THE EVENT: Think you've seen flare art before....think again. The Leaping Lizard Tribe in Lake Havasu City does flare art like you've never seen before. Using the natural silhouette of Cupcake Mountain the tribe loads up their bags for an extreme night of hiking, low impact camping, drinking, and pyrotechnics on the top of the mountain. Men of our own principles they pack it in and pack it out, the mountain is completely cleaned before, during, and after the event to keep Cupcake Mountain in pristine condition. Join us as we document the 25th and final lighting of Cupcake Mountain. That's right the final burn. It's a bitter sweet night for Tim O'Connor (the founder of the Leaping Lizards) and his crew. Tim claims "this is not the last of the pyromania you will see out of this tribe". Citizens of Lake Havasu, keep your eyes on the mountains, you never know what they will come up with next.

Welcome fellow travelers, dreamers, and adventure seekers to Gone With the Wynns! You might have found us from our special edition of House Hunters RV on HGTV which recently aired in December 2011. Gone With the Wynn's is Jason Wynn and Nikki Wynn on the road searching for adventure across North America. We’re glad you stopped by to say hello.  Interested to see what adventures we found in 2011? If so sit down, kick your feet up, and enjoy this video that we hope inspires you to go outside and play!

Dear Windy,  We’re Sorry. Windy the RV I know we’ve had you on a rollercoaster of emotions the last couple of months and for that we apologize. We have always tried to be honest about this relationship and we knew it wouldn’t last forever. We told you back in September we started searching for a new smaller home on wheels. We have this urge to live as simply as possible, leave a smaller footprint behind and explore even more. However, we need you for one last adventure.