Mom Goes Wild In The Jungle

Mom Goes Wild In The Jungle

The adventures with mom continue and as per usual, life on a boat never goes as planned.  We wanted to show Mary the deeper side of Mo‘orea but ran into some issues with our air compressor.  So, in lieu of sinking down and exploring the watery depths of this volcanic island, we head up and into the visually intoxicating belly of the crater.

Prehistoric views, lumbering trees, jurassic sized flora and fields of pineapples ahead.  Oh, and plenty of bugs too, so you may want to bring your lemongrass oil along.

These iconic South Pacific views are mesmerizing…worth every step and drop of sweat!  And lets face it, watching anyone’s mom climb up a papaya tree is a damned good day.

Mary is and always has been an adventure of a human.  She is rarely the voice of caution but rather the instigator and main character in more tales than I am allowed to recount.  While I realize you’re only getting a fraction of her personality here, trust me when I say, the papaya doesn’t fall far from the tree.  It is the instigator in them that I love most.

jason wynn and his mom posing as pineapples in moorea with pineapple farm in background
how pineapples grow
prehistoric views of wild moorea
the wynns in the jurassic world of moorea french polynesia
prehistoric views of wild and volcanic moorea

The Million Dollar Question

Since we started publishing these stories of French Polynesia the questions have been flooding in.

What island is the best?  What should I focus my time on when I get there?

All of them and everything is what I want to say.  It’s an impossible question to answer.  The experience as a whole is what defines a place for me.  It’s not individual slices.   But I understand the question.  If you are heading to Moorea or any Island in French Polynesia, my advice would be to diversify.  Variety is the spice of life and these islands have a lot to offer.  Split your time between land and sea adventures.  It’s a guarantee that if you get out to explore, there will be something to discover.


Jason’s family is an adventurous bunch and we’ve created a lot of memories together over the years.  Here are some worth checking out:

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  • Dates: August 3-9, 2018
  • Anchorage: Opunohu Bay, Moorea, French Polynesia