Isolation In Fiji & Surviving A Cyclone

Isolation In Fiji & Surviving A Cyclone

You know that expression, when it rains, it pours?  I feel like that is our life right now.  Figuratively and literally.

We’ve been living aboard our catamaran Curiosity for almost four years.  For the first time since we moved aboard, we decided to take a break.  After 13,000 plus nautical miles under our newbie sea legs, we hauled the boat out in Tonga.  To sit out cyclone season, visit family and stock up on well…EVERYTHING!

We did all of that and so much more.  Some of it was gut-wrenching, some bittersweet and some of it was giving back to those who give to us unconditionally.  We even crossed over into another continent to see our saltiest of friends (South Africa…beyond incredible).

And then there was this pandemic that started mucking up everything, for everyone.  WTF!

Travel, banned.  Flights, grounded.  Borders, closed.  Quarantined.  Stranded.

I hate you Covid-19.

In route back to our tiny floating home, we were stopped.  The world was shutting down and we weren’t allowed to make the final flight home.  It was canceled.

Now here we are, in Fiji for the foreseeable future.  Self-isolating…waiting, pining for home.

But, mother nature doesn’t bend to human pandemics, rules or lockdowns.  She rages on.

There is a monster category 5 cyclone claiming lives in the Solomon Islands, ripping Vanuatu to shreds and heading straight for us.  Then, directly to Tonga…where, our home is parked.

I feel we are being tested, tried, possibly pranked, in a very unfunny way.  Whatever the case, here is the story about that time we survived Cyclone Harold, while in isolation in Fiji during a pandemic.

We survived and so did Curiosity!  The cyclone was very fast-moving, which was a good thing.  Some parts of Fiji were hit harder than others but, people are safe and power was restored to most areas after three days. The cleanup and repairs will slowly carry on for a while here.  Especially considering Fiji has now gone into full lockdown.

We’re now under stay at home orders in Fiji too.  No more beach clean-ups for a bit.

If you can believe it, Cyclone Harold GAINED strength and was back up to a category 5 when it passed Tonga.  The main island of Nuku’alofa took a lashing and we’re not sure of the state of the island (or our crate of supplies).  Vava’u (where Curiosity is) fared ok with minimal damage and all our friends are safe and busy cleaning up their homes and the beaches.

One thing is for sure…despite being stuck, or in isolation, we won’t take the fair weather for granted!

We haven’t gotten a beat on relief efforts yet.  The unbelievable part of this massive category 5 cyclone:  It was almost nonexistent in the news because of the Coronavirus epidemic.  If we learn of a good organization helping out, we’ll make sure to share it here.

If you are in the South Pacific or work with an organization providing relief to the pacific islands that we need to know about, please do let us know!


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