grid we can save a lot of money and there’s not that I gotta work now sorta pressure.  See our post: costs of living on the road to get an idea of what our personal expenses are.

The most difficult part is figuring out an hourly rate or daily rate.  What worked in Dallas, TX where we came highly recommended doesn’t work in Bend, OR where nobody knows us and we’re cold calling an adventure outfitter for a white water trip.  Our rates are at least 50% less in our travelling life than they were in our previous sedentary lives.  We try and stick to basic 10 hour day rates and work each job estimate based off of time invested per project.  Our day rate could be $0 if its something we really want to do and are willing to barter and trade services.  Other times it could be one project that takes a week but pays for a month of living.  It’s all over the map.

GWTW Website: Bloggers and vloggers are a dime a dozen these days.  Very few bloggers make any money, much less good money.  It most certainly can be done, but these days if you want to make it, you have to stand out from the masses.  Even then, the big question is always…how do we want to monetize our passion project.  What can we feel good about?

We’ve deliberated, debated and tested out several ways.  As our website and you tube channel have grown, so have our expenses to keep it all up…which really starts to put on the pressure for the website and you tube channel to bring in at least enough money to pay for itself.  Here are some of the ways we’ve found to offset the costs and potentially compensate ourselves for our efforts:

  • Ads – We hate ads but sometimes, like this time, they are a necessary evil. So we added one simple google generated ad to our videos and website. Sadly, everyone else hates ads too. With the popularity of ad blocker, our minimal revenue has been cut and cut again like a week old turkey after Thanksgiving.
  • Collaborations / Sponsorship – We really don’t like the word sponsor as its wildly misunderstood and misused by many.  We have had some in-kind sponsorship’s over the years (where a product is given to you in exchange for being attributed as donated or sponsored) but we have not had a true sponsorship where a company simply pays you to do what ever it is you do in exchange for being attributed as your sponsor.  What we have done is some great (some not so great) collaborations.  We’ve worked with companies over the years like Go Power who will help fund an informational video/post about solar.  These types of collaborations take a lot of time invested in relationship building, pitching and in the end we still come out not making as much as our photo/video jobs.  The other problem with these types of jobs is the assumed corporate sell out label that some viewers now put on us.  Regardless of how helpful the information was, how honest and clear we were with our disclaimers or anything else.  We do still collaborate with a very select few companies if we really really love the product, love the company and feel its something our viewers will really want to know about.
  • Our Store – We created Our Gear Store to easily organize and share all of our favorite gear. Surprisingly, some of you actually go out of your way to shop through it, even though its a bit of a pain to navigate (we are aware and we are sorry…we are going to try and fix it soon).
  • Amazon – Shopping through Our Amazon link (along with a few other affiliate links) has by far become our number one source of passive income.  It’s not enough to cover all the expenses but it makes a very helpful dent.  If you’re reading our blog and you see a hyperlink to a product it might take you to Amazon.  Once you’re on Amazon, that product and anything you add to your cart while that same window is open, we get a small affiliate commission on the purchase.  The key is you have to purchase within 24 hours of clicking from our website or we get nothing.  It’s a standard and fair referral fee system. We think this is great because Amazon carries everything, they often have the least expensive pricing and they ship free 2 day with Prime which is huge for the ever moving traveler like us.  This has helped tremendously and we’re eternally grateful for people that go out of their way to click from our site because they found an article or video helpful. As I said earlier, it’s still not enough to fund the site and all our production expenses but it sure helps.  If you’re thinking about adding Affiliate links to your site don’t expect it to take off right away, it took us a couple years to make a commission worth writing about.
  • Tip Jar – After much deliberation we eventually added a small tip jar. We didn’t make a big deal about it…but it’s there and a few people stumble upon it and give us a tip here and there (which really fills our hearts just as much if not more than our pockets).  What’s neat is we’re not promoting it, people just feel like they’ve gained insight or maybe we’ve helped save them money on something, whatever it is they follow that little link and share the love.  You are Awesome.
  • Patreon – Recently, we kept getting suggestions that Patreon would be a much better platform to help support the site. After much more deliberation and research (we’ve been talking about Patreon for over a year)…we totally agree!  We were on the fence after seeing so many people get called ebeggers (another word I hate) lazy people who need to get a real job and other not so nice things.  We’re just starting Patreon so I can’t say how we will fair with it.  But I can say we like Patreon because it is all about us creating something worthy of supporting (helpful, entertaining, inspirational…) and in return rewarding supporters with special access and insight.  Seems like if you have a core group of people who find value in what you create, I think you can be successful.  As for those who want to call us an ebegger for going this route…well, you clearly have no idea how much work it all truly is and obviously don’t see a value in what we create.  That’s ok, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Freelance Writing: We can make anywhere from $200 – $1000 per article to write content for other publications, but only when we find time to pitch an original idea and it’s accepted. Finding good paying ($500-$750) writing jobs these days are super slim, require a lot of pitching and in turn they expect a well researched article.  Some publications will still pay for quality articles but most want cheap filler content with “click bait” titles and only want to pay $50 – $150.  For us, it just doesn’t feel worth it.  We’re not interested in associating our names with unhelpful and click bait content, we’d rather focus on writing a quality article for our own website than take $100 for writing something we don’t care about.

Overall we’ve always found that making money by providing a quality service, skill or product is always doable, no matter if you are on the road or stationary.  Find a need and fill it.  Create something that matters and that you can feel good about. Then, it’s more than just a means to make money…it’s a mission and a passion project in one.

At least that is the way we feel about our website.  Gone With The Wynns has become our passion project and one we have been slowly pouring more of ourselves into every year.  We’re hoping 2016 is the year we can ditch the distracting side projects and truly make it our full time job.


The Tools

Our most essential work tools are our laptop computers, cell phones and our camera gear.  All of our cameras and equipment used are listed out here:

We also rely VERY HEAVILY on the internet.  Here’s how we stay connected while travelling: 


The Clients

Photo/Video: We have worked with tourism boards, adventure companies, and campgrounds by providing video, photographs and articles.  Sometimes a company or brand will contact us in need of our services but most of the time we are researching and pitching companies that we think fit our goals, lifestyle and clearly could benefit from our services.  If we do our research well and come up with a good solid pitch, we rarely get turned down.  We have about a 75% success rate.  If we contact a company or town on the fly because we are going to be in the area, it’s more like a 25% – 50% success rate….and sometimes it’s just a trade because we really wanted to go on that _____(insert adventure here)_____.

GWTW Website: Growing a website or you tube channel isn’t something I know how to advise on.  I am not even sure how we have gotten here ourselves.  I would say create great content and they will come but that alone isn’t enough.  I have friends like Ryan Van Duzer who create fun, entertaining and inspirational videos that don’t get even close to the views they deserve.  As for us, with the addition of Patreon this year we hope we can focus our efforts 100% on our website so we can share the stories and adventures our audience really wants to know about and hope it continues to grow.  Paid gigs are good, but they take away focus from the authentic stories that we feel really help and touch people the most. When we’re not side-tracked our “job” becomes even easier and our content even better.

Freelance Writing:  Most of our freelance writing has been in the travel or RV category.  So we reach out to or are contacted by various online and print publications within that niche.  If we wanted to write for Yahoo, we would search for the editors email or twitter handle.  LinkedIn can also be a great place to find contacts for publications and a good place to reach out about wanting to write for them.  Be quick with your requests, get to the point and be persistent.  If they didn’t respond to an email, try them on twitter, then on LinkedIn.


The Up’s

Travel – Each job is unique and we are always exploring something new and often times in a really beautiful location we would’ve never visited otherwise.  If we’re not inspired by today’s job, tomorrows will be somewhere totally different, so there is always a light at the end of that tunnel.  Every day isn’t perfect but most are special in one way or another.  There are so many days we wake up or go to bed saying to each other, “how awesome is this”.

Forced Exploring – Our job is to capture experiences through still and moving pictures.  So we have to dig to find what makes each person, place or thing unique and interesting.  We have discovered some of the best destinations and people through our work, and that’s what gets us excited and keeps us charged and ready for the next gig.

Inspiring Others – The biggest reward we get is from our web site. Its the thankful comments and emails that remind us of what an incredibly unique life we lead.  It’s hard to describe just how humbling it is to know we have inspired someone to take that big trip, make a major change in their life, or saved them a ton of money simply by sharing what we’ve learned.

IRS Write Offs – Because we both owned our own companies in Dallas, before leaving on our RV adventure, we decided to incorporate and it’s worked out very well as some of our travels and adventures are write-offs. We have a great CPA who helps us stay legit, within the laws, and with his help we can write off part of the depreciation of our RV (and now our sailboat), many of our food expenses, our campgrounds (& Marinas), fuel, insurance, cameras….well pretty much everything that is related to us making a living. It doesn’t make any of these things free by any stretch of the imagination but every little bit helps!


The Down’s

Travel – Packing up and moving along at a fast pace, not knowing if you will have cell service or internet, and having new distractions outside your door daily can make working on the move nearly impossible some days.  Most of the time our work locations are where everyone else is drinking beer and on vacation…it’s insanely hard to resist the temptation to join in as we peer out our windows over the top of our computers. Add a slow wifi connection to the mix and the frustration quickly leads to a headache or drinking…which still eventually leads to a headache.

Computer Time – We spend a good portion of our time with our noses buried in computers, editing, writing and documenting the people and places instead of experiencing them.  Yes, we are those people in the dark corner of the beautiful place working away while everyone else enjoys the day and assumes we don’t know how to disconnect from technology.  I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me in that scenario and said “you will live without the internet, you should enjoy the moment”.  Not realizing that I am not on vacation.  I usually just smile and nod to avoid having to explain myself.  That’s when it hurts the most.  I am too busy working on my amazing life to share why I am working on my amazing life!?!

Negativity – When you become successful, people naturally want to hate, or assume that by the grace of some higher being your life is easier than theirs and you never had to work for anything.  (note to self, someday share the backstory about how I was raised by my working class grandmother in a small farming community). We read every comment and the little negative jabs and blatant trolls eventually add up.  We don’t talk about it, we don’t typically engage them and try to forget them as quickly as possible.  Some days it’s easier than others.  On the hard days, here is what we say to ourselves:

  1. We worked hard for everything we’ve earned in life.
  2. 95% of the comments are good so we can’t listen to the 5%
  3. If you’re feeling down talk to a friend and DO NOT engage the haters, its almost impossible to change their minds.
  4. When we see someone more successful than us it’s important to think about point #1 before judging their situation.  As we often tell ourselves the sweet can’t be as sweet without the sour…and our life is pretty damn sweet!



If we could go back in time and give ourselves a few pointers, they would be:

  • Develop your portfolio(s) and set up your website or blog and get some clients before you start travelling, I’m talking like a year before you hit the road.  A solid collection of work examples is huge, luckily we were not starting from scratch and already had years of successful photography experience and it helped a lot. If you can’t show what it is you have to offer or what you can do, then why would anyone want to pay you to do it for them?
  • Keep track of every minute spent on each project – it’ll help with properly estimating and pricing jobs later on down the road.
  • Double the amount of time you think you need for a project.  If you think you need 4 days, give yourself 8.  You never know what obstacles will pop up.  Rain, slow internet, RV breakdowns…so on and so on.  And don’t forget to schedule in some time off!
  • If blogging/vlogging as a business is something you are considering, think of what the product or service it is you are going to offer first.  Then, don’t start next month or next year…start now! Consider yourself already behind.
  • Document the change!  Because we didn’t have a plan with Gone With the Wynns we never captured video of the buying process, the moving out of our 4000 sq. ft. downtown loft, our first RV trip, our first Breakdown…I could go on for hours about the stuff we could have filmed that would be pure gold now!  We are trying to document it all with our new sailing adventures…and yes it’s a huge challenge and it’ll make everything take 2x as long.  But its all worth it when you have a complete story with all the crap you wish you would have known in bold text.


The Fantasy Job

The dream job for us is the one Ansel Adams had.  We would have loved nothing more than to be the first person commissioned to travel from National Park to National Park and capture the beauty of our amazing national treasures!  That job has been done and is continuing to be done by everyone today through social media.  It’s a very cool thing really to see a place from thousands of peoples perspectives.  The internet is amazing!


Your Homework

Now it’s time for you to think outside the box and figure out how you can make money and travel.  It’s a big ol’ world and it’s worth exploring as much of it as you can.  There’s no set of guidelines and anything is possible.  The internet has changed the world and most certainly our personal lives.  New doors and options are opening up all the time.  Get creative!  Some jobs are naturally easier to perform remotely such as webmasters, software developers, and virtual assistants.  While doctors, teachers and firemen will have to do some creative thinking, but where there is a will, there is always a way.  Stay tuned and check out the other make money and travel stories for more ideas and inspiration.


If you would like to share your location independent lifestyle, tell us about it in the comments below and we’ll contact you to become a part of the series.  Remember it’s all about inspiration, as simple as your job might be it could help inspire a major change in someone else’s or perhaps even a movement.

If you have any questions for us feel free to ask. As you may have seen throughout our site we’re pretty much an open book & we’re here to help when we can.

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Mike & Ginger Szewc

    Hello Jason & Nikki,

    My wife and I have been living our own adventure on our private island for 9 years. We have been blessed with a 51 acre island in the largest chain of lakes in Florida but we feel that time is near for us to start our next adventure. We have put the island up for sale and, no surprise here, we want to go sailing. I love the HH 44 and I love it even more now that it is not going to be built in China. We will probably end up with a Leopard 48 though.

    Anyway the reason I came to your sight was to get your discount code for your VPN provider but I can’t find it on your site. So I will go watch a video again!

    Perhaps we will cross paths some day on the water. Continue to live your adventure!

  • Joe H

    I’m relatively new to your adventures, but really enjoy your videos. I was moved by you taking on raising your younger sister and getting her through high school! Thanks for sharing your lives with us who (for now) adventure to the mailbox in the snow… 😁

  • Pat Birch

    Rich Snobs? (NOT) I stumbled across the Wynns after finding several liveaboard Sailing channels like SV Delos, Parlay Revival, Vagabonde, GBU and of course Nikki & Jason. I’m a closet blow-boat lover having gown up around power boats. My honeymoon was on a 46′ sailboat chartered for a week in the BVI’s 30 yrs ago (should have kept sailing & not look back). The Youtube channels seem to follow no order & early in watching Gone with the Wynns I saw a video where they seemed to defend themselves as ‘not rich, snobby yacht club trained, trust fund brats with a hidden crew off camera who actually get dirty’. Funny because….yeah, easy to get that impression. But I was thinking more ‘school teachers like music, computer class or maybe art class’ lol. But I thought the cool kind of teachers every student loves & wants to be in their class. And maybe they simply had enough & sold everything & went on sabbatical like teachers or professors do. But the more I watched the more I realized how badass they are buying 43 feet of serious fiberglass & then learning how to sail & sail they did crossing oceans on their way to places the 5% negative commenters will never see. As it turns out, a photographer & makeup artist simply know how to look good in front of a camera. And not only do they always look great, they live great. Nicely done Nikki, Jason, keep it going & when you are ready to change boats, I’ll take Curiosity off your hands, my family is ready.

  • Eric

    Good day and thank you for taking the time to write what you have. I have been wanting to get into the cruising lifestyle for a long time, but never really had the resources to get the dock lines let alone untie them. The last few years has been a world wind of opportunities that I have said “why not, what is the worst that can happen” to. As with most thinking about dropping the lines money has been at the forefront of my thinking. What can I do to get out and stay out?

    I was blessed by finding a great partner that has a similar desire to get off grid, and has become my rock and I hers. With the attitude of we are kind of bad-ass on our own, but together we are unstoppable. After lots of youtube, and reading we have a good plan and to read what you have written it is good to know that we are on the right path to make this happen. We know there will be a lot of work and cussing, and a lot of “what the hell” and “you got to be kidding me” in our future. But that is what life is about. Live life, don’t let it live you.

    Keep up the good work, and hope to see you guys out there sometime soon

  • Dawn B

    Thank you for being brave years ago and getting “out there”. I’m new to your channel, and didn’t even know it existed until two weeks ago. I appreciate the product you produce. I’ve been telling family and friends, “You gotta check out this YouTube channel… the Wynns, they’re great. They live on a sail boat…. “ And that’s when I hear back from them, “You’re not thinking of buying a sail boat are you?!?!? “
    Anyway… keep up the good work. I am entertained and living a dream while watching.

  • Ernie and Isabelle

    During these difficult and uncertain times of Covid finding you guys has been a wonderful blessing for my wife and I . Your adventures and story telling have delighted us so much, sometimes we get so consumed we feel like we are right there with you. Within the last two years several of or own adventures ( vacations ) have been canceled due to either Covid or the California wildfires and watching your channel has given us continued hope to once again hopefully soon hit the road, roam and create further adventures of our own. Thanks you for all you do, the light hearted humor between you, the love ❤️ between you that you share is an inspiration to us all, the kindness for animals and our planet 🌎 do not go without notice. You both are great examples of the best of what humanity has to offer. May the winds always be at your back, see ya down the road..Ernie and Isabelle 🙏🏼

  • Marco van Staden

    I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate you guys, like seriously Hats Off. You are amazing!

    I would love to oneday do what you guys are doing, Vanlife, Cruising, all of it.

    The more videos and content I watch and the more I read about it and trying to figure out how to enter this lifestyle, the more impressed I am by you guys. I realize that people tend to think it’s easy and that the internet and social media can be a cruel mistress at times. I can see some of the work that goes on behind the scenes and it really is quite impressive having to deal with people not always liking your content or judging or even the normal day things where the seas are rough or something just breaks or stops working and then still showing face in front of a camera through all of it. I can image that it gets easier as time passes, but for me even if I was handed a sailboat and enough supplies to last me a lifetime I would still find it very difficult to do the work you do at the quality level you do it.

    I wish you guys all of the best!

  • MIA

    MIA, South Carolina ❤️

  • Trygve

    In 2002, my wife and I sold most everything we had, and bought a one way ticket from Nevada to the Republic of Georgia. We spent the next 12 years running a small software business from all over the world. From a cheap hotel in Cambodia to a pickup truck in Sudan and everywhere in between… about 100 countries in all. In 2015 we came back to the US mostly because we bought a small airplane and have since flown it all over the US as well as to the Bahamas, Cuba, Guatemala and Mexico. We still have our software business and our apartment in Europe provides additional rental income now. Your blog has me thinking of a future chapter and moving onto a catamaran.

  • Merritt Fallis

    I discovered your videos a few days ago, and have been catching up on your travels and adventures. I owned a Fuji 40 monohull, and lived aboard for six years in Washington state. My wife and I are both teachers, so we would head north most summers, up to British Columbia – Princess Louisa Inlet and points north, then around Vancouver Island. Then, when our daughter was 12, we took a year off and sailed down to southern Mexico. We worked our way back north slowly, and puttered around the Sea of Cortez for a few months. We then sold the boat to a couple that were planning on cruising.
    You two have done an incredible job of documenting your travels, and I’ve been sailing vicariously through your videos. Keep up the great work.
    – Merritt Fallis

  • Floyd Johnson & Panther puddy.

    Hi Nikki & Jason,
    I have watched all of your sailing video’s and enjoyed every one, but now that you are back at the boat, it seems that
    you have backed off somewhat. I assume that boat work is taking presidence (sp). I need my “Nikki fix”, so how about
    getting some video’s out there ?!
    Best wishes and fair sails!
    Floyd and Panther

    • Curious Minion

      Do you mean videos of them sailing? Because that’s kind of hard to do until the boat splashes. But if you mean videos in general, they’ve actually been posting more than usual, with 2 vids/week a lot of the time now. If you go to the sailing page on the blog or their home page on YouTube and click on the video tab you can see everything that’s come out.
      Curious Minion

  • David Matula

    Thanks for the way that you share with us the way you are able to keep up the sailing. I’m watching and wondering….how do they do that? How long does it take to do some of the video editing ect. Since it was all explained in this now I know. It looks like fun, sounds like fun, till it comes time to do what it takes to pay the bills and then that takes all the fun out of it. That or remembering to turn the camera on so that you can share how you did something on video instead of having to tell the viewers what you did.
    Thanks for the tips and the ideas.

  • Xavier

    Hi, I am so inspired by your life ! Practical question I have is how do you get mandates / contracts to do some work while you are travelling abroad. Do you use specific freelancers sites etc. ? Thanks.

  • Howard Freeman

    Nikki and Jason,


    You guys are doing what my wife and I want to do. We are about to be empty nesters in the next year or two. We’re both in our mid-50s — the new 30-something. My wife’s an artist (abstract expressionism) and I’m a writer by night and nonprofit fundraiser by day.

    I launched a site — — to travel to and find the beauty in small towns. I’m from NYC and my wife is from Kerrville, TX, so not *too* far from your Dallas days. Our vision is to take her art and my writing on the road.

    I found it particularly helpful to read about your Amazon affiliate link. I have numerous affiliate programs related to my site, but I’m still too new to know what’s most profitable. At this point, I’m just trying to — like you said you did — write quality content and use good photography.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Will be following you!

    Howard (and Karen) Freeman
    Small Town USA

  • Tami D Smith

    Hey guys,
    I have been a follower of your youtube channel since you bought “Curiosity”. I have shown your videos to my wife many times, as we are also both scuba divers and love the locations you visit.
    Well, life has slapped us in the face with this pandemic and poof both of us “who are medical professionals” out of a job. Tami because she started having panic attacks and me because I needed to take care of her.
    I was watching your South Africa video and out of the blue Tami said F#@k it let’s be like them. How do we do “THAT”?
    So we are selling all of our stuff and started looking for a boat. Unfortunately, it won’t be as nice as Curiosity. But it will be ours.
    We also started our own channel to show other people that they can do the same thing, (Sunset with the Smiths)
    Everyone thinks we are crazy. Honestly, sometimes it feels that way, but all you have when life is over is memories (sunsets) so we might as well make them great.
    So from Tami and I, “We hope to see you out there.”
    Chris And Tami Smith
    P.S. We also hope you get home soon. I think I would have paid one of those fishing boats.

  • Tim

    Following you since 2016 via subscribing to your YouTube-Channel. You guys are my Heroes. I dreamed of living such an Independent life and to discover the World. I am a german Law-Student and this training – i can tell you – takes a loooong Time. There are two Examina you have to pass. The First after round about 5-6 years of studying. Then the Second one After 2 More years. If you fail, you have nothing but your school degree, because its not a Bachelor-master course, it is a diploma course. So i am kind of caught in that until its over Next year. With your Videos i get a hint about what Life offers more than studying 24/7. remembers me of what I dreamed of when i was in my early twenties. U are brave to give up your old life back in 2011. its inspiring. So Thanks!

    Have a great journey – to infinity and beyond. 😀

    Tim 🙂

  • Michael Paddack

    My wife and I have been following your blog since 2012. We were thinking about buying an RV and going full time. Your adventures helped with our decision. Bought a Tiffin AllegroRED the last day of 2012 then retired in 2013, sold the house and most our goods then off we went. Full timed for a year then bought a small retirement home (family reasons). We travel about 6-7 months a year; have camped in 49 states and five Canadian Providences. One last thing: not only do you take the time to maintain your blog but whenever we have sent you a question wanting more information on a subject you have been very good at replying and providing more details.

    Thank you and may you have fair winds.

  • Tom & LyLy

    Have you ever thought about earning money by taking a paying couple with you on a journey?

    • Curious Minion

      They have and the answer is nope, nope, nope! Taking on passengers for money makes you a charter captain in the eyes of the law. So you need a captain’s license and your insurance will of course go through the roof. When Nikki and Jason do take on temporary crew there is no monetary compensation. It’s just friends cruising with them.
      Curious Minion

      • About Creativity

        Barter system option?

        • About Creativity

          + patron.

          • Curious Minion

            They have given Patrons the opportunity to sail with them before, and if they have guests again they’ll most likely be Patrons. So who knows??

  • Nelson Norgell

    hello GWTW! I started late watching your video’s and I do like those info vids such as mono vs multi hulls and then all the rest. There are few that I watch other than yours, but you make it easy. I too would love the catamaran lifestyle, tho I like that you never had boating /sailing experience. I have plans to take the classes. You’ve proven that mistakes are challenges and all I would need is to keep trying. I am recuperating from a medication allergy (who knew…) that has left me handicapped but with hope. Seems I’m allergic to the medicine that makes me a group of maybe 3-6 people in the whole world with this problem. I’ve been living in a board and care home which is where I began watching your vids. Been living this way for 5 yrs. And I have a home taBoot, bought and paid for that has been vacant for 5 yrs as well. I’ve already decided the cat I would buy. Only thing is, I am not married or in a relationship (yet) so deciding what size I would need as a single or what size I would need as a couple which no one has vlogged about. I’ve heard first I would need a plan, then I would need a dream (to see myself on the catamaran), which focuses me to plan ahead for the future and then live the dream…, should I recover from this injury. I’m not afraid of calling myself a gimp and wouldn’t care if thats all I can do but still be able to have the mobility like do boating chores and travel the world. Thanks for your videos and keep them coming. You guys keep my dream alive!

  • Craig Sturm

    Been enjoying your sailing videos. Great to see you are an inspiration to so many. You do many things well including a darling relationship, wear clothes vs swim wear (not that I would be offended though I get the professional appearance), so on and so forth. My son (videographer) & fiancé (social media mgr) will be inspired by your “how we make money” as they are teetering on that fence. Safe travels

  • Glen and ElizaBeth Haubold

    We retired and went full-time in a 30 foot coach in April. I had always done a little consulting in facilities management, and thought if I could snag a few jobs I could ease into retirement, but I’ve had so much work I should’ve done this year ago. I guess 65 is not to late to

    This is probably the best advice on the entire page – “Double the amount of time you think you need for a project. If you think you need 4 days, give yourself 8. You never know what obstacles will pop up. Rain, slow internet, RV breakdowns…so on and so on. And don’t forget to schedule in some time off!” I’m a perfectionist, and never put enough hours in a job to make any money. I’m sure I’m not alone in that, at least I have fun.

    I enjoyed reading –

    • Curious Minion

      Congrats on the success! That is awesome. Nikki & Jason will be glad to hear the info was inspirational.
      Curious Minion

  • Larry

    I think you guys are fantastic, I have 5 more years to lock in health benefits for retirement then off i sail. I wanted to ask you guys, how much battery power (amp/hours) does it take to heat and make water for daily showers and do laundry if you don’t run an engine or generator. I saw your Battery Bank and Charging episodes and I’m planning out the power system requirements on my future boat. PS, I also appreciated your info on Charities. The Bahamas will need so much help over the next few years…

  • April WINSHIP

    Hi Jason and Nikki,

    Just discovered your Gone with the Wynns and have loved every video and enjoy all the honest conversations regarding the cruising life. The good, the bad and the ugly! We cruised on a 33 foot Australia built Crowther 10 meter cat for 10 years with our two girls and it was a magical time. Fast forward ten more years and our girls are grown, graduated college and are on their own adventures in their lives and we are about to embark on our next phase, traveling The Great Loop and the Bahamas in 2020. Just bought an awesome 34 foot trawler. Indeed life is to be lived and thank you for spreading the word that you don’t have to be rich to live the life you dream of. We penned a book about our cruising adventures and how we set about turning our dream into a reality called Set Sail and Live Your Dreams (Seaworthy Publications 2019). I appreciate all the time and energy it takes to produce such high quality and informative videos. For anyone considering the cruising life, your videos show a true depiction of what’s out there and highlight how similar people are across the planet.

  • Bobby Gene Hayes

    Ok guys, I read this section on your website about three years ago. I’ve been watching you from the wings since you set out on your RV. ( I know, you get that a lot).
    I retired young. I was a care taker for my wife for 5 1/2 years before she passed from brain cancer. (Trying to keep this short). I traveled the country three years on motorcycle full time to get my head right. It wasn’t enough. Videos like yours inspired me to just bust a major move. I sold the big house in Orlando and bought my Newmar Class A, attached my car, and away I went. It worked. Totally free and liberated, and dead set on sending a message to others who have lost. Get up, make your bed, put on your shoes and get out and reclaim your life, find yourself again.
    That was three years ago and it’s working. I’ve been approached by other RV’ers who recognized me in some campground, and listen to their story of how I inspired them, (as they point to their new RV), through my YouTube channel, “Gene’s Therapy”…and I barely have 10k subs. (My middle name is Gene.)
    Now, yes much too late, I’m building my website (Journo WordPress) 🙂 and reading your article again taking notes on your hindsight. I’ve thanked you in the past, I’ve tipped you in the past, I’ve left nice comments on your vids. Now I thank you again as I watch you swishing your feet through murky depths. Everything you’ve done and shared doesn’t get old, it’s keeps on giving. I hope what I do wil also keep on inspiring others as you have me. Once again, safe travels.

    • Kristen

      Well aren’t you a precious soul! Your comment already inspired me! I just battled cancer, kicked it’s butt, bought an rv shaped tear drop thingy that I have no idea how to do it all yet, but hey! I kicked butt before and I’ll be damned if the RV life will kick my butt! Cheers 🥂 n hugs 🤗

      • Colin Ashby

        Dear Nikki and Jason,

        I recently retired as a consulting Engineer in Christchurch New Zealand, and as a treat hired a 40 ft Leppard Catamaran in the Whitsunday islands in Australia with friends and family for a week and thoroughly loved it.

        I started searching you tube for catamaran sailing adventures and
        stumbled across one of your videos and have got hooked!

        I think your work is excellent,
        professional, delightful, honest, helpful and well presented to a standard worthy to make a TV series.

        I would suggest that a presentation to Television New Zealand would go down well in this nation of boaties and could prove to be a good potential source of income to help fund your adventures.

        Wishing you all the very best and safe travels.😊 Just keep doing what you are doing as you do it very well.⛵️

        • Pam

          Well said. I agree.

  • Marcia Bettger

    Hi Nikki and Jason:
    I have been watching your youtube channel since you began RVing. You guys did well with RVing, and I had no doubt you would do well with sailing. I again just watched your video on the pros and cons of sailing before you started sailing. I wonder, looking back at that video, what you would have told your future self? What have you learned? What advice would you give someone when considering sailing.
    You two seem incredibly happy and like you have found a lovely niche that works for you. The videos are gorgeous.
    Thank you,

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Marcia. If you haven’t seen it, check out this blog post reflecting on their first full year as sailors. I think it’ll answer a lot of your questions. There’s also a Q&A tab on the sailing page of the blog and some of them dealing with sailing vs. RVing and what they might have done differently, knowing what they know now.
      Curious Minion

  • Jacqueline Donaldson

    Great YT channel & blog. Thanks for all the info. If your looking for a great High-Tea check out Hong Kong on your travels!

  • Angela

    Hi guys! I echo all the great comments that others have mentioned and I want to add a big thank you for your “clean” videos as my 8yr old watches your YouTube channel behind our backs, lol. We usually find out at dinner time what adventures you’ve been on and then of course, we have to watch them ourselves. We love to sail and he watches sailing videos, religiously. Therefore, I appreciate that I really don’t have to worry about inappropriate content with the Wynns. Hope to cross paths on the sea, some day! We continue to keep you in our thoughts for safe travels.

  • Amanda Jones

    Jason and Nikki,

    You have inspired my boyfriend and I more than you could imagine. We have a 10-month old daughter and are trying to find a way to take our show on the road. Kenny is a financial advisor and I own an ad agency. We are working to make it all mobile. Thanks for all of the great advise! We just binged watched a ton of your videos. So fun. We will become supporters for sure and would love to keep in touch and follow your journey (and ours). All the best!


  • Bob

    Jason and Nikki,

    Love your blog! My wife and I experience a similar adventure. Our adventure started in 2013 just 3 years after yours started. From the beginning, sold our house, gave away nearly all the stuff (used to call the stuff “beautiful treasures” ), bought a travel trailer, and instantly became full-timers. Paused one year to work because we, too, had “enough” money but not like they recommend for someone to quit the working world (aka for the rest of our lives). But we were healthy, still young enough and empty-nesters, had enough to get started, and didn’t want to lament in later years “If only we had done it when we had the chance.”

    We started blogging early on because we couldn’t remember what we’d emailed to who! Only recently did we learn that all those places, RV parks, membership clubs, etc. that we recommended and provided links that we could have placed a go-between link and received small residuals! (I don’t claim to be too quick sometimes.) So we’re doing baby steps to learn how to earn a little something along the way from our blogsite ( and still maintain our integrity (not selling out to advertisers) – just as you figured it out.

    Really appreciate all your candid product explanations. Have questions, but another time.

    We’re taking a break right now, regrouping before resuming. It’s a blast of a lifestyle, I agree. Chuckled one time when we were camping in this beautiful forest in northern Washington state next to the Straight of Juan DeFuca, looking across the water at Canada, enjoying the serenity and wildlife. Decided to phone call a relative who asked “How can you stand to live in such a tiny little trailer?” They are a person who just doesn’t get it even when we try to explain. Oh well. The crowds keep themselves away.

    Anyway, just wanted to share with you, thank you for an excellent blogsite, for sharing all you share, and for enjoying life! We will be in touch.


  • Wallace

    Kudos to you two! You guys are an inspiration…

  • Loren

    So me and my family are actually watching your videos to what it is like to actually live life they way you want too. I want to thank you for the inspiration that you provide to many like minded souls out there. Hopefully, in a couple of years, we be there along with you and be sailing the world with my family.

  • Alexander

    Hello dear,
    Well, guys I don’t know how that could happen you are living my life instead of me doing so LOL ) No offense though! That statement is only to make you help me with advice which probably I already know. Let be more specific – it is me who want to have a GameDev/Movie/Music/Photography production studio in the Seattle but not being even an US citizen at the moment (you’ve already achieved this),next it is me who want RV trip through America and to live some time as a spaceship commander or a CIA special agent (again you’ve already achieved that) and finally it is me who craving to live aboard of a sailboat and discover the world. So guys I am afraid to begin dream my next dream because you’ll get there probably faster than me.
    Thank you very much for your great example of how the dreams should become true for everybody on the planet!

  • Davy

    Hello Hello
    Well I guess we all have to start somewhere. What I mean by that is this is my very first post of any kind to anyone so thought it would be worth a shot for a newbe.
    First of all let me start by saying I am amazed, fascinated, and inspired by what you are doing. For decades I have wanted to do something similar however so many people have said that’s not for you, it’s to risky, you are too old etc. Will be turning 59 next week according to the calendar by the way. Living alone now and am seriously considering selling everything and becoming a traveling hippie gypsy. Yes I am from that era. Here is my question to you folks. I have been a videographer, editor, sound engineer and archivist in various formats for over 30 years. Which is what primarily atracted me to your channel. The quality and professionalism with your productions.
    Anyway I am wanting to take my craft on the road kind of a mobile production rig even with a turn table for vinyl records remember those? Vcrs, reel to reel tape decks etc. I still have all these components and they still function. It would be quite a different set up than most, very unique to say the least but that is me. Power would be a concern as well as media storage and climate control. Since you are in a similar field of work any tips or suggestions to a person from the old analog era trying to branch into the new digital era would be greatly appreciated.
    There is so much footage sitting around in shoe boxes, closets, drawers, attics etc. from decades ago that needs to be archived, preserved and put into a format that can be enjoyed. Just trying to do this in a mobile way instead of a building . Many have told me it would never work I on the other hand refuse to believe it.
    Thank you for your time I am so new to this that I am not even sure as to know how to find your response.
    Love what you are doing! Peace be safe and don’t ever let anyone make you afraid.

    • Ray Whyte

      Davy, you have the equipment, the talent and a great idea. You go for it man. I started a web site 5 years ago, at the coaxing of my son. He said, “Dad you have so much talent and ability and I have learned so much from you. You need to share it with the world” . I knew nothing about the ” web world” but with hard work and determination I have a successful web site and youtube channel. I just turned 72 (just a number) and I did grow up in the hippie era. My site is
      Good luck, Ray Whyte

  • Michael S.

    Thank you for letting us join in on your adventures, I just finished binge watching all of your sailing videos over this past week, I have the sailing bug in me (never sailed before) and can’t wait until I can find a way to make cruising a reality for me.

  • Catherine Rochon

    HI guys !
    We are a familly of 4 from Montréal planing to leave next fall on our future catamaran for an half world trip. Thank you so much for all the info in your videos and website. I am learning so much! Question (nothing to do with this post) Did you get any problems in some countries with having your cats with you ? We will be traveling with a dog and 2 cats. Example: in the Glapagos, you just needed to leave them at all time on the boat? What about french polynesia? I have all the info for the dog but not for the cats. Thank you so much in advance and keep the good work ! You guys are amazing ! Catherine

  • Pierre-Olivier Desrosiers


    We started a 7 months roadtrip arround USA in September. We have 3 kids (6 yo, 3 yo and 10 months).

    I’m CPA and I develop my customer base on the road. We also have some real estate in Quebec.

    You inspire us for the next step.

    Thank you!

  • William Wynn

    I stumbled upon some of your videos on Solar Power for your RV, and I’ve been reading along ever since. Live your dreams!

  • Tadd Herron

    Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your work. I subscribe to a dozen or so vlogs but yours is the perfect blind of entertainment, interesting/varying topics, and quality. I’ll never catchup with all of the content.
    Keep up the fantastic work. Remain positive & true to your passion. Thanks.
    Oh btw, I became a patron a month ago, something I never thought I would

  • Loni Alexander

    Hello! I love your videos! it is great to live through your eyes. I have a question when you are “touring” a town and visit establishments, do you ask before shooting your video or do you just start shooting until someone tells you to stop? Also If someone is sitting down, say at a table in a restaurant, do you ask them if they mind being in your shot? Just curious to see how you approach people who wonder what it is you are doing.

  • Teresa Parsons

    Hello, I honestly just discovered your video’s on you tube yesterday, July 4th, 2018. For the past couple of years I have watched traveling families video’s on you tube as a past time and found out that watching video’s like yours on you tube are a lot of fun to watch. I just finished reading your Make Money piece here on your website and I was pleasantly surprised to read my home town (where I live) listed! Yes Beautiful Bend, Or!!! I have lived here for many many years. So thank you for that!! Now I’m getting ready to check out your Gear Store & your Amazon Link, then I will head back over to you tube and watch more of your video’s so I can get caught up!! You two are Amazing to watch!!

  • Loni Alexander

    This may be the most real explanation of travel nomads I have ever read in my life!! I applaud you. My wife and I are looking to begin full time within a year. We are taking it slow and processing every thought we have about the adventure that is forthcoming. The scary part is, we are middle aged, not retired, not young and full of energy, middle aged people who still need to work to survive. With that said, blogging, vlogging as you said , is all over the place, and thinking you are going to make a living just traveling and talking about it now a days is next to impossible. What you have created here is amazing. I was a little jealous when I first began watching your videos on YouTube, then I found myself wanted to know more about your adventure and how you got started. What an amazing, difficult, fun, rewarding, painful experience this must be for you. I am amazed at the success you have had, not because you do not deserve it because you do, but because you just keep doing what you are doing and it is wonderful!! Congratulations!! You have earned me as a fan too!!!

  • Mily Turner

    Congratulations! What an amazing and helpful content. I just found your YouTube channel and start exploring your lifestyle… And I really appreciate your time sharing with us all of your adventures. Wishing the best from Tucson, AZ and happy sailing!

  • What a great useful tips!
    In my opinion there is nothing like travel around the world. I hope that with your tips i can finally make my dream come true. I’d like to sell my car and start my huge trip. I need to plan my journey much more qualitative. I’m working as a freelance writer, so I need to find hotels with Wi-Fi connection, in every country what i want to visit. I know that that will be really hard trip, but i believe that it would be the most interesting and useful trip in my life.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing article, i know that it help a lot of people!

  • Bob FitzPatrick

    My wife and I are addicted to your posts–we have been binge watching for the past week or so. Watching so much for your sailing adventure in so short a time allows us to see how far you have come–not in nautical miles but in experience. It has been empowering to see Jason become so confident as a sailor (I think to myself–a non-sailor: I can do that!). Jason seems to really know his stuff, now.

    Something that mystifies us: How does Nikki fit all the clothes she wears (We can only remember her wearing one outfit twice–and we may be mistaken about that one) in that one small closet? She always looks marvelous–it’s worth whatever you are doing to make that possible.

    A movie recommendation: !978’s “Overboard” with Cliff Robertson and Angie Dickenson. This was a made for TV film about an attractive couple who decide to chuck it all and buy a sailboat to sale to Tahiti (can you relate at all?). The protagonist played by Robertson was seduced by the lure of sailing that began for him as a small boy reading Raphael Sabatini novels such as “Wake of the Red Witch. Things do not go well.

    Good luck and have fun.

  • Jeff

    Enjoy French Polynesia. We have been to Bora Bora 2 times. Water is unreal, but it is the people that make it so magical. Lots of hard work for you two for sure. Love keeping up with you and those cats are off the scale beautiful. Im a pilot, so your next adventure is for you to fly yourself around the world. Keep up the hard work and enjoy!

  • Bill Ward

    I just love you guys, love that you keep it real. The videos are fabulous, and make us feel that we all can and should be sailing. My wife and I are retired and thinking about buying a monohull sailboat on the west cost. We are new to sailing, but feel like we have gained a lot of knowledge watching videos like yours. Maybe one day we will meet up in the South Pacific.
    Thank you for all that you do to inspire us all!

  • I always admire people who can combine work and travelling or those who can work while travelling. You are a very inspirational example of happy people.

  • Hi guys! So here I’am , a 75 year old retiree being totally inspired by a couple of young wepper snappers and loving every minute of it!! I love you guys! I’ve following your sailing adventure since the very beginning ( I’ve been benge watching) I’m like you Nikki, can’t spell worth a damn LOL. So although I’m retired my income is fixed and not very much, you probable heard the horror stories about seniors living from day to day, welcome aboard. In the twilight of my life I would love to something like you guys are doing but on a smaller scale, just something to help me a little bit. Soooo…. I was thinking about starting on the internet, something along the lines of what I have learned about life and maybe share it with the rest of the world . Ok, ok, don’t start crying yet :>). Oh, by the way just to let you know, you guys are still on your honeymoon, I’ve been married to my bride for 52 years :>).Now I need to know how to start a webpage, and I guess how to manage it, any help would greatly appreciated. I’ll stop for now, please get back to me. If you do please use this web address: [email protected], and please put your names Jason & Nikki on it so I don’t delete it by mistake.

    Thank you

    • Oh man, I think it’s a great idea to share your stories. The world can really benefit from more people sharing experiences good and bad. We’re not web people either, yes I know we run a blog, but I do know there are plenty of platforms like wordpress and squarespace made for people just like you.
      Good luck, with a little google searching you’ll be on your way in no time.

  • JeanAnn Danbert

    My husband and I have been watching your videos for the last two months and have truly enjoyed every minute. We are getting ready to retire and we are selling everything here in Texas to purchase a Catamaran. We are excited to embark on a wonderful world of sailing. We have started our ASA certifications and have been diligently looking for the right Cat. Would you be able to share who your surveyor was, for your video showed that you were very satisfied.

    Thank you for your episodes and looking forward to many more.

    Best Wishes,
    JeanAnn Danbert
    [email protected]

  • Alexandre Gregoire

    I discovered you in your Rv’s video and now I have shared your video with my girlfriend who is now religiously watching your new upload on YouTube with me.

    Thanks for your quality and really fun video ! Keep on the good work.

  • Walter Gameiro

    Howdy Nikki and Jason. We think you are doing a great job and I am amazed to see how you guys survive so nicely to make end meet doing what you are doing. We think your videos are just what people want to see about our way of life. In our case we worked both very hard for decades before we could afford cutting ties with land and live on the boat 8 months out of the year, which we have been doing since my retirement in 2013. I am and engineer and my wife is a MD anesthesiologist. We will continue to see you guys on YouTube and blog, while we are on land, for Hurricane season and some extension to dedicate some time to our kids and grand kids. We are on our 70’s now but we did not give up sailing offshore yet.
    From Fort Worth, we send our CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done and a great way to live your lives.
    Fatima & Walter

  • Nikki and Jason,
    You two have had a big impact on our little family. We’ve followed you for a couple of years and now have the courage to change how we live our lives. We’ve used the gains from selling our Southern California house to buy a trailer, acclimate to having “less” and building up our internet business. We plan on getting underway within about 6 months and are looking forward to it. Here’s the thing, though. Even if we never move an inch, we’ve already already gained a ton of benefit. Just by uprooting from the norm and getting “things” out of our lives, our little family is spending more time with one-another…pricless.

    While our business remains VERY internet dependent on a daily basis, I’m thinking a boat is not likely in our future. That said, the road awaits us and you two were no small part of assuring us that change is possible.


  • Totally awesome! I’m a motorsports photographer and travel all over the west coast for the last 12 years..two weeks ago, I bought a 30ft rv in Dallas and have moved into it, full time. I’m going through all the rv growing pains right now..just installed solar, etc… Thanks for all the great info!

  • You are doing an amazing job and I’m so excited you are able to keep up your travels. My husband started following you first and told our entire family about both of you. We are full-time RVers right now and are looking into purchasing a boat for our next adventure. I would like some kind of trawler to make our way down the St. Lawrence River and out the Hudson River to the east coast, maybe making our way all the way down to Florida and the Bahamas. We will see if that works out. Keep up the good work and we are having a blast watching your new adventure.

  • Hi – you were the first blog I read on RV life after seeing you buy an RV on House Hunters. The episode was on the day after my husband and I decided to go full-time–how crazy is that?! We’ve been on the road now for 16 months after leaving our long-time corporate jobs and comfortable paychecks. We were mid-career professionals who walked away in our prime earning years. We just couldn’t do it anymore, as the future looked exactly like the past. As a corporate trainer, I transferred my skills to developing online courses, not a novel idea, but I just finished my first course, How To Transition To Remote Work–specifically for cubicle dwellers like us–woohoo! I used to do skill building and career guidance workshops, and was able to incorporate that into the course. With the writing assignments, course development contracts, and some monetization of our blog, More Than a Wheelin’, I feel like we’ll be able to build sustainable income for our travels. Thank you for you’re honesty about full-time travel and willingness to share your story.

  • We decided a few years ago to take our kids on a grand family adventure to every single state capitol in America. It was supposed to be a one year excursion to give our kids a unique education. Your articles and videos helped inspire us to know that travel was possible. Well it has been 18 months of traveling and we have seen 35 state capitols, over 100 museums, and more than 50 National Park Sites! We are having so much fun though, that now we are planning on at least another year of traveling and maybe more. Thanks for inspiring us and others. We would love to be part of your series, meet up on the road one day (near a beach since you are sailors now) or what ever else you had in mind because you guys are awesome.

  • Marilyn

    Hi you two,
    We love your videos. This is for Nivki, how do you keep your skin looking so radiant when you hard in the sun and wind so much? A video on skin care would be really fun.

  • John H. Furlong

    Hello Jason,
    I admire the things you do.
    I read in your blog that you are a professional photographer.
    Do you have any site where you publish your photography or any place in the Internet where your photography is displayed? It would be a pleasure to see it. My email is not working lately, please let me know here in the site so I can follow the link. Thanks!

  • Hi Nikky,
    I am in the process of starting my own travel blog. It been a very uphill battle for me this last year. ( I have rather crappy computer skills). I have realized that I like editing and cinematography, woohoo! Definitely a lot more than writing! I am leaning towards vlogging and have been studying your videos as I love the style you two produce. Your videos are very naturally inspirational and I deeply thank you for that.
    My question for you is how do I find a good CPA to keep this all legal with proper writeoffs. ( I am Canadian by the way) My current Bookkeeper and CPA arrangement lack the knowledge I need for my corporation to be fully successful and out of the crosshairs of the government. Any advise you have is greatly appreciated.

    • Curious Minion

      We found a good CPA by asking for recommendations on an RV forum. Maybe you could find a forum on travel blogging based in Canada and ask there for recommendations.

  • Justin Patterson

    You both are very inspiring. My wife and i love to travel. Im an Engineer and she’s an opera singer, home school mom, homemaker, and fantastic. We’re currently camping with our 4 kiddos (10yrs down to 5 yrs). I’ve been watching your videos for inspiration as we’re building (plus have designed) a small catamaran the family can sail on (similar but not near as big). We plan to take our camper and sail boat to the keys next year for vacation. I hope you all stay safe in the storms.

    -Justin & Family

  • This is the best post I’ve seen on your site so far. I really love the “Make Money and Travel” section in general. With this post specifically, the honesty is what caught my attention. My husband and I just joined the full time RV life a couple of months ago and we’re just starting to build up our web presence. Like, literally just starting, we have a facebook and insta and were navigating the world of creating a website now. I’m a lawyer working remotely in sales and he’s a former marine turned RN working on his BSN. Let me tell you learning to website is time consuming! Our purpose is similar to what you described: allowing friends and family to follow the adventure. Our hope is to develop into a business down the road. Thanks again for your candor here – we’re rooting for you!

  • Hi there. Few weeks ago, I found your website and videos searching tips for my new way of life for the next year(s) (in a RV, not a boat). And what you’ve done is amazing. It’s well documented (not boring at all), not too geek (again not boring at all), fun and well video-making-ish-something 🙂

    I’m from France and the thing I also like with you, guys, is that (for me) you don’t have any accent so I can understand everything you say, even without putting the subtitles on. And that’s great! ^^

    I haven’t make any specific search on your website, and maybe you answered to this before, but I was wondering how did you manage to keep your RV safe (secure) when you were out of your base, trekking, hiking or worked? Do you had any security camera or an alarm system?
    In France, we don’t have lot of BIGGGG wild spaces with nobody in there (well not nobody but seems like nobody to me) like you have in American National or State Parks and we can’t park (with a big A class RV -or truck RV) easily than you did. Normally, we have to park at RV’s special parking spots, which are near or in towns or at crowdy camping spots, and if I’m not a scared woman, I wouldn’t risk the stuff I got in my RV to be stole(n?) by someone. Do you have a tip on this?

    And by the way, I love your cats ! They are so cool in there. (are you sure they are cats?) 🙂

    “Bon vent” as we say it in France. Take care, guys, and continue to make me dream (and learn). Thank you.
    … and sorry my French!

  • Jimish

    Great site ! You guys are doing a fabulous job of sharing your experiences in turn inspiring so many of us ! Whether you are talking about RV buying guide or making money on the road, awesome story and an honest voice ! Keep it coming you guys !

  • What up you guys? I just met you last night searching the Internet for Wild Nature in the Bahamas. Your Bahama video was the first thing that popped up. Ever since last night which was the day before Labor Day, which means, I had the day off which enabled me to watch your videos and learn about what you do. Now, I am at the “Make Money & Travel” part of your Website and I said, I think it is time to comment already. I could write for days on our similarities. I feel like I have known you for years, 2 days in!!

    My name is Alan and I am a 9 to 5er working just East of Palm Springs, CA. I live and work in Palm Desert, CA. I am an environmentalist working for a major Insurance company which I do not like working for. I cold call and cold email new business all day long. My title is “Lead Generator” but, I create relationships and generate new business. I love cold calling but, I need a new boss. I am working on that as we speak. Also, I sell solar systems for residential and commercial buildings. I loved seeing your panels, solar flashlight and other solar implements. Also, I work for a company that does energy procurement for commercial buildings. I love helping our Planet recover and heal from man’s disrespect, irresponsibility, greed and abuse. I am a Wildlife lover and supporter. I tell you those Bahama waters I saw last night on your video left an impression on me. They were so blue and clear and the two of you fit so perfectly in that place, I could see myself right next to you. You did not create inspiration for me, you caused me to jump out of my skin from the potential and anticipation of an adventure. I If I could leave all I have created behind I would but, I am not in the position as of yet and life is so, short!!! Anyways, I wanted to thank you for all you do for others and this Planet and I will keep watching. Lastly, keep exposing yourself, (you know what I mean) and get the word out about you and what you do because many of us like me need a kick in the butt repetitively to find our (my) purpose and enjoy life at the same time. Thank you for everything.

    • Thanks for such a nice comment! We’ll keep sharing as long as people are watching. 🙂

  • Denise

    Hi Jason and Nikki!
    I stumbled across your YouTube videos when I was thinking about buying a van and travelling around North America with my 3 dogs (and they ain’t little dogs either!)… But after watching your sailing series to date, and checking out Blue Water Sailing’s website… I think I’m just going to learn to sail and take sailing vacations as a crew member. I don’t think I’m interested in owning a boat (too much upkeep for just me), but sailing… oh that looks like so much fun! Especially for a water-baby like me 🙂
    Thank you so much for the inspiration! I’ve been going through a rough patch and watching you guys succeed in your adventures has helped me push through.
    Happy sailing! Keep up what you’re doing, because it’s awesome! 🙂

  • Bob

    I hardly know where to begin other than by thanking you and Jason for allowing me to join you, however vicariously, on your adventure. I find the two of you so engaging and fun that it surprises me that someone like the Travel Channel or Nat Geo or some other cable channel hasn’t approached you with an offer to serialize your adventure. What the two of you put out in the way of video is much better, much more entertaining and just pure fun than so much of what already exists on cable or network TV.

    OTOH, that might mean having to deal with enforced schedules and film and sound crews that could be detrimental to your overall mission. Anyway, I love everything about your story, your videos and your style: Fun, spontaneous, adventurous and inspiring. I and my wife are at the other end of the spectrum: We’ve both worked all of our lives and raised a family and re now caring for other family members and that leads me to wonder if you and Jason have ever entertained the possibility of children.

  • Nick

    I love this lifestyle. I struggle daily with how I can use my construction background to live the life I see on youtube. Is it only for videographers/photographers/ Itt fields? Working 70+ hours a week doesn’t leave too much time to develop many new skills. Watching these videos makes me wish I could start over and work in a more portable field.

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Nick. Good construction workers shouldn’t have a tough time getting hired. Have you thought about alternating travel and work? Work for a few months and save your money, then travel for a few. I know a couple who spent a year biking across the country like this, stopping to work as waiter & waitress when they were low on funds. Get some good reference letters from your boss before you go!

  • Hey Wynns!! I have always loved this series! I came back here often when I was looking for something that would allow me the freedom to work from anywhere. And now, I am excited to say, I found that! I am loving my new job teaching English online to kiddos in China! It not only allows me to work from anywhere, but it also gets me back to my roots as an Education Major. If you are ever looking for more ideas to share in the series I would love to chat. My most recent blog post shares a little bit about it! Happy sailing you two!!

  • Ralph Serpa Jr

    Love, Love, Love what you two have done here. All the best, safe travels.

  • I know I left a reply in the RV section when going to do the buying….but when i read all of that how yall got started just hum and sing Taylor Swift’s part of that song Shake It Off ‘Haters gonna hate,hate ,hate players gonna play, play, play I’m just gonna shake it off, shake it off” we are ourselves thinking about heading out full time yes very scary and Nikki I to grew up on a farm and no I did not go to four or eight or whatever to college DESIRE N FIRE is what you need in any endeavors yes education with things is very very useful but you need to have a desire to do what you want to do……..they old saying ‘love what you do’ that is so true! Being in a job myself for the last seven years where I was going nowhere and finding people like you and Jason really helped fan the flames!

  • Bo Walters

    I am sitting on my deck on Lake Livingston, Texas, retired, after having bare boated many years. You two are allowing me to experience life as it use to be. Please record video when sailing in rain, or anchored, It’s so soothing, and brings everyone together, each time. Only, if you want to, though. I promise to leave a nice tip, if you do.

    Life is good, and continues to get better. By the way, Heaven on earth is having grand kids, wow, almost as good as having cats on board a boat, ha,ha.

  • Impressed with how entertaining, professional and useful your posts are – if you want a new challenge the Med is a great place to cruise with such variety! We travelled from Turkey to the UK via the French canals in an old 43ft Southerly – over about 10 years of vacations – with our three daughters growing up. Note Turkey is a great place to buy a boat – every heads there and then sells!

  • Tom

    Think you two r fantastic but was wondering why you don’t eat barracuda when you catch them

  • Barry Sharp

    I came across your adventures the other day via a reference some one gave me on Lithium batteries. Your explanations about the battery comparisons made me chuckle no end, and I will say I totally agree about the Lithium ion benefits…. but the cost is very hard to swallow unless you think ‘long term’. You are an amazing couple and the way you both explain things and joke about is very rewarding. Your videos on the Cat setup venture was absolutely captivating (just couldn’t stop viewing until it ended – and still wanted more) and as a long time power and sailing boater it was extremely interesting. I had really never looked at a Cat design before and yours really open my mind. Hmmmm maybe I’ll make my 4th boat a Cat. You two are ‘naturals’ and I simply cannot see you not making the whole adventure a complete success. With people like you its possible for others to live your dream without actually having to do it…. if you know what I mean. That in itself is a worthy social endeavor for helping people who simply cannot live it due to personal situations such as health or having to look after a failing spouse or partner. I once created a blog about my efforts in modifying a car and took tons of photos and attached captions galore. A few weeks later, I got an Email from a fella saying he had followed my blog with great interest and that it had helped him get through a very difficult time watching his young daughter struggle with a terminal illness. He said that he would never have made in through had it not been for my blog. You both too cannot realize or know how many people you may be ‘touching’ in a similar way….but rest assured you will be helping someone and maybe many people out there in some way. You both have an amazing ‘presence’ and do such a fantastic video presentation of your efforts and life style. Please keep the good work up, and yes, it must be tiring at times doing all the computer stuff, and yes, slow internet really does suck at times. Keep enjoying yourselves and reporting as best you can, and in so doing you really are potentially and possibly not knowing the help you give to 1000s of others. I’m so proud of you both doing what you’re doing. Take care as the seas can be very unforgiving.

  • That is such a nice boat. So much space! I have often been described as unreasonably cheerful, but you two are in a league of your own 🙂 I just learned a pile about composting toilets which I didn’t even know was a thing in mini RV-suitable form (although I did use one for the first time at a campsite a couple of weeks back).

    Anyway, now I’ve found you I’ll want some more of your stuff. Always impressed by people prepared to plow their own furrow. Have you ever tried to work out your carbon footprint for this way of life? Should be way ahead of your average American if your travel is nearly all in the boat.

  • Jim Ege

    I have been following for a while now. I was very skeptical when you decided to go sailing full time. I owned a sailboat for over 20 years. Your knowledge base was non-existent when you started. Today I am so impressed at how you have grown in your knowledge of all things Nautical. Your sticktutiveness (word?) is amazing. I only once saw a bit of emotion creep into your video. That was when you were discussing your charges for your re-rigging the boat. Nikki you seemed a bit frazzled by the cost of sailing. You are both amazing so keep at it you give young people a true example.

  • Brett & Arlisa Patrick

    Nikki & Jason, My husband, Brett and I have really enjoyed your website & videos. We are in the beginning process of liquidating our land and belongings to get ready for the live aboard life. We retired from Southwest Airlines 2 years ago and bought 20 acres of farm land that has a 1bd 1ba 475sq ft cottage to live in. We had assumed we’d only be living in the little cottage while we built our retirement home but much to our delight we both came to the conclusion that we missed the boating lifestyle (when I met Brett, he lived on a Carver 570 in Daytona Beach, FL). We moved her from FL to Annapolis, MD and had the best time on the ICW, that trip is something we often reminisce about. We also started a 1 truck over the road trucking company and we team drive – We had looked at buying an RV and traveling these great United States but reckoned we could that as well as make some money by having a truck …. We had thought we’d expand but the high cost of doing so and the lack of drivers put a quick end to those aspirations! We have much to learn, technology wise especially and your posts and videos are very helpful for us technically challenged! In hindsight I wish I had the forethought to document and video our farming adventures as well as many of our trucking ones – but I guess it’s never too late to start?! I’m curious did you only consider cats or also look at monohulls? We, so far, have only looked at monohulls and have our eyes on a couple – but first things first and thats getting rid of all our stuff – We plan to charter a cat as well as a monohull and make our decision based off our experience with each. I really like your suggestion to document and video the process from the beginning – and so that it was I will endeavor to do! May you have fair winds & following seas!

  • Robert

    You guys rock
    . I have been living full time for the past 15 years, just built a tiny cabin on my land year in Florida as a home base, all is paid for. I was born in Key West, sailed a 19 foot Prindle to work every day. I looked at many cats however no luck was found. I currently have a Sprinter 5th wheel, Copper Canyon Edition, forward living, 40 foot in mint shape.
    My question, how did you arrange the sale of your rv? Second question, What and where is the marina where you obtained “Curiosity”.
    I thoroughly enjoy you videos, informational, educational and fun to watch.
    Tell the haters to Walk the Plank………..
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Dave Rivera

    Well, what can I say that hasn’t been said so many times before. I love your sense of adventure and your can do attitude. Fearless and courageness are key when you choose a life like you guys have chosen. But I can see how so worth it is. I actually makes me a little jealous. I just love how genuine and honest you are.

    This mail is my first ever on any blog/vlog and I guess that is the highest compliment I can give. I agree with you that you just have to let the naysayers comments roll of your backs. I noticed quite a few of them in your transition from land to sea.

    I just finished your video of the end of your first year at sea. And my first venture into your website. I can’t wait for next year when you venture into the Pacific. I think Jason hinted at that. I’m praying for your safety in all your terrific adventures.

    Keep up the good work. I just signed up as a patreon I hope it helps you guys.

  • Dave

    Hi, thanks for sharing some of the mechanics of what you do and how you do it. I do have a question for you. Do you make enough for things like health insurance? I would love to jump into a few online projects but when health care costs more than my food, fuel, energy, water and trash bills combined (and that’s just for one person) it makes me curious what solutions you came up with. Thanks!

  • John Dumas

    You two do a fantastic job of creating your travel adventure videos. As an architect and painter, I can not help but notice that many of your photographs would have a market value in many galleries. Have you ever considered that as a possibility?

  • Hi!
    I ran across your website and YouTube channel, and must say I’ve become a big fan. I have really enjoyed your recent sailing adventure. Keep up the great work, and best of luck on your future endeavors!
    Arlington, Texas

  • I think I just fell in love with you guys. Damn near prose in that thar scriptin’. Seriously, thank you. Myself, I’ve done full time two times and that was before internet. This time married no kids, we are downsizing the farm to raw land and building an RV from scratch with the layout and systems and quality that suits us. It is the Lionhearts like yourselves than give me the ‘can do’ nudge to take it on again. We love people so much, this is why full timing feels so compelling. I have started the documenting of the build, DIY of course but it is the on the road business that is the trick in loving the day to day OTR life. Money isn’t everything but it sure helps a bunch.

    I want to say thank you again for laying it out there. Thank you for your smiles and gritting your teeth when you need to.

    Alex and Margo

  • My wife and I have been earning a living over the Internet for eleven years now traveling extensively using Vanabode Travel Forever on $20 a day, a system and lifestyle for those of us who run cheaply. Without a doubt your breakdown, explanations, and overall disclosure on the subject of “making money” while traveling is VERY good. Not many people are as clear, honest, and believable as you are. Thank you for your efforts as I know full well how much time it takes to produce quality information that enables people to permanently improve their lives. You two are impressive, thank you.

  • Captain Jack ; )

    Just a little post to add a small little weight to the non-hater, non-troll side of the scale. : ) Your site is encouraging to me. Thank you for taking the emotional risk of sharing.

  • john butler

    Hi Nikki and Jason.
    I am inspired by you. I am a nurse who gets to travel to different hospitals on contract assignments. I have a son who is a senior in high school. After his graduation I plan to travel all over the country in my RV and in my sailboat working to finance my adventures. I have been an amateur photographer all my life; started developing my own black and white photographs and I still have the equipment.
    I am just a single guy so doubt people would find mine as entertaining as yours. After reading your article and enjoying your YouTube videos for months I may try to share my adventures as you have…If only I had an attractive, smart and energetic woman beside me. My girlfriend is also attractive, energetic and smart but having a hard time getting her to accept the idea.
    Thanks so much you two, I’ve never donated to any website before but I think I will now.
    Happy travels and adventures.
    John Butler
    Collinsville, Ok.
    Thanks so much you two

  • Nancy Ouellette

    Love your walk thru and top 3 units! Great info! I am a single lady getting ready to sell my house and go for an adventure! I see you’re in dania beach, I’m about 7 miles from you in Cooper City. Looking vet south Florida but ready for some cool and different vistas!
    Thank you for your info and adorable personalities!

  • Kristina

    You four are absolutely inspiring. It’s great to see you promote eco-friendly living while traveling. I’m a fulltime RV’er here on the east coast of the Sunshine State. I’ve only recently come across your YouTube collection, but I’ve nearly completed all the videos. I enjoy the humor and how open and honest you are about your lifestyle and the lessons you learn along the way. Safe travels to your next destination. I look forward to your updates!

  • Alexus

    Hi! About six months ago my boyfriend and I bought an old school bus and are in the process of converting it into a tiny home. We then plan to travel in the bus and share our adventures. During the process of getting this project started (which feels like forever) I stumbled up your YouTube channel and have been so inspired and excited for all the adventures you both go on. It wasn’t until today that I took the time to go through your website and read a few of your blogs (which I will be reading many more of). I absolutely love them! Your writing is easy to read, straight forward, and most importantly honest. I have been reading a lot of blogs looking for just that, honesty. It’s hard to find and most people try to sugar coat everything and make their lives seem so perfect. I appreciate that you don’t do that. You create incredibly beautiful videos and write about real things and it has helped me understand the work I will need to put in in order to live the life I want. You have helped me get a jump start and a focus on what I need to do and I just wanted to thank you both. So, Thank You.

  • Hi Jason and Nikki,
    I stumbled across your utube channel recently and I super enjoy watching the episodes. There was something very deja-voo-ish familiar about Jason and I finally figured out that I had worked several Exxon/Mobil jobs with him. I was the guitarist playing many of those corporate parties, usually at the 4 seasons, while Jason was the photographer. Jason, you and I would chat during my breaks, but I would be surprised if you remembered me.
    It is such a marvelous life you guys are living, and I am so envious. Anyone posting negative comments is missing the point, or must be deranged. Congratulations and I send you all my best wishes from Rockwall.

    • Hey Chris! I do remember you for sure. I think back to those events with great fondness. Thanks for the kind words.


    Mmmm,hopping surely it will benefit me, am lacking directives and much info about this,but how can this work on well for me who’s from poor background bcoz they say, money flows where there is money.Thnx.

  • Jason Collins

    Hey guys, hope all is well.
    Regarding your Amazon affiliate commission link, I just copy and pasted your link address into my Amazon bookmarks bar so that I don’t have to go through this website every time. I am assuming this should work fine, let me know if that is not the case.
    We are prolific Amazonians, we’d love to see you guys get a little piece of the pie.
    Stay happy & safe!

    Jason & Jessica

  • Steve Bordley

    Whatever you two have been doing, keep it up – it is working. Whenever I have a question about RV travel my first thought is to find out what you two think. Really enjoy your posts and admire your attitude. Don’t let the haters get you down – the rest of us need you!

  • Jason and Nikki, thank you for sharing your life experiences, what you 2 are doing is really awesome. I love your “gone-with-the-wynns” series, which I have been watching nonstop for the last couple of days, my main reason “is” I was/am looking for my 1st RV, small trailer, or camper to tow behind a new SUV. I am retired and at this point in my life, I refuse to be tied down and so I have been racking my brain hard trying to figure out what kind of lifestyle I want. Before watching your series “I was” in the market for a different home, however the last couple of weeks of headaches from house hunting then watching your videos, I found a new home “is not” for me, and so now its time for me to hit the road as I am bored beyond reason, your series as shown me what I always knew and that I is I also love to travel, blog and photography and so I have been searching the internet and my local area to find the perfect small motorhome, RV, or camper for “moi”. Anyway keep up the great work I look forward to your next video 😀

  • Jack Barnes

    My wife Ann and I retired on June 16, 2013. We had purchased an Itasca-Navion in Florida so we departed for Florida to pick it up and start our RV adventure. We have been through the Canadian Maritimes, around the outside of the US and around the inside of the US. At the moment we are heading to New England to see family and August 1st, we will head west to Glacier National Park, north thru the Canadian Rockies, over to Washington, then south thru Oregon and California. We are seeing all of the National Parks, Presidential Libraries, Frank Lloyd Wright buildings and houses. The things to see across the country are endless. We will return to Florida across the southwest, Texas and the Florida Panhandle. We have spent the winters in Florida with my 95 year old mother-in-law. This winter as we had planned from the beginning, we are selling the RV and buying a sailboat as a live aboard. We will take it north in the summer and south to Florida and then on to the Caribbean. As you can see your story parallels ours. The difference is that we have been sailors most of our adult lives so our sailing adventure will come a little more naturally.

  • Kay and Waldo

    Just found your incredible website a few weeks ago. We have been RVing for years and love your stories. Your total positive attitudes are very inspirational We will be going back and looking at all your stories and all your future stories. THANKS

  • Kirk Schultz "Captain Kirk"

    I tripped across your videos while doing video tours of catamarans. Our dream retirement is to spend 4 mos sailing and we are only a couple of years away from retirement and full pension. Loving your videos and congratulations on starting this at such a young age. Keep going and let nothing stop you. Maybe we will meet on the water some day.

    • Sounds good, see ya on the water and good luck finding that perfect boat!

  • I would like to know more about this “borrowing against life insurance” (whole life or universal life)? Unless you’ve been contributing to a life insurance policy from age 18 or 20 (which would be unusual to have life insurance at that age) or you parents took out policies (what are the odds of meeting a partner who has the same coverage?) – cash loan value is only about $6K per $100K of life insurance coverage per year…..? Can you explain this better? (This was what State Farm Insurance told me. Based on you $316K purchase price and $200K budget, that would be a borrow of $116K? I’m curious because I own both my houses cash (I’m in IT and Engineering and had a couple great years) – but if I could borrow against life insurance @ 2% I’d rather do that than sell, since one is considered beach property and their values are just going to continue to go up. I’m planning on buying something in the 43-55ft range next year. I’m an Engineer ; ) so I like the nuts and bolts of specifi numbers….. lol : )

    • Curious Minion

      Hey JP. They mention in the video and post about boat costs that they had saved up $200,000 for the boat purchase and $100,000 for their sailing kitty. In the end, they used the sailing kitty toward the boat purchase.

    • Boon

      JP, The cash value/equity of a permanent life insurance policy (whole life, universal life (fixed or variable)) is the accumulated excess amount of premium paid above the internal cost of insurance and the compounded return of the type of investments associated with the respective policy type. Simply (making up numbers here) you pay $100 a month, this goes into the equity/cash value, the insurance company takes out the COI, say $15, the balance of $85 stays invested. With any universal life policy (whole life works differently) there is a range of premium the owner can pay…minimum to cover the COI, or a max which is determined by the death benefit and will not violate TEFRA (to technical to discuss here)….suffice it to say there is a max. So, again making up numbers using above, say you pay $500 a month, then your equity/cash value builds by $485 per month. If the policy is a variable universal life (VUL) then the equity/cash value is invested in “mutual fund” type investment of your choosing…so say you go 100% S&P500 Index, conservatively long term average rate of return 8% annually, the equity builds up nicely. Even if the Wynns purchased a $1 million policy for each, and they took advantage of max funding it, as might of been tax advantageous for their situation (I don’t know) they could, well evidently did, accumulate enough to loan out what they needed.

      Alternatively, if you don’t have enough equity in your own permanent policy or only have a term policy, you could find someone to do a viatical settlement on your policy.

  • Bruce & Nancy Bremer

    Love your videos. We are raising our two grandsons. I worry how they’ll turn out, being raised by us. If they turn out as well as Nikki, then we’ll be happy.

  • Liathwyn Heal

    I have just stumble across you via Patreon as my husband and I are about to launch our Patreon account as well. We have two new businesses in the works…Blood and Bone Artisans (a chance to share our art in various mediums, and to continue creating as we are inspired) and Adventure Quest (we make Quests for people! We start with clues that lead to different locations where they may find another clue or a monster to battle or something challenging to overcome, and at the end of a long day or weekend, there is the prize of the Quest, whether a sword or a painting they’ve been wanting or a marriage proposal, or something else entirely….it is fun!). Anyway, I look forward to looking at your content more, and thank you for daring to do what you love; it is inspiring to people like us, and only serve to embolden our own ideas! Thank you!

    • Curious Minion

      I love the idea of the Quest! Sounds like a blast.

  • Kimberly & Andrew

    Good Morning! We have been following your videos just as you transitioned from the RV to the Cat and we really enjoy them! We down sized twice in the past two yrs to eventually leave St Pete Florida last May. We put what little we had left in a POD storage, put a roof top tent on our truck and drove across the states stopping at the many of the national parks, we even went up through Canada. After 10000 miles and 3 months of travel we eventually settled in southern California. You two have inspired us! We have started to talk about heading back to the East coast and maybe even look for a Catamaran and take a dive into the “Off the Grid” life style……we are looking forward to your next video 🙂

  • Ann Lutz

    I LOVE following you two!!! My husband and I are taking the plunge as well. I know you guys are young, but was wondering what you both do for health insurance?? That seems to be our final hurdle to overcome!!! Any ideas you can share would be helpful!!

  • Nikk and Jason, I have been following you guys for a year now and love your fun spirits. My husband is retired but I’m seven years younger and still need to bring in monthly income. We have done two summers out for four months at a time in our 5th wheel and love it! I have gradually built up an on-line nutrition business “The Nomadic Nutritionist” and we are selling our house this spring and going full-time this summer!
    I love working on the road, interviewing people raising healthy, sustainible foods, artisan foods, great cooks and more! You are an inspiration!

  • Chas G

    Hello, after having watched many sailing videos of people trying to live the travel life yours is the first i’ve seen and been impressed with. You are honest and strive for the life you want, i see that you are not perfect but that is so much the better it feels real and says attainable. well done guys , i’ll be checking in from time to time and when ready shopping thru your links for what i need and learned from you, why ? because you earn it, share it and that is so refreshing. thank you , keep it real, a fan Chas. G.

  • Rob Hill

    Hey guys, I am at the beginning of MY move to full timing. I won’t be traveling though. I am am a home appliance tech with experience in restaurant and bar equipment repair and spent 6 years in the Marines as an aircraft mechanic on the Harrier. I currently live in Cheyenne Wyoming but planning a move in July to the Pacific Northwest where I grew up (Portland Oregon). I just ordered my new 5th wheel, (it’s 1/2 ton towable with washer dryer prep and R38 insulation floor and ceiling, Many other options you just don’t see in the smaller units). Anyway, I’m trying to get hired as a RV tech. My long term goal is to start my own business as a mobile RV tech and lose my need for an employer. I’ve been researching this for about 2 years and I’m finally taking the leap.
    If I sound like a good candidate to be part of your series, I’ll do my best to document my steps and progress. My niece is thinking about getting a little trailer too! We’ll see how that works out.
    Keep up the good work. You have a lot of supporters “out here”.

  • Thanks for being such an inspirational couple!
    We were dreaming of quitting our jobs, selling the house, build a campervan and travel indefinitely… we’re DOING IT!
    Being location independent is a new & fascinating concept to us, especially since we are nomad at heart. Unfortunately, our office jobs do not allow us to work remotely. By reading your “Make Money & Travel”, we were inspired to build a a website to teach people about doing a DIY camper van and we monetized it with affiliate links. As we are adding content to our website, the revenue is getting interesting (that’s a pretty good niche) and we make sure to follow your advises (capture everything on camera); we’re not exactly sure where this will ends, but life has been good to us so far, who knows!

    We love what you are doing! Cheers!
    Antoine & Isa

  • Melinda

    Since your outlet is largely web page based, I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing something… when you started out, did you (or have someone) create your website for you, or did you set up a blog using something along the lines of bluehost/wordpress? The reason I ask is because I am trying to figure out the best option for myself (obvious, I’m sure), but the research that I’ve found is mostly people trying to sell their link through these options, so it’s very hard to weed out what is really best for me. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

    • Curious Minion

      These days it’s so simple to set up a WordPress blog (I don’t have personal experience with Bluehost but I think it’s comparable) that I think you’ll be surprised at how good it can look. There are literally thousands of themes to choose from, including free themes so it doesn’t even have to cost much. It’s easy to add widgets that will let you customize the look too. I’d suggest you take a shot at creating your own before you pay someone else to do it. You don’t even have to make the content public (publish it) until you like the look.

  • Rick

    You guys are awesome and thanks for giving your readers the knowledge and the path to make their dreams come true.

  • Tim Vandeman

    Nikki and Jason, My wife and I follow you on Youtube and FB. We always save your videos for last. Don’t tell the other Vloggers. I remember in your video’s you talked about setting a goal to move away from side income projects and live off 100% on GWTW.
    Are you still doing branding projects and if so… How does one reach out to you for a proposal? Do you have a business website outside of GWTW? Thanks and keep smiling!

  • Hello guys
    Im a disabled vet and they pay me va disability so i guess i have it a little better than most since i dont have to wwork to live on the by myself so thats a downer but i make due.i just wanted to say thank you because ive learned so much from you guys.your always upbeat and happy and no camera drama like i see on other peoples channels and posts.maybe someday ill find a person i can get along with like you guys do it will get guys are an inspiration to me so thank you again.
    And just a note i saw you guys on the travel channel i think it was that was too cool.smooth sailing and dont let jaws get you. Dave. If you get this and want to take a look at what i do im on youtube 061david.

  • Danny Dams

    Thx for guys are awesome and i love your channel on youtube.

  • Katie H

    Hi Nikki and Jason,
    I’ve read about 20 of your posts today, so I’m not sure why this is the one I’m commenting on, but here goes! My husband and I are selling our house next month and spending 6 months on the road in a small used Class C RV we just purchased. We will be hitting the road with two dogs, which we hope adjust to travel as well as your cats. We plan on eventually landing in NW Montana, but we wanted to make sure we had a good chunk of time on the road before settling down. Reading your stuff has inspired me to think even more outside the box and to expand our dreams as much as possible while we are on the road. I have come across many different blogs in my research, and not one has been as informative, useful, and honest as yours. You two do such a terrific job helping the rest of us learn from your experience. Thank you so much for all the good info. We’ll keep reading on the road for SURE, and maybe we’ll see you out there sometime when you’re back on dry land. 🙂

  • Hey Nikki and Jason,

    I’ve been following you guys for a few years now and originally found you on youtube. You’ve inspired me so much in fact, that I somehow convinced my wife to live in a teardrop camper… She dreams of sailing around the world one day and I, on the other hand, am terrified of the water- but since she lives in a RV with me I figure I owe her one 🙂

    Anyway, you’ve done a few posts/videos on how to make money from the road and I love how many things you’ve tried to make this lifestyle a possibility. I also want to mention how much I appreciate your honesty about the negativity that comes with success…we’re lesbian travelers that have started a mini blog and are waiting for the day the hate comments start…we keep saying “once we get hate we know we’ve made it.”

    You. Two. Have. Made. It. Congratulations on so many levels and so happy to read about your sailing adventures. Hopefully, you can inspire me, again, to get over my fear of water…no pressure 🙂

  • Brian Newman

    Hello Jason and Nikki, I viewed and appreciated the YouTube experiences with your searches and the final purchase of your Leopard 43 catamaran. The most informative of anything else I have found on the internet as related to the search, evaluation, pitfalls, pros and cons for any person whom wishes to buy a used sailboat/catamaran. I am a retiree and have seriously contemplated cruising. Some of the other factors I now know that I can obtain from reading/watching more of your reports relate to taxes payable [ and where], mail arrangements, registration and avoidance of State property taxes, typical mooring/docking fees/rates, etc.
    Your photography is superb, very professional, writings/reports are most inspirational, great reading. Carry on please and continue the motivation towards appreciation of natures beauties. BRAVO
    One question that I have is I noted that you had evaluated the Gemini [105MC] or, Legacy?
    Interestingly YW does not list the Gemini in their category of “catamarans” any comments?

  • Hello Nikki and Jason,
    I am in the process of purchasing an RV and hitting the road. While doing research, I came upon your posts on You Tube and I want to thank both of you for helping to fuel my desire to “Hit the road.” Your videos are so enjoyable to watch.
    I appreciate your candor and enthusiasm, and what I most appreciate is how you tend to offer both the pros and the cons on the topics you discuss. Jason, I too, am a photographer, and really got a lot out of your video post regarding your camera equipment and what works best for you and Nikki with your life on the road.
    But why I wanted to write you is to specifically thank both of you in advance. I’m currently planning a month long trip in April, breaking it up into two, back to back, RV trips. One with a smaller RV without a car, and another with a larger RV to see what works best for me. And the reason I decided to do this is because of your great You Tube post on whether to own a car and tow it rather than just travel in an RV without one. That is what gave me the idea to try both types of travel before I purchase my RV. That post in particular, has been the single most valuable piece of information regarding living full time out of an RV and on what type of RV I decide to purchase. And you quite possibly may have helped me make a decision before I even buy my RV! Saving me time, money and more importantly, providing me with confidence, knowledge and having the peace of mind on the decision I make when it time to pull the trigger on which RV to purchase. I will let you know my thoughts regarding my experiment when I return from both trips if you like! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
    With the kindest regards,
    Richard Protheroe

  • Bob Goforth

    Nikki and Jason, the wife and I have been dreaming about buying a good sized cat and sailing away for years now so when I came across your videos on making the transition from RV to catamaran, I was hooked. Been enjoying all of your adventures and have learned a lot from them. I have a few questions about the life of a nomad. How do you get mail or more specifically, “snail mail” while out of the country for so long? Do you pay state and/or federal taxes? How and where to? We still have dreams of sailing away in our retirement years so doing some research. Thanks for the info, videos and posts.

  • Marsha

    I was showing my husband some of your older videos tonight & found this post. I’ve been following you since I saw your story on HGTV. I’m rooting for you in all your adventures. I’ve loved the RV videos & the sailing ones are so stunning & fun. You are exceptional people!

  • John Watford

    Nikki and Jason, my spouse and I have shared many RV adventurers (used to live in Bend, OR and eventually RV’d our way back east and now in Asheville, NC). We were really excited to see you guys vlogging about it back in ~2011. I was able to prove to my skeptic spouse that RV’ing is not just for “old people” — we are about your age. We later sold the RV and settled into our permanent home here, but then started learning how to sail. We make frequent trips to Keys and Gulf Coast. On a completely random google search (for something, who knows), I rediscovered GWTW and saw you guys had ditched the RV (or stripped it and piled everything into the boat!) about the same time we were seriously thinking about actually traveling in a sailboat. Your videos and stories are always top notch, and I finally read your article on how to generate income sharing your lives. It was actually refreshing to see such an honest report of the time and effort it takes. My question is a LOADED one: Many people live on boats with kids, many people run businesses from home with kids… but would you live on a boat and run a business from it with a kid? Have you met other people with children doing what you do? Please keep up the fantastic work! Always enjoy watching your videos!

    • Curious Minion

      There are lots of people doing it in RVs, so I don’t know why you couldn’t do it from a boat.

  • Rebecca Mey

    Hello Wynn Family!!
    My name is Becky, and I just recently found your site while searching for info about traveling in a van, full time. Congratulations on meeting your goal of being informative, and fun!! Not to mention beautiful photography and video!!
    Your blog is so inspiring, and I love the way you seem to stay level headed, even when things seem to be going wrong. I just became a Patreon supporter a few weeks ago, and am loving your posts! Perhaps we’ll meet some day, down the road, and I’ll be living my dream of full time travel as well….for now, I’ll be living through your stories and videos. Much love, and best wishes!!

  • Richard K. (Kelly) Payne

    Hey Jason and Nikki. Just found your site and living my dream through your travels. Being from Dallas I am sure you know where Cedar Creek Lake is. Just wanted you to know, the low here tonight is going to be low 20’s upper teens!!! Will be a long night, 1st time this year I have had the heaters on in the boat. Checking on it every couple hours. Anyhow, a big Howdy from Texas, go Cowboys, and safe travels.

  • Nikki,
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your travels and your posts for quite a while now. You were our inspiration for a composting toilet; we ended up traveling to Alaska in the same year (sadly never crossed paths). And now the sailing – – interesting, educational, entertaining. I’ve been fascinated by how you two have managed to make “my vacation pictures” into such an involving web site.
    Now, having read the above, I have an even deeper insight into “how you do it”, and I’m even more impressed. I’m a bit older than you two (okay, a LOT older), and through a long career I’ve come to appreciate great attitudes and hard work. You two qualify in both respects.
    In order to provide more than just compliments, I’m going to use your Amazon link for my shopping. Since I spend five figures a year at Amazon, you should realize a nice “tip” – – and you deserve it. Thanks for the hard work, cheerful dispositions, and a great web site.

  • You two were part of our inspiration to become full-time RVers. Thank you! We’ve followed you ever since and are now fascinated with your sailing adventures! I’ll admit, we really thought you two were crazy….but WOW, look at how amazing this is. It is truly a dream come true. Keep it up!

  • You have the most refreshing travel blog on the Internet. Period. I wear several hats as a corporate jet pilot, instructor, actor, and realtor/ Airbnb host in the high desert of California. I also like to drive a “funny car” that my brother built for ‘us’ to race….with that said. You are both my heroes….

    Keep doing what your doing, hitting the high spots in the road…(read waves) guard channel 16 and sip the wine of every sunset with equal enthusiasm!
    Warmest and best adventures to you both.
    Jefferson Brooks

  • Liz

    The Wynns For The WIN!!!

    Stumbled on your blog and I have been getting sweaty-palm style excited by the stories and pictures you’ve showcased.


    Travel is something really special and growing in importance in my life. My wiley partner has found a way to take a continental US road trip every year of his life since he was 17 (he is now 36), even when that meant selling stuff, getting rid of apartments or working like crazy for the month leading up to departure. He’s like a contemporary Aragorn… but with a guitar, not a sword. 😉

    Together, we’ve done some awesome road trips: ranging from a quick n dirty 3 day “We must leave the city and be in nature NOW” type of thing…all the way up to three months living on the road with an indefinite timeline, seeking a new home. It has become a necessity. The challenges and rewards of the nomadic lifestyle are fascinating!

    We’ve made it a priority to travel as often as we can. We’re fairly stationary for now, and even purchasing a house for the first time ever to better facilitate getting our own businesses off the ground…but the grit and beauty of the nomadic lifestyle are hallowed in our hearts.

    Once we have established ourselves in running our own ships, you better believe we’re gonna figure out how to do it on the road!

    We hope to some day do as you two do, with grace and determination! Passion and playfulness and self power! You’re inspiring us to get crackin’ on creating a viable plan to hit the dang road.

    Thank you for that. We will make it happen. You will see us out there, we will share a fire some night at a camp ground.

    In the meantime, you always have friends in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. If you’re up here in our lovely northern lands let us know. Second to traveling first-hand, we love hosting travelers with lots of T L C. We always have great beer in the house, and we know where the best food in town is at. Food babies!! Its twins! 😀

    And…I truly believe that every nay-sayer, negative Nancy and “e-beggar” trash talker you encounter on your adventure is using an unfortunate style of communication to express an unmet need of theirs. The stronger the talk, the greater their need! Its a tragic way that they are saying,
    “I’m so sad at my job! I feel trapped!!”
    “I’ve always wanted to travel, too. I’m worried its too late in my life… What will my family think?!”
    “I feel overwhelmed because of my income/depression/anxiety/career/you name it, and don’t know where to start. Best to let it go, since I’d probably fail anyway.”
    “I don’t get the understanding from my partner that they are really hearing my needs!”

    It just breaks my heart how we sometimes talk to ourselves and each other like that. Because of that, I feel that what you two are doing has even more value and relevance. It is inspiring conversation, highlighting beauty and nature and other awesome people, and leading you to fulfilling lives. And I can really feel the warmth, kindness and connected spirit behind your words. Let’s all do that!! Let’s all be the best we can in honoring ourselves to take that risk and have an adventure.

    Don’t ever stop working hard at your incredible lives, Wynn Tribe. You are WYNNING!

    Big Love,
    Liz n Marshall

  • Rob Baker

    hello Jason& Nikki, i enjoy your video’s very much. I used to live on a sailboat for yrs, i was a coastal sailor ,although i did sail down to key west on a 42 pearson with 2 friends in 1997. unfortunetly i lost my boat in hurricane ivan, & from there i went to full time rving . I’ve been doing it for almost 12 yrs now. I do miss my boat & bending a sail. There’s nothing like being on the water while clipping along on the wind.It took me 10 yrs to learn good things & the bad things in my sailing,but it was worth it. if you learn to do things on your own ,you’ll always have them. lots of luck on your adventures.

  • John Muir

    Hi there! I’d just like to thank you for being such an honest and open pair about all your trials, setbacks, enjoyable times and a big thank you for giving the rest of us the benefit of your experience. Your openness and candor on websites like YouTube where trolls and haters abound is actually quite uplifting. Good on you both and fair winds.

  • Been watching for a long time. I am in Delray Beach. I see you might have found your hurricane hole if in fact you are there in Dainia right now. I call myself an arm chair sailor, since I have done a good bit of sailing but I like watching it and reading about more than doing it. That said, I am not brave enough to drop everything and jump in the way you two have. My little Boston Whaler keeps me happy these days. In my early days I was a Hobie Sailer and became a lover of cats.I think you made a good choice with your boat. I especially liked your study of the West Palm Beach Boat show. I hate that they dont have sail boats. There are not many at the Fort Lauderdale one either.

    All the best for now. Don Brown wannabe nautical wheeler.

  • Bruce

    A question for the Wynns and/or the people who travel through and work part time in multiple states during a taxable year: What do you do or have done about paying state income taxes on income generated in several different states during a year of travel? Do you have to file a return for each state (which taxes income) when you generate income within the taxing state’s borders?

  • Wow! My husband and I recently started a small business… Check it out, if you want, OR if you have the time…lol. We are hoping to take this business on the road within the next couple of years, if not sooner. We plan on traveling around the country, and as we want sportsman-related companies to advertise on our website, we, like the two of you, would love to stay at different guide and outfitters, try different brands of sportsmen items and then write or do a blog about them. I think very similar to what you are doing. There are SOOOOO many hunting, fishing, archery, etc., sportsmen out there, that we feel this would be awesome! We are both 50 years of age and have been through A LOT, to say the least. 10 years ago during what should have been a minor surgery, turned into an almost 10-year nightmare. After the surgery was completed, while in the recovery room, I was accidentally overdosed with someone else’s medication…I coded and was literally GONE for 20 minutes. They brought me back. However, to make a long story short, I had severe nerve damage, loss of memory, chronic pain and had to learn to walk again. My world came crashing down around me. I could no longer work outside of the home, was severely depressed and did not know what to do. My husband and I had just gotten married only two months beforehand. In any event, I have been trying to pick up the pieces of my life, working part-time here and there. But that is when we decided to build this website and so far things are going well. Soooo….I am kind of curious on your thoughts about us doing our “traveling” business…lol. When you get the chance, I would love it if you could reach out to me and maybe we could chat? Thanks and best of luck to you both! Hope to talk with you soon!

  • Jason & Nikki,

    My wife (Sarah) and I have been following you two since 2013 and have been very jealous of your adventures. We bought a 5th wheel RV in 2014 (you were our earliest inspiration to start an active lifestyle) and we’ve been living in our 5th wheel full time since August of 2014. We have mostly stayed at a home base near Georgetown Texas but have taken as many trips as we could just to get used to the life. We are in the process of selling our home and expect to finally be “on the road” at least in Texas, before the end of the year.

    We’ve also been working on building our blogs and YouTube websites so we would have some followers. We’re not very good at it yet, which is why I still have an IT day job. The day job may carry us another year or so but we’re going to have to break loose sooner or later.

    We read this article years ago, and I don’t know why we finally read this article today, but much of what you talked about in regards to social media we have already done. I realized some time ago that we needed a “Presence” and so we’ve focused on it heavily over the past year. Our sites are varied:,,, and We are still building our YouTube presence, but we have had a more shaky start there.

    As we sat here tonight reading this article, we realized that we are still deficient in our video and photography skills. We don’t even own an DSLR and a real video camera? We use our action cameras for our fishing videos – surely that’s good enough? (NOT!)

    So we realize we have much further to go and *really* appreciate you writing this article and keeping it updated. We really enjoyed the updates and wish we had re-read this a long time ago. For those of us with an entrepreneur mindset, it’s almost like a text book on working on the road.

    While we are still waiting for our house sale to go through, and currently broke, eventually we would like to meet up. But also being an expert IT geek, feel free to shoot me questions or even call (I can send # privately) and I’ll be glad to help out – no charge to you – as this would simply help repay for all the help you’ve been to us over the past few years.

    Oh and uh… I might know something about getting and keeping fish on the line too… haha!

    Thanks again and happy sailing!

    Mike & Sarah Van Nattan

  • Ken Hale Hollis

    Hello guys…glad you cannot spell real well either Nikki…..I am usually trapped in my home while my wife is working , had liver transplant in 2009, so far so good. I am 62, I mine for gold in winter as a hobby and live in my 5th wheel in the Desert, way out in the Desert…anyway trapped in the house thing…I am saving to buy a c class and that is where I discovered you guys….Thanks for sharing your travels , but this sailing thing is off the hook. LOVE IT. I cant wait to get on the road in my c class when I get it, I will come back to where I live in the winter so I can gold mine…not like I am a big miner guy…its drywashing for gold..Any way safe travels and I will be with you when I can…not a real good tech head here so we shall see.

    • We are pretty horrible at tech and spelling for sure! 🙂

  • Anne Mullenax

    As others have said, my husband and I have binged watched all your videos on sailing in the past 2 days. It’s so refreshing and real. He has always dreamed of sailing after the kids have flown from the nest and I have just started to get on board. Well, these fantastic videos have been quite convincing that such a life would be an additional blessing. Here are some comments we maid along the way of our viewing. “Wow, look at the way this is filmed,” “They couldn’t be more perfect for each other,” Oh my gosh, her skin looks amazing” and “Look how much space is around the engine” LOL We look forward to more videos!!

  • Congrats on your first solo sail! Just checking to see if you got a package at Just Cats… Hoping it didn’t get lost in the mail!

  • David

    Just found your youtube channel a couple of weeks ago and have been binge watching since trying to catch up 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much of your adventure! Couple of questions. Do you make (more) money on youtube if I watch the whole ad preceding your video? I stopped skipping them in hopes you do…
    When you say you sold “everything”, did you really get rid of it all? While I think of escaping, there are a few things (grandmother’s china cabinet, wedding china, odds and ends) that my wife and I could not part with. Do you have some things in storage? In a relative’s attic?
    Thanks again for the adventure!

  • Jason and Nikki. I just love you guys! I started watching you after I found Technomadia because I was looking for information on how to equip my Chinook with internet, etc. Then I stumbled on you two crazy kids! And I mean that with great love in my heart for what you are doing. I have been following your sailboat purchase, move in and training and boy was I scared for you guys at first….because of my own fears! But, I see your “curiosity” is intelligent and I applaud you both so much. I can’t wait to see where you go and what you experience. My husband is retiring next month and we plan to hit the road and probably upgrade our rig sometime in the next year. So, your videos and blog will be in front of me daily. I look forward to your sailing progress! Ya didn’t know you were going to become professional meteorologists did ya??? Love you guys! Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

  • Hey ya two!
    Just found you through patreon. I will give a go too, cause I’m on a tour from Capetown to Dubai in my little Suzuki Samurai and i also produce a YouTube Series. I’m growing with it and its a lot of fun, but as you said, a lot of damn work in front of a screen. Hopefully the viewers will give me a bit back over patreon. We will see.
    And else would i like to say?…. Oh yeay, very inspirational your articel! Especially for me as a growing filmmaker. I will go and watch your videos as I finished these lines…
    Some warm greets from namibia!

  • Your passion truly comes through in your videos! My wife and I are long distance motorcyclists, and although we work, we have jobs that have allowed us to travel around America for the last 16 years. We just returned from another cross country tour and a friend told us about your Youtube channel. Since watching, we have been so entertained, we have watched nearly all of your tubes the last two nights. We have subscribed to your channel and are very excited about your newest sailing adventure. We can’t wait to see your next post.
    I really appreciate the amount of work that goes into a short vlog. You have managed to entertain us and keep us watching. Thank you both! We are huge fans and are sharing your channel with others.
    “Ther road goes on forever and the party never ends.” REK

  • Ronnie Pryor

    This is great advice for any blogger in any state of the game. We’ve been toying with the idea of vlogging for my salons in Ft Lauderdale. I think you’ve inspired me to get started.

    And GREAT advice re Amazon! I didn’t know….. That’s perfect for certain retail, tools and ecessories we don’t want to carry in the salon but would love to have our clients try!

    Look forward to your next adventure!

  • My wife and I love watching your adventures. I think we’ve seen almost all of your videos! That is a lot of time on Youtube!

    If you get a chance can you tell us which association you use for your press pass? I know there are several, but I’m not sure how much better one is than another.

    Thanking you in advance for your response.

    By the way, there is a great quote by Aristotle that says, “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” I don’t think anyone can ever criticize you guys for not getting out there and saying a lot, doing a lot and being two of the most adventurous couples in the travel industry. Haters gonna hate guys. Don’t worry about them!

      • Ah OK. I thought I had heard you mention being at an attraction on a media pass, so I just assumed it was a press pass. My bad! 🙂

        Best of luck on the new adventure! We look forward to watching you two becoming old salts!

  • Hi Nikki and Jason,
    Thank you for the great article. I love what you said about distractions from work and meeting others who think you are just on a permanent vacation or don’t understand why you have to work since they are having fun (I just left a fishing hole along the Kenai River in Alaska because of some deadlines I have this week. You should have seen the looks I got from another fisherman about working!) It can be very hard to sit inside when just out your door is this amazingly beautiful world to explore.
    I have been on the road for nearly a year. I sold my house Sept. 1, 2015 and have loved every minute since. Although I didn’t do nearly enough appropriate planning, I had been seriously building what I called my “Year in an RV” list. The list started a couple of years earlier after several tragedies in my life taught me a hard but valuable lesson about how short and unpredictable life is. Those same tragedies convinced me I no longer wanted to sit behind a desk in my corporate – albeit well-paying – job. I wanted to see and experience the world. So I also quit my day job in 2013 to follow my passion to turn my part-time love into a full-time gig as a wildlife photographer and travel writer. That transition required a lot of travel, which I was more than happy to do. But having a house tied me down more than I wanted, and thus the plan to sell the house and travel in an RV. I made that list based on photos I had seen, places and animals I read about, goals for photographing particular animals, and locations other photographers and wildlife enthusiasts mentioned. But I never really researched what life on the road would be like. I had not heard about your website until nearly a month into my travels. I even bought the first class C RV I test drove! (Thankfully it was a fantastic model with everything I needed and at the right price.) There were some mishaps along the way but overall I survived the initial plunge and now live happily on the road writing about my adventures, selling photographs of the animals I travel to see and giving lectures about being a wildlife photographer and writer. It isn’t anywhere near as lucrative as my corporate job but I love what I do and the smiles I make when folks enjoy my photography and learning about the amazing animals in North America.
    Thanks for the info you have provided since I discovered your site last fall. It is a continuous source of motivation that this type of lifestyle can be done.

    • Unbelievable photography! You must have the patience of a monk to capture that much beautiful imagery of wildlife…the lynx, the otter, the roaring ground hog thing! WOW! If you ever feel like sharing your make money and travel story we’d love to interview you for the series.

      • Thank you very much for the compliment about the photography. Means a lot coming from a fellow photographer. Yes, photos of critters can take some time but I cannot complain about my office! And an interview sounds fabulous! Just let me know what works for you.

  • terri cawlfield

    my husband and I started watching u oh about 6 months ago. we are in our late 50’s. YOU two are the reason we are selling our house, we bought a 5th wheel and we are going to hit the road. I grew up camping. State parks around the country are my second home. We are already packed and ready for OUR adventure. Never to late!. thank you from our hearts. we truly love watching u two. And also we have 2 cats. Take care, have fun, be safe!!!

  • Dace Sanderson

    I love your blog/ you tube adventures. I hope you live long and prosper.

  • Great article! Don’t let the trolls and negative people get you down who think that somehow this is all ‘easy’ or given to you. I work on a controversial topic (climate change) and often it’s just best not to read the comments! 🙂

  • First time comment after a long time of creepin’ 🙂
    You guys do an amazing job!! Video editing top notch, informative topics, and lots of humor along the way!! Like many commenters, after the rope burn incident, I was even more a fan. You show the learning curve and helps us see you don’t have to be a pro to take the leap. (Tire plugging in Alaska another good example)
    Looking forward to seeing you two sail around the world!!

  • Annette and Don Moellering.

    Thank you for this informative blog. We want to RV and would like an income along the way. You gave me some much-needed food for thought. I’m a nature photographer and have 1,000s of great pictures, but my heart wants more and I want to go to Alaska to get Eagles, wolves, bears etc. Have never published any books, but want to. Thanks again.

  • Ramsey Ellen

    You guys should be in movies. Or at least on HGTV or some other tv as a show!! Have you considered/been approached/have as a goal?? I’d watch for sure. We just bought our first RV. C Class. And I retire 8/31/16. Cannot WAIT to hit the road. I have fallen in love with the RB Parks app. Any suggestions?

      • Jeff

        Thanks for keeping it REAL. I was hooked when you hurt your hand on the rope, I know that sounds bad… but it was more real than most of the so called reality shows on tv now. Up to this point, the RV life you documented was adventurous, but there was always a sense that your guys were 100% in control. I think the new boating life will add an element of real adventure (some out of your control), and I cant wait to see the real deal. I pray you stay safe out there, you guys.

  • Brian

    My wife and I just LOVE you guys! Rock on!!

  • arpenaz

    Hello the Wynns, I work hard to be able to have a lifestyle similar to yours and I also click your ads everyday 🙂 best of luck

  • Kia Gardner

    Hi Nikki & Jason,
    So proud of you both. You guys keep me inspired to keep pushing toward my dream of living on a sailboat, even as I look down the barrel of the “half-century-older-than-dirt-big-5-0” next year! ; )
    I wanted to give you a suggestion regarding potential writing gigs with sailing magazines whose readers would benefit from your experiences and perspective as new liveaboards. Cruising World Magazine, Sail Magazine, and Sailing Magazine are 3 good ones that often have stories from non-professional writers who sail and just want to share their stories. I’m sure you guys could pitch a great series of articles as young, adventurous sailors creating a new liveaboard life. The sailing industry has been looking for ways to get kids in your generation to get interested in sailing and to take up the very lifestyle that you guys are living, so you have a lot to offer to editors in that regard. Pick up those magazines (and the ones geared toward catamarans) and see what you think. I hope this helps. Stay safe and fair winds to you.

  • “And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I’ll HAVE to do it!”

    Love this quote and your ventures.. 🙂 Good luck and all the best with everything you do, Nikki!

  • Karen

    Have never heard of Patreon before today! It’s a great idea. I will admit to being one of those who dried up your (and everyone’s) ad revenue with AdBlock. I hate them so much! Never would I pay for satellite TV, either.

    Even though I have no real source of income today and always worry about $, I will probably support you through Patreon. I hear boats are expensive :-), and it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame when people are allowed to choose how their “ad dollars” are spent, and whom they support.

    • Thanks Karen! Adding ads was not an easy choice, we were ad free for the first couple years but as the site grew so did our expenses, and that’s when we decided to monetize. We feel Patreon is a much better platform to interact, connect with our audience and share. Thanks for the support.

      • Karen

        Argh! Not that I meant to denigrate you two for doing so! Very sorry if anything I said sounded that way.

        90% of the time, for me, the irritation/disgust is not at WHO is monetizing their blogs and YT channels, but the ads themselves, which (maybe not everybody knows this) one rarely has the chance to realistically control.

  • Deane H

    Hello, I know this may sound silly, but I stumbled onto your website while researching for (of all things) composting toilets. Curiosity killed my cat : ), and I explored further and came across your information about making money while on the road and your comments regarding blogging, videos, etc. You have answered all the questions I have always asked myself as to..”how do they do this?” I’m posting this because my now teenage son and I have been “road tripping” every summer across the US and Canada in our jeep since he was 5 (now 15). Unfortunately, we have to stay in motels/hotels and a few pit stops we’ve had to camp in the back of the jeep, but I’m pretty good at getting decent deals and try to still travel on a budget which as you know is a trick in itself. However, it’s a necessity for our mental survival, because we get cabin fever really bad by the time school is out : ) This year we are heading to Texas from our home in Oregon (only a handful of states left to go-yay!.) Throughout our travels, we always eat at local restaurants, never chains. For fun, we started rating hamburgers and pizza, mainly because they are easy foods most people like, can find, and afford, plus they are our favorite staples you can’t screw up too bad. When my son got a little older, we branched out to eating local landmark foods i.e Philly Steak sandwiches in Philly (when in Rome ; ) While we were in Canada last year, a waitress saw what we were doing and suggested we write a blog. This wasn’t the first time we’ve heard this but never took it seriously. After watching your videos and reading your info, maybe it’s not that crazy to think I can actually do it and be able to give credit to so many amazing people and small “mom and pop” restaurants out there that most people may not realize exist. I’m a pretty good amateur picture taker lol, so maybe it’s time to go through years of photos and see what we can come up with. I haven’t seen any mom and son travel pairs that aren’t both adults, ( lol that sounds funny, I’m an adult well most of the time and my son thinks he’s adult all the time), so who knows, maybe we can give back by encouraging more young people to travel and realize that it doesn’t have to be your boring backseat riding in a 1975 station wagon anymore : ) Thanks again for the inspiration. Maybe someday our paths will cross at a local hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. ; ) Oh PS any ideas for places to stop in Texas would be awesome : ) Sorry so wordy but that’s how I roll : )

    • Hi Deanne, you know what, that sounds like a fantastic idea! We would have loved something like what you’re suggesting when we were road tripping across America 5 years ago – just set the scene like you did above and people will self-select in who want your suggestions!

      Now if only someone does what you’re suggesting across the Med and Caribbean for when we sail there next year!

  • Sarah Pratt

    Hey guys! Just a quick hello! I wanted to say we’ve recently started following your adventures in YouTube and we are hooked! Y’all do a marvelous job of capturing each place from the videos we’ve seen.. And you 2 are my 6 year olds favorite.. She passes on cartoons now to watch y’all.. And she pays attention! Yesterday when we got in our travel trailer she asked if we had a 3 burner stove top and the inquired if our stove had a cover and whether or not we would be getting a composting toilet. Which she learned from the tour videos you’ve posted.. She even argues with her sister about your current RVs name, which now is apparently something we must do! Safe to say, you have a fan for life! Keep up the good, entertaining work! ??????

    • HA! It is amazing how much information young minds soak up! We have a few young ones that follow along with a few puppies that can’t take their eyes off our videos. We love it 🙂
      Have fun out there.

  • Rick

    It is worth stating the obvious . . . being blessed with good health, as in any endeavor, is the paramount ‘UP’ (more so as a practicing nomad I would imagine). Appreciate and look forward to your continued willingness to share your lives.

  • illya

    I’m sure you have thought of this but as a money making adventure, What about like chartering a boat as mentioned in the Sueirs article you take people on the road who don’t own a Motorhome and maybe never will, give them a taste of your lifestyle, I know having guests is not always the greatest thing. but limit it to 5 days? I am positive you could charge whatever you wanted and people would pay it to be on the road with the Wynns. You know so many places to take people that would be suited to their desires. Of course certain conditions, contracts would have to be agreed upon, at worst you put up with an unpleasant experience for a few days. But 1000.00 per day? 1500.00? what would it cost? even one way trips for people who need a lift in style. I think it would be a good way of earning cash. Everyone AFAIK loves you guys self included and would be willing to pay a lot to do something like that, you guys are rock stars.
    After looking into renting an RV myself,350- 650 a day with 150 mile cap? i think 2500.00 – 5000.00 a day would be a steal for an adventure with you guys. The cost isn’t the issue, you can charge whatever you want im sure, But it is yourselves you are selling really with this site and it’s what people are buying. Sell vacations like that for a few months and you will be paying cash for your boat. plus get to know some very interesting people too i’m sure. Best of luck always, illya

  • Naomi

    Hi Guys:
    I really admire you both being so young and so outgoing. I have a great idea and desire to open a new window in the RV Industry that I know no one else is doing. I am a real estate agent here in Orlando, FL and I am in the market to purchase an RV Diesel Pusher. So far I like the Fleetwood Discovery and I notice that by doing my search, educating myself for almost a year before making the move, the industry and the entire RVer community are missing something. So if you have an email or a phone that I can contact you please send it to me. I follow you in Facebook already. Thanks it advance I will be waiting for your response.

  • Thanks for this info! I’m considering the gypsy lifestyle full-time as well. I’m already on the road racing a lot of the time anyway.

  • I’m curious about the tools you use for blogging. Is your website entirely custom, or based around a platform, like WordPress or Ghost or similar platforms? Do you have recommendations for hosting services, as I’m not super-happy with our current one? Thanks again for all your hard work, you’re an inspiration to us all, be we travelers, authors or bloggers, or aspiring to be one of the above… 🙂

  • Thank you for this article it is a pretty sobering look I think at trying to monetize social media and live a less traditional life. I’m curious how much you worked before RVing full time? A 60-80 hr week to me is quite a lot and I’m curious how much you get to experience with working so much especially since a lot of it seems to be computer work. I work IT full time and I really need less time spent behind a screen not more.

    Thanks again for the article. Lots to think about!

  • Tom kraus

    Been watching you two on YouTube for some time, I also like some of the information on the products you give. I really liked the most current one on the stabalization, I,m not sure if I said it correctly. My wife and I have a motorhome safari, I also noticed when a semi passes us our motorhome moves. Do they sell those kits for diesel? I enjoy your many trips, GREAT JOB KEEP IT UP.

    • They do make similar kits for Diesel Motorhomes, just call the Mfr. and they can tell you what products might help you.

  • Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a a few months now. I’ve really enjoyed your Vlogs as well. I started my full timing adventures on the road back in May 2013 with my dog Rochelle in a converted Ford E350 extended van. I found out about vandwelling from Bob Wells Cheap RV Living blog, forums and his book. I’m bet you know of him.
    It’s been a sweet life!

    I’ve been an online homeschool science teacher now for five years. It sure has taken a TON of time and energy to get set up. I’m self employed and write my own curriculum for my live online classes with and sell the curriculum also on Teachers Pay Teachers and recently, Educents. These are all teacher marketplaces, which are sprouting up numerously!

    I’ve been able to publish some of my best curriculum, which sells just okay for now. The live classes is where I make most of my money. But, I now have a 3 – 5 year goal to re-vamp, edit and publish my entire curriculum for 9 classes. It’ll be quite a project, but, in time, it should produce a decent passive income, which I’m hoping will support full time RVing in Europe in about five years. So, I just thought I’d share a little bit about what teachers can do to support themselves on the road. Looking forward to reading more of you adventures!


    Gloria A. Brooks aka NatureGlo

  • Hi Nikki!
    I love everything about your website and what you’re up to in life! What an adventure. My wife and I are on somewhat parallel paths to you: we recently (starting in August, at the age of 51) bought an Airstream and a truck, rented out our house in Austin as a short-term vacation rental, picked up our cat and hit the road full-time. We are not necessarily making money on the road but we are working full-time as campground hosts. We’re hoping to branch out into archeology, trail building, interpreting, etc. as opportunities come available. If you like my blog would you please publish it your section featuring people who are up to living full-time on the road?

  • Elly

    Thank you for the great post and insight, so helpful! My husband and I plan to TV full time however we are in need of a budget spreadsheet to track our expenses. Do you have one you can recommend or one that we could download?

  • I found your website a few weeks ago while researching RV info and have found it incredibly helpful!! My husband and I are about to enter our 30s, so it’s great to know that there are others out there like us who want to have our cake and eat it too…that is, build a successful career WHILE also indulging in our wanderlust and desire to explore constantly. We are a year out from making it all happen…so right now we’re in planning and research mode! We’re also photographers (new to the business aspect of it, however), so there’s much to plan…but I’m so excited! Thanks for kicking butt guys – and sharing your story along the way 🙂

  • JJ

    Bookmarking the mess out of this post. Fantastic info especially on pitching companies. I am a freelance videographer/photographer in SF who gets paid to do a lot of corporate work, but nature is what I really love. I just didn’t realize you could get paid to do it!

  • Catherine

    Thank you for sharing! I had no idea how much time goes into these! My husband and I want to full-time rv, hopefully, by fall next year. I love seeing the adventures y’all go on and the information you provide. Thank you so much! P.S. we’ll get started on that blog and vlog thing as soon as we can! Thanks for the advice!

  • Linda M

    The Bluebird motor home is in Mineral Wells Texas. I live in Heber Utah near a great campground on the East side of Deer Creek Lake. If you want to escape the Texas heat and help me navigate the perils of the journey there is a great story and adventure in this journey to the 42 Utah State parks and the Big Five National Parks in Utah. Call me when you are headed West. 402-990-7865

  • Debbie King

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs and following you and Jason around the country. My husband and I have recently retired and instead of buying the retired home in Florida we bought an RV and plan to visit each state over the couple of years before we find a place to settle. If we like RVing a lot we may stay out longer. Your information has been very helpful in getting us ready. I am starting a blog for my family and friends so they can follow us. Not looking to make money at it. WordPress has different levels. Would you recommend buying an upgraded version or just using the freebie.

  • Vishesh

    Why don’t we have universalisation of all jobs. It shall empower professionals & access to mobility like never before. Doctors, Firemen can provide their services weekly at different cities while on the road. Mechanics & Carpenters etc could work project wise. And then move on…

  • Matthew Pfeifer

    Love your site, videos…all of it! You are living my dream, one that I hope to have in the next few years. Been at Disney World for 14+ years and planning my escape/semi-retirement. Thank you for all the advice you give and keep up the good work!

  • I really like your information. and plan to stop at some of the campsite and areas this year My wife and I have never travel east of the Mississippi. and look forward to doing have you any information traveling in the smoky mountains.
    We have a 21 foot Class C that I rebuilt last year.
    Keep the videos coming enjoy a lot stay safe and God Bless.

  • Cassandra

    Planning on a ‘tiny house trailer’ year of travel and have been trying to figure out costs, potential unplanned “issues”, travel tips, etc. i just wanted to say thank you for taking the time with your blog and cost analysis. It was so helpful. If I could give you both hugs I would. 🙂

  • Ginny

    Hi Wynns!

    My husband and I are planning on starting our new travel trailer full time lifestyle at the end of February and will be traveling with a carnival for the summer! We wanted to do something similar to you with creating a website and documenting our adventures and what we learn along the way. I was wondering what site you used to create your website. I would appreciate any advice you can give! Thank you! We love watching all of your videos! They have become a little obsession for us as we have been trying to learn everything we can before we head out on this adventure!

    • We use WordPress for our website as do many bloggers. Search for a theme that best suits your style and start there. Good luck, it’s a ton of work but sharing your travels can be extremely rewarding.

  • Laura Morgan

    We originally found you guys on YouTube. We currently live in the Middle East where my husband works as an aircraft mechanic. Our plans are to return Stateside and start up our own company doing aircraft annuals, fuel leaks, and windshield replacements (well my husband, not me so much). We really enjoyed the “Hindsight” blip. We understand that creating a business from the ground up takes time, but never thought to quote over for weather and unexpecteds. Thanks for all your information. Keep posting. We love reading!!

  • Nikki & Jason ~
    I feel like we’re friends even tho we haven’t met. My husband & I just started full time RV living in June 2014. I’m in Occupational Therapy while my husband is both an aspiring writer & tax consultant. My assignments dictate our locations for 13 week assignments and I currently have 5 states I’m licensed to work in. (while applying to more !! ) I write a personal blog for my family & friends, just for pleasure ~ but you are SO right … it takes more time than one would think!
    My husband works from the RV while being “”supervised” by the two dogs. Hope to see you on the road someday !!
    Happy Adventuring !!

  • Nikki & Jason ~
    I feel like we’re friends even tho we haven’t met. My husband & I just started full time RV living in June 2014. I’m in Occupational Therapy while my husband is both an aspiring writer & tax consultant. My assignments dictate our locations for 13 week assignments and I currently have 5 states I’m licensed to work in. (while applying to more !! ) I write a personal blog for my family & friends, just for pleasure ~ but you are SO right … it takes more time than one would think!
    My husband works from the RV while being “”supervised” by the two dogs. Hope to see you on the road someday !!
    Happy Adventuring !!

  • This is the most honest assessment of the amount of work it takes to manage a blog/website/social media I’ve seen in a l-o-n-g time.

    Good to know others are putting in as much time as myself. LOL! Thought maybe I was doing something wrong. And there’s two of you sharing the work!

    Fortunately my current website,, is seasonal so I get a break in the year, but I totally get what y’all are doing. Whew!

    I’m curious, you made the comment that you would have started your blog earlier — at least a year — so you’d have content.

    Since you wouldn’t have been in your RV then, what content topics would you have written? Who would your audience have been? Prospective clients? Or your online following?

    And what would your primary goal have been? Building an online following? Or having copy to show prospective clients?

    Thanks for all the great content and beautiful imagery! Y’all rock! : )

      • Aaahh! Very good points. Didn’t think of the “selling everything off” stuff. Yes, it is a huge learning curve on how to do the “website thing.” And to make a contribution to this topic, I highly recommend the book, Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk, for anyone interested in doing this kind of thing. It’s what inspired me to do the website thing. It’s broad in concept — doesn’t tell you how to make a website, etc — and a fun and easy read. Wow! That just sounded like an ad for the book but it’s not. LOL! Anyhow, looking forward to your adventures. : )

  • A. Tarikian

    Nice site and super cool videos!!!
    We always thought to do the same but with a 9 year old daughter is much more difficult.
    We bought our RV in January 2013 (A Bounder Classic 34B Gas – I saw your video DIESEL X GAS and that’s great !) and our trips are mostly on our daughter’s vacations or any holiday.
    This winter we will try our FIRST winter trip (also thx for the tips on your video about RVing on winter!!) and we are going from Florida to Colorado on 12/20.
    Trying to have a X-mas with some snow this year.
    This is our planned route. Any tips will be very welcome!!

  • Greg

    Hi Jason and Nikki! I just came across your videos and I’m hooked! It’s after 2am here in Japan at the time that I’m writing this and tonight will be an all nighter for me since watching all of your vids is a must! lol

    You guys are truly living the live I’ve always imagined and I’ll be looking at hitting the road once I get back to the states too! Stay safe and keep the videos coming!



    • Greg,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to say hi. Drop us a line when you get back to the states.

  • Patricia

    I enjoy following you two around America. Do you think someone could make money doing manicures and pedicures with reflexology on the road for the other campers in the campground that they are staying at? Is that allowed in the camp grounds? Thanks for all your work on this website! Patricia

    • Patricia,
      We have seen people advertise massage, handy man work, electrician, etc. from their RVs. Typically if you ask the campground manager it will be OK and you can even setup an “event” where you are available on a set day for set hours. Anything is possible.

  • I just recently came across your Youtube videos and have really been enjoying them. You really make the RV lifestyle sound exciting! I’ve just retired from teaching and have become very interested in either buying a houseboat or an RV. I currently have 4 cats so I’m not sure how that would work out. They are all inside and outside cats so I would really have to find some secluded places to camp for them to be truly content I think.

  • Debi

    What financial al software do you use to keep track expenses? We use Quicken and are wondering if it is worth the upgrade every year or is there an alternative less expensive way, EASY way. We import data from bank transaction.
    Who do you us for your website? We recently heard of SBI (but that another $200 per year)
    Love all your videos and insite on RVING full time.
    Thank you so much for sharing

    • We use QuickBooks online version, there is a monthly fee but it works for us because we have a CPA and a Bookeeper in Dallas and they can all log in.
      If you just want to organize and file yourself you should check into the NEAT scanners.

  • JD

    Today we bought a 1975 28′ Airstream and we plan to live there for 6-12 months. This site is just what I needed and now I can’t get to sleep! My husband is a touring musician and I write childrens books, we have 3 kids and are very excited about our journey. Thank you for all the great info. You can find us at
    Or my blog

  • Hey Jason & Nikki! We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. My boyfriend, Josh, and I are on month-three of our 2 year US Tour in our RV. When we first decided we wanted to live and work on the road, I stumbled across your blog, and we’ve gained so much knowledge from you guys! It also made us feel better about NOT being retirees and living in a RV full-time. 😉 If ya’ll could do it, so could we! We’re documenting our way through the US and have covered 14 states so far. We’re both working remotely (inside sales) and we basically followed your advice on our WiFi setup verbatim. Thanks for the inspiration and information. -Aimee & Josh, Soulshine Wanderers

  • Thank you, I found your video while researching composting toilets. As of last year our nest is empty. My husband works on the road in construction, so until our boys grew into fine men, I remained at home. It is time for a change. We have turned our home into a vacation rental.
    Is where you can check us out.
    We are designing our first tiny house on wheels. I think with your help I have my husband at least considering the composting toilet. As with all new things, I’m sure there is a bit of a trick to it. But from your presentations, it looks pretty easy and straight up.
    We have lived in 9 different places since our boys have come and now gone. I love change, to create and build, rather it be a new concept or recreating something old and making it functional again. It’s all good. Funny the only home I ever cried over leaving was my 32 ft camper. Watching it roll out the drive way was like watching my freedom take flight. The adventure the road holds is a sweet thing. Plus the security of having your own portable shell, is for me, unmatched.
    We appreciate our perminate space here in Montana and will continue to call it home base. But for now we are looking toward the open road and the adventures it holds for this new chapter in our lives.
    I will be checking back with you often. You two do an amazing job at offering tips and advise.
    Please let us know if you ever find the need to wander into Montana. The Bitterroot Valley has too many treasures to mention. And with natives like us, Lewis and Clark, (yes that is my real name), we are sure to be able to show you some of those hidden treasures others may not even think to look for (E-mail me).

    Thank you again for all the great content you are providing…

    • Thank you so much for saying hello, we look forward to spending some time in the Dakotas and Montana next year so we will definitely keep your info.

  • I love your blog and videos! I’m not on the road yet but I plan to be within the next few years. My main income now and hopefully then is my art business, creating very realistic dolls, which I sell primarily online.

  • cindy

    I absolutely love all of your videos. I’ve found you on you-tube. I find your videos to have great sound, wonderful footage, and funny while informative as well. you make such a great couple! I’m learning what I can about full time RV living. I’m an RN and would someday like to take a class A around the country and do (travel assignments at hospitals for a contracted 13 weeks per assignment. So I’m learning a lot about life on wheels from the two of you. My ultimate goal would be to RV about europe for a year. Of course in a much smaller class C. Keep up the great work. And thanks for all the inspiration!

  • What a wonderful, and inspirational blog you guys have! We did 26 states with our RV last year, and payed for it with photography along the road (mostly of horses.) I’m trying to get more organized, I find pitching the jobs being the most challenging part. It’s great reading about like minded adventurous souls. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

    • Thank you so much Maria! If you’d be interested in sharing your story on our MM&T segment we’d love to hear your take on working from the road.

      • Thank you!
        Of course, I’d love to. How about I write something and email it to you, along with some photos?

  • Thanks for posting this article! I found you guys on YouTube and was immediately skeptical about how you could afford to do this. Seeing as how you owned a business I assumed you had a pretty penny to start with. My girlfriend (only because we’re in no rush to get married) and I are planning on embarking on something very similar. We’re not sure if it’ll be in an RV or not but your website looks like it is going to be a big help. The hardest part, at this point, seems to be planning. Thanks for taking the time to spread your knowledge. We’ll keep up with your blog, maybe one day we’ll run into you guys.

  • Thanks for sharing your income strategies. It’s always interesting to see how full timers are earning a living. I’m looking forward to being a full timer in the not too distant future. My company has been helping part time RVers earn money renting out their RVs. Think AIRBNB but for RVs. I know most RVers have the goal of being a full timer, but until that day happens renting out your RV is a great way to make some extra income. Unfortunately most RVs sit in storage 90% of the time. If anyone is interested in getting more info on potentially renting out their RV check out:

    • It’s an interesting concept Mark, we’ve heard of this before but never considered it for ourselves since we live in our RV full-time. I do see how it could be beneficial for those who only take a few trips each year in their RV.

  • Teresa

    I have just found your website and fallen in love! You are living my dream and have inspired me to make it a reality.

    3 questions:
    1. How do you get your snail mail?
    2. What about medical/health issues? I would need ongoing care, preferrably with my primary physician. How would I work that out?
    3. I am starting my own country primitive craft business. I’m thinking I can take this on the road as well. Visiting craft fairs, flea markets, etc. to setup and make income. What is your opinion and insight on this idea?

    Thank you so much for being here and sharing this wonderful lifestyle with all of us. I have just subscribed to every single social media network that you are affiliated with as I do not want to miss one single word you write.

    Sending you Blessings and Safe Travels!

  • cadman70454

    It appears as if you are sometimes in dark sky locations. You should get a telescope and look up once in a while.

    • Not sure what you mean, but we do enjoy stargazing.

      • cadman70454

        I was only suggesting a small telescope or binoculars to use for stargazing in dark sky locations. I’m glad to hear you guys enjoy stargazing.

        So far the darkest skies I’ve experienced have been near Mayhill, NM, and the western National Parks. In some places, the sky is so dark the night sky looks 3D and the Milky Way is bright enough to cast a shadow. If you come across those types of places, let me know where they are so I can mark them on a map and haul my telescope stuff there.

        I enjoy your watching your videos.

  • Your website is gorgeous. Really nicely done!

    My husband Mike and I have been traveling full-time by RV for just over a year. He has had his own technical training business for nine years, and he was traveling all the time with it while I was working in government in Las Vegas.

    We decided life was too short not to be together more and to see the country. So I quit my job and started freelancing. As you suggested, I got started before I left Vegas, networking and getting the word out about my services.

    I also recommend volunteering. It’s a long process, and you shouldn’t volunteer just for the hope of getting a paid gig. But it can pay off in more than just community benefits. I have volunteered for a writing group for a couple of years, and got a steady, well-paying freelance writing job out of it last year that has continued into this year. Another group I’ve volunteered for, again for a couple of years, led to a paid web design project.

    • That’s fascinating Elisabeth, are you still travelling?

  • Hugh

    I would love to see you both sponsored by someone like or both German builder of Motorhomes and sold in most european countries.

    Anyway, I think both your filming and presentation techniques are excellent but to film your take on European motorhoming the places you would visit the use of the French Aires De Service or Stellplatz in Germany would be most interesting

    We have covered most of Western Europe ourselves and although we come from Southern England we always head across the water to Europe.

    There are well over a Million motorhomes in Europe and also we get a lot of US visitors either hiring or purchasing from one of over 20 european motorhome manufacturers in addition and despite their size American RV’s although purchasing anything over 32feet limits access in the narrow roads of England, Italy, Spain, Switzerland

    Getting back to the point and has i have already posted on Youtube, after 9 years of motorhoming we are now stepping up to purchase a US RV to replace our Burstner 747

    I just love your fresh but professional approach and you are quick to present the facts coupled with quality filming and editing which makes what you do very interesting and engaging

    So please please come and do Europe and make sure Nikki writes a book on the back of it there is a way about her views that would appeal to both European and US audience

    • Hugh,
      Thank you so much for the kind comments. We are familiar with both brands and we’ve had the opportunity to see them during our limited travels in Europe. We’ll look forward to seeing you on the road one day.

  • Would love to have your family as guests in our camping resorts to do review videos!
    We have a park in the white mountains of NH and we have a brand new park that just opened in the Adirondack Mountains on the South end of Lake George in NY.
    You will Love the Site Size, Privacy, and Amenities so please check us out on Facebook: Moose Hillock Camping Resort – NY
    Ed Paradis
    General Manager

  • Jason

    I love reading your answers to comments, this one really struck me.

    “It has taken us 3 years to build GWTW, and it has not been an easy road as the RV industry is stuck in the old days in many cases. Best piece of advice I can offer you guys is to stick with it. We had to work an entire year before we made any money or captured anyone’s attention in the RV world. ”

    Go find someone in the RV world who tells you solar heating and cooling for your RV is possible – they all say it can’t be done, yet against all odds , 2 trailers, 3 years latter I did it & will try to do a video in the next few months on how it works, maybe you guys could help if your interested we could work out something – you seam to make great videos ?


    • AWESOME Jerry! We love the idea of solar heat but we are not familiar with solar cooling. Can’t wait to watch the video that you create. As for us helping create a video for you we’d need to be in the same location for a while before we could promise anything. Keep an eye on our Where the Wynn’s Blow page to see where we are and where we’re heading:
      Would love to connect and see it in action.

      • Hi Jason

        What I was saying is that my solar system is 2100 watts and it can generate enough power to operate a mini split AC – heat pump unit , therefore the heating & cooling is 100% Solar made into electricity to run the equipment – the same way as in a house. Since you guys are pros at making funny videos – I could just send you 30+ or so pictures and you could do your funny narration making a 3-5 minute movie for YouTube for example. I was thinking to do my movie as the character of a fat little Bavarian prof on vacation in the USA with a heavy German accent describing how he had built the trailer when none of the RV dealers had a RV with solar cooling – they only had a stinky diesel generator & the Prof was in horror how one could enjoy nature – while polluting the air with a generator. The meaning being that the future RV’s would no longer use generators & solar would be the only choice.

        Cheers Jerry

        • HAHA, go with it Jerry, you’re the one that put your blood, sweat and tears into creating this monster and you should be the one to put the video together. Sounds like loads of fun.

  • Sound advice. I certainly agree with the advice to budget double the anticipated time, especially when working with new clients or projects.

    I’ve been making a great living for the last 5 years online and it allows me to travel globally and full time RV while in the states.

    • Thanks for sharing Pete. What kind of business allows you to be mobile?

  • Thank you for all your great content and tips. My husband and I have really been enjoying your site!
    We are planning on going fulltime on the road with our two young sons. We have a laser etching business and are working on building one arm of it – custom signs for RVs. I so appreciate your tip about getting established before getting on the road!

    We are in the process of selling our home right now and luckily we have an interrim place to live in before making the leap to get our financial ducks in a row.

    Thanks again for all that you do! I do hope to see your Ansel Adamsesque work in the near future!

  • Sharon

    My husband and I are exploring the idea of full-time rv’ing in the next few years. Grown kids and boredom have set in (plus the fact that Ohio winters are pretty much the pits). I work at home as a project manager. Given your experiences, do you think it would be feasible for me to consider continuing to work as a full time rv’er? Btw, just found you guys and you are both inspiring and amazing!

    • If your job revolves exclusively on being connected, go for it! Join us on the road. Have fun out there…

  • Michelle Bates

    My husband and I are about to start our lives on the road living in our RV full time with our two dogs. We have been following you for a while now trying to get our bearings together. Now we are about a week away from leaving our parents and making our way to Alaska. We have even been looking into how we can earn some sort of income while we travel. Without your videos and posts, I do not believe that we would actually have the nerves to do this. Thank you and we will continue to follow you both in your travels.

    • If you don’t love it do not blame us for making you do it! 🙂 j/k
      Glad we could provide some insight to the RV life, and please let us know how Alaska goes…it’s on our bucket list for 2015.

  • Cassie

    Hello again…lol, I must be the most annoying person right now, sorry.

    What are the safest and best places on the web to create a blog or an actual wed site of my own, that will not cause me any viruses to my computer and not have any pop ups, so its family friendly and safe to use for others and myself.??

    thanks again.

      • cassie

        thanks Nikki, I will def. check it out 🙂

  • Cassie

    Thanks, so much for the info. and help, its greatly appreciated.

    And keep up the good work, I enjoy watching all the videos the two of you post there awesome!.

  • Cassie

    Sorry for got to add this question in, I enjoy doing research on camping gear a outdoor gear for pets.

    Is there anyway to do youtube reviews for companies like say Outdoor research or granite gear or even maybe North Face and make a youtube career out of it to live off of??

    thanks again for your time and help.

    Sincerely: Cassie. 🙂

    • Cassie,
      the beauty of the internet is you can make money in many ways. If you come up with a solid pitch send it to all the above companies, maybe one will bite. If they don’t want to pay then maybe they’ll give you the product and you can add Amazon Affiliate links to your website and YouTube channel.
      If you can dream it up you can likely make money with it.
      Good luck.

  • Cassie

    Hello, I have been watching your YouTube videos for the last 8 months or so and I have a few questions maybe you guys could answer for me???…..

    I am 24 and went back to school to get my GED and I want to become a PSW worker (Personal support worker ) where I go and help out the disabled or elderly in the mornings and evening or throughout the day, i.e.: cooking, cleaning, helping them with bathing. etc. helping them with there everyday lives, since they need a care taker.

    Once I am done college and hopefully pass and become certified, I would like to work as a self-employed PSW and wanted to know if you think, I could do this kind of career on the go from place to place using a blog site to set up appointments for the weeks or months, I was there.

    The idea is… as a PSW worker, I would only be there for 3 weeks maybe a few months but I would help families transition into having a new PSW for there loved ones and also help them find good companies, let them know what they should look for in a good worker and find the right person for the job and set up interviewing appointment for that family to insure there loved one gets the right care taker for when there not around.

    Also I enjoy photography as a hobby and would like to try a side mini career at it and wanted to know if that’s a good idea for extra cash, I enjoy taking pictures of birds and mostly landscapes and open water ways.

    Being 24 years old, I am not ready to settle into anyone place and say that’s it, I have dreams to travel and see as much as I can wail, I am young and active, since I love hiking, camping, fishing .etc.. etc… the whole outdoor experience, I figured this would be the life for me and its also been a dream since, I was a kid to live in an Rv or bus on the go.

    Thanks for all your time and help, its greatly appreciated

    Sincerely: Cassie :).

    • You can do anything you put your mind and efforts toward. I would recommend starting your blog as soon as possible so you’re not trying to learn life on the road while learning how to blog. Please know many bloggers don’t make money from their actual website, but if you have a product to sell like your PSW or Photography then your opportunities to make money and travel will be much greater.
      Good Luck and most importantly HAVE FUN!

  • Bobbi and Dene

    Hi Jason –

    We love you and Nikki’s work. This is why we decided to reach out and ask a question about business.

    We work from our RV too. It’s tax time and it has us thinking…. Have you been able to claim your RV as office space or any of the work you do as deductible expenses? If so, do you have any resources you’ve used to help in this that we should look into? We aren’t really asking for you to give tax advice, merely asking if you have been successful in this kind of endeavor. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Keep up the inspiring work!

    – Bobbi & Dene

    • Hello! Thank you for this wonderful question. I am meeting with my CPA over the next couple weeks and I hope to have more info for you.
      Also I have added a short paragraph to “the UP’s” part of this article so others may find my answer. The short answer is we have been very successful with legitimate write-offs and most importantly the largest write off being the depreciation of our RV.
      You might also want to have a look at this post, it’s kinda older but still interesting:

  • Deb

    Are you ever concerned about your safety?

    • We have always felt safe while RVing, in our opinion most people out there are good natured.

      • Elizabeth


        I have some suggestions that I’ve come across…how can I contact you privately?

  • With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright violation?
    My site has a lot of unique content I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it looks like
    a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my authorization.
    Do you know any methods to help protect against content from
    being stolen? I’d certainly appreciate it.

    • In this digital age it’s so difficult to track who’s stealing content. We are so busy creating content and traveling we don’t really have time to think about it.

  • Robyn

    4Gypsies a Modern Day Family on Facebook.

    We started traveling RV lifestyle last July 2013. Sold everything we owned and bought a 5th wheeler & a truck. We travel with our 2 daughters who are 11 & 5. My husband home schools them while I work. Just like you two I found something in my field that allowed us to travel the country. I take contracts allowing us to stay in one area on aaverage 13 weeks before moving to the next. Since we started we have been in 14 States and enjoying all yhe new adventures. People you meet are wonderful along with the people who travel like us. I love hearing there stories and the adventures they have been on. We also get great pointers of do and do not do. This lifestyle hadhas its ups and downs but the adventures and experiences are amazing. We recently started a blog on Facebook called 4Gypsies a Modern Day Family. It’s still a learning curve for us :0)
    Thank you for sharing your story and how you manage traveling!

    Lokker Family

    • Good luck! One thing we’ve heard from others: you might want to migrate your blog to a WordPress website, Facebook can change their rules and regulations at anytime which could cause damage to a FB only blog. Just a thought.

  • I have started following you recently, and really like the videos and the way things are done. Very lighthearted and informative. As a physical therapist, it was relatively easy to go on the road full time as a travel therapist for 13 week assignments. Currently, my wife and four kids travel with me and we are exploring different areas. We have been on the road for nine months and are loving the mobile lifestyle

    I saw what you said about computers and space. I incorporated a synology box and some hard drive into our setup. You can see it at our blog at if you want.

    Thanks for your take on the lifestyle. It is being appreciated by many, including us.

    • David,
      Let us know if you’re interested in sharing your story of how you make money and travel…I had no idea there was such a thing as a traveling therapist, sounds cool.

  • Read this when you first posted it….and to read it now it means even more. Wish I had the words to properly thank you for this post. Put it on my future list to review it again!

    Thank you Nicki & Jason!

    • Rolland,
      Thanks for taking the time to send this wonderful message, it’s comments like these that keep us going!

  • Brenda

    Very excited to have found your site. I’m getting ready to go full-time RVing. Actually, I’m returning to it. Started out in 2004 with a Class A, then a B (Roadtrek), now a little car and a Teardrop. I’m also working on webistes for ecommerce; i.e., income. I do have Social Security as a “backup,” but still need to have extra income. Your site has given me a lot of good ideas and advice. Just wanted to say thank you! Maybe I’ll start sharing my own story in the near future! Gotta get the income sites working first :-).

    • Can’t wait to hear your “Make Money and Travel” story Brenda! Good luck and have fun.

  • Love your story about travelling around the US in an RV. What a interesting lifestyle.

    good use of your existing talent.

  • Paul S

    Hi Jason & Nikki,

    I really enjoy your videos and I think they are beautifully produced. I use to live in Idyllwild and I moved to Santa Barbara 3 years ago and really love it here.
    I thought I would share with you that after watching your videos, I have decided to buy an Airstream and hit the road. My business will finance my adventures and I think my two dogs will love it. I hope to have everything figured out by next summer and if you find yourselves in Santa Barbara feel free to stop by and I can at least point out some fun places for you to video and eat.

    Thanks again for all the great blogs and videos and I am sure I am not the first guy that you have inspired 🙂



    • Paul,
      Thank you for taking the time to send this message, it really means a lot to us to know that all our time on this site isn’t spent in vein. If there is anything we can do to help please don’t hesitate to comment on any post of our website, we read every comment.
      We’ll have to do a Make Money and Travel segment on you after you have a few months under your belt! Safe travels, life on the road is beautiful. I hope we can cross paths one day and break bread.

  • Howard

    Hi Kids, saw your comment with Fairhaven being mentioned. My wife and I sometimes use the hiking trails around the Fairhaven facility here in Vernon, BC. After the Abbotsford RV Show you should swing by here, where we have a full hookup RV pad in the backyard, and check out the local sites, including many great wineries. The Okanagan valley is not called the Napa of the North for nothing! We even have a respected wine blogger in the family.

    If you need a hike to stretch your muscles our Fairhaven is located up above us on the lower slope of Silver Star Mountain. (The alpine skiing is fabulous but the cross country is so spectacular, with a very early season start, that your US ski team often trains here along with the Canadian National Team.)

    • Howard,
      I wish we could have come north in BC, we have skied at both Silver Star and Jasper but somehow missed Banff!
      Wish we had the wine blogger with us as we only had 2 days in the Okanagan…because we kinda’ struck out finding great wines.

  • Hello.

    My soulmate and I have been following you and subscribing to your YouTube and featuring your videos on our channel for months. ( We have been actualizing this lifestyle for years and are now ready to follow precisely on the path that you guys are on. You are truly living our dreams.

    We have been featuring stories like yours hoping to learn what we must do. Currently, the biggest challenge has been establishing the business income to support the lifestyle. We currently have a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help purchase the many resources and gadgets needed to get started. We are currently 30% to our goal. We also want to invest in some form of business that will help us to survive and live comfortably on the road. We love the web series idea and also have a small crew of supporters.

    Anyway, we figured you guys might be able to assist us or allow us to get involved in what you are doing. We have already directed all of our subscribers to your channel which is featured as one of our Must See Channels.

    We would greatly appreciate a response from any of you.

    Thank you in advance!

    Happy Trails
    Li & Ana

    • Li and Ana,
      I have delayed my response as I did not want to respond with haste and offer you false promises or recommendations. First off thank you for sharing our videos, as you know every click is extremely helpful in growing a YouTube following. It has taken us 3 years to build GWTW, and it has not been an easy road as the RV industry is stuck in the old days in many cases. Best piece of advice I can offer you guys is to stick with it. We had to work an entire year before we made any money or captured anyone’s attention in the RV world. Also you should enter any contest you can find (like Best of the Road) and apply for any RV related competition or TV appearance.

      I wish we could bring on other people to help but it really doesn’t make sense to involve other faces with Gone With the Wynns because it is really our story of life on the road.

      I wish I could offer you more, but we’re still trying to figure it all out ourselves. Check into HubSpot and follow some bloggers like Nomadic Matt who talk about growing your website rapidly.

      Best of luck, it’s a long and rewarding journey that many attempt but drop out before the rough road gets smooth. Stick with it and have fun.

      Jason Wynn

      • Thanks for your response. We were really hoping to hear back from you.

        We realize it will most likely take time to develop a subscriber base and any potential of income through this project. Our question was more regarding any suggestions you may have in generating income outside of the web series that can be done while on the road?

        We will look into those things you mentioned, but if you have found any income opportunities that you feel we can do while on the road, we appreciate if you could let us know.

        Thanks again!

        Best regards,
        Li & Ana

        • We started by asking around to see if the campground needed photography or video. We did a lot for free the first year growing out portfolio. Contact RV magazines to see if you can write for them. Lookup Tripfilms and see if you can do travel videos for them. None of these offer great pay, but it’s a way to get your foot in the door and some work in your portfolio to reach out to the next client. One of the best things you can do is browse the forums like and start interacting with the community, you’ll be amazed at how many people you can help or interact with and they in turn might be able to provide you with ideas for future content.

          One more thing, you guys should visit other RV blogs and leave comments. For instance when I place your comment on our site I will include a hyperlink along with your name, this helps grow your importance according to Google making your website stronger and more authoritative. That’s probably the best way to get your name and website links out there. Just make sure you don’t do a hyperlink inside the comment, just in the area where you type your names.
          The biggest thing that helped us grow was the HGTV show and winning Best of the Road, we found out about both of these by daily online searching for the terms “RV competition, RV Video Contest, RV photo Contest”.
          Good luck.

          • Thank you so much for your helpful answers to our questions. We are definitely going to look into all of them.

  • Hey Jason,

    I’ve dabbled in Internet Marketing for the past year or so, and I think I can impart some cool advice.

    Perhaps, you have already done this, but when I looked at what equipment you use for your videography, I didn’t see it.

    Become an Amazon affiliate. It’s free and easy. I understand you won’t want to become overly “commercial.” However, there is a very tasteful way to integrate it into your posts.

    Whenever you mention your equipment, hyperlink it to amazon as your affiliate. You should also include this link in ALL of your YouTube Videos as “equipment we use.” Whenever somebody “clicks through” you get a percentage of anything they buy for the next 24 hrs.

    You’re not being over bearing. In fact, I people will thank you for this, especially if they want to start vlogging or take their own RV trip!

    Also, check out for some of the best tips. I recently found this blog. Very good.

    Nikki, whenever you talk about your make up business and your favorite product, you probably could link to Amazon as well to your favorite products.

    Well there is my advice, hopefully some of it was new. 🙂

    -Your Friend from Florida Outdoors RV in Florida! 🙂

    • Hey Brandon,
      We do have our camera gear listed on this post

      We are Amazon affiliates however we have only integrated it into one post and it has not made us any money. Having multiple revenue streams is always on our radar, I’m sure we’ll look a little deeper into Amazon when we get some down time….

      Thanks for sharing, hope to see you in FL.

      • Ditto! I know this is old, but wanted to 2nd adding more affiliate links. I have very few blog posts with links but with the help of pinterest I can bring in an extra $40 a month just from one blog post.

        This would be an awesome one to update and just have the titles link using an item direct affiliate code. I love clicking on links just to see exactly what the item is, rather than have to search it out.

        Love following you guys. I found you while researching compost toilets and after our first 2000+ mile trip with a stinky sewer tank, I think I got the husband on board too. The price tag is the only reason we didn’t come home and immediately install one.

  • Katie

    Hi Wynns! My name is Katie and I thoroughly enjoy your site and following your amazing adventure! I “met” you through House Hunters and have been inspired by your travels ever since. You guys have made RVing cool!

    I was curious if there’s a spot on your site I may have missed that offers suggestions for shorter trips — I’m thinking about a 3 week road trip (Yellowstone then swinging over to northern California to see the redwoods).

    • Hi. If you’re traveling from Yellowstone to N CA then you’ll probably pass through some of the most beautiful places in North America, right here in Idaho. Feel free to contact me for some suggestions, like Lava Hot Springs and City of Rocks.

    • Katie,
      We are working on a spankin’ new map that should launch soon, it will help answer these types of questions. Sorry it’s taken so long.

  • Joshua K.

    Hey Wynns I am inspired by what you guys do, maybe one day I could travel across our great country. The only problem is its pretty hard to see the country if your 12 years old and live in Hawaii. Anyway I wanted to say have fun on your trip and that maybe you should come see Hawaii if you haven’t all ready seen it, we have a lot to offer for travelers to see.

    Bye Happy Travels

      • Joshua K.

        I live on the island of Maui.

      • David Russell

        Is there a ferry to Hawaii from the mainland for your RV?

  • Mikey Zeff

    I’m a 20 year-old from Orlando, FL. First, I want to say that your adventure is very inspiring. A friend and I are working toward doing something similar in the way of making photo/video our source of income as we move, and we could use your know-how.

    We’re curious as to how the two of you go about pitching your services to RV resorts, parks, etc. More specifically: how did you score your initial few clients, without much of a tailored demo reel or travel portfolio to back you up? Also, I read that you generally organize your clients in advance; how do you go about communicating / effectively pitching your services without the face-to-face sit-down meeting?

    Ultimately, we have the photo/video skills to do the job and do it well. However, we lack knowledge in how to connect with potential clients effectively, so as to woo them into being open to our services! So, we’d greatly appreciate any advice or guidelines you can give on making that happen (beyond what you’ve already shared on your blog).

    Thank you so much, and happy travels!

    • First off thanks for writing and you’re way too kind with the compliments. I’ll do my best to answer your questions, but to be perfectly honest there is not a magic answer and each potential client needs a tailored pitch.
      The first year we traveled it was more of a vacation where we filmed, photographed, and wrote for fun. We shot hundreds of videos at no charge because we weren’t looking for a ‘job’, it was more of a passion. From there people saw our website and asked us to film for them…and a travelling business was born. People could very easily see the quality of our work from our website and video channels, and if they needed a professional reference we’d send them to our previous websites and
      A face to face meeting isn’t necessary if you have examples online of what you can offer. When a potential client sees our work and likes it, they simply contact us for a quote. We’re not advertising, we’re not seeking out a bunch of work, we’re just doing what we love and people/companies really respect that. Of course there is a sit down meeting once we arrive to hash out all the details.
      If you have the skills to do the job I’d suggest you find a potential client near you, tell them you’ll shoot a video and photographs in trade for a free ‘product’. Go all out, invest as much time as you need to make sure the final product is one you are proud of. Once you have one job under your belt you’ll be able to pitch others based on the success of the first.
      Good luck, there are plenty of opportunities out there to live a fulfilled life on the road while making some money too.

  • Hey guys! Great story and wonderful information! I happened to stumble upon you last night as I searched for “solar panels for rv” on google. Our life-similarities are uncanny.

    I currently have my house in Middle TN for sale where I currently run my own small business. In the past 3 weeks I’ve traded my “buy a sailboat” idea for my new “buy an RV and travel the country” idea. For the past 8 years I’ve been self employed as a professional photographer all over the SouthEast.

    We provide photography, video production, web design and development, search engine optimization and graphic design to client’s all over the Southeast but specialize in the niche market that is Virtual Tours (pano/java/flash 360 degree spins, etc). I’ve always known my skills are universal and that I’ll never have trouble finding work but it’s great to see that your skillset is so similar to my own, and helps me realize that you are living proof that I’m prepared.

    I also happen to be relatively savvy when it comes to mechanical things – my love of cars and motors has helped me learn to tear apart engines, transmissions etc and I hope that those skills will reduce my cost of living while on the road.

    My best friend and I plan on following your dreams as soon as my house sells. I will miss our 2 acre back yard and our creek and the country quiet lifestyle, but I’m certain after reading every word of your website that I’ll be able to make a living servicing my current web clients, and my future client’s all over the US. SEO and Photography are perfect skills for travelers and the only thing I lack is a gorgeous, talented wife.

    I’d love to meet you somewhere and talk with you if possible – your journey has inspired an even greater fire burning to sell everything I own except my computers and my camera gear and buy an RV with the equity in my home and hit the road for as many years as I have left.

    I’d love to hear more about how you have your computers setup in your coach. I plan on building a NAS system to house a raid-5 array which will serve laptops and hopefully a “built-in” desktop unit on our yet to exist RV. I’m very happy to see your enthusiasm about the Solar Panels (great video, btw, I’ll probably purchase the same system)

    I’ve already built several websites for state parks throughout TN – and just want to think you for helping me realize my dreams are 100% possible!!

    • Don, you are 100% ready to go (other than the whole sell the house thing). SEO is huge for small campgrounds, and being able to offer photos and Virtual Tours should make for an easy transition to working on the road. I have thought of using a RAID system but due to limited space I use bare hard drives that pop in and out of a USB 3 tray.
      Check out our ‘where the wynns blow‘ section for our planned schedule, we always love sharing a beer or a cup of coffee with the community.

  • Phil

    Hi Jason and Nikki,
    Great post. I can’t believe its already been a year since you visited us. Great to see you’re still at it although I can’t wait to read about your aquatic adventures one day.
    I ran across this website recently,
    and thought it might help to SAVE some of those hard earned dollars. Drive safe,
    Phil, Steve and Dakota

    • Phil,
      The time we spent in SE Canada with you and your family is still some of our favorite experiences from 2012, thanks for showing a couple of lower 48’ers a great time. The Boondocker’s site seems like a great option for driveway surfing, we don’t have any personal experience with it however we do mention it on our Camp For Free article
      Travel safe!

  • Such inspiration and so good to read about how you make money while travelling.
    I agree – there is not a lot of money in blogging, but i do because its fun.
    YouTube is a great way to get a story out there but also takes time to build it up 🙂
    The only way to really travel is to have passive income coming in, something we are looking at doing through Real Estate.
    Great to read your adventures/way of living/traveling 🙂

    • In our opinion a blog should be a passion, that is the only way it will grow naturally. Then if you ever find the time maybe you’ll discover a product that will benefit the readers (like a book, or a product you invent to better yourself/travels).

  • Thank you for the information. Kevin and I are always in search of new creative ideas to keep us in food and fuel to keep us mobile.

  • Ken Conley

    One other source of income could be voluntary donations from followers, I would gladly contribute. I am not sure of the legalities involved, but I follow and he has a link to donate.

    • Ken, we have thought about this however many people see a donation button as “paying for our vacation”.
      Thinking of selling photographs, or a book, or something….so much to do so little time 🙂
      In the meantime if you want to buy us a beer if we pass through your town we’re always down for dinner or drinks!

  • HI Jason & Niki

    I have been following you since we talked at the Abbotsford RV show last year. Mainly because I had anticipated buying an RV full timing for about 6 months of the year. I have a home I need to sell first and that is mainly the hold up.

    I have a somewhat location dependent business for about 4 months. I have a Tax Planning Franchise located in Chilliwack, BC, and also do Financial Planning part time. I would need to be in Chilliwack for Feb to May, but I am free after that.

    In addition, I have been learning Photography and I think I may have a bit of a knack for it. My idea was to combine Photography and some travel writing to earn some money on the road. My writing basically sucks so I don,t know about that idea. I guess getting some articles or photos published while still in Chilliwack would be the way to go.

    I have looked at what your costs are for the RV lifestyle and was surprised how much it added up to. That surprised me, but was a good eye opener. Thanks for your articles and keep on trucking.

    I am still planning, but at some point, I know I will just do it!

    Dave Lee

    • David,
      we met a guy in Lake Havasu City who owns a general contracting company in Canada. He told us the business is only good during fair weather, so he works 8 months out of the year then heads south for the winter.
      Sounds like a good plan for you!

  • Great job guys!!! We can’t wait to see what happens next. I wish someone would give you a TV show to travel the US and show how wonderful it is.

    Jon Woodward

    • I’m down…Hello Travel Channel….Discovery…ahhh heck I’ll even take the Hallmark Station 🙂

  • Susanna

    you both are inspiring and amazing. you are like this adorable cute pirates that rock the usa with style. Best wishes always!

    • aaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh! Now where did that parrot go?

  • great article! thanks for posting 🙂

  • I feel so much better hearing that your hubs was a professional before you left. The high quality of your work was making me feel inadequate.

  • Awesome post. One day I definitely want to do something like you’re doing. Working and traveling together would be an adventure! It seems like there’s a lot more work than most people would imagine, but it seems like it certainly has its benefits.

    • We won’t go back to sticks and bricks anytime soon, every day on the road is a new opportunity to experience life!

  • Great post.
    Here’s an example of my on the road story.
    Not something I’m going to make a living at, but fun nonetheless.

    • Dale you never know what can make money when you’re sharing on the internet.

  • Terry Burns

    I’ve been following you guys since Nov 2012. At first it was for tips and tricks. Trying to learn all I could from veteran travelers such as yourselves. We jumped in head first to full time living and working on the road. And hey..we were practically neighbors (Dallas/Grapevine). We did the same thing as you and sold our business, sold our belongings, and sold our house. We couldn’t be too far off…the Wynn’s did it! But it didn’t take me long to realize we weren’t in Kansas anymore Toto! I started looking to you guys for inspiration…then motivation…then just to keep going.

    Thank you guys for sharing not only the upside of this adventure, but keeping it real through this series. Although there are indeed special experiences, it’s not always a vacation!

    We’re hanging in there….Safe travels!

    • Terry where are you guys now? Maybe we’ll cross paths and share stories over a glass of wine? Glad you’ve found a little inspiration from our site, we strive to provide interesting and useful content while keeping it fun and positive. A lot of SH*T goes down on the road and with it we’re much stronger! Keep it up, and hope to cross paths soon.

  • Thank you so much for sharing – these are the sorts of things people are asking all the time. And you guys are a great example of adapting your skillsets, background and passions to find a unique way of thriving on the road. Well done!

    • Can’t wait to hear from you Cherie, I know you’re lives on the road have been successful as well. So many people we meet on the road follow your adventures as well…especially the details on your digital lifestyle.

  • Zina

    I love you guys and feel that sometime soon all your hard work will payoff, just don’t forget us fans that followed you during the lean years. I’ve recently went through some “life changing experiences” and look to you both for inspiration for my own dreams of life beyond the rat race. Thanks.

    • We are thankful for every comment, every facebook like, and every YouTube view. Without the community that follows our adventures there’d be no reason to share our story.
      You keep reading and we’ll keep posting. 🙂

  • Ernie D

    Hello Wynns! I am headed to Shanghai, Beijing, Hungary then back to the US on business. I have an iPhone and a Kodak HD waterproof camera/movie camera. Any ideas on the best way to document my trip to the Great Wall as an example?

    • oooh, shoot everything you can and as often as possible. Have extra cards and batteries for your cameras and pack a solio (or similar solar pack) to charge your phone. Keep it light and don’t overthink your shots. You’ll have to plan on weeks of editing once you return from your trip, but the footage should be interesting enough you can pull out any sort of story with a little Voice Over. Best of luck, sounds like a killer trip.

  • Incredible post! This will be very useful to the inspiring travelers out there. There are plenty of people out there that thought once they quit their job to travel fulltime that travel blogging would be the perfect way to find your travels. Myself included! Splendid idea – but as you mention it takes a ton of work with little to no payoff in a monetary sense. All the hard work you two are putting into your adventures definitely shows so I am glad you are finding a way to make it work! Feels so familiar reading your posts as if I were the one writing them myself! Excited for our paths to cross one day, already bummed that it may only be for a short amount of time! On-on!

    • Hey Maria we are excited to share a beer with you guys too! See you soon.

  • Andrea

    I’ve loved following your adventures. It would certainly be a dream (and work, no doubt it’s not ALL roses and sunshine!) to be on the road and be a part of so many wonderful places and sights. I’d love to be able to do the same once my kids are grown.

    I’m excited for your next adventure on the sea and the unique challenges and sights that life will bring!

    • It’s a load of work that we are thankful for every day! The opportunities are endless in this great country for both travel and work.
      We are definitely excited to hit the water and begin this new chapter of our lives.

  • Even though we already live on the road I found this post really inspiring! You two are very talented and make great team. I love how willing you are to share your experience. (If you need someone else for your series Brent and I would be happy to take part.)

    • Jenn,
      I don’t know how you do it…raising a family, traveling full time, keeping a blog and somehow you still have time to leave such a wonderful comment. Nikki and I love you guys so much. Can’t wait to cross paths again.


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