Big Boat, Big Family, Big Adventures! (Sailing Fiji)

Big Boat, Big Family, Big Adventures!  (Sailing Fiji)

What’s it like living on a big 58-foot catamaran with a family of 7 (including us) sailing around Fiji?

It’s like herding cats!

At least that’s what Keith says every time we’re all scrambling about and he’s waiting in the dinghy. Which happens a lot. Because most everything done on this boat, is done as a family. Not by force, but by choice.

It’s a beautiful thing to see. And believe it or not, it’s a common experience when it comes to nomadic families. No one wants to be left out or left behind and age differences don’t matter nearly as much as common interests do.

We’re picking up right where we left you last, in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji. We’ve already introduced you to the Whitaker family and their big beautiful sailboat Zatara. So now, its time to dive into the adventures. Giant manta rays, sunken ships, and salty friendships!


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