Nikki and Jason Wynn with South African friend Kate on Safari with Elephants


A wild game safari, a seriously serious gin experience and a close call in the Wilderness.  There is never a dull moment with our South African friends.

You can’t come to South Africa and not go on a Safari…said every person who’s ever been to South Africa.

Our adventures with Kate and Rufus continue and the itinerary doesn’t get much more South African in the Western Cape than this:

  • A Safari in an attempt to see the big five.
  • Proper Gin & Tonics in one of the world’s most diverse regions of botanicals.
  • A nice long trek through the wilderness, in Wilderness (complete with an unexpected adventure at the waterfall).

Grab your G&T (virgin or full strength) and click that play button.  (Please know this was filmed before COVID-19 became a pandemic and at the time there were no cases in South Africa).

Big Takeaway…It’s all fun and game until someone loses their keys!  (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)  But seriously, lesson learned…no bending over near a large body of water with your backpack on.

Full Disclosure: This video was not sponsored, we paid for each adventure so our thoughts and opinions are exactly that…ours!

Garden Route Safari

Botlierskop is midway between Mossel Bay and George, on South Africa’s scenic Garden Route.

We only took a two-hour game drive along a portion of their 4,200-hectare reserve.  It’s not exactly the full Safari experience but for a quick taste of the wildlife in Africa…it is a worthy stop.  However, should you have the time and money, seriously consider spending a week in Kruger National Park!

antelope at Botlierskop game safari south africa

baby zebra at Botlierskop game safari south africa

moma and baby rhino at Botlierskop game safari south africa

Don’t worry, we did ask permission first if we could post these rhino photos.  They said, “yes and thank you for asking”.

male lion at Botlierskop game safari south africa

antelope and safari truck at Botlierskop game safari south africa

wild elephants at Botlierskop game safari south africa

Gin and A Proper G&T

G&T’s were everywhere in South Africa.  You could get virgin G&T sodas at just about any market or convenience store and Gin bars were all the rage.  We tried all sorts of Gins and gin cocktails during our time but by far the coolest experience was the Gin tour and tasting at Inverroche.

Inverroche Gin is one of the first craft distilleries to emerge in South Africa.  They have an interesting mother and son start-up story and a lovely property in which to soak it all up.  If you find yourself in the area, its worth an afternoon…and if you can, take the time to sign up for the bottle making class.

Wilderness National Park, Ebb & Flow

The Garden Route is a charming world of lakes, rivers, estuaries, and beaches that are surrounded by lush forests and lofty mountains.  And, if you want to safely explore by foot, Wilderness National Park is an excellent place for just that. Nature trails wind through the forest and along the tranquil rivers.  You’ll see and hear plenty of Kate’s favorite bird, the Knysna Lourie.  We were on the Half Collared Kingfisher Trail…which rewards you with a beautiful waterfall (just keep your keys far away).

Jason and Nikki wynn with Kate Brand andfriends hiking at wilderness ebb and flow waterfall

the wynns with friends hiking at wilderness ebb and flow waterfall

the wynns with friends hiking at wilderness ebb and flow waterfall

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  • Mitzi Luecke

    Does Kate have an adventure/sailing blog?

  • JUDY Goodson

    I was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks on safari in Aftica and spent 4 days in a Cape Town. One of the greatest experiences of my life!

  • Paul

    Left one elephant out, the one in the room. It’s name is plaasmoord. If we’re going to conserve living things in South Africa let’s conserve the people responsible for it’s very existence.

  • Kathy

    I just absolutely love you guys. I look forward to watching every video, you always bring a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing all that you do with us! 😁

  • Lisa Zahn

    Such a fun video! It was so nice to escape the quarantine news (though I loved your video in Fiji as well!). Your G&T tasting might be the first time I’ve missed being able to go out since this thing started. My husband and I are homebodies, but we do love good dining and occasionally beverage experiences like that one. That looked amazing!

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Awesome video of epic adventures and a beautiful friendship – perfect combination. So glad you all had fun and enjoyed those G&Ts. Thanks for sharing the fun – much needed for us all these days. Stay safe and hope you make it back to Curiosity soon. Times are crazy!! 👍🌈🙏💖⛵️

  • Louise B.

    Lol, thanks for ending the video with the dance! I’m sure everyone was happy for something to laugh about. I hope to teach the dance to my granddaughters as soon as we can see see them. I am the goofy nanny! No judgment here. Hugs and prayers from NC

  • Alan Solomon

    Hi guys, thank you so much for this great video. Amazing wildlife Sanctuary and great wildlife pictures. I especially liked the Lion. He had a face on him.
    Tonight’s video was a needed thing. You definitely brought me up. This is the first time I was feeling a bit bored and left out because of this quarantine and then I remembered its Sunday and its time to see Nikki and Jason’s weekly video. Kate is always having a good time. She has a great smile. Enjoy your time in South Africa.
    Take good care. Keep safe and Be well…

  • Deborah Kerr

    So fun and making memories! That was probably as close to a wild animal safari 🦁 as I would like to get though – 2 hours would be just right!! South Africa looks like a beautiful area – I guess I imagined dusty roads and poor shanty shacks. They even speak English! Thanks for sharing and keep smiling 😎

  • Colleen

    Hi Wynn’s!
    I am absolutely loving your videos! They somehow turned up on my YouTube homepage and Ive been hooked ever since. I even decided to take sailing lessons this summer on Lake Ontario (fingers crossed that quarantine will be over by then). I am a healthcare worker and also single so between work and social distancing, things can get a little lonely. Your vlogs have kept me entertained and I feel like I’m travelling right along with you when really I’m stuck at home. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the company through this difficult time 🙂

  • Roger B

    Your Gin experience was very interesting and I really appreciate the drone videos you send to us. We enjoyed the safari and we miss the whales.

  • Lisa

    A cyclone? Bad hair days for sure! You both are fun to watch! Til the next video, God Bless.

  • Catherine

    “Absolutely no pictures of rhinos can be posted to social media.” And yet, there they are.

    • Catherine, Thanks for your concern for these amazing creatures. We talked about this in the post, directly under the photo of the rhinos. The issue is real-time social posts share the geo-location of the rhinos. We asked the game drive before we made our video and they told us it is fine to share photos and videos since the Rhinos are no longer in the same location.

  • Michael Larkin

    Is south Africa not on lockdown because of the Covid 19? my friend is there at present and is in lockdown

    • Curious Minion

      This was filmed before the lockdown. Videos always lag behind real life.
      Curious Minion

  • Cecil Jones

    Such a pity you didn’t venture a wee bit further up the coast to Tzitzikama and Jeffreys Bay, home of the perfect waves. We live on our farm just outside of Jbay and would love to have been able to meet ya’ll, maybe next time?
    Have been following your YouTube videos and absolutely love it!
    Stay safe and look forward to your next adventures and pray that your boat is safe on the hard in Tonga.

    • Seriously, we could have spent months just exploring the Garden Route…then there’s the rest of South Africa that’s so diverse. I can promise you this won’t be our last visit to SA. 😍

  • Steven and Laura Sykes

    Thanks again for the entertainment: lovely laughter and video of animals, lush forest with key swallowing rocks and waterfall!!!!! keep safe and enjoy all the moments. ❤️

    • Even though it was only a month ago it seems like it was a world away. What a great place to have our last hurrah before going into lockdown.

  • Anthony Sexton

    I have to say that I would love to visit south Africa. I totally love your videos and look forward to the next videos that you produce. I’ve been a faithful follower for 2 years now and look forward to Sunday just so I can the next adventure, Love you guys! Anthony

    • Thanks Anthony! South Africa has been on our bucket list since we bought Curiosity, and it did not disappoint! We can’t wait to go back.

  • Sandy

    I love when a new video comes to my inbox. Thanks for making a rainy day better. Your beautiful cinematography takes me places I may never visit in real life and your humor makes it all the better. Love and blessings to you and yours from Austin Texas. Keep having fun!

  • Mary

    Great lama moves, Kate!! I did not know they shook their tails like that!

    I would love to go to the gun distillery! It almost makes me want to open up a custom blend perfumery. I’m sure someone has already done that.

    Love you and miss you all! Hugs to you, Rufus and Kate. ❤️

    • I would say even a visit to South Africa for the food, wine and gin would be worth the trip…add in the wilderness and kind people and it makes for one Amazing destination. Can’t wait to get back 😊

  • Robert Bergh

    I do hope all this took place well before February 2020 before the virus outbreak went globally lethal.

    • Curious Minion

      Yep, says so right in the blog post.
      Curious Minion

    • Ann

      Hi guys,

      This one, for me, was among the epic posts. So much goodness going on! I would love to see some slower paced, event focused vids from the time spent in SA. Each thing you did looked so fun and amazing, I would love to see them each in more detail. (If you’re looking for ideas). But I loved this one ❤️

      • So glad you enjoyed this one. We’d love to do longer videos of each adventure, but the problem is not everyone wants that. So, we make videos that we feel are a good compromise between TV length episodes and YouTube length videos.

        • Michael

          Always well done, Jason. But I hope you know, we can never get enough.

          Thanks as always.


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