Showing Mom The Salty Life – Sailing, Reef & Whales

Showing Mom The Salty Life – Sailing, Reef & Whales

That’s right, Mary is here!  Jason’s mom has been on board before. She even transited the Panama Canal with us, but this time is special.  This time its just her and us.

Jason has two siblings so getting quality one-on-one time with his mom is big deal. And it’s as if Mother Nature knew we had a VIP sailing with us, because the day mom arrived in Tahiti…whales showed up too!

This is perhaps the most idyllic, perfect, amazing, sailors-dream-sorta-day we’ve ever had aboard CURIOSITY, and the fact we get to experience it with Jason’s Mom makes it all the sweeter.

Can you believe all that happened in one day!?!  Granted, it was one very long day, but just one day.  Only bummer: it will be impossible to top.  But no doubt about it, we’ll try.

Jason Wynn Sailing with his mom in french polynesia

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sailing vessel curiosity sailing along moorea, french polynesia
  • Dates: August 2, 2018
  • Sailed: 15 Nautical Miles From Tahiti to Moorea
  • Anchorage: Opunohu Bay, Moorea, French Polynesia