OUR UNEXPECTED JOURNEY THROUGH CHINA (by highspeed bullet train)

OUR UNEXPECTED JOURNEY THROUGH CHINA (by highspeed bullet train)

Traveling through China isn’t something we ever thought we would do.  It’s a controversial country to many people, especially Americans.  And it’s not an easy country to get into (the visa process is long).

Because we are building a boat with HH Catamarans, and their main factory is here…we were able to get business visas.  And we have been ALL business with our trips (turns out managing a new boat build is a full-time job).

Thankfully, our boat is on the final stretch and sea trials begin soon.  Which means we will be ready to sail out of here before the end of the month!

But we are in China!  A country we never thought we would have the opportunity to see, much less experience.  There’s no way we could let ourselves sail out of here without exploring at least a little bit of the country first.  So, we decided to take a one-week hiatus from the factory and do exactly that.

China is a huge country with some of the most incredible landscapes we’ve never seen.  Luckily, China has the biggest highspeed railway network in the world.  So, we decided to pick a direction and go as far as we could.  A 2100km journey from Xiamen to the start of the Tibet Mountains in the Yunnan Province.

And let me tell you, China isn’t at all what we expected.

From jamming in an ancient Stone Forest to impromptu tea ceremonies…this was a trip for the books.  And, we’re only halfway!  See you next week for part two.


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