Whales and Dreamy Days At Sea – Sailing Across The Pacific

Whales and Dreamy Days At Sea – Sailing Across The Pacific

Waking up to migrating whales, lunch with the sound of water rushing beneath me and 360° uninterrupted sunset views.  These are the sailing days I have been dreaming of!  The days that linger in my memory and bubble to the surface when I’m drowning in tools and cursing at broken bits.

Sailing far away, with not even a spec of land in view, is a level of soul feeding that satisfies me in a way I don’t know how to describe.  It’s reminiscent of the sensation I get when wandering through a moss-covered forest, but it’s sooo very unique.  Perhaps it’s more intimate, which sounds more pleasing than isolated.   But isolated, is probably more accurate.

It’s a conscious, intentional retreat into a vast world that very few humans occupy.  Out here the world feels massive and powerful, which makes me feel curiously tiny.  Like a speck of dust floating in the jungle of life.

It’s an extraordinary experience that I wish I could share with you in a more tangible way.  But I hope this distilled documentation gives you a sense of our dreamy days at sea.

Ha, can you tell I’m getting antsy?  Curiouser and curiouser, satisfied with one moment but hungry for the next.  It’s so odd to see myself from this perspective.  It’s a form of unexpected retrospection that occasionally catches me off guard.  My insatiable appetite for excitement is going to get me into trouble one of these days.  But, you know what they say; Curiosity killed the cat.  Satisfaction brought it back. 😉

Sailing Across The Pacific
Our cats are NOT vegetarians, they are carnivores through and through. But, a sprig of green is a welcome treat for any sailor, feline or otherwise.
dreamy days at sea
just a man with a blanket and hot tea at sea
Just a man, with a blanket and hot tea, at sea.
Sailing Across The Pacific

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To see our full travel map with interactive pins, click here: gonewiththewynns.com/map

sailing across the pacific

We use our Garmin InReach to track our sail and send updates to family & Patreons. We take a screen capture every day at 5:30pm, because that marks another 24hrs logged for our sail across the Pacific.  It’s a fun way to follow along in real time and hear what’s happening on board.  This video covered April 27 – 28, 2018.  Here is the screen capture from April 28th.  The little dots share real-time trip info and the little message pop-up is us writing to the people following along from home.