Nikki Wynn with a look into the life of paid crew

My 36 Hour Career as a Superyacht Mate

Welcome back to the colossal 135ft Sailing Yacht known as DESTINATION.  Last week we watched Jason sharpen his culinary skills as Sous Chef.  Now, it’s my turn as we set sail from Monaco to Palma.

I’ve snagged the role of Mate which means I am responsible for everything from keeping a vigilant watch (hello man overboard drill) to engine checks (does not go off without a hitch) and even playing spiderman up the mast (150 feet up in the air!).   And, despite our many sea going miles, the challenges of operating a superyacht of this caliber are unlike anything we’ve experienced before.  The contrast between our humble boat and the grandeur of Destination is striking to say the least.

Join us for Part 2 of this sea fearing adventure, where we see if my cruising sea legs are strong enough for a shot at being professional crew.


A huge thank you to S/Y Destination, Captain Mike and the entire crew for having us aboard.  We know that being pro crew isn’t always so much fun, but we had a blast.  Thanks for showing us what true maritime professionals look like.


Murray is quite a renowned private chef.  He has cookbooks (some free), videos and full blow courses on everything from home cooking to becoming a private chef (land and/or sea).  You can check it all out on his website.


As you might remember from our first sail aboard Destination, she is for sale.

You can find the full specs & price and on the listing:


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Comments (5)

  • Michel Richard

    Hi guy’s
    Was wondering if all ils ok after your charter and experience on destination
    Hope you guy’s are doing well looking forward to your next video
    Ciao and as old sailor say in a bad storm offshore it must be plain hell on land

    • Curious Minion

      Hi Michel. No worries – tune in this Sunday to see what’s been keeping them busy!
      Curious Minion

  • Alan Solomon

    Thank you as always for another wonderful and informative video.
    I live vicariously through your actions and weekly adventures. I am so surprised I am the only one commenting. Oh well.
    I believe this will be a vessel to be remembered being that there is a great crew, great activity, great food and a beautiful ocean.
    Those were definitely some high heights going up the mast to the top. Almost a bit dizzying on my screen. Amazing Karate Kid sunset.

    • Curious Minion

      But we read them every week! Thanks for your support Alan!
      Curious Minion

      • Mary Van

        Aunt Cindy and I were looking at tall hotels trying to figure out how high up 150’ is. It is way up there in my book. Destiny is beautiful! What a great experience to be aboard!


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