He HATES it, She LOVES It – Moody Days Sailing Across The Pacific

He HATES it, She LOVES It – Moody Days Sailing Across The Pacific

It’s day five, the seas are turning moody and so are we.  Jason is stuck in Groundhog Day while I buzz around in a world of amazement.

We knew crossing the Pacific Ocean would test both our sea legs, and especially Jason’s one-rollercoaster-limit stomach.  He’s not sick to the point of blowing chunks off the stern but the washing machine state wears on his equilibrium.  Leaving him foggy headed and lethargic.

Meanwhile, the late-night watches have me wandering around crevasses of my mind I don’t normally have the time to explore.  I start a new video series, Deep-Water Thoughts, starring yours truly, that leads to long conversations even the camera can’t handle.

I have been abruptly cut off before but this one takes the cake.  Best part is…I had no idea the camera died!  Pha, ha ha!

For the rare few of you wondering what point I was working towards, here it is:

Respect the sea is a phrase we were often told by fellow mariners when we started sailing.  I understood what the phrase meant but only from a landlocked distance.  Respect, from my experience, is earned.  With each voyage our respect for the sea and all its power grows.  There is no substitute for experience.

He Really Doesn’t Hate It

He really doesn’t hate it.  There are many aspects of boat life and sailing that Jason loves.  Feeling stuck in fog and lethargic isn’t one of them. So the moody days at sea will never rank high on his list of fond memories.  I think the worst part is seeing me run around the boat like a maniac, uninhibited by the conditions.  It makes him feel like he’s not holding up his part of the job, which isn’t the case at all.  Even in a fog Jason still functions at a high level (even if he doesn’t realize it).

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Gear Used

Sailing Report

sailing across the pacific

We use Garmin InReach to track our sail and send updates to family & Patreons. We take a screen capture every day at 5:30pm, because that marks another 24hrs logged for our sail across the Pacific.  It’s a fun way to follow along in real time and hear what’s happening on board.  This video covered April 29 – May 2, 2018.  Here is the screen capture from May 2.  The little dots share real-time trip info and the little message pop-up is us writing to the people following along from Patreon.

Side Note!!!  We did not reach a Max Speed of 20.4, that is a glitch. The fastest we’ve clocked is 16.1 and that was during a 40 knot squall.

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