Virginia City, NV is the Wild West

Lots of people (I used to be one of them) think Nevada is just one endless desert with not much to do other than gamble.  We have found it to be quite the contrary!  There are some great historic, haunted and animated towns to explore.  Virginia City is one of Nevada’s small towns you don’t want to miss.

It may be set in the 1800s but the entertainment is timeless!  It is a town rich in history and the home to a lot of firsts… and lasts.  Mark Twain first used his pen name here, Janice Joplin joined what would be her first band, hippie style was born here and it was home to some of the first acid tests (Red Dog Saloon)!  As if that is not interesting enough, they have the last full speed stagecoach ride.
There is an ever-evolving calendar of events and something different almost every weekend!  There are wild west showdowns, themed balls, silly parades and museums galore.   I love costumes and you have to love a town where you can dress in 19th-century attire and blend in completely.  With so much to do, the only thing you will have to worry about is how many days you can spare to stay.

Let the adventure begin…

Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN.

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  • Mary

    I can’t believe all of the old bands that rocked that saloon! Did you get any good gossip from any of the old hippies? I’m sure they still frequent the place – if they are still around…Looks like fun!

  • lauren

    so funny!! leave it up to the wild wild west to race camels hah!! my kids would have loved this not to mention the choo choo trains! What topping did you pick for your donut?? im curious 🙂

  • cindy moseley

    Did you go mto the Bucket of Blood salon? There really is one!

  • joanne

    Of course Nikki was one of the good guys! I love that you were in on the action. Looks like fun! 🙂


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