Nikki wynn cleaning cockles aboard sailing vessel curiosity

The Joy of Simple Living at Sea (coastal foraging)

Foraging is such a delightful pastime. It’s less about dinner and a lot more about the joy of being in nature. I can come home empty-handed and still be pleased as punch with how I spent my day.

Why? Because foraging isn’t hiking, snorkeling, or wandering aimlessly. Searching for wild food means I have to slow down and look. There is an intimacy to it. I take stock of the world around me in a completely different way.  #CultivateCuriosity

The more I know about nature and all the life around me, the more I appreciate it…and the more I want to preserve it. Ya know, nurture nature and it will nurture me.

So join us for a little coastal foraging at Aotea (Great Barrier Island). It’s a catch, cook & play with new tech kinda day. Yes, tech. Because we’re equal part documentarians and explorers.

We have a new drone (accidentally drowned our last one), action camera, and wireless mics!






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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Marshall

    I can’t stop watching the sailing shows where are you guys now ? Have you considered or is there a reason you don’t give the date on recording ? We have a beach house at Kiawah’ Island. One day I was looking out across the ocean and Was surfing FB and came across your show of you guys sailing. It’s a pleasure watching you both just be yourself and living life! Take care and hope to see a new show soon

  • Ann

    Time for an update on Tonga? I just checked out Dior Sheen’s Instagram post, and if I’m reading it correctly, it sounds like they lost their home. I know there were many others in Tonga that you also interacted with. Tonga is hardly in the news now in the US, and yet they really need help.

  • Mark Hendrickson

    New patron here. Great video! Does the DJI wireless transmitter mike sync to the Mavic 3? Or is there another receiver? Interested in how you got the aerial shot w sound and no other recording source. Thanks!

  • Georgann McGlynn

    So jealous of those sharks, they get to hang out in a spectacular part of our world. I think they’re actually safe and sound too. Can’t begin to thank you enough for uploading. It definitely makes my day! 🦋❣️🙏🏻 All my love Georgann

  • Alan Solomon

    Hello and thank you for another wonderful, unique, special video. The video was pretty clear and crisp although not sure if I noticed any difference between this week and last week. The cockles made me hungry too. They look like baby clams. You did a great job with the filming in the kitchen and the sauce. Sorry about Jasons foot. I don’t think that will take long to heal. Nice to see you smiling, laughing and enjoying yourselves. You both are definitely a bright spot during my day.
    Thanks, Best…

  • Justin

    You two are In the groove.

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Great video, as always. Living off the land – way to go! 🌟👍💖

  • Gavin Grose

    Another great little video.. You two are amazing I love the way you love life… Will you ever get over to Perth Western Australia.. Love to have a chat and see Curiosity,, Best wishes Gavin

  • Brenden

    Hi guy’s.
    Love you adventures. Puts a smile on my face.
    When are you coming over to Australia?

  • Mary Van

    I remember digging for clams in Washington many years ago with you both. What a fun week that was! I had to go back in and watch that sauce recipe. I was with aunt Cindy and Tony and we dug for clams on the beach in Morro Bay last year. That sauce would’ve been great on them!

    Can’t wait to see what all that drone can do. It looks pretty amazing!

  • J.Dysart

    Another excellent production.Bummer about the cuts. I wear teva all weather sandals since I’ve had those cuts too often. Cheers!

  • Ed Grant

    Always nice if you can “live off of the land”, in your case the sea! Mucking around in that muddy shoreline didn’t look like much fun to me, but the child in me probably would have loved it! My late Dad grew up in New England and told us that he and his brothers would go “cohoggin” for clams, and these small cockles looked just like those but in miniature. The folks were sad when they discovered that some of us kids really liked them fried up in butter(lots of butter) and made their portions much smaller because to that. Too bad Jason got cut up but his private nurse looked as though she had it taken care of with her usual bedside manner!

  • Mbreuer

    It’s such a comment on living within our means and listening to moderation. It doesn’t take having everything to be happy. Well…except seafood and lots of expensive gadgets :p

  • Debbie

    Just wondering, why don’t you guys wear water shoes? Cost under $10, and would really protect your feet. ❤️

  • Adrian

    If you love high tea you should head north to the cold climes of the British particular Devon and the South East of UK. I think k the English invented high tea.

  • Diane

    Oh boy was that not only a fun trip but the cockle meal made me mighty hungry! Yum! Aren’t they actually just baby clams? Here in the PNW there’s plenty of clams and oysters among other sea goodies for which I had grown up with. Thoroughly enjoyed your video today- thanks!!

  • Bill Stitt

    I am surprised that you have not and or do not wear any of the water shoes that are marketed.

  • Don

    Nice article. Pro and Con remarks are exceptional. Thanks for sharing.Be safe.
    Oh yeah do you miss the Open road?

  • Roger Cox

    This is the secret with you two. You keep it fun and simple. You show real things. What a great way to be. I mean live a life of pleasure and connection with each other. The connection with each other is the secret sauce that makes your life worth living.

  • Marjorie Nehlsen

    Made me hungry. Hope your foot gets better quickly.


    Thank you for sharing your life 🙏 Praying for Jason’s foot to be healed. GOD BLESS YOU as you read pray believe and walk in his will and way. AMEN ❣️ LOVE you two!

    • Richard Lumpp



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