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S/V Curiosity – Our First Solo Sail Part 1

It takes approximately five months to go from knowing very little about sailing to living aboard and solo sailing.  At least that is how long it has taken us.  In fact, I am writing this as we’re sailing south along the Florida coast.  I suppose if you didn’t have to work, had oodles of money or were super dedicated, you could do it even faster.

couple sailing around the world

Late in December 2015 we announced that we were going to make the switch from land to sea.  At the time we had traveled over five consecutive years across the USA and Canada in various RV’s.  We weren’t strangers to living on the go or living in our mode of transportation.

We’re also used to people having varied responses to our different lifestyle choices.  Full time travel, regardless of the mode of transportation, isn’t everyone’s idea of the dream lifestyle.

So, when we announced that we were going to buy and move onto a sailboat, we were honest about our inexperience and our expectations.  We like to think of ourselves as optimistic realists.  We sometimes have lofty goals but we approach them with a bit of sensibility.

However, our optimistic approach to big adventures isn’t always met with encouragement.  Fear, sadly rules a lot of people’s decisions and reactions.  Other times, it’s a simple case of what floats one’s boat, might not float another’s.

I think we all deal with this on one level or another.  Maybe a co-worker shot down your big idea during a meeting or your sister told you everyone would make fun of you if you wore that green and pink polka dot hat in public (she was wrong, people loved it).

We’ve got a lot of people rooting for us to succeed too (big love).  Most likely, if you’re reading this, you are one of them (and you probably have a lofty goal of your own).  But, all the positivity doesn’t make swallowing the occasional horse pill full of disbelief and negativity any more fun.  Especially if it’s someone you care about that is handing you that pill.  Marry Poppin’s was correct when she said “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down”.  Accept the horse pill and swallow it with a spoonful of positivity.  Focus on the good, or at least that’s what we try to do.

If you are crazy like us and perhaps have a big, bold awesome idea to do something out of the ordinary…don’t let the naysayers talk you out of it!

We focus on the constructive criticism, tips and general “you got this” and try to let that drown out the latter.  It’s what generally works for us.  As for me personally…I can sometimes have a, don’t tell me I can’t do something, I’ll show you attitudes.  So, on that note I am super thrilled to share part one of OUR FIRST SOLO SAILING ADVNETURE!

That’s right, after the months of intense shopping, buying, moving, fixing and learning…we are finally sailing all on our own. And it feels oh so goooood!

I hope you are smiling right now because I am!  You know what’s really crazy?  This is only the beginning.

It’s wild to think of all the amazing things we’ve seen and done on land by way of RV.  Here is a photo from exactly one year ago, we were ice climbing in Alaska (If you haven’t been to Alaska, we highly recomend it).

exit glacier ice climb

Now to imagine all the adventures that lie ahead.  Opportunities are endless in this world! If I could sign up for another 5 lifetimes right now I would, because there’s absolutely no way we can see and do it all in just one lifetime.

sailing around the world

nikki at the helm of s/v curiosity

sailing florida

leaving our safe harbor

anchoring out lake worth florida

Thanks so much for joining us and being a part of this new leg of the journey.  Sharing the adventure with you makes it all so much more exciting for us.

Speaking of sharing the adventure…this is your official heads up that after the first of the year we will be posting crew opportunities.  S/V Curiosity is capable of carrying four other crew members and we intend to keep her full of adventurous soles!

And speaking of crew, we have to give a big shout out and thanks to all our Patreons.  You guys help make sharing the adventure possible…and you better believe you’ll get the first head’s up on crew opportunities.

Our current furry crew members are a little lazy.

traveling cat

Extras you may have noticed:

Equipment used to film this video:

Sailing Report

Date: 7/11/2016
Weather: Sunshine and Happy Fluffy Clouds
Wind:  East to Southeast 5-10 knots
Route: Lake Sylvia (Ft. Lauderdale) to Lake Worth (West Palm Beach) by way of the ocean (not the ICW).
Anchorage:  Lake Worth just south of Peanut Island.  Approximate GPS: 26.761829, -80.045312

anchoring out on our first solo sail

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • 1. Awesome boat! You picked very well!
    2. Cruising is orders of magnitude harder than RVing, but can also be orders of magnitude more rewarding. The highs are also way higher, and the lows are way lower.
    3. The open ocean can be scarier than you can possibly imagine.
    4. It takes a very unique person to enjoy long passages (multiple days/nights). I found out the hard way during my cruising from Seattle to Mexico (see our blog from 2012-2013 that I hated passages. Don’t feel ashamed or as if you failed if you end up hating long passages. Just change your plans accordingly.
    5. If your marriage survives cruising, your marriage will survive anything.
    6. You guys still look a little too clean cut and put together LOL… that will become pretty difficult away from the dock, but that’s ok! Embrace being kinda sloppy, wearing the same bathing suit for four days straight, and unkempt sun bleached wild hair!
    7. Alcoholism is a real problem in the cruising community because causing can be extremely boring at times.
    8. You guys seem to have great attitudes and that will be your #1 asset to having a fulfilling cruise! Cruising is a near constant stream of not ideal weather, breaking stuff, scouting for parts, fixing stuff, cleaning stuff, catching up on lost sleep and provisioning. A good attitude will make all of those things ok.
    9. Keep it up! The thing I miss most about cruising is the cruising community enabled by our VHF and SSB radios! We left our VHF on 24×7 and it was so fun to listen to the morning cruisers net every day, meet new cruisers, reunite with cruisers we met in earlier ports, and just stay connected.

  • Chris

    Hi guys, New here. Fantastic adventure. One question. Those check lists seemed like a good idea. Do you think you will continue using them? Keep having fun. This advise from a 63 year old. Fun now!

  • Sherry H.

    You’re doin’ it! Hoorah! Love seeing you grab life by the tail. It’s good you are doing this while you’re young enough to learn and enjoy. Safe sailing.

  • I am so pumped for you both going out on your first solo sail! I have been busy catching up on your videos because my husband and I are getting ready for our own adventure of spending a year in New Zealand. We head out of the US next week and can’t wait to experience so many new things. You are so right, there are haters and critics (we’ve had our fair share) who project their own fears or have a difficult time thinking big dreams can become reality. But we’ve learned not to take it personally and just keep focused on our dream. Keep up the amazing videos and sail safe out there!

  • Tom Marcucci

    I love the spirit you both show in taking on new adventures. I’m so envious. If I can offer a suggestion having spent time working topside in the open sea… barefoot is fun…but a good pair of deck shoes when you’re under way can save you a dunking. Please consider that… One slip and you’re over the side. You really don’t want to have to execute that Williamson turn you were practicing during training! Thanks…

    Fair Winds and following Seas wherever you go

  • John and Jody

    You guys are amazing. We met you at the Pomona CA RV show a few years ago and have been following you ever since. We have been camping for years and just recently bought a 40 FT motor home — looking forward to some adventures. Thank you for sharing your videos – are are such an inspiration. Love the video’s. Best of luck and clear sailing

  • Hi Jason and Nikki, A huge congratulations to you both for your sailing accomplishment!! My wife and I are very excited for you both (and envious!). We have been crazy busy with our company this summer so we haven’t been able to watch your adventures as much as we did when you were cruising in the RV, but it sounds like you guys have had a surge of negative comments come your way about your bold and adventurous move to sailing. Well, without a doubt you are doing the right thing and proving them all wrong but just DOING IT! The mass of humanity follows and the few courageous lead. Fear is what rules most peoples lives and when it comes to sailing I think people just focus on the dangers and not all the joys and enjoyment that comes from being free on the water with nothing but the sound of the wind. We used to live in Los Angeles but once we had our twin boys we moved to beautiful San Clemente, CA. We soon after took sailing lessons at Dana Point and loved it…..we even took our 2 year old boys out with us. But, the Pacific ocean is a bit rough and so for now, we did the opposite of you…we switched to land and just bought our Holiday Rambler Trip, the sister RV to your lovely Windy 🙂 We are loving it and you should know that your video’s are what inspired us to go out and buy an RV for our family. Later when the boys are a bit older, we’ll probably switch to sailing again. You obviously don’t know us, but you should know that we and many others watching are very proud of your free spirit, determination and drive to do what others won’t because they live in fear and simply can’t climb out of their comfort zone. Pull up the sails I say and fly! All the best ~ Andy

  • Roulette Red

    Kids never forget how lucky you are to have one another.God bless and safe travels together.

  • Aunt Cindy

    Love you both!!!! I feel I’m right there with you!

  • Andi C

    Greetings from Orlando! This is the first time I’ve been to your regular site not just your Youtube channel. Your videos and adventures are soo amazing and your love for life shines through. I like the extra info and the links to the products you use on your site. Happy Sailing!!

    • Thanks Andi! Welcome, you’ll find a lot more here than we share on YT 🙂

  • Brian

    “ADVNETURE”? Well, good “lcuk” with that…

  • Bri

    I am so stinkin proud of you guys! I know that’s a little weird because we’ve never met, but I am so beyond thrilled for you that you are out there doing it. Nay, crushing it. Much love to you both. Fair winds, following seas and may all the positive energy you put out there come back to you ten fold.

  • Martin McAtee

    I absolutely love you guys. While investigating the possibility of living full time in an rv during retirement. I stumbled onto your YouTube videos. My wife and I have watched every video you have. You’re upbeat personalities, high energy and love for life truly inspires me. I have very little use for negativity in my life and even less for people who thrive on the negative. That’s why I love you both so much. You never bring me down. You always lift me up and make me think that I can do anything. So… to hell with the haters and all of the negative people. If you want negative in your life watch the news…not the Winns.

  • Dennis C

    Well said Jason. Haters don’t hate. They’re just plain jealous.

  • Ron Fortier

    Just love your spirit and sense of adventure, sadly there will always be the ones trying to hold you back either by not having the courage or determination that you have or by jalousie. Go for it, live your dream, enjoy each and every minutes of your traveling.

  • You guys are a hoot! We had so much fun hanging out with you after our Bimini trip. After dinner Tina and I finally had a chance to watch this video. It’s so funny that several things we talked about having done for the first time (like sheeting the genoa to the midship cleat for better performance on a reach) you guys were doing in this video. I’ve been lake sailing in the midwest for years, and your skills are just rocketing past mine.

    Remember, never EVER cross the gulf stream with ANY northern component to the wind, make sure the seas are 1 foot or less, while always wearing deck shoes, your PFD, and clipped in at all times. Just ask the armchair sailors, they’ll tell you. 😉

  • Amy and Rick

    Big shout out from Georgetown, TX. Haven’t ever commented before, but felt compelled after Jason mentioned the haters. It’s incredibly disappointing to hear anyone would have anything less than positive to say. You both embrace life, live fully, and inspire others to do the same. I always look forward to every post!!! We have a 5th Wheel RV. Love looking back at those posts. They are my goto for everything RV. Have learned so much and appreciate it all! Go boldly, be strong, and keep the adventures coming! You’re awesome!

  • I stumbled upon your blog looking for information on RV’ing in Alaska. Now I’m OBSESSED with your sailing adventures! I haven’t even looked at all of your Alaska blogs yet! LOL! My motto is Life is an Adventure – live it! You guys are doing a great job at living life to the fullest! Continuing to learn new things and stretch your boundaries is a GOOD thing! 🙂

  • Michael Turnage

    Congrats!!~ I am so proud of you two. You are a shinning example of what “going for it” really means. It is so easy to find reasons why we “can’t”, and at the end of one’s life, there isn’t much to show for it. I really admire you.

  • Colleen & Peter

    You both are amazing, and love how you are living life to the fullest. You take on your dreams and fears together and then sharing it with all of us. I can really see you guys on a weekly TV show.
    Stay safe with hurricane season starting. If one does come in your direction, secure your CAT and then get to safety.

  • Rhonda

    So exciting to see your first solo! Thank you Jason for the insightful words; your thoughts provide courage for others wanting to chase their dreams. Can’t wait to see your next video!

  • We’re sitting here in the Tampa area in our motorhome watching Invest 99L to see if it will turn into a hurricane. I’ve been thinking of you and am sure you’re watching too. Hoping it goes well away from Florida! Good luck.

    • we are closely watching as well…had to sail back to FLL to prepare.

  • Randy

    Nice to see we are not the only crazy people chasing the dream of sailing. Did the same thing, almost, took a few lessons, bought a IP40, and are now “Learning the Ropes”
    Fair Winds, Wynn’s!

  • Dallas Traveler

    Can we get more pictures of the little blonde boy, he’s so hot! I’m a good shipmate and always do what the Captain says…call me!

  • Beth Stephenson

    You all are doing great, including the Kitties! Great job on your first of many, many successful sails!

  • LindaW

    I am in awe of your courage and commitment to fulfill your dreams. Stay true to yourselves and thanks for sharing the adventure with us. I am enjoying the ride! 🙂

  • James & Crystal

    Congratulations Jason & Nikki on your solo!
    We are a couple of months behind you guys. We have watched all of your videos and feel like kindred spirits. Moved onto our Manta 40 on July 1st. We sold everything and moved our remaining items with family in Fort Worth.
    Just completed the Asa 101 and start on 103 tomorrow. Currently in Charleston and looking forward to heading to the Bahamas in Nov.
    James & Crystal on S/V Texpie

  • Aw…you guys just keep letting those negative comments roll off of you! You are inspiring, entertaining, authentic and just plain cute, too! Keep living the dream. xo

  • Lindsay

    I, too, have big bold plans for my future that not everyone agrees with. A year from now I plan to be retired and living full time in my motor home traveling the US. Most of my family think its amazing. Awesome, even! Especially my adult children. But I get negativity from some of my closest friends; mostly because they don’t want me to leave but also because they just don’t “get” it. Just because they can’t picture themselves living that way, they can’t imagine anyone else would want to. Some people feel they need to stay anchored to a house and a town for their security and identity. Not me! My identity comes from my experiences in life, not from where I pay my taxes.

    You two have been a huge influence on my decision to full time (and with my cats, too). Following your travels has shown me so many incredible places to go and things to do and see. I can’t wait for my adventure to begin.

    When I head out, I plan to start a blog (or something) so friends and family can follow along. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.

  • Captain Bill

    Great job guys! Thanks for sharing your adventures and inspiring others to step out of the comfort zone and embrace non-traditional lifestyles. I’ve been a dreamer my entire life and my wife is now on board, we just purchased a Bluebird Wanderlodge and may be full-timing in two years. Life is short, get out and experience it!

    Ps, Nikki, turn off the clicker when reeling in a fish.

  • Mike

    Hi! I’ve left comments before, I’m the Coast Guard dude down in Puerto Rico. Glad to see you guys are out on your own! Can’t wait to see when you have crew openings! I need sail hours for my sail endorsement and would love to join in sometime!!

  • Jay

    Glad you are out there fulfilling your dreams. We enjoy watching your journey and you overcoming all challenges.

  • Phillip Andrews AZ.

    Hi you guys every time I open up my mail I look for,
    Gone with the Wynns video.
    Thanks for sharing you adventure its truly amazing.
    I do and a question how far off shore do you go?
    Great sailing God speed.
    Phillip AZ.

  • Very cool! It’s been fun to watch your journey. Congratulations on getting out there, buying a boat, and becoming solo sailing aficionados.

  • Bosco Bob

    It seems that you are approaching sailing *incrementally* and not rushing to sail to the Côte d’Azur on your very first sail. Typically what gets people into trouble is not “going outside your comfort zone”, but going outside your current abilities. Huge difference. Fair winds and following seas…

  • I’ve been following you guys for years and admire your adventuresome spirit very much and think it’s great that it’s not only an adventure for you but you are able to sustain it as your lifestyle. I’m sorry you get negative comments; I imagine those people feel unfulfilled in their own lives and maybe are afraid to “go for it.” I, certainly, am not adventurous like you are but I do have certain dreams and goals and it is hard to continue on sometimes if people are always trying to shoot you down. Well, I’m blathering, but I don’t see why people wouldn’t just be happy for you and curious to see what you’re up to even if it doesn’t “float their boat.” And, I must say, having sailed on Hobie Cats for many years in my past, I don’t know how you 2 look so good all the time. We sure didn’t look like that after being out sailing for hours. Sailing is hard work and we looked like we were working hard! And I know you are working hard so congrats on looking like movie stars all the time.

  • Max

    In your video, you asked about how to resume sailing when hove-to. Honestly, I havent tried this on a catamaran, but it shouldnt be too different from a monohull. Others may have a different idea of how to do this better, but this works for me:

    1) straighten tiller/wheel
    2) haul in mainsheet
    3) release backwinded jib, and winch it in on the leeward side, just as in normal sailing.

    The boat should start moving at step 2, so step 3 should follow pretty quickly.

    I hope this isn’t coming across as pedantic, but you did ask twice in the video, and noone else answered this question in the comments already, so I hope this post is helpful.

  • Rosemarie

    Hats off to both of you. I have been following your sailing videos and I am very impressed with what you have done. My husband and I are long time sailors and have future plans to follow our dream of buying a catamaran and sailing the world. Your videos are an inspiration. Keep up the good work, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it – all it takes is persistence and a dream!

  • There is nothing like following your dreams. Going from RV videos to Sea videos is a huge transition, and a challenge. In an RV when traveling and videoing you have scenery, trees, buildings, people, when sailing you have, well water, the last I checked water usually always looks like water. Sunsets are great but building an entire channel on sunsets would also be difficult. I look forward to this new challenge and learning from your ideas.

  • David B Conger

    Hey there, woot and a high 10 (one 5 for each of you)…
    On our cat I would heave to without the jib. In our case 25hrs of beating to the wind finally wore me out and I already had the jib furled.
    To heave to I played with the traveller to keep the boat stalled. In 4hrs in 25+ kts of wind and waves we only drifted just over 1.5nm. I believe it was for our 41′ Lagoon 410 the traveller all the way to windward side. Then to get out simply move the traveller leeward and the boat started sailing again. Practice moving that traveller around while close hauled and you’ll find the sweet spot. Maybe without the jib first then add the jib in. Brilliant to heave to when a fish was on the hook (thumbs up)….why didn’t I think of that?

  • Rodney

    The Lyrics to Hey Child are perfect.
    It fits right into your little talk about following your dreams.

    I’ve watched it many times and that scene creates a feeling of tranquility every time.
    you nailed it with this video.
    Watching a video is one thing, but when that video actually causes a serotonin flood of well being and tranquility, at that point you have created something great.
    GREAT JOB, TALENTED TEAM OF 4 EXPERTS, i.e. Two people and two cat supervisors.


  • Wendy Evans

    We have loved following you both, as a couple of British rv adventures in the USA for 6 months a year. Happy and safe travels. Xx

  • Doug

    Glad you guys are sailing solo, great work. Sad to hear Jason say that ya’ll have haters. That makes no sense to me. Why are the haters even on the channel if they dislike it so? I think it stems from self insecurities and inadequencies. I hope you both can ignore these folks and enjoy your efforts and adventures ahead.

    Keep the videos coming, it’s always been a secret dream to buy a cat and sail away. I can live vicariously through you.

    Be safe and have fun.


  • Next stop gin clear waters of the Bahamas! My wife and I are in the same boat, although we’ve sailed for four years, we are moving up to larger boats (we sail a compac 23 now) and are hoping to take off next year cruising. This week we are down in the keys. We left our boats up in Clearwater, when I look at the perfect conditions this week in jealous of you guys being in the water in that beautiful cat. Are you guys planning to do some sailing in the keys? It’s beautiful down here, with lots of places to get out of the weather and beautiful reefs that are easy to sail to. Can you post some info about your battery/solar set up on the boat, running ac of batteries blows my mind. Safe travels.

  • Joseph Brown

    Just wanted to say awesome videos – I hope to retire to a cat (during the winters at least:) in about 10 years. I have sailed and taught sailing for a long time and think your adventures are awesome. I am looking forward to when you open up your “crew” opportunities. I will do my best to talk my wife into signing up for one! If there is a mailing list please add me to it.

  • Kali

    Do you have a litter box or have you trained your cats to pee and poop over the side of the boat?

  • You guys are amazing!

  • Deborah Kerr

    Thanks for sharing the adventure!! You 2 will be experts in no time!! That lunch looked healthy awesome good!! Looking forward to the next visit!! Safe travels 🙂

  • Jenna Webb

    Never worry what others say,
    Maybe some are abit jealous, you are living your dream…bravo for you both, kitties too…
    You are both young, and what a fabulous way to live…
    I am a water person it’s a therapy for me…so for you guys to be wake up on the water everyday,
    Gees how hard is that…
    Live and learn …seems to be working…love your videos…

  • Dale

    Fantastic! It is great to follow your adventure. Love your videos!

  • Margie Daniels

    Love watching. We are in cornfield County Illinois. Dang I miss Florida. Jason, just so you know there are lots of haters because they want what you have and can’t do it or figure it out. Sail on my friend. Enjoy the water and sailing life and thank you for sharing….why oh why, did I leave Florida ?

  • Dwight

    I’ve been following along with you guys for some years now and have to say (finally), that I’m really proud of you. Not only for following your dreams as you do, but in the ways that you’ve chosen to share it with so many people. I’m smiling for you guys, cheers and blessings from Indy ?

  • I bet the first time out by yourself was scary…… you guys make it look easy but I know better. That is just too much work for me. I would have never made it thru the sailing school. Don’t let the haters get you down. I told myself when you first started the sailing stuff that I would soon be deleting your channel, but dang you guys make to interesting not to watch. Good luck to both of you and keep the videos coming. I would never, never, never do what you are doing but I sure do enjoy you letting me ride along with you on the web.

  • Debbie

    I could feel the joy in the video! All your hard work, money, highs and lows, and by golly there you are! I’m m so proud of how you took on this whole new adventure. Soak it all in friends and have fun!

  • Roger

    I love your view of ‘the power of positive thinking’ and thank you for expressing your mind set as maybe your attitude will help others get through a challenge they may be facing.
    Great video and inspirational message. Thank you.

  • Jennifer Herdel

    You guys are fantastic! Love the adventures and you inspire me to “try” to be braver than I am. We did get the RV which we love and my hubby is a huge lover of sailing…however wish I didn’t get so seasick or I’d go with him more! Keep following your dreams! I love your videos and your sweet personalities!!!

  • Roger Bull

    Did you sort out how to come out of a ‘Hove to’ situation? there are several methods of ‘Heavin to’, which will mean several different ways to get ‘under way ‘ again. Some people ‘Heave to’ by coming into the wind, so that the jib/genoa is aback, but the main is still filled. It works, but it is harder to get going again, as you noticed, as technically, you aren’t actually hove to, but ‘in irons’, the same as if you had gone to tack, but hadn’t carried enough way to get round. The way I was taught to heave to, was to stay on the same course, but pull in the windward jib sheet, so that the jib was across the bows, like a big brake, and then you pull in the mainsheet, or traveller in your case, so that the mainsail is ‘pinned’. like this you should be able to leave the helm, and the boat will proceed to wind ward at about 1/2 a knot. the boat is balanced by the two sails, and you would need to experiment with the sheets to find that balance point. To get going again, un-pin the mainsail, and the boat will bear away, and once it has bourne away enough, you can release the windward jib sheet, and heave in on the leeward, to set the sail properly. Then you can reset the mainsail, and away you go. You may also find that when the gib/genoa is backed, and the mainsail un-pinned, the boat will start gathering sternway(go backwards). You may find that your steering works in reverse when you are being blown backwards, so worth testing this when you have plenty of sea room.
    With regard to having to attach extra ropes to the genoa sheet to get a fair lead, you may need to adjust this by adding some extra blocks in the right position, or you might find that the leads you are using are for the smaller gib, and a different arrangement is required for the genoa. it would be different again is you get an asymetric spinaker, so a couple of snatch blocks on rope tails could be usefull, until you work out permanant solution.
    Enjoying the videos, keep up the good work!

  • Robert Regan

    I love watching your videos please keep them coming

  • Chuck

    We admire you courage to take on new challenges. Thank you for sharing the lessons learned and achievements along each step of the way. Both of you have inspired so many viewers with your videos. This solo trip is a great accomplishment requiring team work, confidence and the drive to learn something new. Cheers!
    Thanks for letting us be a part of your travels.

  • Ann

    Great video !! You inspire us to follow our dreams, don’t wait!!! Just Do It 😀
    Thank you !!!

  • Armando T Novell

    Great video love your new adventure .

  • Jackie Roisler

    Awesomeness! Luv ya guys 🙂

  • Susan

    Great video 🙂 Nikki…I love your top!

  • I had happy-tears in my eyes at the end of your video, good job, y’all!
    Your courage to follow your dreams led me/us to follow ours: sell our house, get a small apartment, and buy an RV to pull our motorcycles and travel…we had our first trip last weekend, and it was just as cool as I dreamed it would be.
    Thank you!

  • T.K.

    Your 6 months is almost up…are you going to the Bahamas or Mobile Bay…Terry could probably go to the Bahamas with you and fly back. Savannah area is another possibility. Hope you have hurricane hole plans at all of your visits.

    Looking forward to how those 5 aft solar panels are attached to withstand high winds…..Best Wishes to y’all.

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Nikki & Jason I am so happy for you two. You are doing what you want to do besides what anyone else thinks. I was tearing up Jason as you confronted the haters. Your words were right on and I agree. I look so forward to watching every video. Thank you for sharing all your adventures with us. I Love how you two work together. The best to you both.

  • Tomas (Lithuania)

    I fell in love with you two three weeks ago. Your YouTube chanel is the GEM. it is probably the most entertaining Chanel I have discovered on YouTube this year. Thank you guys very much for sharing this in such profesional way. I just can imagine how much time and efforts it costs. I am definitely join the patreon to support you!

  • Thanks, in part, to you guys, my wife and I have been enjoying the RV-life for the past 3 years. Your RV videos were always entertaining and helpful. Even though we probably won’t be switching to sailboats, I still find your videos entertaining and look forwarding to seeing your new adventures. Keep up the great work.

  • We are so very excited for you two!! Loved seeing the absolute joy in this latest accomplishment. We will be getting certified soon–end of September. You have the right attitude. Trying things is the joy in life and failure is just part of it. Hard is great–not always fun, but totally worth it. Thank you for the wonderful videos, and the inspiration. As they say…”Keep on, keepin’ on!”
    Some day I’m going to succumb to my shallower side and ask Nikki where she gets all her fantastic outfits. For now, thanks again for sharing the adventure. ?

  • Mike & Wendy Murphy

    We are RVers which is what originally caught our eye about your adventures and site. Although sailing is not our cup of grog, we’ve enjoyed following you along as you take on that chapter in your life. Keep on charging ahead, and ignore the naysayers. There are many more of us out here that love what you do!!

  • Roger Grotewold

    I have been following you for a long time as you RV’d everywhere. Now that you are avidly sailing, I thought I might give you the name of my best friend for the past 60 years, who sailed from Newport Beach, CA to New Zealand with his family awhile ago. Ken and Alice Rogers and their son Todd were planning on sailing around the world on their 44 foot sailboat, but when they arrived in New Zealand that had an emergency back home and needed to return to the USA.
    I thought you might be interested in talking with my best friend, Ken on the internet, as he is a very experienced sailor and might have some helpful suggestions or tips for you. His name is Ken Rogers and his email address is [email protected]. This is simply a suggestion that you might want to pursue as you continue your sailing adventures……………Roger G

  • Pat

    Hey guys, I’m having a blast watching your progress as you become competent sailors. The videos are beautiful and scenic and soooooo inviting.
    Keep enjoying life and reaching your goals
    All the best

  • Patti Todd

    Hey you two…awesome first sail! You guys are doin’ it! We’re very excited for you! We’re at Pacific Shores RV resort in Newport OR and moving to McKinley’s at Waldport today. We watched your post about McKinley’s and are looking forward to 4-days kayaking on the bay. We’ve been reading your blog for a year and you’ve been an inspiration to us as we moved to full time RVing March of this year. Thank you!! BTW our blog is BetterTogetherRV. Have fun!!

  • June Wonder

    Just keep on doing what you’re doing and have a great time doing it. The people who are “haters” are usually narrow minded about everything and afraid to try anything out of their comfort zone. There are always naysayers in every endeavor. My husband and I were introduced by my son in 2002 when we were both 65 and widowed. We were married in 2003 despite many warnings by “friends” about taking on the responsibility of another person at our age. We have been rving since 2002 and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. We travel in a motorhome with our two cats and are usually gone for 3 – 4 months. Every time we get ready to leave on a trip someone will ask if we don’t worry about being away from our “support system”. We just laugh! We’ve been to all the states and most of Canada, we’ve visited some really out of the way places, done a lot of hiking and had some great adventures. I just turned 79 and my husband will be 79 in November – we know that the next ten years may bring on some serious health problems but until that happens we intend to enjoy ourselves. On the road! You’re my heroes!

  • Dennis

    I posted about your crewing opportunities last video and good to see you are well on your way to opening that up. I think it will be an awesome addition to your adventure and so much fun to share with different followers. We hope we can get on the calendar some time next year for the opportunity to share your boating skills. Good luck and enjoy the new Solo sailing, you have earned it!!!

  • Bill W.

    I admire your guts and gusto and also your very up-to-date application of technology to chronicle your dream, including the use of Patreon so that some of us “voyeurs” can “pay our way” to tag along on your adventures. Just try to stay out of harm’s way as you ply the waters.

  • I envy your new adventures. One of my regrets in life, when I was in my early twenties I considered doing what you are now doing, Living on the seas and experiencing life. I chickened out before I put down the money on a 48 foot sailboat. Too many unknowns for me to process. I will be following you closely as I travel “on land” full time. Enjoy your experience and be safe.

  • Awesome job on your first dual – solo!

  • Sharon

    I love the way you guys will embrace and take on almost anything! You are an inspiration. And your videos are awesome.

  • Chris Starnes (Tallahassee)

    Just finished this update. Congrats on your first solo. And as far as the haters comment on the video, don’t worry about it because more than likely it is folks that want to be doing exactly what you all are doing. Man what I wouldn’t do to come across the Wynns someday for my very own selfie shot. You guys are awesome and thank you for letting us live vicariously through you and your adventures. Please don’t stop doing “WHAT YOU DO”.

  • Jobeth

    You may not get those extra five lifetimes, but you two are doing a dang good job of living this one to the fullest! we call it living outside the wake. Keep the great videos and pics coming. Cheers!

  • Bob Lantinga

    So happy for you guys.its so nice to a plan come together. I love you videos. I owned and sail up and down the coast of B C I was always taught to wear a life jacket. The one I have is inflatable. So easy to fall over board and hit ones head. I also think it shows responsible sailors. For your viewer. I love you both and wonuldn’t want anything happen to you. Thanks for letting me be part of your adventures. Have a save day?? ??

  • Andrea Lawson

    YAHOOOOOO!! Great job on your first solo sailing!

  • Diana Ruelens

    Hello you two, Your story in a lot of ways mirrored ours…we sold our house and business, quit a job and went Full-timing in our RV for 5 years, then we saw boaters doing what we were doing on land …. some day, some day …. that some day was 6 months later and we moved onto a trawler …. lived and loved her for 5 years, until a health event took us off …. we happily are back in an RV for the last 4 years now and love our life. I am going to share your blog with other boating friends who will be an encouragement to you also. Keep going in the direction you are going, and don’t let the nay sayers take up residency in your head after all they aren’t paying rent….snickering.

  • Jerry

    So happy for you both!<3

  • David

    Congrats on the first solo!

    I’m working towards my first.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Howard Darwin

    Jason and Nikki,
    You are inspiring, courageous and real. I love the feeling that is shared through your post and videos. You’re figuring out life on your terms – sailing is just another example. There is no part of what you are doing that is easy and that’s inspiration to those trying to do the same.

    Your choosing the road less traveled and that courage deserves respect, yet some can’t make such a bold journey and respond as a cynic.

    You’re engaging us all by not hiding your rope burns and looking forward to sundowners. I can feel the frustration of the struggle and the learning curve and exhilaration of a sail catching the wind and taking you with it.

    May you continue to be inspired, to have the courage to live Carpe Diem. Thanks for the unscripted openness to sharing your journey.

    Howard D

  • Ben & Sally

    Awesome job!…so happy for you two, there’s haters every where, seems the more I’m on social media the more the hate has grown,..Did not realize you guys were getting hate stuff, but glad to see you are nay naying the haters. Health issues have put us on a traveling halt, we will camp over the Labor Day weekend, prep the TT for the winter and take it to Storage on the 10th of Sept, Ben is having his first knee replacement surgery on the 13th and after healing they will do the other knee. Looking forward to him hopefully be pain free for the future and will be watching your adventures over the winter. Absolutely love your boat and so glad to see you two enjoying life!!

  • Betty

    I have been watching your videos for a while…first saw you on House Hunters and decided to google and find out about your trip with your RV. And, then you moved on to sailing…wow! You are incredibly upbeat and honest at the same time! Congrats to you both!

  • Dave Tousseau

    Great video, you guys are always seem to have fun, would love to do what you are doing. We are going full time in our MH 31 Dec when I retire, looking forward to that. The part we are doing now (getting rid of stuff and getting ready to sell the house is not fun). Keep up the great videos and helping us all to live our dreams.

  • Mary

    I am the luckiest mom in the whole world! It brings joy to my heart to watch this video and read your blog. You have grown in so many ways! Great adventures behind you and so many ahead. I look forward to sharing a few with you both! The music and video was perfect for your first sail!

    I love that when you don’t know something, you admit it and then figure it out. (although, I do remember a time when you knew it all!) 🙂 That is life and that is how we roll. I’ll sign up for 5 more too!

    Love you guys to pieces!!

  • Marcos

    Nikki and Jason, congrats…I think I am as exited as you guys. A big thanks for sharing the experience…I am learning a lot from your videos. Keep up the great work.

    Lots of love.

  • Beth

    Forget the haters, they’re probably just jealous!

    Good job you two! I’ve been following your trips for about the last year, watched almost all your videos. Started full timing in my travel trailer as a solo disabled 50-something aged woman! Got some of your positivity and ideas and having fun on my vagabond life! I’m enjoying watching you guys take on a new challenge, it looks so fun, but I’m gonna stick with my TT for a long time. I think my disability would be a detriment to safety on the seas, lol, so I’ll stick to land.
    Don’t listen too much to the haters bcuz I don’t want you two to get discouraged or doubt yourselves.
    Rock on and keep sailing!

  • Andrea Scott

    We have been watching your videos for a while now and we are so happy for you! Video/Music A+ I started to tear up! Whenever you head up the east coast please think about stopping in Beaufort, NC! It’s a beautiful quiet town with restaurants you’d like. We have a motorboat but we’ll meet you out at the island with wild horses! It’s called Shackleford Banks! Let us buy you guys dinner and let you see New Bern, NC and the surrounding areas. You’d love it. When my husband retires from the military we are going to take a page outta your book and do a half year RVing and half year in Europe! Way to go Wynns!!!
    Andrea Scott

  • Brian C.

    Hi Guys-I have been watching your videos for years and one that has never left a comment. The two of you have beaten the odds, always forged ahead, and are making a great life every step of the way. There is no room for negativity. Forget those people. Lori and I live in Port Saint Lucie so let us know if you are still in the area. We would love to come aboard and/or buy you dinner. Be safe and we wish you the best.

  • Wow. Your first solo sail. How exciting. We spent many nights in a wonderful little hotel at the end of Lake Worth Inlet back in the days before we had an RV. I was hoping to see more video of the inlet. Did you anchor near Peanut Island? Now I guess I need to Google heave ho. We have been motor boaters for many years and my hats off to you that you’ve been able to learn to sail in such a short period of time. Good job.

    I have so enjoyed your videos and my only complaint is they are too short. LOL. Years ago we used to dive on Live Aboard dive boats. We would catch the boat in Florida, check into customs and then cruise around the islands and doing a lot of diving. One of our favorite spots is called the Sugar Barge just off West End in only 20 feet of water. It was one of our favorite dives, EVER. I hope you get a chance to experience it. It’s loaded with wildlife and my favorite memory was a very long night dive with the boat piping music (Credence Clearwater Revival) down to us. There was a beautiful octopus feeding along the reef and we watched him for a good half hour taking pictures all the while. I’m including a link and I hope you can dive it one day. You won’t find an easier or more exciting dive anywhere. Of course, we dove it over 20 years ago, so it may not be the same.

  • Ted

    Dear Jason and Nicki:

    Just watch your latest sailing video, simply fantastic, beautiful boat, and simply remember, haters got to hate, and doers, got to do…people confuse effort and determination with luck and getting things the easy way…

    If I had a dime for everytime I was told how lucky I was, I would never have had to spend the 100 plus hours a week, creating that luck and… it was never easy… but something EVERYONE… can do…

    People like you should be held in high esteem for your guts, determination and drive to succeeded… all I can say to the haters is…. get off your @#$/$#@ and make an effort… focus on getting 1% better a day… even if you fail 50% of the time, you will still be hundreds of percent better by the end of the year..

    Never look back and say I wish I did, look forward and say yes I can do…


  • My husband Peter and I watch you together. Congratulations on your first solo. We absolutely love following you. You are awe inspiring and amazing. Well done xx

  • Lawrence

    Congratulations you two, such a brilliant achievement. Well done and props.
    As for getting out of the heave to, I know nothing about sailing, but if there’s wind, I’d just put/force one or both of the sails in a position which will eventually push the nose of the boat around to catch wind. In other words, put both in cooperating positions, adjust the rudder for just a tiny bit of help, and wait? Pull the jib back to the same side as the main?
    Anyway.., so jealous. Boat looks beautiful now. You guys are amazing, I so glad we’re getting to watch you go thru all this, it’s fantastic. Big props and love.

  • Derek

    Congratulations to you both. Captain Jason and Nikki.

  • Joy Gross

    I sure was smiling all the way through the whole video, I could watch it over and over.. you guys are awesome. Cheering you on all the way ! Fabulous Photos WOW I would tell my kids when they were teenagers.. Haters are usually just jealous. Smile and enjoy the ride! ♥

  • Mike

    Hey I forgot too mention, it looks like Jason found his razor. So is he going to “LOSE” it again or what?? I think it looks great either way!! Congrats on first solo…..Mike

  • Steve

    Two of my brothers tried to make a career of the Navy, but I never cared for the sea. But you guys make it so beautiful, it brings (happy) tears to my eyes. The boat, the water, the way you two work together. Yes, I know it is edited, but you have to have silk to make a silk purse. My dreams were fulfilled with my wife on the back of our motorcycle. Now, time and health, you know. You two make me happy.

  • Diane Sanderbeck

    Hi, Nikki & Jason! You both deserve a big pat on the back! And a super shout out “So proud of y’all!” WOW! You’re really doing it. I’ve been following your travels since the beginning and have learned so much from you. You inspired me to hit the road and travel solo around America. I “MacGyvered” my SUV into my very own little mini-RV and drove just over 10,000 miles from GA to the West Coast and back again hitting as many national parks as possible. I even went to Yellowstone, all because you inspired me to see this great country! Now I want to learn to sail and get a boat. It’s all possible! And I’m no spring chicken like y’all. We only get one life; you are so right, Nikki! Peace, love and hugs wherever Curiosity takes you.

  • Rose

    BRAVO….. to you both!
    It’s just like the mom that lets go of their little ones hand for the first time.Heart a pounding, a little scared.
    But knowing all along they could do it!

  • Richard Cross

    Nikki and Jason, congrats on your solo! That feeling of first time independence is euphoric. Even when it comes with “first time” jitters. And best thing is that feeling of freedom never really goes away. The freedom of being on the water, under sail, is something that everyone needs to experience someday.

    As for “getting out of being hove to”, you just reverse the process of getting into it. Say you are hove to with the wind coming over the port bow or port beam with the genny backed, balancing the mainsail. You’ll need to release the genny and take it in on the downwind side. You also take in on the main while bringing the rudder amidships and you can sail off straight ahead. Think of it as resetting the sails to where they should be if we were sailing right now (as opposed to the backwards setting used in heaving to).

  • John S.

    The first solo. Congrats!

    It must have been thrilling to do and even extra thrilling in that you got to do it together.

    Kudos for finding that perfect soundtrack!

  • Tom G.

    Don’t be influenced by the haters, follow your dreams. I guest the only thing in my life that would prevent me from purchasing a boat like that, would be the money, please tell us how you did it without being rich.

  • I’ve seen all of your videos and can’t wait for the next one.
    To the “haters”, I would just ignore them. They are the ones
    sitting in their little place on this planet wishing that they could
    follow their dreams, but never will. You two GO!

  • Laura Kuhn

    Nikki and Jason:

    I can only say BRAVO to both of you for taking the risk, making it work, and in the process making all of us wish we were you! We are just getting ready for our full time RV adventure, and now I am wondering if that is a mistake???

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us

  • Janet Shingleton

    Your sunset shots at the end of the video are gorgeous! I’m watching on my cell, and realize I need to see the sunset on a big screen a la “you are there” mode. I read that this may be a banner hurricane season. When the wind picks up and seas get rough, just know I’ll say a little prayer for your safety. Keep taping, tho.. I’m thoroughly enjoying your adventures!

  • Laura

    That was amazing! I freaking loved that video. Every minute of it!

  • Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

    Enjoy your new life-and forget the Haters. Not worth the time to deal with them. I so love seeing you guys sail-the water looks amazing. I see lots of solar on the boat. Did you 2 give us a run down on the specifics? I would love to know, how much you have installed and what it is doing for the boat. Don’t those kitties need a life vest?

  • Faith and fear, the yin and yang of life. The challenge is to keep them in balance. You guys will do just fine. You are both intelligent enough to respect the dangers and prepare for them and you obviously have enough faith in yourself and each other to conquer whatever life throws at you. Even the strongest steel must be properly tempered to give it strength. Your sparkling souls are beacons to many who need just a little more faith before they too can join you and make their dreams reality. Dream on; fly free.

  • scooter

    After you hook up turn the clicker off. That is to advise you that Mr. Fishey wants to come to dinner. Winding with it engaged will wear out the drag bearing. Great day on the water.

  • Love to know more about your “crew opportunities”
    So glad and happy for you guys, love this!
    All the very best!

  • Everything you guys do is impressive from your motorhome life to your life at sea to your amazing videos and photography and there there is the awesome cat parents that you are! So much to be proud of. You guys take so many risks and it’s very inspiring. It’s never easy to have nay sayers, I have some in my world, but we carry on. You guys just keep rocking it and be safe out there. Love everything you do.

  • Lisa H

    WOW & WOW! And yes, we too aren’t always met with high fives when we disclose plans that aren’t in the “box”. …and when I hear “you can’t” or “you shouldn’t” or “that’s going to be tough”, it translates to “Do it!” in my brain. Lol. Stay adventurous my friends!

  • Yeah! So excited for you. Thank you for sharing your experience and most especially for the positive vibe. You two are awesome!

  • Wow, I can’t believe how fast time has gone and how far you’ve gotten on this new adventure! I also can’t believe how long it’s been since I found out about you two watching you buy that first Class A RV. I’m having a blast reading and watching your adventures, flipping awesome!

  • Jim & Jon Hamilton

    Unbelievably happy for you two!!! Seems like only yesterday Jason was getting seasick on a junker in bad weather making you (probably) second guess your decision!!

    You’ll be Old Salts before you know it!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Congratulations !!!

  • Love watching and sharing your adventures! While sailing isn’t my thing, it’s really cool to be learning about it and given the feeling that we are right there on board with you. We’ve lived in Florida most of our lives but have never been drawn to take to the seas. Speaking for myself, I can’t thank you enough for giving me something that I would never have gotten on my own. Both my husband and I follow your posts regularly. We enjoy your spirit, positive outlook and energy! Blessings to you! Susan and Don – Tampa, FL

  • Mike

    WOW terrific video. As with most things in life the more you practice, the more comfortable you become and I can see you two are fast learners and are pretty comfortable already. As for the “HATERS” just ignore them. I think they are just jealous. As with most people I can’t hardly wait for the next video, longer video’s would be better, just saying. I truly can appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a video. Especially since you are adapting to a whole new way of life, sailing versus RV’ing. Things like, oh we are out of cat food, be right back going to Public’s to pick some up is not a reality anymore. Also remember this is YOUR life, so enjoy!! Fair winds and sunny days……..Mike

  • We are so stinking (is it ok to borrow that word from Nikki?) ridiculously excited for you. Thank you so much for sharing your joys, your trials and your fears with us. And for proving – you can do anything you fricken put your mind to!

    Big huge hugs to you both!! And toasting a sun downer to you!

    (And I just have to share.. since you switched your video style, we have tuned in to every single one of them… we LOVE it! It’s almost like being there with you.)

  • Amy Swann

    I always enjoy your blog, especially the photos and videos. I respect that you are humble and occasionally share your mistakes as well as your triumphs. Way to go on your first solo!

  • TOM

    I forgot to add that we hope you never come in contact with the likes of the big fish like MOBY DICK or JAWS on your sailing journeys!! Ha,Ha !!

  • Bradley Williams

    You guys are awesome, inspired to start my own adventures via RV ASAP, hope to keep things positive, thanks to your example. Keep on keeping on!

  • Bud G.

    When you heave to, aren’t you backing the jib while pointing the main into the wind??
    It’s been a bit since I sailed, but if you release the jib sheet the boat should fall off, turn the rudder and you’re on a reach?
    Love the videos, we did the opposite of you. Sailed for years, did some chartering and now travelling in RV’s.
    Fair wind and following seas!!

  • Marilyn N-S :-)

    \o/ Hurray!! I am soooo smiling from ear to ear for and with you both!! Fair winds and following seas! 🙂

  • Amazing video and blog as always. You are so inspirational! Congrats on your first solo trip! We are so excited for you.

  • Jason & Niki, Congratulations on your first solo sail. I’m so happy for you two.
    You two were the first online travel people I followed, and I write this from Western Nebraska in my RV.

    You two are my inspiration for what I currently enjoy!

    PS: Don’t worry about the haters because they don’t pay your bill. Lol! 🙂

  • TOM

    Good luck on your new sailing lifestyle!!!

  • Brian

    Congratulations on your first “Solo”. Don’t let any of the negativity influence you, keep doing exactly what you’re doing. I think it’s GREAT you two aren’t afraid to venture out and take on new adventures. I’m thankful that you share them with all of us. Looking forward to seeing your high sea adventures in the future.

  • Lucille Hjort

    Congratulations and Continued Best Wishes on this, your first cruise, and the ones to follow.

  • Judie Ashford

    Unbelievable!! I cannot fathom why ANYONE would badmouth you guys! You are so inspirational. I find myself grinning ear to ear just watching your videos. And, yes, I’m a long-time viewer, too – probably since you first started posting them some years ago.

    It’s especially fun to see your videos now of the South Florida area. I lived in Miami for 36 years – had a boat, but didn’t spend much time on it due to seasickness tendencies and sun allergies. Hubby and son enjoyed it, though. It is great to see you having such a good time. Best of luck for many great sails to come.

    Virtual hugs,



  • Carol Bulsa

    I have enjoyed the videos of your transition from rving to sailing immensely! This first solo sail definitely made me smile. All your hard work has paid off – way to go, you did it!

  • Teressa Underwood

    Kudos to you both. I enjoyed all your RV videos and have added several things to our “see and do” list from your videos…..things we never would have thought to do (like join Harvest Hosts). While I will could never do what you are doing now (no sea legs…..and I kinda like having firm ground under my feet), I SO admire this next adventure you are taking. We are enjoying your sailing videos just as much as your RVing videos. Safe travels and we look forward to your next video.

  • Bob Beltz

    I like Jason’s discussion on accomplishment. Everyone on this earth should hear that and use it as a basis for life. Everything we do in life is measured by accomplishment. Without that we learn nothing and we stagnate. Set goals. Make em realistic and put every fiber of your existence into meeting or exceeding that goal. You will succeed. What you two have accomplished is a perfect example. You never blame anyone else for anything. My hardiest congratulations on your new life. If I was a lot younger and had another shot at life, I would loved to have done what you have achieved.

  • Troy

    Jason was sounding like the spoken intro to one of the better Abba songs:

  • Thom Colby

    Hi guys, Just watched the video and so happy to see you guys SO happy.

  • Martine

    Can’t wait for the crew opportunity. We LOVE the outside islands in the Bahamas and would love to come aboard. I make a mean mojito and my husband is a terrific sailor so I think we definitely would be a plus.
    Ignore the negative folks, they are always going to be there.

  • It’s like I don’t want it to end! I just wanna hang out more. I have some other question but I can’t remember them now. OH! Thank you for the inspirational talk Jayson. I have had a rough couple of weeks and feeling the haters to my core. I am digging out of it and I know what I need to do to make things better. No matter what we do with our lives its not easy. It’s only worth it if there is hard work involved. I was looking for approval and friendship where I will never find it. I am still learning how truly awful people can really be. Heartbreaking. I am sorry that you guys have to put up with so much. I don’t have the courage to make my deal so public. I will keep trying, keep working out and working hard. I need a fresh canvas and some Ludwig Van Beethoven Pastoral The Sixth and I will be alright. By the way… how is your speaker set up? Have you listened to Little River Band Cool Change yet? Lol cornball but SO GREAT!! the best even.
    Thanks for the video! Congratulations on your solo trip! Cheers!

  • Susan Rice

    When I first changed from teaching third grade to first grade people kept telling me, “They can”t do that!” I just kept saying, “Too late, they already are!” I think what you are doing is marvelously exciting and I keep thinking of the Walt Disney quote I teach my students, “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
    –Walt Disney

  • Nikki N

    I’ve been following you for quite a while, as well, though I seldom comment on blogs. As a 70 year old, I’ve weathered my own fair share of criticism, but wanted to pass on some advice my mother gave me 50 years ago. She said, “when you receive some form of criticism, consider it. If it has any truth in it, make whatever changes you need to make. If it doesn’t, throw it away, it’s just garbage.” When you throw away garbage, you don’t carry it with you. It is such fun to follow you two from the comfort of my home. I’ve loved sailing since I was a teen and was taught by a neighbor in an extremely tender 15′ Devil-class boat. However, I married a man who gets sea-sick in the shower, so my sailing days had to come to a halt. Keep the reports coming, and keep dumping the garbage.

  • William

    Very happy to see you guys sailing Solo! I believed in you from the beginning. Your positive attitude and willingness to seek answers is exactly what is needed to overcome big obstacles. Thank you for being so entertaining and such positive role models.

    Jason and Nikki: please do me a favor… You are on a boat, in the middle of the ocean…no need to call them “nautical miles.” It’s contextually obvious; “miles” is just fine. Not meant to sound negative, just wanted to pitch in my 2 cents. Fair winds and keep up the great work with your entertaining videos!

  • Your videos are so well done! We love watching them as it brings back fond memories of our sailing adventures?

  • We are so, so happy and excited to see how happy and excited you both are to be on your very first solo voyage. It reminds me of the day my instructor stepped out of the plane just after landing, and said “It’s all yours” and I did my very first solo flight around the pattern! Thanks for bringing us along, and for bringing back that great memory, too. 🙂 And screw the haters!!!

  • Pam

    I am normally an Eeyore but for some reason, what you all are doing, just makes me happy. I love following you and wish I had half of your adventurous spirit.

  • Debi Ely

    Like Laura I check back often waiting impatiently for the next video. We have enjoyed all your videos and to be honest you two are the reason we bought our RV this spring!!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Kamran

    You two are great.
    Watching your earlier videos made to purchase an RV (something I thought I would have never done)
    Congratulations on your new sailing adventure. Enjoy it. Maybe I’ll buy a sail boat someday.
    Love all your sailing videos.
    San Clemente, CA

  • Laura Miller

    Hi Nikki and Jason! I have been following your adventures online for a couple of years now. In fact I am so addicted that I kept checking your site earlier this evening and thinking “when is that next video going to be posted?! Shouldn’t it be up by now?!” I anxiously await each new post, but I do realize there’s a lot of work that goes into editing the videos and writing the content so I try to be patient. I’m sorry to read that you are getting negative feedback (I don’t typically read through a lot of the comments). It must be kind of bad if you’re writing about it in a post. I have a dream of hitting the road one day and traveling the U.S. so I appreciate all the information and experiences you have shared online. Seeing that you have conquered your fears to live your dreams gives me hope that I can do the same one day. You are inspiring!

      • Laura Miller

        Positivity is so important! Happy sailing!

  • Rosalind Biggs

    Wow! How exciting to sail solo! The cats seem to be taking it all in stride which might be a good thing.
    Am so happy for you to have reached this point after a lot of very hard work! Rosalind


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