We See Land!!! 585 Hours Sailing Across The Pacific Ocean

We See Land!!!  585 Hours Sailing Across The Pacific Ocean

As I sit here at the salon table of Curiosity, rocking from side to side in the ocean swell, I am seriously contemplating the words “Land Ho”.

Land Ho:  A nautical term shouted by the ship’s watch to inform the crew that land has been spotted.

It’s a simple phrase with a seemingly simple meaning.  But oh, has my admiration for these two words grown.  After 585 life affirming hours at sea, land ho is now a complex, emotional, curious, and electric filled statement.

we see land

If you’ve been following along for the past 23 days of sailing across the Pacific Ocean, it’s possible you’re looking forward to seeing French Polynesia as much as we are…so click the play button!

We made it, and it feels oooh sooo good!  A non-stop Pacific Ocean sail from Salinas, Ecuador to Hiva Oa, French Polynesia.

land ho, sailing across the pacific
hiva oa Marquesas

Humans have been crossing oceans for thousands of years, on much smaller vessels and with far less creature comforts.  We haven’t done anything groundbreaking or new.  The level of adventure today vs the 1600’s isn’t even apples to oranges.  It’s more like oranges to ipads.  But that is the exciting part!

Adventurous souls throughout history have made incredible contributions to the world. Ferdinand Magellan, Neil Armstrong, The Wright Brothers, Jacques Cousteau and the list goes on. These famous explorers have all raised the bar of discovery but have also paved the way for the rest of us.

Adventure has never been more achievable than it is today!

I feel we have just seized an opportunity.  We took the gifts of knowledge, charting, documenting and life risking those before us bestowed, and we created our own adventure.  And while Jason and I aren’t any sort of ocean pioneers, we’re still stoked to have accomplished our biggest sail to date.

I feel satisfied…like a student that just aced a big exam.  LAND HO! WOO-HOO!

a sailing voyage across the pacific
sailing the south pacific
sailing across the pacific ocean

Fun Sea Stats

  • Hours At Sea: 585
  • Days At Sea: A tad over 24
  • Nautical Miles Sailed: 3588
  • Average Speed: 6.14 Nautical Miles Per Hour
  • Best 24 Hours: 182 Nautical Miles
  • Worst 24 Hours: 101 Nautical Miles
  • Hours using a Motor: 42 (or about 7%) That includes windless days, picking up anchor, dropping anchor, sail changes (spinnaker) and the few times we had to repair our flogging boom.
  • Fish Caught:  One Jason sized spearfish that packed our freezer!

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