rocky cliffs of Acadia

Gettin High – Acadia From Above

Acadia National Park just outside of Bar Harbor, Maine is a stunningly beautiful area.  But let’s be frank (and I don’t mean hot dogs), you can only hike so much before your feet are ready to fall off.  So, we made the reasonable decision to give our feet a break and send our adventurous soles for an exploration of Acadia from above!

We are always on the hunt for something unique, trilling and sometimes slightly dangerous.  And this was definitely a unique experience!  Our pilots were incredibly friendly and we had some very cool planes to choose from.  I like having options, especially when it comes to my feet leaving the ground!

If I hadn’t been on the flight, I would never believe some of these images are real.  It looks like a little toy plane!

toy plane

inside view of Biplane

The Bubble Mountains…

Cadillac Mountain Acadia

acadia air tour

acadia islands

Great views of the rocky cliffs and tidal pools!

rocky cliffs of Acadia

Maybe we should ditch the RV and I should just become the next Amelia Earhart?  Hmm?

vintage biplane

Have you have taken any great aireal tours?  Tell us about it below and if you have a post or video, share that too!

A big thanks to Acadia Air Tours for giving us one hellva tour!

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  • Ed

    You guys are just having too much fun! Thanks for sharing the cool view.

  • Vickey

    That one made my spirits soar! Thanks! 🙂

    • Vickey you are welcome! Glad you enjoyed flying with us.

  • mary

    I loved this video! Maybe it is because last week I flew with Rebel in an ultralight plane in Lake Havasu which was soooo cool and I felt like I was getting to do it all over again. Beautiful! I guess that needs to be on my list too.

    A little late seeing what you all have been up to but it is only because I am technically challenged and cannot figure out Windows 8. The comfort of somewhat knowing what I was doing and now learning it all over again. Takes a lot of time.

  • This is first of your blogs I have seen. Awesome is all I can say. I will definitely be back to look at some of your previous videos.

    • Thanks Frank! Welcome to our Travel Log and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

  • mil1lil

    Looks fun! I was wondering though, was your Acadia trip since November? I thought you two were out West recently. Just wondering.

    • We are in AZ at the moment. Filming a video, producing, editing, sound and voice over takes hours upon hours to finalize. Since it’s just the 2 of us we often are forced to pick and choose which videos we produce on the fly, and which ones will have to wait. Glad you enjoyed!

  • Kenneth

    Too much fun, you guys are a riot. How did you shoot the video in the biplane, did you have a handheld or was there a wingwalking videographer??

  • Lana

    Awesome!!! What a great ride. Thank you for the vicarious pleasure I gleaned from your flight 🙂

  • Kathy

    that was an awesome tour you guys! Absolutely beautiful scenery..Nikki, you are brave,lol. Going to check out your other videos, you guys have fun!


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