This Just In…Transiting The Panama Canal and Computer Updates

This Just In…Transiting The Panama Canal and Computer Updates

We’ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off recently.  It’s exciting times and while we don’t have our regular Sunday video to share, we do have some news!

For anyone with limited internet who couldn’t watch the video:

The computer woes are over, so we hope.

Jason has his new, insanely bulky computer in hand and was able to retrieve the files from the broken laptop.  Yeah!  For those interested in all the detailed specs, here is the exact computer he ordered:   It’s an Alienware and it’s still on Holiday discount (he got $650 off plus a $100 gift card, free mouse and some free video game that we’ll never play).  Granted we haven’t even turned it on yet, but on paper it should be a screamin’ editing machine. Of course he’ll blow through $100 in data to update and install programs…but that’s half the fun…right?

We’re transiting the Panama Canal this week!

If you want to follow us through the Panama Canal we’ll be sharing live updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can also watch on the Panama Canal webcams here:

The general plan for our canal transit (we can’t control the times, that’s up to the canal authority):

  • Tuesday Morning 11/28/2016 – Arrive to Flats Anchorage in Colon
  • Tuesday Afternoon – Evening – Gatun Locks
  • Tuesday Night – Anchor overnight in Gatun Lake
  • Wednesday early Morning Depart Gatun Lake
  • Wednesday late Morning Begin Miraflores Locks
  • Wednesday afternoon Final Lock and arrive in the Pacific Ocean

Our Crew/Line Handlers

We’re super excited to have Jason’s Mom (Mary) and our long time RV friends Peter and John of TheRVgeeks on board this week.  The Geeks are posting lots of updates to their Instagram account too: @RVGeeks

Best part about having friends on boards…they can be our pack mules!  HA, HA. Seriously though, getting packages here is expensive and tricky. Having them bring much needed supplies, parts and toys is a huge bonus.  I’m sure our canal transit will be a blast, and of course we’ll be filming the entire experience to share in the near future.  It’s wild to think we will be rising up, over and floating our way through the middle of a country.  From the Caribbean to the Pacific ocean, simply incredible!

Patreons, don’t forget you can follow our tracks in real time through our InReach map (check the patron feed for the link if you don’t have it).

Once we’re through the canal we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled Sunday adventures.  The next episode picks back up in Bocas for a sweet chocolate farm tour then we’re on our final sailing adventure with Dale, Justin and Dan as we head for Portobelo.

Thanks for being a part of the adventure!